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School Paddling, School Swats, and a Bruised Bottom for the Teen Girl

There is a reason that a paddle is used in the United States, for the application of corporal

a real school paddling

A school paddling and a bruised bottom

punishment in a school setting.  School corporal punishment does not take place on a bare bottom, so an implement that can still be effective, regardless of the state of dress, is required.  A large wooden paddle, at least ½” thick, is generally used and it works very well.  One of the primary reasons that it is so effective is that it bruises a young lady’s bottom with every swat.  This is an essential part of the learning process, as it teaches a long lasting lesson.  If the same punishment was applied, with a leather strap, over a teen girl’s jeans and panties, yes it would hurt.  However, once the actual strapping is over, so is the pain.  There may be a general soreness for a few minutes, but for the most part, a strapping over clothes is a very short lived punishment.  A punishment such as this, quickly fades from a teen girl’s mind, and therefore does not serve the purpose of reducing the chances of repeat

school paddling marks

Showing her bottom after a 10 swat school paddling

school paddling picture

Showing the paddle that she was disciplined with

behavior in the future.

Now with the school paddle, with as few as six swats to a teen girl’s bottom, a very real lesson can be taught.  Just as with the strapping, for the duration of the punishment, she will feel a great amount of discomfort.  If applied correctly, after just a couple of swats, tears will start to fall.  By the end of the paddling, her tears will have turned to full on sobbing.  The key to this punishment is that when she leaves the office and returns to class, the punishment is not over.  A hard paddling creates a somewhat unique experience for the high school girl who receives it.  While she is bent over in the office, getting her pretty little bottom paddled, the pain is intense.

a school paddling teen girl

Showing the marks from a hard school paddling over her jeans

teen girl corporal punishment

Looking at the paddle that just broke on her teen bottom during her paddling

Immediately after the paddling (or possibly during if it was a long paddling) her body begins to combat the pain by producing endorphins.  When walking back to class, she might even feel like her butt is not all that sore.  She will feel a little something when she sits at her desk, but she still might feel like she will be ok.

The real punishment for her will begin a few hours later.  Her body will decrease the production of endorphins and the adrenaline will no longer be pumping through her system.  A couple of classes after the paddling, she will begin to experience very real discomfort.  By the end of the day, she will hardly be able to believe how much her bottom hurts.  Now here is what makes corporal punishment with a paddle

high school girl paddled at school

Her school paddling left her entire bottom bruised

teen girl school paddling

Smiling at the moment, but not for long, she is about to be paddled

so very effective…the next day.  The morning after a fully clothed strapping, might not even register to a young lady that she had even been punished.  She would go about her day in a normal manner, and maybe even find herself committing the same offenses that got her spanked in the first place.  But the morning after a paddling, this would never be the case.  She would find that the moment she stood up out of bed, that the pain is quite intense.  It is not even just a matter of hurting to sit, she will feel discomfort by simply walking.  When she goes to the bathroom, she might not even be able to fully sit on the toilet seat.  If she looks at her bottom in the mirror, she will see the source of the problem.  She will have two large bulls’ eye looking bruises on her bottom.

school paddling teen girl bruised bottom

Sitting will not be an option after her school paddling

paddled school girl

Singing the school paddle

The bruises on her bottom will be why she will be unlikely to repeat the behavior that resulted in her getting a school paddling.  When she sits for breakfast that morning, she will remember what she did to get paddled.  When she rides to school that morning, she will be focused on why her bottom received 10 licks from the principal.  You can be 100% sure that as she goes through her day at school, sitting on hard wooden desks for 7+ hours, that she will be making promises to herself to never get in trouble at school again.   When a paddling is administered hard enough, with enough swats, this lesson does not end after just the next day.  While it will become more bearable as time progresses, she may indeed experience discomfort for 3-4 days.  This is why paddles are used, they get results.

school girl paddled

You can see where the pockets of her jeans added a little protection

children paddled at school

About to take part in the "School Swats" study and have her bottom paddled severely

The real effectiveness of a school paddling has been explored over the last ten years at  They have a series called “school swats” in which they interview girls, age 18-23, about their thoughts and experiences with school paddling.  Some have been paddled at school; others have no clue that school can even paddle students.  After their interview, they show their bare bottoms as a sort of “before” look.  They then pull up their pants and panties and prepare to receive a very realistic school paddling.  They are required to bend over and place their hands on a chair, assuming a very common position utilized in schools today.  At this point the whole process becomes quite strict and they are told to remain in position.  A large wooden paddle is used, and applied on the seat of their pants, most often tight jeans.  All girls that

severely bruised bottom

The Bull's eye bruises will make sitting almost impossible in the morning

school corporal punishment paddling

Adding her name to the "School Swats" paddle

participate in this school corporal punishment study, receive ten swats.  The swats they receive can only be described as severe.  While ten licks with the paddle might be a little more than the typical teen gets in school, the whole process is as authentic as any school paddling.  When it is over, they are asked to drop their pants and panties again, and bend over to show the results.  Just as described above, you get to see firsthand the bruises that a real school paddling produces.  Even just moments after, their bottoms are often black and blue.  They are asked to sit back down and we get to get some real insight as to the effectiveness of a real school paddling.  The effectiveness is often quite clear, as when the young lady sits, tears are running down

teenage girl paddled at school

Three girls, three bottom, ten swats each. The bruises from three very real school paddlings.

teen girl corporal punishment

Three girls sign the paddle after getting paddled together

her face.  They did not just receive a playful little paddling and tears are common.  What I like the most is they are then asked if a paddling like that would have kept them out of trouble in high school.  Most girls promise that they would be on the straight and narrow if they knew that would happen if they were in trouble at school.  When it is all over, each girl gets to sign the official paddle. Making things even more realistic is that at least a dozen of the girls that take part in this school corporal punishment study, are less than 6 months out of high school.  More than 40 girls have gone through a “School Swats” experiment, with a new one added often.

All of the pictures above are from the real school paddling these girls took on video, in the member’s area of

Presenting her teen bottom for a school paddling

It is not a mystery, teen girls know that boys and men and attracted to their pretty little

perfect teen ass in jeans for a school paddling

Perfect teen bottom, in moments she will find out she is going to get a school paddling

bottoms.  Most high school girls take advantage of this fact and wear jeans and pants that really highlight all of their curves.  They tend to think that tighter is better and there is no doubt that they know, when they walk down the halls at school, that all the boys are looking.  They spend many hours shopping for the perfect pair of pants that shows off their ass.  They might spend 5 minutes in the morning trying to pull on that way too tight pair of jeans that will drive the boys crazy.

The one thing that these girls probably do not consider as they slide into the best pair of pants to show off their asses, is the fact that if they get in trouble that day at school,

dressing for school

Getting dressed for school (and a paddling later in the day)

they may be showing off their bottom to someone they did not intend to.  Consider the high school senior, with a smoking hot body and the most amazing bottom in the school.  She knows that the boys pretty much will follow her down the hall as she walks by, just for a peek at her perfect teen bottom.  She gets up that morning and dresses exactly for this type of moment.  She puts on a tiny little g-string that shows above the waistband of her tightest white pants.  Or maybe today she decided to wear the low cut jeans that tend to show a little bit

school paddling picture

Wrong choice of pants for today's school paddling

of butt cleavage when she sits at her desk.  Some girls today or squeezing their tight bottoms into thin cotton pants and going without panties. Regardless of her choice, her intention is to show off her butt to all of the boys in the school.

She did not think about the fact that she might be late to school that day, or get into an argument in the hallway with some girl that is always making rude comments to her.  It might even be that the pants that she chose are a violation of the school dress code policy. Maybe showing her thong is against the rules, or low cut pants

school paddling tight pants

About to be paddled at school, wishing she had worn panties.

that show the top of her ass are forbidden.  Regardless of the offense, she finds herself in the school principal’s office, with a pink slip in hand.  The problem is, is that this is a Southern school and corporal punishment is utilized on a very regular basis.  It does not matter that she is 18, her parents signed the corporal punishment consent form, and getting paddled is a very real possibility for her, and many girls just like throughout the South.

For young ladies such as her, there are many aspects of a school paddling that can be quite unpleasant.  The most obvious concern for these teen girls is how much it hurts.  It may be a teacher, a coach, the principal, or even a school administrator.  It might be a male or a female, but it really does

waiting for a school paddling

Presenting her tight bottom, in tight jeans for a school paddling

not matter.  These educators have been paddling teen bottoms, with heavy wooden paddles for years, and they know how to get results.  Very rarely do these girls leave without a sore bottom and tears in their eyes.  But a factor that is not always considered when looking at school paddlings, is the young lady having to present her bottom. Here we have a teen girl, who may have been comfortable showing off her ass in the halls to the boys she likes, but is certainly not so comfortable doing the same with an adult authority figure.  She choose her pants based on how her bottom would look walking down the hall, having not considered how it will look when bent over the principal’s desk, or with her hands on the wall in the coaches office, or even worse, while grabbing her ankles in the school hallway.

texas high school paddling picture

Tight jeans and a thong, presenting her bottom to be paddled

She might also find herself regretting her choice of panties.  The cute g-string showing just above her pants seemed like a good idea at the time, but not so much now.  As she looks at the big paddle that is sitting on the desk, about to be used on her upturned bottom, she is thinking she wishes she had more padding.  Full cotton panties are exactly what she wishes she was wearing at the moment, but no such luck.  That little string, running down her butt crack is going to do absolutely nothing in regards to protecting her poor bottom cheeks. With her thin cotton pants and her tiny little thong undies, she might as well be getting a bare bottom paddling.  She is going to feel every single bit of the paddle and it is going to hurt.

Besides the pain, the hardest part is really going to be the humiliation and the sense of helplessness.  Here she is, an 18 year old woman, and a man she barely knows is going to tell her exactly what to do, and she has to listen.  Not only that, what he tells her is so very embarrassing.  There are many variations of this throughout the country, and the are all

school paddling high school

Bent over, hands on her knees, legs wide. Perfectly presenting her bottom to be paddled at school.

equally as uncomfortable for the young lady about to be paddled.  He may instruct her to stand in the middle of his office and to place her hands on her knees.  He takes the time to fine tune her stance and tells her to widen her legs a little bit and to bend her knees slightly.  He has not even gotten up from his desk and has somehow assumed control of her body.  School regulations allow this, and she is humiliated as he has her adjust her body in just the right way to present her ass perfectly.  Unfortunately for her, he is having her adjust it in a way that presents it perfectly, for a hard school paddling.  He might not be in any hurry as he fills out the required forms to administer school corporal punishment. Now here she is, in her tight jeans, with the tiny panties, showing off her perfect teen bottom, to some strange man that is about to paddle it until she cries.

school padding

Waiting to be paddled, ass on display for all to see

As a high school senior, she should be able to accept the fact that it was her actions that led her to this very moment.  Even if this was true, it does not help how she feels right now…arms outstretched, legs spread wide, bent fully at the waist, with her bottom on display.  She knows the office door is open and that anyone that walks by can see her cute bottom ready to be paddled.  Or maybe it is in the hallway, with her hands on the wall, as students that are running late to class pass by her.  Just ten minutes ago, she liked the attention that her ass got in school…not at the moment.  Here she is spread, exposed, presenting her bottom, just waiting for the first swat to land.  But being paddled is about more than just having her teen butt bruised.  It is about submitting to the punishment.  It is about accepting responsibility for her actions.  It is about feeling ownership for life and the consequences of her actions.  Bending over and presenting her bottom to be paddled is part of this process.  She is not child anymore and no one is going to pull her over their knee, or hold her down for a spanking.  She is a grown woman, so

school principal paddles

The final moment before her school paddling begins

accepting her fate, doing as she is told, and bending over to present her bottom as a perfect target for the paddle is what is required.

She has been bent this way in his office for more than a minute and is horrified.  She knows the top of her bottom, including her butt crack are visible.  Her legs are spread wide and her jeans are pulled so tight against her butt.  For a moment she thinks that this could not possible get any worse, but then she feels the first swat of the paddle…

All of these pictures come from actual paddling videos from the various sites presented to you by  The only site in which real 18 year old girls, get very real paddlings, administered exactly as they are in the school districts throughout the South.

Another School Paddling

For many teens it is just a part of life to get a school paddling.  There are just those kids who get in trouble at school quite often.  We all knew them in high school.  They just could not get to class on time, did not turn in their home work, were always talking in class, chewing gum, forgot to turn off their cells phones, etc. Whatever their issues were that got them in trouble, they seemed to be constant.  But somehow their infractions were not quite large enough to get them suspended or kicked out of school.  As a result, they just found themselves in the school office, 3-4 times a month.

In many school across the US, this means that those students ended up getting their butts paddled several times a month.  It is not that these paddling do not hurt these teen girls,

school paddling picture

Waiting for her school paddling

because they certainly do.  It may be that these young ladies have grown up with corporal punishment and that it is just not the deterrent that it used to be for them.  If you are not used to being spanked or paddled, bending over the principal’s desk and presenting your bottom to be paddled can be quite the overwhelming experience.  But for the high school senior, who still bares her butt at home for a good strapping from dad, being paddled over her tight jeans at school is not as big of a deal.

She sees it as an easy out for being in trouble.  She sits and waits for a few minutes in his office.  She knows the results are always going to be the same.  She stresses a little because she knows how much it is going

school corporal punishment picture

Getting her teen bottom paddled at school

to hurt.  He always handles it the same way.  He comes in the room and has her stand up and place her hands on her knees.  He fills out the required forms while she waits in this position.  For her, he always chooses the larger of the two wooden paddles.  He walks behind her, tells her how many swats she has coming, and then he paddles her.  He swings hard and fast and gets them all over with in just a few seconds. As many times as she has been paddled at school, it still takes her breath away.  She is always able to keep quiet, but he always gets a few tears out of her.  He has her sign the form with her bottom still throbbing.  He never offers much in the way of a lecture, he knows she will be back.  Instead he just chooses to give her the hardest paddling with the most swats that school policy will allow.

These pictures are from Teen Jennifer’s school paddling videos at

Four girl school paddling

They all should have known, everyone had heard the rumors.  But it was the first day of their senior year and that day is supposed to be fun, with no real work.  It took less than ten minutes of their giggling and swapping notes before she invited them outside the class. Everyone knew her as the paddling teacher.   It was said that she would paddle for any offense.  She was one of the female teachers who had no problem paddling both girls and boys.  It was said (although they had not believed it) that she paddled hard enough that even the boys came back into the room with tears in their eyes. As a result of all they had heard, their hearts started beating rapidly when they were called out.

They all walked out into the hall and were joined a moment later by the teacher.  As expected, she had her paddle in her hand.  She was quick and to the point.  She told them that this kind of crap will never be allowed in her class.  She informed them that this

school paddling picture

Knowing they are about to get a school paddling

actually worked out well for everyone involved.  They would each be paddled for their improper behavior in her class and the word would quickly spread, so she doubted she would have to give any additional paddlings that day.

Her classroom was right next to the stairwell to the second floor, so she grabbed the first girl and marched her halfway up the stairs to the first landing. This allowed for a little privacy, but it still made it possible for the girls waiting to be paddled to hear the proceedings.  Her policy was always the same for both boys and girls.  The young lady was instructed to spread her feet far apart and then bend over and

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling

grab her ankles.  This position served a couple of purposes.  The first was that it pulled oll of the muscles in their bottoms closer to the surface.  This allowed each swat to hit with maximum effectiveness. Even young ladies with bigger bottoms felt the full pain of each swat in this position.  The second purpose was that a wide stance allowed them some support, so the force of each swat would not knock them forward.

For this teacher it did not really matter the offense that was committed.  She felt that any issue in her classroom needed to be dealt with immediately and forcefully.  She knew that she had gained a bit of a reputation as a

listening to the paddling

Listening to their friend getting paddled, knowing they are next

paddling teacher, but that suited her fine.  She wanted her students to be focused on learning and nothing else. As a result, she took the job of school paddling very seriously.  Her goal was for the paddling she applied to any student, was for it to be the last one they ever received.  The only way to be sure of that was to do her very best job.  She never announced the amount of licks a student was to receive.  While it may seem unfair for the same girls being paddled for the same offense, she knew that different girls had different pain tolerances.  She paddled until she could tell they were sorry.  She would often stop during a paddling, and look into the girl’s eyes to see of she seemed sorry.  For this teacher, tears meant sorry.

So with the first girl she began the paddling.  It did not matter if she was paddling a big tough football player, or a petite cheerleader, she paddled as hard as she could.  She thought it better to get it done in as few as swats as possible.  She found that the job was

school paddling corporal punishment

Getting her bottom bruised with the paddle

often complete after six licks with the paddle, but sometimes more were required. She tended to always hit the same spot on the bottom, nice and low, right where the bottom meets the thighs.  This spot provided a maximum amount of pain, but was also safe, being far from the tailbone.  It had taken her a few years, but she was finally used to the cries that she created with her large wooden school paddle.  She knew she was not doing anyone any favors by going easy on them.  A soft paddling increased the chanced of a repeat performance of the behavior, and she did not want that. She wanted what was best for her students and felt that eliminating undesirable behavior to be part of her job.

With this sense of duty driving her, she paddled hard. After the first swat the girl cried out a little, enough that it could be heard by the other girls waiting their turn.  The cries fell on

school spanking

Paddled to tears at school

deaf ears as she raised the paddle and applied the next swat, just as hard.  Not letting the girl gain her composure, she laid another swat on, landing on the same spot.  The sounds of discomfort turned into more of a whimper as she gave her another one.  This was the one that started to make a difference and the sounds of gentle sobbing began.  She took a moment to let that one really sink in and waited close to ten seconds.  The young lady must have thought it was over, but it was not.  The teacher knew the girl was close to breaking and applied three more swats, with all she had, and with no pause in between.  After the last one landed, it happen.  The young lady’s sobs turned into all out crying. It did not matter that she was 18 and a legal adult.  Her spanking hurt and she could not hold back her emotions.  The teacher told her to stand up, and she just continued to cry.  She grabbed her bottom and rubbed, but it made no difference.  This was not some gentle stinging pain, this hurt down to the muscles.  She rubbed her bottom as she walked down the stairs, tears still flowing.

The girls had heard the paddling and it startled them as to how loud it was.  They heard the crying which freaked them out even more.  But the look on their friend’s face as she walked out the door just about put them all in tears.  It was clear that it had been bad. How

after her school paddling

After her paddling, coming for the next girl

would they each react? How much did it really hurt?  Their questions were about to be answered and they were now really scared.  The next girl was escorted into the stairwell, as the first remained in the hallway with her friend, still trying to fight back the tears.  The pain had not dissipated and her bottom was really beginning to ache.  The process was the same for each of the three remaining girls.  They all were paddled hard.  They all cried hard.  They all were quickly regretting their behavior in class.  It had been a minor offense, but they were learning not to commit any offense in that class. One of the four was still spanked at home, but it was nothing like this.  Her mom gave her a few smacks with a belt now and then, but it was never to tears.  For the other three girls, this

school corporal punishment paddling

Getting her petite teen bottom paddled hard

was their first real spanking in many years, and they had forgotten how bad it could be.

When it was all over,. the four of them were marched back into the room, some with tears still in their eyes. They would rather of not sat at that point, but they did not have any choice. The hardwood of the desks pressing up against their bottoms helped reinforce their lesson.  The worst part was that this was the first of 6 desks they would be sitting in throughout the day.  They did not know it at the time, but they would be regretting their behavior every time that sat for the next three days.  They would all discover when they got home that afternoon that their bottoms were a lovely mix of black and blue.  It was the color of a lesson learned.

This is not just an illustrated story, this is the description of a full video in which all four girls get a very real school type paddling.  In the hallway, grabbing their ankles, until a real lesson is learned.  No where else can you see four real 18 year old girls get paddled just as it actually happens in school.  This video comes from the members area of

Get out in the hall, you are going to be paddled.

In the deep South and in a few states scattered in between, school paddling is not so official.

school spanking

Waiting to be paddled at school

There are not corporal punishment guidelines published in the school policies.  There is not an official form to be filled out.  A school paddling does not need to take place in a certain office, administered by a certain administrator, with a special witness.  There is not a same sex paddling policy, or an “out of view of other students” contingency.  A warning is not required, all other forms of discipline do not have to have been exhausted or tried.  A parental consent for school paddling is not needed.

The “official” policy is “follow the rules or I will grab my paddle and paddle your bottom black and blue”.  The students are in high school, the option to be paddled has existed since they were in grade school, so they should know better by now.  It is quick, and when applied hard enough, it is very effective.  The teacher notices that a young lady in class is constantly being a distraction in the classroom.  The learning process is being effected and the teacher will no longer tolerate it.  She opens her desk drawer, pulls out a large wooden paddle with holes in it, specially designed for her by the woodshop teacher.  She stands up and politely says, “Tracy, would you please join me in the hallway”. Tracy’s heart starts racing, but she has no choice.

school paddling in progress

Grabbing her ankles for a real school paddling

They both enter the empty hallway and very few words need to be said.  Tracy knows why she is out there and she knows what is about to happen.  The teacher has her step into the middle of the hall and grab her ankles.  There is no lecture, no paperwork, no need to disturb another teacher to watch the process.  This teacher handles her own classroom discipline and she does a great job at it.  Tracy has not been paddled by this teacher before, but has heard her give a paddling many times.  Tracy has sat at her desk and listened in the past as other girls found themselves in this very position. The swats are always very loud and the girls always cry out.

Out of the corner of her eye she can see the paddle being lifted. She holds her breath and then she feels it.

school paddling spanking

Teen girl paddled in the hallway by a teacher

A burning pain that seems to cover her entire bottom.  She was going to try hard to be the one who doesn’t scream out, but it is simply not possible. She lets out a little shriek and closes her eyes tights.  Just as she is fully processing the first lick, another is applied.  It hits the same spot, and produces the same results.  Tracy cries out and tears begin to form in her eyes.  She cannot believe what is happening to her.  She is 18, three months from graduation, has had a job for two full years, and yet here she is, being spanked like she is a little girl.  Although this is no little girl punishment, these swats are clearly intended for a grown woman.  Grown woman or not, she is starting to cry like a little girl.  Before it is over, she is given a total of 6 swats.

She is told to stand up and head to the rest room to get herself cleaned up.  She is warned

Bent way over to be paddled at school

Getting her teen bottom paddled at school

that she has three minutes to get back to class.  She rushes to the bathroom, tears still in her eyes, with her bottom on fire.  She takes a little tissue and cleans the tears from her eyes and the streaked makeup from her cheeks.  She gives her bottom a little rub and hurries back to class.  She opens the door and sees every eye in the class looking directly at her.  Her face turns bright red as she hurries to her desk.  As she sits, the pain once again burns deep.  She buries her face in her arms and fights back the tears once again.  One thing is absolutely certain though, she will never be a distraction to others in the class again.

This is not a rare event, in fact it is a common occurrence.  High school aged girls have their teen bottoms paddled every day in this country.  Both male and female teachers bend them over and teach them a lesson by applying pain to their cute teen bottoms.  The swats hurt, it leaves them in tears, and with a bruised bottom.  It is a school paddling and it works.

The pictures that illustrate this account come from  A network of sites that features more realistic school paddling videos than all other sites combined.  If you want to see a real 18 year old girl bend over and grab her ankles, take full force licks with a wooden school paddle, and end up in tears, then these are the sites for you.  All pictures above come from an actual paddling video on their sites.

A School Paddling for Dress Code Violations

The rules were not a mystery to her.  Every year on the 1st day of school, all student are required to read the student code of conduct and sign a form that states they understand it.  She was a senior, so this was her 4th year in a row to read those very same rules.  Included in those rules was the dress code policy.  Within that policy it was stated very clearly that no shorts were to be worn, and that all shirts would fully cover the midriff on both boys and girls.

She was 18 now, and it was not lost on her how much power she had over the boys as a result of her body.  She was tall, thin, and had an ass that the boys drooled over.  She also had a flat little belly that she was always dying to show off, and today was the day she choose to do so.  After all, how often did anyone really get in trouble for dress code violations anymore?  Shorts would obviously be noticed, but she figured she could get away with showing a little midriff. She chose a shirt that was not too short and also a light jacket that she could wear in class, so the teachers wouldn’t see.

She started her day, walking through the hall, getting exactly the kind of looks she desired. The boys were indeed taking notice and she could not have been happier.  She stopped at her locker, put her backpack away, and then as soon as she turned around, there was a female teacher standing before her.  She had very few words to say, “interesting choice of outfits…come with me”.  The teacher took her into her still empty classroom and filled out a disciplinary referral form, and then told her to take it to the office. She could not believe she was caught, within five minutes of entering the school.  She zipped up her jacket and headed to the office.

a school paddling for dresscode violations 1

Waiting for her punishment

She turned in her referral to the office lady and had a seat.  She had never really been in enough trouble that she ended up in the office before.  She wondered what exactly would happen for such a minor offense.  She guessed she would receive a warning and have to change her shirt.  She figured worst case scenario was to stay after school for detention. After at least a twenty minute wait, the male Vice Principal called her into his office.  He read the referral carefully without saying anything to her.  He took a moment to look up her file and discovered that this was her first trip to his office.  He asked

The dress code violation

her to stand and to unzip her jacket so he could see the shirt that was causing the controversy.  Even though she wore the shirt for attention, she was a little embarrassed to be showing her cute little belly to this man she did not really even know.  She unzipped her jacket and showed him the shirt.

He handled it all in a very casual way.  He had her sit back down and informed her that her shirt was against school policy and that she must have known this was the case.  She admitted that she did, not wanting to come across as dishonest as well.  He told her that she made a decision to violate school rules, that it was an informed decision, so she would have to be punished as is the school policy.  She was disappointing, as she really hoped that it would have just been a warning.  She hated that she would have to stay after school and would not get to leave with her friends.  Just as she was mentally contemplating how she would get a ride home, she heard him say, “I think six swats with the paddle should take care of this little problem”.  She was sure that she heard him wrong.  ”What do you mean” was all she could come up with.  He politely told her that she had knowingly broken the dress code policy and as a result, her bottom would be paddled to make sure it did not happen again.  Her mind became jumbled, her heart began racing, her cheeks went red, and she was overwhelmed with emotion.  She had no words and could not believe what was happening.  As she was still grasping to understand it all, he told her to stand up, step around to the side of his desk, and to bend over placing her elbows flat on his desk.

a school paddling for dresscode violations 3

Waiting to be paddled

She was confused, almost on auto-pilot, as she stood up and did exactly as he told her. Things were a bit of a blur for her, she barely knew what was going on.  She felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest.  She watched him open a drawer and pull out a paddle.  What caught her eye was not the size of it, but the thickness.  The paddle must have weighed four pounds.  She could barely believe that he was going to use that on her bottom.  He walked casually around the desk, like this was no big deal and just a normal occurrence.  He once again informed her that she was to get six swats for dress code violation.

The first swat

Feeling the first swat with the school paddle

She briefly felt the paddle touch her lightly on her bottom.  There was a moment of pause, time seemed to stand still, and then there was a loud bang in the room.  It was so loud that it surprised her.  Less than a second later, her brain correctly interpreted the sound, as the pain that accompanied it set in.  She was overwhelmed with pain as her bottom began to burn.  She could not believe the sensations, she had never felt this much pain before.  She wondered how she could ever take another one, much less five more.  As she considered this, the next one landed, in the very same spot.  She began to squeal in pain, trying to fight back the tears.  The swats just kept coming and there was

a school paddling for dresscode violations 3

A six swat school paddling in progress

no way she could hold back anymore.  As the sixth swat seared into her tight teen bottom, she burst out in tears, crying uncontrollably.  Her emotions had no effect on him, he simply asked her to have a seat.  A young lady crying in his office was nothing new, it just meant that he was doing his job well.  She committed an offense, he punished her appropriately, and there is no doubt that she learned her lesson.

a school paddling for dresscode violations 3

A very bruised bottom

She struggled to sit, her bottom was obviously very bruised.  It burned like it was still being paddled, the pain was no where close to going away.  She was far from composed and was still sobbing uncontrollably.  He filled out the corporal punishment form as was the district policy and handed it to her for her to sign.  With tears still in her eyes, she was told to get to class.  Still not fully sure what had happened, she stood up and left his office.  Class had already begun and she

School Paddling

After her school paddling

found herself wandering the hall, rubbing her tears and her bottom.  Wearing that shirt was the mistake of her life, a mistake she would never make again.  A hard school paddling had taught her the lesson that she needed.

While the background story for this paddling may be fiction, the paddling that was described is 100% real.  On her site, Brandi takes this exact paddling, with the same paddle described.  What happens from the 1st swat on in this story, is exactly what Brandi experienced.  Six swats with a heavy oak paddle, holding back the tears until the last swat, bursting into tears after the last swat, and unable to control her sobbing. Barely able to sit down and bruised for a week.  This video is one of the most popular videos of all time in her member’s area.  Watch it today at

A School Paddling is about to be Administered

Waiting to be paddled

Waiting to be paddled at school

Earlier in the day, they both ended up at the Principal’s office, at different times and for different offenses.  The principal took the time to hear each of them defend what they did wrong.  He was very thorough in his approach, and weighed everything that they had to say, against what was written on the disciplinary referral form.  He also checked the file on each girl to see what sort of trouble they had been in before.  After considering all factors involved, he decided that the most effective punishment for each girl today would be a hard school paddling.

Bending over for a school paddling

Assuming the position for a school paddling

Each had received detention in the past, and while both offenses were small in the grand scope of things, they both had accumulated many small offenses in the past.  He decided that for today’s small infractions, he would try something a little more effective.  He never paddled on the spot, as he generally had all students that needed to be paddled return either at lunch, or at the end of the day.  This gave them plenty of time to consider what they did and also had the added effect of leaving them filled with dread throughout the day. Sometimes the anticipation of a paddling was as hard as the actual school paddling itself.
In both cases, he wrote them a hall pass that allowed them to be dismissed from their final class of the day, 15 minutes early.  To add just a little to the overall impact of the punishment, he wrote very clearly on the pass they were to give to their teachers “Please excuse this student 15 minutes early from class today, she is to receive a HARD paddling in my office”.  That last class of the day was certainly filled with much dread and anxiety for both of the girls.  There is no doubt that their cheeks were red as they handed that note to their teachers and had to excuse themselves from class.

school paddling

She listens to the paddling and waits for her turn

They arrived in the principal’s office within a few minutes of each other and were made to wait.  They said nothing, but the look on their faces said it all.  One at a time they were called into the office.  He required them to bend over and wait, as he filled out the proper paperwork.  A couple of minutes of grabbing their ankles before the paddling, really left them nervous, exposed, and embarrassed.  Once the paperwork was complete, he grabbed a large, wooden, school paddle and stepped into position.  With as much energy as he could provide, he swatted the first girl’s bottom with great force.  The sound echo throughout the offices.  While school policy did not allow for the girl’s to be paddled in front of each other, he purposely left the office door open so the

school paddling punishment

Now it is her turn for a school paddling

waiting girl could hear each and every swat. Sitting outside his office she could hear every little detail of the punishment, knowing that her bottom was next.  Hard and deliberate he applied swat after swat on her bottom.  Her tight jeans did very little to protect her bottom from the thick oak paddle.  With every lick, she could not help letting out a little cry.  She tried to be brave, but there was no hiding from the pain her bottom was experience.  Once her paddling was complete, he left her in position for another minute while he signed the punishment form.  He finally let he stand and then she was also required to sign the form.

She was placed once again outside of his office and the next girl was led in.  The routine was the same for her.  She was left in position for a couple of minutes before her paddling began.  Once the swats started she could not believe how intense the paddling was.  This was a far cry from detention.  With every ounce of her being she swore that she would not get in trouble at school again.  Other girls had talked about getting paddled at school, but she always thought they were exaggerating…it was not clear that they were not.  Her bottom was throbbing, she questioned how she would get through all ten.  It was only the fear of additional swats that managed to get her through the whole

school paddling discipline

With a sore bottom she listens to the other school paddling being administered

punishment.  Having to grab her ankles left her butt so tight, each swat really seemed to bruise her bottom.  She fought through the pain and finally it ended.  He left her in place for close to a minute and then had her sign the disciplinary form.  And just like that, it was over.  They were both sent from his office and were done with school for the day.  The only part they were not aware of was the fact that at this very moment, he was sitting down at his desk to call their parents to let them know that both girls had been paddled at school.  They also did not know that he would be recommending that the parents reinforce the process by administering a spanking to each girl when they got home.

This very hard, two part paddling, in which each girl gets 10 full force swats on her tight jeans is from this week’s exclusive video update at