A paddling at school for the high school girl

Why do schools throughout the US, but mostly in the South still use corporal punishment as a form

four girl school paddling picture

Bottoms in the air waiting to be paddled at school

of discipline?  Yes, many kids grew being spanked by their parents, maybe even spanked at school, but while most spankings at home stop at a young age, in school, it goes continues until graduation.  It is a unique situation in that you may have an 18 year old girl, who was never spanked at home, be given a paddling at school.  The reason this takes place, is that school corporal punishment can be very effective.

Let’s evaluate some of the plusses.  It takes very little time to administer a hard paddling to a young lady’s bottom.  There are no additional resources needed, no teacher to monitor after school detention, and it is quick and effective.  The young lady misses very little class or assignments, the whole process can take less than 30 seconds.  As far as how much time is committed to a punishment and the overall effectiveness, it is a win/win situation.

school paddling picture real

Grabbing her ankles and waiting for her teen bottom to be paddled at school

But the main reason school paddling is so effective is the buildup, the process itself, and the long term results.  For many high school girls, the hardest part about getting their teen butts paddled is the wait.  Some school purposely sentence the girl to a good and hard paddling and then have her come back later in the day to receive it.  She ends up spending her day very focused on what is about to happen.  She may have had it before and knows how very much it is going to hurt, or maybe this will be her first time and she has only heard from friends how bad it is.  Regardless, she spends her time not only focusing on how bad it is going to hurt, but also what she did to get herself into this in the first place.

There is also a highly embarrassing aspect to the whole process.  Picture the teen girl, who recently transferred to this school, and has never been in trouble before.  She does not know the person who is going to paddle her, in fact she just met him when she was sent to his office.  Her infraction is reviewed and she is informed she is going to be paddled.  Most spankings that kids receive growing up are somewhat intimate in nature, as it is generally from their parents.  Now here we have an 18 year old girl, dressed as sexy as she can get away with at school, to impress all of the boys, having never thought when she dressed that morning that she would soon be presenting her teen bottom to a

school paddling picture

Made to wait and stress a little before her teen bottom receives a hard paddling from the Principal

middle age man with a large paddle in her hand.  Imagine her feeling as he tells her to stand up, turn around, and grab her ankles.  Just as with the waiting before, many principals let that moment sink in for a little bit and prepare the necessary forms for the paddling, while the girl is left holding her ankles with her bottom on display.  The reality of this moment is that her punishment has started before the paddling has ever begun.

But the main reason why so many schools use paddling as a form of punishment is because it hurts.  For whatever reason, especially with teen girls, there seems to be a direct connection between their lovely bottoms and their brains.  Guys tend to take a paddling as almost a badge of honor and are better able to deal with the pain.  Just a few hard swats on a teen girl’s bottom and there are immediate results regarding a change of behavior.  In these Deep South high schools, a school paddling is not an ornamental punishment.  They use very serious, big wooden paddles, and they swing with the intentions of getting results.  It is not the little swat to the butt like they got from mommy growing up and there is no warm-up.

real school paddling picture teen girl

The results of a very real school paddling that leaves her bottom sore and bruised for days to come

These paddlings are administered with the goal of changing behavior.  The girl is made to assume the position, generally either bent over a desk, hands on the wall, or grabbing their ankles.  The wooden school paddle is lifted high in the air and brought down in a manner to try and achieve tears from the very first swat.  They do want the young lady back in their office next week for the very same offense, so they do their best to make sure this is the last time she is ever in that office.  Her tears and crying are ignored as the next swat is applied.  Most school apply a minimum of three swats and some allow as many as 10 for each offense.  With each swat to her teen bottom, learning is taking place. 

When the paddling is done properly, there is a good chance of extinguishing the behavior

school locker room paddling results

Her friend notices her bruised bottom after she was just paddled at school

permanently. She will leave his office still wiping away tears and with her little bottom throbbing.  That throbbing will continue for hours, and as it begins to settle, it will be replaced with a deep and sore pain that will remain for days.  A typical paddling leaves big dark sort of bull eye looking bruising on her ass.  They are generally located nice and low, so every time she sits down for several days she will be reminded of her behavior.  Most schools still call home when a young lady has been paddled at school, so the parents are more than aware what happen.  Close to 50% of the time, the parents have a “get it at school, get it at home” policy.  So about the time her the throbbing starts to go away and the real deep pain starts,

dad spanks girl after she was paddled at school

She was paddled at school, so now she gets a long spanking with dad's belt on her already very sore, and now bare bottom

she finds herself being sent to her room by mom or dad.  Dad walks in, has her drop her pants and panties, and can’t help but comment about her bruised bottom.  Many young ladies, before the whuppin of their life from dad, here a few comments about how bad this is going to hurt on their already bruised bottom.


These pictures come from videos in the member’s area of realspankings.com  These are not simulated paddlings, these are the real thing, that show how school corporal punishment is administered on a daily basis throughout the US.  While they film many bare bottom videos, they have the largest selection of actual corporal punishment being administered, FULL FORCE, to the bottoms of young ladies.  many of the girls are 18-19 are are still the age that many young ladies are when they are paddled at school.  You will see real paddlings, administered to real teens, leading to real tears, and very bruised bottoms.

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