School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle

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Paddling High School Cheerleaders

Paddled cheerleaders

Sent to the principal for a paddling

High school cheerleaders have many things going for them.  They are typically very popular, quite beautiful, athletic, and they get a lot of respect and admiration from the rest of the student body. They are often on display for all of the school to see and as a result are viewed as role models.  With this type of attention they are often held to a very high

bent for the paddle

Bent over waiting for her paddling

standard.  In many Southern states these young ladies are not only held to a higher standard, but are often subjected to harsher discipline than the typical female student might receive.  It is not uncommon

Paddled to tears at school

A hard paddling makes her cry hard.

for a member of the cheer squad to receive corporal punishment in the school setting.  Not only may a principal or vice principal paddle a school cheerleader’s bottom, but in many cases the cheer coach is authorized to apply the paddle as she sees fit.  The coaches know each girl very well and know the amount of discipline required to get results.  Six-eight hard swats with their skirts lifted in not uncommon.

cheerleaders paddled together

Waiting their turns as they watch a paddling take place.

Being that they spend so very much time together, working out, practicing, even showering and changing, they do not always get the same type of privacy afforded to others students when they are paddled.  When they get in trouble together they are often punished together.  Many a times there have been several cheerleaders lined up together, hands on their knees or their ankles, as the cheer coach goes down the line with a large wooden paddle.

grabbing her ankles for a paddling

Cries of pain as the paddle teaches a lesson

The skirt provides far too much protection, but underneath they were their little spanky panties, which by design are meant to be seen.  While it is very rare for any student to have to raise their skirt for a school paddling, for a cheerleader it is almost mandatory.  Whether in the privacy of the school office or in the group setting of the locker room or gymnasium, the skirts always comes up prior to a good and hard paddling.

skirt up for a paddling

Cheerleader paddling from the principal

These girls are school leaders and the lessons they learn must be long lasting. A couple of soft swats as a deterrent will simply not do the trick.  Most of these girls are used to muscle soreness, injuries, and they general pain of being athletes, so extra effort needs to be put into each punishment to make sure a long lasting impression is made.

very bruised bottom from a school paddling

She checks her bottom after her paddling.

If you grew up in the South and went to a pep rally or high school football game, when you saw the cheerleader tossed in the air, in which her skirt came up and you could see her little spanky panties, there is a good chance that she was hiding a little something. Just as with the young lady on the left, a good hard paddling leaves a very sore and bruised bottom.  Real lessons are learned the hard way, and for Southern high school cheerleaders, this means raising your skirt, grabbing your ankles, and holding on tight while theirs bottoms are paddled long and hard.  Depending on their parents, this could have been just the beginning. For many young ladies, paddled at school meant coming home and getting paddled again by mom or dad.  All of the pictures in this post come from the member’s area of  For every picture you see, there is a full video of the cheerleader’s paddling, filmed from two different angles.

How Hard of a School Paddling is Required to Teach a Real Lesson?

Her face show the pain of her paddling
Her face show the pain of her paddling

Her face show the pain of her paddling.

When a young lady is sent to the school office, or possible taken out into the hallway, for discipline which utilizes corporal punishment, how hard of a paddling is required to teach her a good lesson?

paddled in her school uniform

She winces in pain from the very 1st swat.

The punishment should certainly fit the crime, but the principal needs to be sure that students do not take a paddling for granted.  They never want it to be something that a young lady finds to be tolerable.  The goal should not just be to

two handed paddling required

This offense calls for a two handed paddling.

punish them for the undesirable behavior, but to do what is required to eliminate the bad behavior altogether.  Certainly different amounts of severity are required for different girls. Six moderate swats might do the trick for a girl with a low pain tolerance and assure that she will never return to the office, but the exact same paddling for a girl with a high pain tolerance might not have the same reaction.

a hard school paddling to tears

A severe swat causes her to cry out in pain.

Consider an 18 year old girl, who still gets hard, bare bottom strappings at home.  She is quite use to her bottom feeling strict discipline and has grown to tolerate the harder punishments.  A young lady such as this is going to require a paddling that involves full force swings of the paddle.  A moderate paddling will just not do the trick and until tears are running down her face, we should assume that a lesson has not been learned.

Tears from a paddling

Tears streaming down her face show a lesson was learned.

Tears demonstrate that the paddling has been effective.  Sometimes sounds of discomfort and gentle cries during the paddling are not enough.  All girls will play it up a little in hoping to end the paddling sooner, but tears are hard to fake.

crying out as she receives a hard lick to her bottom

She cries out

An effective school disciplinarian will stop after a few swats and check the young ladies’ face for evidence of real tears. Sometimes just the presence of tears is not enough, especially if she is being punished for the repeat of a previous offense.  Second offenses should always involve a much more severe punishment as it is clear the 1st paddling was not effective, or she would not be in the office again.  In these situations tears in the eyes are not enough.  The principal should make sure that the paddling leads to full out crying.  Experience will teach the disciplinarian when the job is done.  Different girls react different ways, but as as disciplinarian gains experience, the look on her face will speak loudly.

Paddled in her school uniform

Her face shows that the paddling is begin to have an effect.

The scenes above are from the paddling videos that are all included with the Realspankings Pass

Waiting to be Paddled can be the Worst Part

Waiting to have their bottoms paddled

About to have their bottoms paddled

For many students it is the anticipation of having their bottom paddled that is the worst part for them.  Just the thought of the thick wooden paddle, being applied forcefully to their butt, is enough to get the tears started.

Waiting for the paddle

Made to wait, knowing the paddle is next

Many educators use this fear and apprehension to their advantage to add an additional element to the punishment to make sure a real lesson is learned.  Having a conference with the student, informing her that she is to be paddled, and then sending her back out of the office to wait can be a powerful thing.  It gives her time to consider what she has done.

fear and apprehension

Holding back the tears as she waits

It allows her to contemplate exactly what the paddle is going to feel like.  She wonders how many licks, how hard will he swing, what will it feel like, will she cry? It gives her time to make promises to herself that she will never misbehave again,  Her friends have described what a paddling is like, she knows it is going to be bad.  Her hands begin to tremble, she has not been spanked since she was little, and never with a large wooden school paddle.

School paddling...the wait

Which paddle will he use?

This is much more effective than just having her stand up and bend over the desk.  She is forced to deal with every emotion and let it all really sink in.  How did she, and 18 year old high school senior, find herself in the position of, in any minute, having to walk into this man’s office, and actually bend over his desk and present her bottom to him? Or could it be worse?  Maybe she will enter his office and he will instruct her to grab her ankles.  Will he paddle her fast and get it all over with?

Three girl school paddling

Who will be next?

Will he take his time between each stroke and draw the whole thing out?  The question on every young ladies’ mind…will he call my parents? Will I get it again at home?  With her mind swirling, dozens of questions in her head, not knowing when it will happen, she always comes back to the central question that she just can’t stop thinking about…how much will it hurt? She tries to convince herself it will not be so bad, but she knows she is lying to herself.  Everyone says it is bad.  He is known for giving the hardest swats.  He does not go easy on the girls, his goal is to administer a punishment that will eliminate undesirable behavior. He is good what he does, he gets results.  His door is opening, he is calling her name…her questions are about to be answered.

The school paddling videos that these photos sets come from are in the member’s areas of:

School Paddling beyond the Principal’s Office

Paddled cheerleader

She submits to a hard paddling in the principal's office.

School corporal punishment is most often administered by the principal of vice principal of the school.  Many districts require the discipline to take place in the privacy of the school office, often it is also required for a witness to be present.  However, this is not the case with all schools and many have authorized the teachers and coaches to be able to apply a paddle on the spot whenever an infraction occurs.

Paddled in the hall by a teached

Bent over in the hallway to be paddled

As most schools require the paddling to take place out of view of the other students, a teacher will often march the naughty student out into the hallway to administer several hard licks with a school approved paddle.

Hallway corporal punishment

Bent over in the hall for 6 swats.

While a hallway paddling is not seen by other students, it is certainly heard.  Students in all classrooms on that hallway hear the crack of the paddle as it echos throughout the halls.  For the more severe paddlings the sounds of discomfort from the young lady feeling the sting of the paddle on her bottom can also be heard.  The embarrassment she feels as she reenters the classroom, wiping fresh tears from her face, helps assure that she will be on her very best behavior in the future.

School discipline in the stairwell

Strict paddling in the stairwell.

For the most troublesome girls who need a severe paddling for their behavior, sometime privacy is required.  The young lady to the left has been marched into the school stairwell for a paddling she will not soon forget.  She is required to grab her ankles and hold on, as six licks are applied to her exposed bottom.  The privacy of the stairwell muffles the sounds of a paddling of this intensity.

teachers lounge paddling

Taken into the break room for a proper paddling

The poor student to the right has been brought into the teacher’s break room for a quick paddling for improper behavior at school.  She tries her best to maintain her position as the paddle continuously spanks her teen bottom.  Those tight jeans offer little protection and there is no doubt that she will have trouble sitting of the hard woods desks for the remainder of the day.

These pictures come from the full videos of very realistic school corporal punishment recreations in the member’s areas of SpankingTeenJessica and Realspankings.

Hard School Paddling to Tears

school punishment paddling

Paddled hard by teacher at school

For school corporal punishment to be effective, especially when dealing with the older teens in high school, the paddle must be swung with maximum force.  The student should be properly bent over to assure that the tailbone is never in a place where it can be damaged.  Once the safety of the student being paddled is assured, full force swats with a large wooden school paddle should be applied to lower part of the student’s bottom.  After several swats her bottom will begin to go numb, but rest assured, the final swats will serve as a reminder for the next several days, every time she sits down.  If the paddling is applied properly, regardless of her age, tears should be visible in her eyes.  We want to teach a very real lesson that will not be forgotten anytime soon, therefore reducing any future transgressions.

This picture of from a video of Brandi being paddled to tears in the member’s area of SpankingTeenBrandi.

Waiting while her Friend gets Paddle at School

waiting to be paddled at school

She nervously waits for her turn to be paddled at school.

School paddling is still alive and well throughout the United States with 100′s of students bending to over to feel the sting of the paddle on their bottoms.

You can tell by the look on her face that she can hear how hard her best friend is getting paddled.  The large wooden school paddle leaves a very long lasting impression, even over her tight pants.  The witness is present to make sure things go as defined in the corporal punishment guidelines for the school, but that does not stop him from applying the licks in a manner that will leave her bottom bruised and have her sitting gingerly for a few days.  This school paddling picture is from a video in the member’s area of