School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle

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A very embarrassing school paddling from a teacher

In most schools that allow corporal punishment, it takes place in the school office, or behind closed doors.  There are many schools that allow a teacher to paddle a student, but it is very rare for that to take place in front of other students.  Instead, the teacher is allowed to take the student out into the hall for a paddling.  While out of site of the rest of the class, this can be one of the most embarrassing, and as a result, effective means to administer corporal punishment.

When a student is sent to the office, other students on the class so not know the outcome of that

grabbing her ankles for a school paddling

Taken out into the hall, made to assume the position and prepare for her school paddling.

office trip.  Even if the student finds herself getting paddled, she will have several minutes after to compose herself before returning to class.  It is unlikely that anyone else in her class would know if she received a warning, detention, or had her pretty teen butt paddled.  When a young lady is informed that she is to be paddled by a teacher, there are no secrets.  Whatever her behavior is, the teacher finally grows tired of it and invites her out into the hall.  That teacher then opens up a desk drawer and pulls out a large wooden paddle and follows the naughty girl out into the hall.  There is no mystery, ever student in the class knows what is about to happen and will get to hear every moment of it.

Most school require a witness, so that teacher will have to go to another classroom to get another teacher, alerting even more students to what is about to happen.  I have heard of more than one instance in which the teacher sends the student to be paddled to another classroom, to get the witness.  Imagine the naughty young lady, knowing her bottom is about to be paddled, knowing that everyone in her class is about to listen to it, and she is then sent to another class.  She has to open the door and ask a teacher, in front of the entire class “excuse me Sir, I am about to be paddled and we need a witness”.  Now this whole class knows what is about to happen and who it is about to happen to.

hands on the wall to be paddled at school by a teacher

She presents her bottom to be paddled by a teacher at school

She is then required to step back out into the hall and assume the position.  Typically a paddling that takes place in the school hallway, involves the student placing her hands on the wall or lockers, bending over in the middle of the hall with her hands on her knees, or even worse…grabbing her ankles.  Even between classes a school hallway is not the most private place in the school.  Students are often lingering in the hallways or are tardy to class.  There are students with school jobs and responsibilities that allow them access to the hallway during classes.  There are janitors, administrators, and other support staff that move around freely during classes.  This young lady, not only has at least two full classes on the edge of their seats waiting to hear her get paddled, she has the paddling teacher and the witnessing teacher present.  But on top of all of this, here she is, in the middle of the hallway, grabbing her ankles, presenting her teen butt to be spanked in the middle of the school with a large board, and anyone walking down the hall is able to watch this event.  This brings an element to the punishment beyond pain, which can be quite a deterrent, and help prevent similar bad behavior in the future.

But when it is all said and done, what is really going to bring this lesson home is the pain.  With

bent over and paddled at school

He has had enough of her behavior and marches her out into the hall for a paddling she will never forget.

her hands on the wall, and her ass properly presented for the punishment, it begins.  A teacher that is giving a semi-public paddling such as this is under additional pressure.  This teacher cannot have other students believing that he is a gentle paddler, so he must paddle with maximum effort so all of the students listening will fear the same punishment.  He wants every student, in every classroom within ear shot to hear the paddling and vow to never receive the same.  He must lift the paddle high in the air and swat her bottom full force with every swat.  Each swat must echo throughout the building for everyone to hear.  As the paddling takes place every student in every class on that hallway stops what they are doing.  No one can ignore the sounds of a hard paddling and every ear is listening intently.  If the teacher does his job properly, they will not only hear the swats echoing throughout the building, but they will hear the sounds of a well paddled girl starting to sob.  A hard paddling at school should result in tears and if the crying can be heard by others, then all the better A proper paddling will include the maximum number of strokes to fit the offense, with all of the them applied in a hard and effective manner, and will indeed end with tears.

paddled at school

Hands on the wall, bottom out, for a very hard and loud paddling that will leave her in tears.

But a paddling administered in the hallway by a teacher is not done here.  Yes, she is a well spanked girl, with a very sore bottom, and tears in her eyes.  But what makes this type of school paddling so very effective is the nest few minutes, and the rest of the day…if not week.  After he bruises her bottom with the paddle, he has her stand right up and marches her right back into the classroom.  With tears still in her eyes and the burning still on her bottom she is forced to face her class.  No one is paying attention to their studies, they are all looking right into her eyes.  She is still sobbing, but she has no choice to hurry back to her seat.  Everyone looks at her bottom as she walks past and they all watch her sit so very gingerly.  No one is making fun of her, most feel sorry for her, but the one thing that is for absolute certain, every girl in that class is promising themselves that they will never, EVER, misbehave in that classroom and have to suffer through the same event.

Unfortunately for this very beautiful and popular high school senior, the humiliation of her semi-

school paddling corporal punishment

He paddles her long enough and hard enough that the whole school will be talking about it

public school paddling is not over, it is about to become very public.  When the bell rings and the students file into the halls, the word begins to spread.  All ten classes on that hall heard it and people want to know who got paddled.  They heard how bad it was, they heard the crying, they knew it was a girl, but who was it.  It only takes around five minutes for the news to spread.  She can see it in the way everyone is looking at her as she walks down the hall.  All of the boys are staring at her perfect little ass and wondering if it is black and blue.  As she sits, in every class throughout the day, people watch and giggle a little.  She tries to sit like it is no big deal, but it is.  Her bottom is bruised and sore and she cannot find a position that does not hurt.  She vows to be a very good girl in the future and to never get a school paddling again…a lesson learned.

All of these photos come from the videos of actual paddling being administered in a very realistic manner in the member’s area of  Real teens presenting their bottoms for hard paddling just as they are administered every day in the schools of the United States.

The real results of high school corporal punishment

The only people who really know for sure how badly a bottom can be bruised, as a result of corporal punishment at school, are those who have experienced a severe school paddlingfirst hand.

school paddling corporal punishment

Bending her teen ass over for a severe school paddling

Certainly there are those hard hitting teachers and principals who must assume the result of their work is a very sore and marked bottom, but they have no way to see the results.  In a few of the Southern states, in which a teacher is able to take a naughty student out into the hall and paddle her bottom, he can pay attention the next day and might be able to see a little bit of how effective the paddling was.  A teen girl with a bruised bottom is certainly going to be struggling to sit, she will never be able to find that comfortable position, and the pain she feels in her bottom might even be visible on her face.  For a principal who applies a hard paddling, they may never know how well the punishment lasted, as once the young lady leaves

school paddling girl

Feeling the sting from her severe paddling, but was it effective?

their office, there might not be a follow up until the next time she is in his office.  Yes, he can sentence her to the maximum number of swats allowed by school policy.  Yes, he can choose the largest of the wooden paddles and even further maximize the paddling by making her grab her ankles for her paddling.  With her bottom stretched as tight as it can be, and all of the muscles in her bottom pushed to the surface, he lays on each swat of the paddle as hard as he can swing.  From the first swat he may even be able to achieve tears.  She earned the punishment, he is trying to teach her a lesson that will last for days, but once again, he does not know how effective the punishment is once she leaves his office.

What the real results of the paddling are to be are yet to be determined.  Yes, the paddling hurt very much and made her cry like a little kid, even as an older teen.  Many girls might even run off to the bathroom and take a peek at their bottom in the mirror, but most probably wait until they are home in the privacy of their own rooms.

bruised bottom from a school paddling

Pants down after ten swats show the real results of a severe school paddling...A LESSON LEARNED!

Immediately after the paddling they probably feel a little numb and think that they got lucky regarding long term pain.  As the day progresses, they probably realize they were mistaken.  With each hour, the soreness of their bottoms become unbearable.  By the time they actually get home, they are barely able to sit.  When that young lady is finally able to look at her bare bottom in private, she must be a little shocked at what she sees.  It is not pink, it is not even red, it is black and blueNot only is she bruised, her bottom is hard to the touch.  She knows that tight jeans will be out of the question the next day as there is no way her swollen bottom is going to squeeze into anything but sweatpants.  Unless she has been paddled this hard at school before, the thing she does not realize is…the real lesson begins the next morning and it will be worse than the paddling itself.

The pictures are from a paddling that took place in the member’s area of this week.  The bruised bare bottom picture you see is the very real results of a severe 10 swat paddling applied over skin tight jeans of a legal aged teen girl.  There is no faking it here, this is the bottom of a real teen looks like after some very serious school corporal punishment.  You can watch the high def video on their site