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High school girls who bully deserve a severe paddling and a bruised bottom

school paddling bruised butt for a teen girl

A very bruised bottom from a very real school paddling.

Let’s be honest, we all know or have known that girl who honestly needs a good butt beating.  She is rude in the way she deals with people and she has little regard for anyone’s feelings.  She is selfish in her action, she sees herself above everyone else, and if it has nothing to do with her, or her needs, she could care less.

In the high school setting, this girl is often very snobby.  This is also the type of girl who ends up being a bully.  She takes joy in the misfortune of others and is often the cause of it.  She preys on the weak and loves a good laugh at someone else’s expense.  She makes fun of the unpopular girls and gains attention and satisfaction from doing so.

We have all known this girl and in most cases disliked her very much.  Chances are she was

teen butt paddling bruises

Sometimes a high school girl needs a severe paddling that leads to a bottom as bruised as much as this one.

popular, as this is the reality of the world.  She was probably very beautiful and strutted around the school like she owned the place.  Her hair and makeup were always perfect and she wore expensive clothes that her rich daddy provided her.  She walked down the hall in her designer jeans, fitted way too tight, that showed off her perfect teen bottom.

The good news is, is that the teachers and administrators were also aware of her actions and behaviors.  He tried to act like a perfect little angle with the school staff, but they too could hear the condemnation in her voice.  She felt she was better than them as well.  And then, the day finally comes that she gets hers.  She is finally caught bullying another student, or picking on that shy girl whose life she makes a living hell on a daily basis.

She is sent to the office and tries to turn on the charm to the male principal.  She is a little flirty and

bruised bottom

The real results of a severe paddling for a teen girl.

knows that daddy’s little girl will get off with a warning.  After all, her dad is a powerful man in this town and everyone knows who he is, she is going to get the special treatment she expects in all aspects of her life.  But the truth is, the principal is quite aware of her behavior, it has been brought to his attention by several staff members.  He has little tolerance for bullies, but until a student was willing to come forward, or her actions were fully witnessed, there was not much he could do, but that all changes today.

He listens to her side of the story, which she tells and is all smiles at the time.  You would think she was just chatting it up with friends, she seems very happy and confident, not at all nervous.  She knows that in a matter of minutes she will be back at lunch with her friends, laughing about how she got off with a warning.  When the principal checks her student file, he actually has to try and contain his happiness.  Yes, there is a corporal punishment release on file and

severe school paddling

This picture is the real results of a severe ten swat paddling applied over jeans.

yes, both parents have signed it fully authorizing her bottom to be paddled.  He is guessing she is completely unaware that this is the case.  It was signed two years ago when she was a sophomore, but it is applicable for her entire high school career unless amended by her parents.

He knows that this is the type of girl that will not only benefit from school corporal punishment but that deserves it.  He does his best at his job to be very professional and discipline as required, while being far removed from the process.  But on occasion he has a deserving young lady sitting across from him that he knows not only needs to be paddled, but she needs her bottom bruised like no other before her.  He is guessing it has been a very long time since her butt has been spanked, if ever, and he is going to change that trend today.

severe high school paddling teen girl

This is what happens when a high school girl gets a severe paddling.

He can’t help but play along a little with her flirty actions and almost forward behavior.  She is used to getting what she wants from guys with a just a smile, a flip of her hair, and those skin tight jeans and she sees no reason why today will be any different.  He chats with her and listens to her talk about what a great student she is.  He smiles through the whole process, not even really lecturing her for the behavior that brought her to his office.  He knows how this situation is going to be handled one way only and he gets ready to drop the bomb.  He generally does not gain much satisfaction from telling a student that he is going to paddle their bottom, but today is different.  This girl is a bully, a predator, the kind of student that makes other student’s life in high school a living hell, he is about to turn the tables.

Just as casually as the conversation she was having with him, he finally drops the bomb, “Well, I

bully paddled in high school

This is what happens to a bully who gets paddled in high school, a bruised bottom that will be sore for days.

see no reason to keep you here any longer, I want you to have time to get some lunch before class, let’s go ahead and get your bottom paddled and this will all be behind us”.  She thanks him and starts to stand and leave the room, but a second later the words fully process in her brain, and she quickly stops…”wait..what”?  Then the real lecture begins as he lets her know that she is lucky that she is not being kicked out of school.  He tells her he has little tolerance for bullies like her and he is going to make sure that it never happens from her in this school again.  She is dumbfounded and speechless as she tried to explain that her dad would never let this happen.  He simply slides the authorization form across her desk for her to read.

He tells her he is tired of her behavior, tired of her attitude, and mostly just tired of her and that it is time to see how he deals with these sorts of action in his school.  He tells her to stand up and to bend over his desk….NOW!  She is not used to being talked to this way by a man, but finds herself powerless and now doing what

bruised butt school corporal punishment

Her teen bottom is not only bruised, she deserved every swat of the paddle.

she is told.  He pulls out that one paddle that he only uses on special occasions, the one that will hurt the most and leave anyone’s bottom purple after one swat.  But she is not just getting one swat, she is going to get ten.  He is going to make sure that anytime she thinks about picking on anyone ever again that she thinks about this day.  He is going to make sure that those jeans she wears every day, that it looks like she pours herself into each morning, will not fit her bruised and swollen bottom.  He is going to paddle her perfect little bottom so hard that he will not just punish her for her bullying behavior, he will eliminate it permanently.  It has been a long time since he has grabbed his paddle with such a determination.  He steps behind her, has her adjust her stance, touches the paddle to her perfect teen bottom, in those way too tight and expensive jeans, and gets to work.

All of these pictures come from severe paddling videos in the member’s area of

Real High School Corporal Punishment Paddling Video

real school paddling

A very real look at school corporal punishment videos.

So when I post all of these pictures and videos regarding school corporal punishment, it leaves us wondering what is fantasy and what is reality.  I try my best to focus on content that features realistic school corporal punishment.  As a result there is not much here in the way of bare bottom school paddlings, I have only included a few pictures and animations that feature a bare bottom school paddling so we can see the results of a hard paddle swat on the bare.

I often write about severe swats, bruised butts, and young ladies being spanked to tears.  I blog about school paddlings consisting of up to 10 swats, which in itself might not be the norm.  So

real corporal punishment on film

Bent over the desk waiting for a very real school paddling to be administered.

let’s break down all of the barriers here and look at absolute realism in school corporal punishment.  In exploring reality, we need to look at the most common occurrences of school corporal punishment, where it is administered, by who, how many swats, and the results of an actual school paddling.  In addressing all of these I offer you the scene below, showed from both angles.  As we explore this, we have to ask ourselves is this reality as far as modern day school corporal punishment is concerned?

This video features the well-known spanking model Brandi in a school corporal punishment recreation.  This was early in her spanking career and she was indeed 18 at the time this video was filmed.  So to start, we have a girl that is the age of most high school seniors.

real school paddling video

Reality in spanking videos as we see what a real school paddling is like.

She is sent to the school principal for a dress code violation.  It turns out that this is for wearing a shirt that shows midriff, this is quite common for teen girls today, but many schools do indeed have a policy against it.  So for realism as far as the offense, we are right on track.  She seems nervous in the video, which based on the situation seems accurate.  The principal is even mannered, he is not mad, and he gets right to the business at hand.  He checks her file, which I think is common and realistic, and sees that this is her second offense of the year for dress code violations.  He states that she received 3 swats with the paddle for her 1st offense.  I find this to be realistic in a paddling school.  I think a warning, or the least amount of swats given would be an appropriate punishment for a 1st time offense.  Based on her previous offense, he sentences her to 6 swats for this second infraction.  I think double the amount of swats for a second offense would not be that out of the ordinary and once again falls well within the scope of realism.

Now we need to look at the most important part, the actual paddling.  He has her

high school paddling video

Getting a very real school paddling from the principal.

stand up and bend over the desk, clearly the most common position for a teen high school girl to be paddled in.  He does not give a long lecture, he does not raise his voice, he is all business.  He grabs a wooden paddle, it appears to be oak.  It is not a giant paddle; it is typical in size of most school paddles in use today.  There is not a big drawn out process prior to her paddling.  She is not left in place grabbing her ankles, there is no one watching, the door is closed and it is done in private.  He does not tell her how much it is going to hurt when he paddled her teen bottom; he simply steps in behind her and gets started.

paddling to tears in high school

She is not acting like her bottom hurts, this is the real thing as she is paddle to tears.

It is not a huge swing, he does not use two hands, he simply lifts the paddle and swats her bottom hard enough to get a reaction.  With each swat her reaction grows a little.  With every swat applied in the exact same spot, her discomfort grows.  We do not see tears on the 1st swat, but you can tell we are building to that moment.  After the 6th swat, she does indeed break down.  When you watch this paddling from the camera that shows her face, you can tell this is not acting.  After that 6th swat, she starts to cry and there is literally 2-3 seconds that she is breathless.  You can see that her bottom is burning and there is no acting involved.  The tears begin to stream down her face and there is no doubt that this is real.  She is required to sign the discipline form and then told to get a ride home so she can change her shirt.

For me this is the most realistic school paddling video I have ever seen.  I suspect that this is typical for how real school corporal punishment is administered throughout the South.  It is real, it is hard enough to achieve tears, and to teach a lesson.  I do not think any parent who consented to having their daughter paddled at school would have an issue with it.  It is exactly what corporal punishment is supposed to be in a school setting.  Luckily through the family of sites, we have 100’s of such videos to enjoy.  Very real school corporal punishment videos at their very finest.  So when you look at the pictures and animations that I post and wonder if the videos they come from are bullshit, now you have a frame of reference as to what a real school paddling video is like.


Real high school corporal punishment paddling video 1

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Real high school corporal punishment paddling video 2

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School paddling caught on security camera

With the increased security risks of today, all modern schools have very sophisticated surveillance systems, especially in the common areas of the school. This certainly makes school security easier when all areas can be watched by on person on multiple screens.  Something else that modern schools have is a very detailed corporal punishment policy.  With all of the lawsuits that sometimes stem from corporal punishment being used in a high school setting, teachers and administrators do their best to follow the policies in place.

real school paddling captured on camera

High school girl’s paddling caught on security camera.

For those schools that allow teachers to take discipline into their own hands, one policy is generally common throughout…students cannot be paddled in full view of other students.  This means the day of bringing a student up to the desk, in the front of the room, to be paddled for all to see, are pretty much long gone.  This does not however, stop a teacher from pulling an unruly student, or students, out into the hallway for their paddling.  Teachers have been known to take students into the hallway, a classroom that is not in use, an empty gym, or even the stairwell of the school building for their paddling.

real school paddling video

Taken out into the hall for a hard paddling, all captured on the school video cameras.

One would have to guess that with these policies in place, and school security cameras covering all of the common areas, that there are many more school paddlings captured on tape than we could imagine.  Somewhere, in a tiny room, a school security officer gets to see teen girl’s bottoms paddled on a regular basis.  He sees a young lady marched into the hall, as she is required to grab her ankles, or put her hands on the wall, and a very fed up teacher gets to work on her butt.  He probably gets to see many different styles of paddling.  Teachers that just give a swat or two, teachers who always give the maximum number of swats allowed, even those very strict teachers she swing the large paddle with two hands.

school security tape of girls being paddled

The lecture before their school paddling is watched by the school security.

Even is this security officer has no interest in such things, you would have to imagine that it gets his attention as he watches the paddlings administered.  Imagine him sitting at the desk, staring at a screen of mostly empty monitors.  He might see the occasional student walking to the bathroom, or late for class, or maybe the custodian mopping up.  But then on one of his monitors, he sees four girls being escorted out of a classroom.  They are lined up on a wall as a very animated teacher is clearly upset and lecturing the girls.  He cannot help but notice that she is lecturing these high school girls with a large wooden paddle in her hand.

school paddling video

The security camera in the hallway captures her grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling from a teacher.

She finally grabs a girl by the arm and walks through a door that leads to the stairwell.  He can’t help but switch his attention to the camera that he know they will be appearing on in any moment.  Sure enough, the teacher and the student appear in the frame as the young lady is made to grab her ankles.  He knows from seeing this enough times that this girl is really in for it.  This is a hard hitting teacher and she always gives the 6 swat maximum.  Sure enough, the paddle is raised high in the air and brought down hard on the pretty teen’s young bottom.  With just a moment’s pause the paddle is raised again and brought down full force.  He is secretly impressed that a high school girl can stay in position for such a hard paddling.  After all six swats, the teacher grabs the girl’s arm and marches her back down the stairs.

school paddling video real

The other girls listen through the door to their friend being paddled, they know their little butts will be the next ones to feel the paddle.

Back on the other camera he sees them enter the hallway again as the teacher grabs another girl by the arm and marches her upstairs.  He sees the teen girl rubbing her bruised and sore bottom and the other girls asking her how it was.  He also sees that she is wiping away tears.  As the paddling begins on the other camera, this girl also grabbing her ankles, he sees the girls waiting to be paddled, gathered at the door, listening to every swat.  They all seemed stressed as they know their little butts are next. He wonders what these four girls must have done to be getting corporal punishment.  From the looks of the paddling they are each receiving, he guesses they will not be doing it again anytime soon.

school paddling video

Grabbing her ankles and assuming the position for a school paddling in the stairwell.

When the second girl’s paddling is complete, the third girl is marched up the stairs to her fate.  She grabs her ankles, presenting her teen bottom perfectly for her paddling, and then is begins.  It is clear this one is struggling as she can barely keep her position.  He sees some added lecturing; he guesses that it’s about her inability to hold still. It takes a little longer for this one, but she receives the full amount of paddle swats and leaves holding her bruised bottom.

school paddling captured on video

A very hard paddling at school, while she is grabbing her ankles, all caught on a security camera.

The last girl is brought up and it seems clear to him that she must be the ring leader of whatever trouble they are in.  He thought the previous three girls got their butts blistered. But she really lays into this girl.  Each swat knocks her up onto her toes.  He is not even sure he could hold still for such a brutal school paddling…this teacher really swings for the fences.  It is clear that she is learning a lesson, how could she not be?  That large wooden board hits her tiny butt, time and time again.  He questions how these girls will be able to sit through their classes for the rest of the day, this is only 1st period, they have seven to go.  When this paddling is complete, he sees her wiping away the tears.

paddled at school by a teacher

With sore bottoms and tears in their eyes they are marched right back into class.

Just as quickly as it began it is over.  The last girl is walked down the stairs and back into the hall with the other three.  There are a few final words from the teacher and then they are all marched back into the classroom still rubbing their sore bottoms and wiping away the tears.  He wonders how embarrassing that part must be for these girls.  Walking back into a classroom, everyone knowing that they just got their teen butts paddled at school with tears still in their eyes to prove it.

Assuming the position for corporal punishment at school

school corporal punishment

Being made to lay over the desk for her school paddling

When a girl gets spanked at home by her mom or dad, there can be a variety of positions used for her punishment. Different parents have different styles and preferences as to how they spank their daughters.  The choice of implement can also be a deciding factor for a young lady’s spanking.  While a hand or a hairbrush may be effective for an OTK spanking, a belt does not serve its true purpose in this position.

In a school setting, when a young lady’s bottom needs to be paddled, there are also many choices of positions for her to assume for her paddling.  Unlike a spanking from mom and dad, when a paddle is used for a spanking, great care has to be given with considering a position.  The main reason for this is that with some hard woods, the wood can actually be harder than bone, so she needs to be positioned in a way that her tailbone is out of the way of the paddle.  When a student is in a lot of trouble and a severe paddling is required, this cannot be more important.  The goal is to bruise her bottom and teach her a lesson, but not to create an actual injury.

school paddling discipline

Hands and elbows on the desk for a hard paddling at school.

The position for a paddling is about more than just bending her over so her butt is available for discipline.  The position she is made to assume can add to the overall dynamic of the punishment itself.  Yes, just having her lay over a desk is quick and convenient and an easy way to get the job done, but some of the other positions add discomfort and embarrassment to the process.  When a young lady is told to just lay over a desk, all she really has to do is sit there and take her paddling.  When she is made to assume a different position, she becomes an active participant.

hand on knees for school corporal punishment

Hands on her knees makes her an active participant in her school paddling

Take for instance the position of having to bend over, in the middle of a room, or a hallway, with her hands on her knees.  There is nothing for her to grab onto during her paddling.  She has to actively cooperate during her paddling and work hard to maintain this position.  When a severe swat is placed onto her bottom, it tends to want to knock her forward.  This is her punishment, she earned it, it is fair that she have to help out with is and work hard to help see it to completion.

Another effective position is when she is bent fully at the waist with her arms outstretched and placed on a wall or the edge of a desk.  This position is not very comfortable and it is not a position anyone really assumes for any reason in life other than corporal punishment.

school paddling punishment

Bending over at school for a severe paddling.

It really reminds her of what is about to happen and why she is there.  With her body stretched out and her legs spread wide, it really creates a sense of vulnerability.  Another benefit of this position is that it requires her hands to stay in place.  Her balance is off and a single hand moved causes her to fall forward.  This position creates great stability as her arms and hands are in direct line with her bottom.  Very hard swats can be applied to her teen butt and she will not move at all.  This is an ideal position when the occasion calls for severe corporal punishment.

bending over for a paddling at school

Taken outside the classroom, into the hall, to have her teen bottom paddled severely, in such a way that she will never forget.

Probably the most effective, as it combines all of the above aspects is when a high school girl is made to bend over and grab her ankles for her school paddling.  This is the most embarrassing position for any girl who is getting paddled.  She is presenting her butt to be paddled

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

The worst of all of the positions to be paddled in at school…grabbing her ankles.

in just about the most intimate way.  When she bends over and grabs her ankles, just about every part of her body disappears except her bottom.  This really puts a focus on what is about to happen and what part of her body it is going to happen to.  She is very focused not only on the pain she is about to feel, but the fact that her bottom is on display.  For the person administering the paddling and the person who is witnessing it this is also their entire focus.  It is generally not appropriate as an adult male administrator to stare at the bottom of a 17 year old girl, but this is a situation in which is it basically a requirement.  This position is also more effective is she is made to assume it for some time before and after her paddling.  It is very effective to tell a young lady that she is going to be paddled, have her stand up, move to the middle of the office, and grab her ankles.  Then the appropriate paperwork is completed, the office door is opened as her goes to find a witness.  She becomes very aware of the students and staff members that pass by the office door, while she is there with her bottom in the air.  She has a lot of time to consider what brought her here and the paddling that is about to be administered.  With her bottom stretched that tight, she knows it is going to be a bad one.

These animations come from the member’s areas of and Join one site and you get full access to the other, plus full access to and One membership with full access to four teen girl sites that heavily feature school corporal punishment in progress.

School paddle on display as a warning

school paddling

Sent to the principal, she cannot help but notice the school paddle hanging on her wall.

There are many houses throughout the world in which the implement that is used to punishment the bottom of a teen girl is prominently on display.  This is most typical in a community in which corporal punishment is very common and acceptable in most of the households.  It is not considered out of place or unusual to guests of the home, it is simply a reality.  It does however create a bit of embarrassment for the young lady whose bottom it is used on.  It is not only a daily reminder to her that her but can still be spanked at any time, it lets any friend of her that comes over know that there is no doubt that this teen girl still gets her bottom spanked.

It might be as plain and out in the open as a Spencer paddle, hung on a

school corporal punishment teen girl

She knows one of those paddles will be used on her bottom, but which one?

nail, right there in the middle of the family room, or a little more obscure like on a wall inside the laundry room.  I knew one girl when I was growing up that had her own paddle hanging on the wall in her room.  When I asked her about it, she was quite embarrassed and clearly lied to me by telling me she thought it was kind of cool so she hung it on her wall.  There was no doubt that it was indeed used to paddle her 14 year old bottom and I suspected each of her siblings probably had their own on their walls.

The tradition of displaying an implement is also alive in well in the school of the US that allow paddling.  Many principals, coaches, and teachers display a paddle, or multiple paddles on the walls of their offices or classrooms.  The primary reason is it serves as a reminder that regardless of a student’s age, that as long as they attend high school, they may still be subjected to

school corporal punishment

So many paddles and they are all so big. Her bottom will be bruised and sore for sure.

having their butts paddled. A girl may be 17 or 18, she may no longer get spanked at home, but as long as there is a school corporal punishment policy that allows it, she may indeed be subjected to a spanking at school.

A paddle hanging on the wall in a classroom does not have quite the same effect on a young lady’s nerves as the one hanging in a principal’s office.  Most students only see the inside of a principal’s office when they are sent there for disciplinary issues.  When she invited into his office and asked to sit down, this is typically the 1st thing she notices.  She studies every detail of the paddle.  Most students are aware they attend a school that they can be paddled at, but for many, they have never actually seen the paddle used.  It always seems huge in their eyes, they notice how thick it is, and they also notice that it seems well worn.  There is no doubt that this is not an ornamental paddle, it is really used to paddle teen butts.

In some schools, there is a room in which the paddling of students takes place, often in the main

girl paddled at school

School corporal punishment will be applied to her bottom.

office area, but in such a place that there is a little privacy.  Many students, told they are going to be paddled, are sent to that room to wait.  Some principals have multiple paddles, they may vary based on offense as well as the sex and age of the students.  A young lady sent to wait for her punishment, in a room with multiple paddles, can’t help but wonder which one will be used on her bottom.  Her eyes are transfixed on the biggest of paddles, wondering why in the hell a paddle that large even exists.  She tries to convince herself that there is no way that this paddle will be the one used on her butt.  After all, this is her 1st offense; she is 115 lbs., and a pretty good student.  That paddle must be used on the very bad kids, or the football players, anyone but her.

school paddling children

Grabbing her ankles to be paddled and her worst fears come true, he reaches for the big paddle.

Left alone with only her thoughts, far too long as far as she is considered, she convinces herself that the smallest paddle could be the only one to be used on her.  He finally enters the room, has her sign the paperwork that acknowledges that she will be paddled.  As she signs it she sees that she will be receiving six swats.  She is a little relieved as she knows that he is allowed to give as many as ten, which makes her feel he is going to go a little easy on her.  He tells her to step up to the line, widen her stance, and grab over and bend her ankles.  As she reaches down to grab her ankles, her jeans pulling tight on her bottom, she sees him walk up to the wall of implements and grab the biggest paddle on the wall…oh shit!


grabbing ankles for a school paddling

And it begins…the first swat with his biggest paddle.

Images come from the family of sites.  More than 200+ realistic school paddling videos included with the pass.

The Wait

Just the thought of receiving a hard school paddling can create much anxiety for a high school girl.  This concept alone adds a lot to the effectiveness of a school paddling and quite often administrators, teachers, and coaches use this to their advantage.  It is a simple concept that I like to call “the wait”.

school corporal punishment

Just giving the news that she is to be paddled, she begins to tremble, her heart rate increases, and the heavy breathing begins.

Every school paddling is going to involve some aspect of the wait and some are more deliberate than others.  The most basic version is a young lady being sent to the office, checking in with the secretary, and then having to wait quite some time before she is seen by the principal.  This is not

school corporal punishment

Waiting and wondering if her bottom will be paddled or not.

deliberate; he may just be busy at the moment or have another student in his office.  There is no set time that she will be waiting; he will simply see her when he is able to.  A lot can go on in her head during this period of time.  She has time to think about what she did, if her parents are going to be notified, the fact that she is missing class, but most of all her thoughts are on the school’s corporal punishment policy.  The thought that she cannot escape is whether or not her butt is about to be paddled.  She knows her school paddles, she knows girls can be paddled, and she knows the principal’s reputation for paddling hard.

The next step in the chain as far as the wait, is when a young lady has met with the principal and has been told she will indeed be paddled.  There are many variations on this form of the wait.  It might be as simple as him filling out the paperwork, getting someone to witness it, and grabbing

school paddling

She hears the verdict…her bottom will be paddled in just a moment.

the paddle.  At the very least, she has 2-3 minutes before her paddling is to take place. This is the shortest variation of the wait, but a lot can go through her head in those few minutes.  She thinks about the last spanking she received, she thinks about everything she has heard about the school paddling, she wonders what position she will have to assume, how many swats she will get, and mostly…how much will it hurt.

For those tasked with the job of paddling a young lady’s bottom at school, they may be more creative with the wait and take full advantage of the effectiveness of making a student wait some time before her paddling.  Often a young lady is told to return to his office later in the day, during lunch, or after school   Her day becomes so much longer as all she can think about is that paddle she saw on his desk hitting her little butt.  Classwork, lectures, time with friends, they are all wasted…all she can think about is that she will be spanked at school, with a wooden board, from a man with a reputation for bruising bottoms.

cheerleader paddled texas

Amber, paddled at school when she was 17.

There is a famous case from a decade ago at Grand Prairie high school where the cheerleader captain, 17 year old Amber Page, was sentenced to a paddling for smoking on campus.  She was told that she would be paddled and would also be kicked off of the cheer squad.  For the moment, it was left at that and she was sent back to class.  The following Monday, the day she was sure she would be paddled, she detailed in a newspaper article that she wore heavy shorts, with overalls over the shorts, to pad her butt for a paddling that she was quite nervous about receiving.  She went to the

amber page paddled at school

Picture from the newspaper article that described her paddling at school.

office that morning, but was not paddled, he did not have the time at that moment.  In fact it would be several days before she was actually paddled and the wait had to be something terrible for her.  Every moment of every school day, she was consumed with the thought that she could be called to the office for a paddling at any time.  As the whole story unfolded and was reported on the news, she waited close to a week for her paddling and he chose a day that he saw her walking down the hall in a short and thin mini-skirt.  So much for her padded bottom, she got a very hard and embarrassing paddling in her tiny little skirt.

While the wait can be difficult when she has to go hours or even days before being paddled, one of the very hardest parts is when she has reported for her paddling and is sitting outside the office.  This is it, this is the moment that all of the stress

school corporal punishment

Waiting outside the office to have their butts paddled at school

and apprehension she has been feeling has been building up to.  She has been nervous about her paddling for a few hours to a few days, but this is the worst part.  She has tried to picture in her head how it is going to go, she has imagined the position, who might witness it in the office, but now all she can think about is the pain.  She has been able to talk to a couple of friends who have been paddled and they did not seem to be exaggerating when they described to her how bad it is.

One of the worst case scenarios for the last minute wait is when she is not the only girl being paddled that day.  She sits down with another girl who is also about to be paddled.  They share a nervous look, no words are spoken, they are both there for the same thing.  Who knows, she may have even gotten in trouble with this girl, or in a fight with this girl, but all of that is behind them at least for a moment.  Their thoughts are focused solely on the paddling they are about to receive.  The wait gets harder for the girl who is not 1st.  Now a

school paddling

Which girl will be paddled first?

few of her questions are about to be answered as she consider her paddling, as she is able to actually hear it take place.  The door opens and the 1st girl is invited in and he asks the secretary to come in and join them.  She now at least knows who is going to watch.  The door may be closed for some privacy, or left open and she is able to hear every word.

But the very worst part of this part of the wait is listening to the other girl getting paddled.  She has pictured it, imagined it, talked to her friends about it, but nothing fully prepared her for the sound.  This is not a spanking like she received when she was a little girl, it sounds like firecrackers going off in that office.  The 1st loud explosion startles her, it takes her a second to full process what the sound was, but it becomes clear when she hears the girl’s reaction.  A second later the next shot goes off and she just buried her head in hands, she knows that in 2 minutes, that sound will be that paddle, landing on her butt…there is no need to wait, the tears are already starting.

The worst part of school corporal punishment

school corporal punishment

Receiving corporal punishment at school in front of a witness.

There are so many aspects to a school corporal punishment that make it an effective form of discipline. At the very moment that each of them are taking place, it seems like the worst part for the unfortunate young lady whose behavior led her to this place in her life.  Being lectured like a little kid, when she is almost a grown woman seems so very bad at the time.  Being told to stand up and present her bottom to be paddled seems like the worst part as it happens. As some stranger gets called into the office to witness, as she is bent over with her butt on display she is horrified and does not think it can get any worse.  All of those thoughts quickly go away as the 1st paddle swat lands on her bottom.  The 1st paddle swat being the worst part, is quickly fixed when another hits the same spot on her bottom.

A few swats into her paddling the tears begin to flow and now she is in as much pain

school corporal punishment

Her bottom throbs from corporal punishment administered at school

as she has felt before and crying like a child, clearly this must be the worst part.  The paddling is finally over and she heads back to class.  It is clear that the word has spread that she was getting paddled, and as she walks back into class already in progress, with her makeup clearly a mess, the looks on everyone’s faces let her know that they all know that she was just spanked like a child in the principal’s office.  This feels like the worst part of her punishment until she tries to sit down.  Her bottom is so sore, this must indeed be the very worst part.

Class ends and as much as it hurt to sit, it seems a whole new set of muscles are sore as she stands up.  She cannot believe how much her muscles have tightened up in the last 30 minutes, with every step her bottom seems to hurt more and more.  Then she is in the hall, at her locker, getting her books for her next class and her boyfriend sneaks up behind her and gives her a hard smack and asks her how her bottom is feeling.  The pain is intense and she fights back the tears.  She shoots him a look of death as everyone giggles at her discomfort…there is no doubt in her mind this is the worst part.  Her butt has never been so sore, everyone is giggling at her and making jokes, she is pissed at her boyfriend, and was just spanked like a child…nothing could be worse.

bruised butt from school corporal punishment

School corporal punishment can indeed lead to a very bruised bottom.

She gets home that afternoon and it is immediately clear from the look on her mom’s face that school called home and let them know what she did and that she was paddled for it.  The rules in this house are clear, get it at school, get it at home.  Her mom sends her to her room and tells her that her dad will be home in an hour to take care of her bottom.  Lying on her stomach, on her bed, waiting for her dad to get home and spank her butt, nothing could be worse than this.  An hour later she hears the squeaky brakes of her dad’s car pulling up, the front door opening and closing, and the muffled sounds of her parents talking.  She hears her dad’s footstep coming down the hall, she knows if her door opens then he will be using his belt, if he goes to the closet at the end of the hall, it will be dad’s paddle.  Her heart is racing, the footsteps get closer as she hears him walk right past her door…he is getting the paddle, how can she take the paddle on her bottom that already hurts so bad…nothing could be worse than this.

She hears the closet door open, the paddle banging on the inside of the door where it hangs on a

corporal punishment from dad

Corporal punishment from dad after her school paddling.

little hook.  It is kept out of sight from visitors to their home, but it is never really that far away.  The footsteps return towards her door and it opens.  Dad is visibly upset, he has no tolerance for smoking, which was her offense and he can barely find the words.  Her dad is not only mad at her, he is so very disappointed, nothing can be worse than this.  He tells her to stand up, place a pillow over the edge of her bed, and to bend over it.  As she starts to bend over he corrects himself, he means to bare her bottom and bend over.  It has been at least 5 years since he has spanked her bare bottom and just as long since he has even seen it.  As embarrassed as she has ever been, she find herself pulling down her pants and panties, lying over a pillow, putting her ass up in the air to be paddled, clearly this is as bad as it gets.

corporal punishment results

sore butt from corporal punishment

Every thought of being embarrassed, every thought that has been swimming in her head for the past 5 hours about how bad things are, are quickly replaced.  As his heavy frat style paddle hits its mark, all she knows is pain.  Over the last four hours her bottom has done nothing but grow sorer.  It is clear how mad her dad is by the intensity of the paddle swat.  She cannot recall ever being spanked this hard by him.  She thought the school paddling was rough, but this paddle, his intensity; on her bare bottom…nothing could be worse than this.  He typically paddles her butt between 10-12 times, and that is over her pants.  Through her tears she counts each swat in her head knowing it is close to being over.  When number 13 is applied to her bottom, she knows it is not over.  When he keeps paddling her butt after 20 she knows that nothing in the world could be worse than this.

She quits counting after 20 and has no idea how many she got total, all she knows that is when it is

corporal punishment from parents

Checking the results of hard corporal punishment applied at school and then again at home.

over, she really knows what true pain feels like.  Her dad quietly leaves the room and closes the door and she is alone with her tears.  How did she get to this moment in her life, why did she decide to have a cigarette at school, why cannot she not stop crying?  It takes her a full 20 minutes to compose herself and stop the tears.  Nothing could be worse until she pulls herself off the bed and looks at her bottom in the mirror on her wall…black and blue from top to bottom.  It was hard enough and lasted long enough that it had gone a little numb, but she knows from looking at it, it will not be numb for long.

Less than 30 minutes later her mom calls her down for dinner.  She is asked to set the table and when it is finally time to eat she looks at the hard wooden dining room chair that she is going to have to sit on.  She would prefer to skip dinner at this point but she knows it is not an option.  She winces in pain as she tries to sit and her parents just share a look, the look of success that she has been taught a very real lesson, and they are confident that smoking will never be an issue again.  Her little brother and sister have a nice laugh as the brother jokes, “what’s wrong your butt too sore to sit”? At this point, at this very moment, nothing could be worse than this.

She goes to bed that night and sleeps on her belly.  She tosses and turns all night long, constantly being woken up by her throbbing bottom.  It has not gotten better with time, it seems to be getting much worse.  She finally falls fully asleep about an hour before her alarm goes off.  She stands up, it hurts to walk, it hurts to move, every task seems like a chore.  She waits her turn for the

sore butt from corporal punishment

A very sore bottom will make her school day difficult.

bathroom, goes in and finds she cannot even sit to pee.  She ends up squatting over the toilet, in her own house, like it is some nasty public restroom.  It hurts to dress, even putting on her panties hurts more than she can bear.  In the 30 minutes she has been awake, her eyes have filled with tears three different times, she cannot believe how much her butt hurts, this has to be as bad as it gets.

She finally gets to school and it is clear that after a night of people on Facebook and Twitter the word has spread.  Students love to prey on the misfortune of others and the teasing starts immediately.  “Someone is walking a little slow today”, “good luck sitting down”, “awwww Sarah got her little bottom paddled”, “bad girls get spankings”.  Her bottom is black and blue, her boyfriend is mad because of the attitude she gave him the day before, the kids are teasing her, her dad is still a little pissed, her siblings would not stop the jokes on the way to school, it hurts to walk, the pants she chose are far too tight and are not helping the issues at all….this is as bad as a paddling gets.  Then she walks into her 1st class and tries to sit down on a hard wooden desk…the worst is yet to come.

The 1st swat of a hard school paddling is always the worst

Even for the young lady who has been spanked by her mom and dad her whole life, and is even still spanked at home as an older teen, the shock of her first school paddling can be overwhelming.  Typical parents, ever very strict ones, tend to use implements that have a lot of sting to them, most often a leather belt.  Even when used on a girl’s bare butt it takes many strokes of the belt to really make a bottom sore for a long time.  There is a tremendous amount of sting associated with the strapping, especially as it is being applied, but a belt never really achieves a thud like a hard paddle swat.

school paddling corporal punishment

She thought she was prepared for the 1st swat of her school paddling, her face tells a different story.

School paddles are made large, thick, and heavy for a reason.  The primary reason is that school administrators are limited in the amount of swats they can apply to a young lady’s butt, so the implement needs to be effective with as few as three swats.  In addition, you have to factor in that the student is wearing pants and panties, so much of the sting of an implement applied directly to bare skin is minimized.  A large paddle needs to have much weight behind it to really make an impression.

school corporal punishment

The typical look, she squints her eyes, grits her teeth, and waits for it. There is a half a second after the swat where she thinks it might not have been that bad, but then you see it…her eyes go wide and her mouth drops wide open.

While you would think that is would be the last swat of a school paddling that hurts the most, this is generally not the case.  After a hard school paddling consisting of many swats, a girl’s teen bottom tends to go a little numb.  Her body starts to combat the pain after the first few swats by producing endorphins.  This is the body’s natural way to deal with unbearable pain.  This is often why a few minutes after a paddling a girl might report that it does not hurt as bad as she thought it would.  Fast forward 30 minutes and she will certainly be retracting that statement.  Once the endorphins stop flowing, the real pain from her paddling sets in.  Depending on the severity of the paddling, this pain can last as long as 3-4 days.

school corporal punishment

Each girl reacts differently to the 1st swat or her paddling. This young lady instantly starts to hyper ventilate as the pain travels from her bottom to her brain.

The reality is, the most painful swat from a paddle is the 1st one.  There is the anticipation leading up to the event, being told she is going to be paddled, bending over and presenting her bottom, and then the 1st lick being applied in a serious manner.  If the paddle is applied properly, that 1st swat will almost always take her breath away.  You can see it in the gifs included with the post and in many of the paddlings shown here, you can see it takes a moment for it to sink in.  There is the squinting of the eyes, her mouth drops open, and then you can see the pain register.  There is nothing to prepare a high school girl for a well-placed, full force paddle swat to her teen bottom. 

girl paddled at school

The 1st swat sinks in and the learning process begins.

The heavy board compresses her skin and then digs deep into the muscles of her tight bottom.  The muscles are compressed from the heavy wood paddle and this is what creates bruising.  This is also what teaches a long lasting lesson and provides a learning experience.  Unlike a whoopin at home from dad, the learning begins for this young lady from the very 1st swat.  While one swat is never enough to fully get the job done, a severe swat can indeed lead to long term bruising and a sore bottom for a day or two.

teen girl school spanking

Her whole body fights the pain. She wants to run, escape, do anything than take another swat…just 9 more to go.

Picture the 18 year old high school senior whose last spanking was over her mom’s knee, with a hand, when she was 5 years old.  Now it is 13 years later and her only frame of reference of a spanking was as a little girl over mom’s knee.  She is told she is going to be spanked at school and figures it can’t be that bad.  But then there is the whole formality of the situation.  Papers are being signed, a witness is brought in, it is not as simple as being pulled kicking and screaming over mom’s knee.  Her nerves really kick in when the large oak paddle is pulled from the drawer, she is told to stand up, a couple of chairs are moved out of the way, and she is told to bend over.  She is not told to simply bend over, he fine tunes her position.  She is told to bend more at the waist, widen her stance a bit, place her hands flat on his desk, head up and eyes forward.  This is definitely not a spanking from mommy.  He walks around behind her, the witness is focused on her watching every detail on her face.  She jumps as the paddle touches her bottom for a brief second.  He announces to the witness what she did and how many licks she will be receiving with the paddle.  Her heart races even more as she tries to prepare for it, as not it seems she is in over her head.  She can see out of the corner of her eye, the paddle high in the air, almost touching the ceiling.  And then it happens, the 1st swat.

teen school spanking

Her mouth says it all, her bottom is being bruised from her school paddling and she is learning a lesson that she will never forget…and that is just the 1st swat.

It is clear from the looks on the girl’s faces in the gifs above, that they are not acting.  These are the looks of young ladies, receiving the 1st of many swats with an authentic wooden school paddle.  Yes, they may be models, but acting goes out the window when that 1st swat lands on their bottoms.  The punishments are hard, they are authentic, and they are applied just as they are in the high schools of America.  All of these gifs were animated from real school paddling videos in the member’s area of

teen paddled in high school

The paddle is clearly visible and she knows it will be used on her tiny teen butt in a matter of moments.

There is no real clear reason why some principals paddle harder than others.  Some take discipline very seriously, some may just be having a hard day, and there are some who grew up receiving that type of discipline themselves and know that sometimes this is what is required to keep an older teen in line.  There are those that look back at the good old days when teen girls were more respectful, much more modest, and had better manners in general.  They see it is as their job to make girls a little more grounded and better behaved in general.

This type of principal is every high school girl’s worst nightmare and

school corporal punishment

Being told to bend over for her school paddling, this one is going to be bad.

what makes it even worse for them, is when it is a school that allows corporal punishment.  Now you have an angry female administrator who takes personal offense to the transgressions of the young ladies in the school.  She is not one of those principals who distances herself from the process and paddles young bottoms free of emotion.  It is her mission to change the hearts and the minds of these young ladies, one bottom at a time.

She is able to look back at her own childhood and remember long sessions over mom’s lap with her grandmother’s antique wooden hairbrush, the same one that was used on her mom growing up.  She remembers her bare bottom being spanked for what seemed like hours at a time.  She remembers the spanking being applied until she quit squirming and quit crying altogether.  She also remembers her bottom being black and blue for days and literally not being able to sit.  She remembers the occasional follow up hairbrush spanking the next morning, on her bruised bottom, just to be sure the point had been made.  Most of all she remembers that after such a spanking, she was on her best behavior for months.  As brutal as it seemed at the time, she survived each and every one of them, and it taught her to be the women that she is today.  In retrospect, she felt it did her some good.

school paddling punishment

She prepares to be paddled, with the principal’s large maple paddle.

Now she is not just in charge of her own kids, but has been given the task of raising a whole school of young women and handling their discipline.  She cannot spank them like she does her own daughters; school policy has limits as to how she can administer a paddling.  If

school discipline girls

She is about to receive the school paddling of her life.

she had it her way, every one that found herself in her office would certainly be baring their bottoms and she would not be limited to 10 swats with the paddle.  But she has to work within the rules of the school, though she sure as hell is going to make sure that a real impression is made on the bottoms and attitudes of the girls she sees on a daily basis.

She has found many ways to make a trip to her office as uncomfortable as possible, while still following the school guidelines.  There is no policy that states what type of paddle she can use.  She had a nice and long conversation with the shop teacher and had him make her a very large, and very heavy maple paddle.  She was very specific that the handle needed to be long enough that she could swing it with two hands.  She figures that if she is limited to ten swats, she will make them

teen bottom paddling

That two handed paddle swing leaves will leave a long lasting impression on her tiny teen bottom.

each count.  As a woman who played softball in college, she has a swing that has a way of sticking with a girl for many days.  She takes advantage of the presence of her large paddle and leaves it hanging on the wall next to her desk.  This is the 1st thing each and every girl sees when they enter her office.

During the lecture with a student, she references the paddle frequently.  Over what is at least a 10 minute conversation, they have been told close to 10 times about the padding they are going to get.  She loves to drop comments like “we will be fixing that problem in just a few minutes with that board on the wall”, or “don’t worry, I am pretty sure this can be corrected with ten hard

young student paddled at school

She paddled young butts to achieve results.

swats to your bottom”, and comments like “once you’ve been paddled long and hard, I am sure you will see it differently” and “you will be amazed at how your behavior will change after a few days of trying sit on a bruised bottom”.  She has no problem with, and is very good at, bringing them to tears before it ever starts.

Eventually the lecture ends and the actual paddling must begin.  She breaks her down as far as she can mentally and then it is time for the physical part of the punishment.  She has her stand up, and then makes a big production over pulling the paddle from the wall.  She will sometimes hold it with both hands and do a few practice swings, before she bends over, so she can see what she are really in for.  She holds it with two hands, just

crying from a school paddling

The tears from her school paddling start immediately.

like a bat, and swings it the same way.  The young lady is then told to bend over and place her hands on the bricks on the wall.  She is made to bend fully at the waist with her arms extended way out.

This is where it gets serious as she knows she only has 10 swats to make her point.  It does not matter the size or age of the girl, she is going to swing for the fences with each one.  Before every paddling she administers, she thinks back to the severity of the hairbrush spankings she endured.  She thinks of the extreme pain she experienced, she thinks about how it seemed like it would never end, but mostly she thinks about how much she learned from those trips over her mother’s knee.  She raises the paddle high above her head, with both hands, and thinks about providing that same experience for the girl bent over before her.

tiny teen school paddling

The giant paddle is very effective on this tiny teen bottom.

With every ounce of energy in her body, she swings that paddle with bad intentions.  When that giant paddle hits the tiny teen bottom before her, it achieves results from the very 1st swat.  The young lady experiences pain like she has never felt before.  She is knocked up onto her toes and in an instant her teen bottom sends a signal to her brain. This swat alone would be enough to teach any teen girl a real lesson, but she has nine to go.  The tears start to flow, her butt begins to throb, and then

bruised butt paddling

A severely bruised bottom from a severe school paddling.

the next swat is applied in the exact same manner, on the exact same spot. This principal learned long ago to ignore the crying and pleading, this is being done for this student’s own good.  If anything, the tears and blubbering motivate her to keep up the good work.  She knows that she is making the most of each swat.  She knows that while she only gets ten, that she is getting the job done.  She knows that this sassy, unruly, and impolite teen girl is going to have a change in her attitude.  She knows that as long as this young lady attends this school, that she will never be back in this office again.  This school paddling is not just a punishment for an infraction of the school rules, it is a life changing event.  This 18 year old high school girl is bruised, sobbing, sore, and sorry…just 8 more swats to go.

school paddling high school

A hard, 10 swat, two handed paddling for a high school girl.

The above visual come from a two handed paddling Jessica received in the member’s area of when she was only 18 years old. A real teen who was really paddled in high school and discusses it on her site. A membership to her site buys a four pack to all of the teen sites on the network. All of these teen sites include very real school paddling videos.

What does a real school paddling video look like?

What really goes on behind the closed office doors when a girl is paddled at school? Unless you have actually been paddled at school, you have no way to know.  What we do have are very real recreations of teen girls getting paddled in a school office environment.  Ask any girl who was actually paddled at school what it is like and she will describe something similar to below.  A stern administrator  being bent over a desk, and having her teen bottom paddled hard with a large wooden paddle.  The real teen below is actually paddled hard enough that the 1st paddle breaks on her tight bottom.

This very real school paddling video is from a recent update from the member’s area of 19 year old Roxie is fast becoming one of my favorites and her “School Swats” scene from last week’s update is amazing.  This is a full video of one of these two girls getting her bottom paddled at school.  Celebrating teens bottoms receiving real corporal punishment on video, it does not get better than This is as close as we get to a real school paddling being recorded.

Real school corporal punishment paddling video

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

The scientific study of girls receiving a hard school paddling

I write a lot on this blog about how painful a school paddling can be and how bruised it can leave a teen girl’s bottom.  How realistic is all of this?  There are many questions:

Does a paddling applied to the bottom of a teen girl really hurt all that much?

girl paddled at school

Trying to rub away the sting of her 10 swat school paddling

Does 6-10 swats applied full force over a girl’s jeans really leave her bottom bruised?

school paddling bruises

Her bottom is very bruised and sore from her school paddling.

If  her bottom is bruised as a result of her paddling, is it really sore for several days?

bruised butt school paddling

How long do you think that school paddling is going to be with her?


Does it really hurt that much that sitting is a problem?

sore bottom from a school paddling

When you see the video of this school paddling, it is clear and she is not faking it, she can barely sit down and she never even touches her right butt cheek to the chair.  Now imagine the next class period in a hard wooden desk.

Is a hard paddling effective enough to really change a high school girl’s behavior?

Do girls who are paddled at school really get it at home from mom and dad?

Luckily there is an answer to all of these questions is a very real study done on the whole concept of school corporal punishment.  What makes this “study” so unique?  It is not some online questionnaire that fake “teen girls” take and we read the results.  It is a comprehensive analysis on the effectiveness of school paddling, done the only way we get real answers…by paddling girls and asking them if it works.  I am talking about the “School Swats” series by

teen school girl paddled

A very bruised bottom from her 10 swat school paddling.

In this video series, which currently consists of 53 different girls participating, we get all of the questions answered.  Girls who ages range from 18-22 are sat down and interviewed about their thoughts and experiences with school paddling.  Most of the girls were not paddled at school, but there are many who were. For those that were, we get to hear 1st hand what the experience was like for them.  Who paddled them, what position, how many swats etc. We also get to hear from one girl who goes into great detail about being paddled in school and then receiving more than 100 swats with a wooden dowel rod from her mom. All of the girls discuss their thoughts on school corporal punishment and whether they think it would have been effective on them.  They then lower their pants, show us their bottoms before, then pull their pants and panties back up and bend over.

school paddling in progress real

She will be feeling that paddling for more than just a couple of hours.

Each girl is then subjected to a very real 10 swat school paddling over her jeans.  The candid and fun nature of the video ends here and it all becomes quite serious.  They are required to stay in position and endure 10 very hard swats with a school paddle.  These swats are applied in a very realistic manner, just as a school paddling is applied in high schools throughout the US.  Each girl deals with the paddling in her own way, and we get to see how a hard paddling affects different girls.  Some scream their way through it, others grunt their way through, and many cry from the very 1st swatThere is nothing playful about these paddling, they are real punishments.  When the paddling is complete, each girl shows us her bare butt so we can see the results.  When this happens, a couple of our questions above are answered as they display very bruised and swollen bottoms.  I am not talking about tiny little pepper bruises, I am talking about black and blue on the entire lower portions of their teen butts.

school paddling video real

What does a teen bottom look like after a hard school paddling? Take a look.

The next question is answered when you see them try to sit down, there is no doubt that their little butts are very sore.  The rest of the questions are answered in the post interview.  They are asked how much it hurt, and more importantly, would a paddling like they just received change their behavior in high school.  Nowhere on the Internet can you see more realistic school paddling videos, and there is nowhere in the world were a young lady receives a real school paddling and is then interviewed about her experience.  Real teen girls, real school paddling, real bruised bottoms…for me it does not get any better.  The “School Swats” series has been going since 2003 with the most recent scene being added to the member’s area in March of 2013.  Did I mention their other series, “Bare School Swats”?

teen school paddling video

Yep, that seemed to have left a mark on her bottom.

Every animation used in this post comes from a video in the “School Swats” series.  You can see for yourself that bottoms do indeed get bruised from a very real high school type paddling.  See all 53 school swats videos in the member’s area of

real school paddling

Does it look like she learned a real lesson? I think a real school paddling might be a pretty good deterrent.

Waiting with the other students to be paddled at school by the principal.

boy paddled in high school

A male student was just paddled, time to call in the next one.

Corporal punishment is very common at this school. It is a large high school and many students find themselves in the vice principal’s office every day. There are other VP’s at this school, but this one handles all the discipline issues. There is an endless stream of students in and out of his office for disciplinary referrals throughout the day. He is generous in his awarding of a school paddling for infractions of the school rules. Probably close to half of the students that are sent to his office, find themselves being told they will be paddled. It does not matter if they are male of

teen girl paddled in high school

She may be a female, and she may only weigh 110 lbs, but she is going to get the same paddling as the boy before her received.

female students, or in the tenth, eleventh, of twelfth grade, he paddles when he thinks it will help teach a lesson.

He does not paddle on the spot for infractions; he always paddles during the lunch hour. He does not feel that anytime should be wasted from their studies and time spent in class, so as soon as he decides that a student is going to have their bottom paddled, he tells them to return at the very beginning of their lunch period. For some

assuming the position for a school paddling

The time has come for her bottom to be paddled at school.

students, who get in trouble after lunch, this means they will be waiting almost 24 hours before they are paddled. They certainly do not get a good night sleep that night knowing that the following day they will be receiving what is known throughout school to be a very hard paddling.

When lunch time approaches, the student start filing into the main school office. There are 6 chairs against the wall and the students are expected to sit in the chairs and wait their turn. The paddlings are administered on a 1st come 1st serve basis, so whoever sits in the chair closest to the door is first. Some days there are only a couple of students

severe school paddling teen girl

A full force paddle swat to her teen bottom has the desired effect.

waiting to be paddled, but on a busy day, there may be more students than there are chairs. The secretary has those that are not sitting, form an orderly line. There is no talking allowed, they have to simply sit or stand and wait their turn to be paddled. When he is ready he comes out of his office with the paddle in hand. It is a large paddle, made by the woodshop teacher, and it has the word “Principal” etched into it in large letters. For the students who have only heard about it and never seen it, the reality begins to set in.

His office is quite small, so he prefers to use the after school detention room that is adjacent to his office. It gives him room to put them

teen corporal punishment

With a burning bottom and tears in her eyes, she leaves the office.

in a proper position and to swing the paddle as fully as he prefers to do. With a stack of pink slips in one hand, that detail how many swats each student will be getting, he invites the first student into the detention room and closes the door behind. He asks the student to remove anything, such as a wallet, from their back pocket and bend over. He swings the paddle hard and prefers for them to be in a position of stability. Each student is required to bend at the waist, reach far out and put their hands on the wall, with a wide stance. This makes their position stable, presents their bottoms nicely, and also helps prevent them from getting their hands in the way. In this position, both hands need to be on the wall or they will fall forward.

assume the position for a school paddling

Assuming the proper position for her school paddling. Butt out, hands on wall, wide stance.

Once they are in position, he flips through the stack of pink slips and finds theirs. Written in large letters on the slip is the amount of swats they will be receiving along with where the student

teen girl corporal punishment school paddle

Her tight teen bottom is feeling the sting of full force paddle swats.

initialed that they acknowledged that they would be receiving corporal punishment. He never gives less than 5 swats and never more than 10. He would announce to the student what they were being paddled for any how many they were to receive. With the formalities out of the way he would begin. The severity of the punishment was based on the number of swats, not how hard he paddled. He believed in fairness and equality in his school paddlings, and saw no reason why a girl should be paddled less severely than a guy, or a 16 less hard than an 18 year old. It could be a 100 lb. girl, or a 200 lb. guy, it was the severity of their offense and nothing else that influenced how many swats they got. All swats were always as hard as he could swing the paddle. He saw no point in giving a gentle paddling, this simply increased the chances

bruised butt from a school paddling

There is no doubt as to what is going on under her tight jeans…a bruised bottom and an attitude change.

of the student returning to his office for the same offense. It needed to be memorable and it needed to hurt, and most of all, it needed to leave their bottoms sore for quite some time.

With the student in position, for at least a minute or two as he looked through the paperwork, it would finally start. He would raise the paddle and bring it down full force on the bottom of the student. The sound was very clear to those outside the door and this really made them start to squirm. More times than not the student would shout out in pain after the 1st swat and everyone would hear it. With just a second or two pause to let the pain sink in, the next swat would be applied. Those waiting for their turn, especially those who had never been paddled at school before, start to get very nervous at this point. They hear what sounds like gunshot after gunshot going off in the room next to them and they know that in a few minutes, that will be the sound of the

teen corporal punishment at school

No amount of rubbing is going to change how her bottom feels. She is going to be sore for days.

paddle hitting their own bottoms. Clearly that is not a good feeling and all they want at that very moment is to be anywhere else in the world. The reality is, there is nothing they can do about it. After a few hard swats, they start to hear another noise mixed in, the sound of crying. With a paddling this hard, even the boys find it hard to hold back the tears. This is a good sign for the principal; he knows he is doing his job well. This is a bad sign for the students waiting, especially the young ladies, they know that when their bottoms feel the paddle, they too will be crying. Finally the sound of the paddling stops, the door opens, and a very tearful student walks out. Their butt is burning, they are crying, and they are horribly embarrassed as they have to walk past the row of students waiting for their school paddling. With the paddle still in hand, he motions to the next young lady in line and simply says “next”.

school corporal punishment paddling to tears

You be the judge, is she learning her lesson.?In the video this animation comes from she gets it long and hard and it ends in tears.

To see the full paddling that goes with this post, visit the member’s area of The paddling video that goes with these pictures is administered exactly as described in this post. Very hard swats, to the bottoms of two 18 year old girls, that results in tears and a bruised bottom. Very realistic and very hard school paddling video.

High school teacher gives severe paddlings to his students

teacher paddles student

Being taken into the hall to be paddled at school by a teacher.

His classroom is one of the quietest in the school with very well behaved students.  Passing notes, chatting with their other classmates and just zoning out during class is very rare.  The reason for such exemplary behavior by students in his class is simple…corporal punishment.  This is schools in which teachers that choose to can handle discipline issues on the spot.  His paddle is kept out on his desk as a visible reminder to what happens to students that do not follow the rules.  He does not offer warnings for misbehavior; the warning is clear and visible to all.

It really does not matter the infraction the student

teen high school girl school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a very severe paddling in the hallway.

committed, they are all handled with a hard paddling.  He sees all discipline matters as serious, it could be a simple as passing a note, or severe as cheating, regardless of the offense, he paddles hard and always gives the maximum amount of swats allowed by school policy.  The moment that he sees a transgression taking place, he stands up and invites the student out into the hallway.  School policy requires a witness for any paddlings administered by a teacher.  He never gets a witness himself, he sends the student to a neighboring classroom and makes her get a teacher to witness the paddling.  School paddlings have to be administered out of the view of other students, but that does not mean others are not aware it is happening.  Everyone in his class knows who is getting paddled, and every classroom in that hallway is going to hear it.  There is a lot of embarrassment involved when the young lady has to go into another classroom and ask the teacher if she can come and witness her paddling.  Now another 30 students know exactly who is being paddled.

school corporal punishment paddling

With a female teacher present to witness, he bottom is paddled long and hard.

After the young lady finds a teacher to witness the paddling it is all business.  He has her stand in the middle of the hallway and bend over and grab her ankles.  He does not announce how many she is getting as he always gives the ten swat maximum.  He touches the paddle to her bottom, asks her if she is ready, and then gets to work.  He is known throughout the school as the hardest paddler there is, and he never disappoints.  He believes that for every paddling he administers as hard as he can, that he probably prevents at least a dozen from having to take place.  Everything stops in every classroom within ear shot the moment the first lick is applied to her teen butt.  The sound echoes throughout the hallway and so does the sound that she makes when it hits.  Every students cringes as they listen to the paddling take place.  There is no doubt that whoever is getting paddled is really being punished.  Lick after lick is applied full force to her bottom and the tears are immediate.  It does not matter to him if he is paddling a straight A female student, or a football player, he makes every swat count.  He lays every swat on the exact same spot, assuring a bruised and sore bottom that will stay that way for days.  When her paddling is complete, he thanks the teacher that witnessed, and then walks the crying girl right back into class.  He does not send her to the rest room and let her get herself cleaned up and composed.  He feels it is important for the rest of his class to see the full results of what they just listened to.

teen bottom paddled at school

Feeling the sting on her teen bottom as she is paddled by a teacher.

This post is illustrated by a hard bottom bruising paddling, administered to Brandi.  She is a real teen who is subjected to very real school corporal punishment at her site

Made to grab her ankles for a paddling at school

grabbing her ankles for her school paddling

Taken to the stairwell and told to grab her ankles for hew school paddling.

It is clear that the pain that is applied to the bottom of a teen girl, in high school, during her school paddling, is the primary deterrent. A three foot long, wooden paddle, swung full force by an older male principal, leaves quite an impression on a teen butt. Even over her tight jeans, it compresses the skin, makes impact with the muscles of her bottom, and leaves her bruised and sore. But the physical application of pain is not the only deterrent for the teen girl.

There are many positions to place a young lady in for her paddling,

severe high school paddling for the teen girl

Grabbing her ankles, presenting her bottom, about to receive the paddling of her life.

and they all basically accomplish the same thing. The primary objective is for her to be in a position that presents her bottom in a way that makes it easy to paddle. Another purpose is to place her in a position of stability so a hard paddle swat does not knock her off balance. An additional reason is that when a young lady is bent over, her tailbone moves to a higher place on her bottom. When smacking a tight teen butt with a heavy oak paddle, the principal needs to be careful that he is only swatting skin and muscle and never wants to involves the tailbone.

teen school paddling girl

Wide stance, grabbing ankles, she is about to receive a hard paddling at school.

But there are other good reasons to bend a young lady for her school paddling, and those are submission, cooperation, and embarrassment. In our normal daily lives, grown men are not in the position to be able to tell a 17-18 year old girl to bend over and present her butt, it just does not happen. But in the school environment, when corporal punishment needs to be applied, this is a common occurrence. It is required for any school paddling, it quickly helps her realize that she is not in charge, and it puts her in

teen schoolgirl paddling

A schoolgirl preparing for her paddling

the position of having to assist in her punishment. No principal is going to force a young lady into place, she has to submit to her punishment and do it herself. While she may those skin tight jeans to show off her teen ass to the boys in the school, she certainly never planned on showing it off to a male principal.

While there are many positions, one of the most effective positions is to have the young lady grab her ankles. This position is effective for many reasons. First, is the fact that there really is no position that is more embarrassing to be paddled in. Here she is, 17-18 years old, wearing those perfect jeans, that show off her perfect bottom. She is told she is going to be paddled, told to stand up, turn around, widen her legs, and to bend over and grab her ankles. This is not a position most girls are

high school corporal punishment

All she can think about is her tight bottom in the air and the paddle that is about to be used on it.

used to assuming, especially not on command. She is left feeling so very vulnerable and exposed. The dynamic in the room has changed completely. The focus is no longer conversation between a student and an administrator, it is no longer about her behavior, when she grabs her ankles there is only one focus in the room…her bottom. At that moment she is faceless and nameless, the only thing that matters at that very moment is her teen bottom, in the air, on display, and it is clear in her head why that is. The paddling she is about to receive just got very real. Those tight jeans she chose to wear are so much tighter now and she knows that they will offer very little protection from the paddle.

This position serves more than just the purpose of making her feel exposed, vulnerable, and on display, it also pulls her bottom tighter than any other position. The fat

paddled at school

She chose the wrong day to wear a skirt, that will offer no protection for her school paddling.

in a young lady’s bottom, even a small teen bottom, does serve to take a little bit of the pain and bruising away from a hard school paddling. A hard swat to the fleshiest areas of a young lady’s butt just tends to leave a tremendous sting. But when a hard swat is applied to the muscles in her bottom, she experiences the sting as well as the thud of her muscles being compressed. This is what leads to long term bruising and long term learning. When she is grabbing her ankles, the skin has already been basically compressed out of the way, and the full force of the paddle swat is applied directly to the muscle tissue. Even just a single swat when she is grabbing her ankles can leave her bottom sore for several days.

When she is bent in this position, there is an added element of cooperation. Yes, in all school paddlings the young lady is required to cooperate to a certain degree,

school corporal punishment

Grabbing her ankles, skin pulled tight, this school paddling is going to leave her bottom very bruised.

but when grabbing her ankles, it is not all that easy to stay in position. The wide stance she is made to assume does help her with balance, but a proper school paddling involves extremely hard licks. A 3-4 ft long wooden paddle, lifted high above the principal’s head, and swung hard, provides a lot of force. She has to really work hard to keep herself in that position while her bottom is paddled. This puts her in the unique situation of assisting with her punishment. If she put no effort into it, she would be knocked forward with every swat. Unlike a paddling in which she is simply bent over a desk and can basically just lay there for the duration, she is an active part of helping this paddling be administered. The reality is, this is how it should be. It is her behavior and actions that have brought about this paddling in the 1st place. She should not be allowed to just sit back while she is paddled, she needs to be a full participant and take ownership of the entire process. She needs to grab her ankles, present her bottom, and do everything in her power to hold still for the duration. She needs to make it as easy as possible for him to administer the most effective paddling that he can. He puts a lot of

school corporal punishment paddling

School formal day, in trouble, still required to grab her ankles for a hard paddling.

effort into paddling her teen bottom and expects that she will put in just as much effort. Yes it hurts, yes she is in tears, yes she will be bruised for a week, but after all, it is being done for her own good.

All of these pictures come from actual paddling videos in which a teen girl is made to grab her ankles for a hard school paddling.  These are not light paddlings administered for sexy pictures, these are videos filmed for the purpose of recreating hard school corporal punishment as it is applied to the bottoms of teen girls, everyday, throughout the US.  These come from the family of sites avaiable with the All of their sites combined have more than 200 traditional school paddling videos, plus several hundred more scenes that show hard paddling applied to a young lady’s bare bottom

A very sore and bruised bottom from her school paddling.

Her friends thought it was funny that she had been paddled at school.  She is 18, two months from graduation, has had a job for two years, drives a car, and is the president of more than one school club.  But yet, even as a legal adult, she is still a senior in high school and subject to the rules, and discipline of that school.  Her friends think it’s funny because they have never been paddled at school.  Since she received her paddling, two days before, all she hears is, “Lori got a spanking”.  In between each class someone asks her how her bottom feels.  It has been said loud enough and often enough that pretty much everyone knows.  It is a running joke to watch her sit in class and see her squirm.  She tries to laugh it off, but it is not all that funny to her.

severe school paddling bruised bottom

Her bottom is severely bruised from her school paddling two days before.

She was sent to the office for her 3rd tardy to a single class, and this was her 3rd time this year to be sent to the office for tardies.  She had received a warning, then detention, but this time it was the paddle.  He gave her 8 swats with a heavy wooden paddle and it left her in great pain.  It has been almost 48 hours since her paddling and her bottom has not gotten any better…if anything it is worse.  She has not shown any of her friends, but if she did, they might stop making fun of her.  She is not a petite girl and her big bottom is completely black and blue all over.  He really laid that paddle on hard and she is feeling the results.  She has yet to sit down to pee, it is far too painful, she chooses to squat over the toilet.  She has not had a decent night’s sleep since her school paddling; her butt wakes her up throughout the night, throbbing unbearably.  They think it is funny when she winces when she sits, but it is everything she can do to not cry, it hurts that bad.  She swears she will never be tardy again.

strict school punishment teen girl

Two days after she was paddled she can barely sit down.

This very severe paddling can be found in the member’s area of

A hard paddling for a high school senior in a Texas high school

high school girl paddled

All she can see is the heavy oak paddle that in moments will be used on her bottom

It is a very large high school in Texas, with a student population of more than 3000 student, covering grades 10-12.  Of the 9 middle schools that filter students through this high school, they are all schools that utilize corporal punishment.  In fact, even at the elementary level in this school district, the paddle is the primary form of discipline.  While it is still a large school, this town will always feel like small town Texas.  These students are not just paddled at school; they are often spanked at home.  Yes, most of these young ladies have not had a spanking from their parents since maybe they were 10, although many still get a good dose of dad’s belt when the occasion calls for it.  But for most of the high school girls, it has been many years since someone smacked their bottom when they misbehaved.

With a school this large, the discipline is divided between 4 vice principals, 2 male and 2

school paddle punishment

The VP reads her pink slip, she knows she is going to be paddled.

female.  School policy requires a same sex paddler at this school, so all disciplinary issue are handled by a VP that is the same sex of the student.  It is pretty much the luck of the draw as to who a student will see when they are sent to the office.  Whatever VP is available is who the student will end up seeing.  It is well known throughout the female student population that there is on VP you do not want to see.  She is considerably stricter than the other, known to paddle for most offenses, and always calls home to report the issue to the parents.  It is not that the other female VP doesn’t paddle, she just does not do it as frequently, and she is known to go easier on the young ladies’ bottoms.  The strict VP pretty much always gives the full amount of licks allowed under school policy and her heavy oak paddle with holes in it is legendary.

Texas school paddling

The moment has come, she will indeed be receiving a paddling.

Any girl with the misfortune of being sent to the office, that sees the door open of the strict VP, always experiences a very increased heart rate.  But that is also the sign of a very effective disciplinarian, when a student begins to get nervous, starts to sweat, and may even find herself holding back tears, before she has ever entered the office, you know the VP gets results.  When they enter her office, she is always very matter of fact in her approach.  She has them take a seat, grabs their pink slip and has a look.  It is not a coincidence that her heavy oak paddle is always on her desk, she knows it adds fear to the overall experience.  Every girl tries hard not to look at it, but it is all they can see.  While the VP looks over their pink slip, they study every inch of that paddle.  It is not all that long or even wide, but it is the thickness that stands out in each girl’s mind.  This is not a thin little plywood paddle, it is heavy oak, ¾” thick, and its purpose is clear.

high school paddling discipline

Bending over and presenting her bottom to be paddled.

This VP is not big on lectures; she does not really see the point.  This girls are pretty much adults and they know the difference between right and wrong and there is nothing ambiguous about the school rules.  They also know that if they break the rules, and are caught, that there will be consequences.  Unfortunately for any girl who enters her office, the consequences are almost always a bruised butt.  She always does two things, looks at the pink slip and checks the girl’s file for past offenses.  This is a large enough school that she can barely recall who has or has not been in to see her before.  Once she has all the information, she makes her decision.

teen girl corporal punishment at school

Here comes the 1st swat fo the paddle, she knows it is going to hurt.

More times than not, without ever having said a word to the student, she stands up and repeats her standard line, “Let’s get you paddled and back to class”.  It is as simple as that, there is not a long drawn out conversation, there is no lecture, the student is not given some speech about her behavior…for this VP her paddle does all of the talking. 

She stands up, grabs her paddle and walks around the desk.  There is no anger in her voice when she instructs the student to stand up, move her chair, and bend over the desk.  She is very specific in her directions.  The girl is told to bend over, place her elbows on the desk, with her lower arms flat against the desk surface. She in instructed to

teen bruised from school paddling

The reality sets in as the 1st lick bruises her teen butt.

widen her stance to shoulder width apart and to maintain that position for the duration of her paddling.  The young lady is told that any movement from that position could be dangerous.  She informs her that she will be swinging that paddle very hard and that she would not want to hit anything of hers that is not her bottom.  This always gets their attention and on occasion this is when the tears begin.  They know it is real now.  They know that everything they have heard is true.  They know that big, thick paddle that they have been staring at really is going to be used on their bottom. 

high school senior paddled in Texas

The VP paddles her 18 year old bottom as hard as she can.

No matter how much a girl has tried to prepare herself for what is to come next, there really is nothing to prepare her for that moment.  The paddle touches her bottom for the briefest of seconds, there is a brief pause, and then it happens.  An explosive sound, a moment of panic, the need to run, to get away, to be anywhere else, and then it sinks in…the PAINThis is not the swat on the ass she got from mom, this is not even the strappings she received from dad, and this is the real thing.  That heavy paddle, hits her bottom with such force it takes her breath away.  Her mouth is left gaping wide open; it hurts so bad, there is not even a sound coming from her mouth.  The VP gives it a moment to really sink in…the tears start, her legs begin to tremble, and then it happens again.  Her body and mind are conflicted; she does not know what to do.  There is no way she can take

paddled to tears at school

The goal is tears and the VP always achieves her goals.

this, it is unbearable, there is no way she can take another one.  The next one lands and the tears flow like a river. She finally finds her voice and she sounds like a two year old, simply making blubbering sounds.  Her bottom burns, it is on fire, there is no way this can continue.  Once again the paddle is lifted high in the air and brought down with even more force than the previous three.  She is reduced to a crying little girl, she just wants out, she makes herself promises to never get into any trouble ever again…and she still has two more to go.  This VP is going to see to it that this high school senior never once finds herself in this office EVER again.  She delivers the last two swats with all the force she can produce.  She knows that this young lady is in great pain, but discipline is her job, and she is the best at it.

bruised butt from school paddling teen girl

With her bottom bruised, sitting is difficult…and will be for days.

When it is over, the girl is still in shock, her brain is barely keeping up with all that has just happened.  15 minutes ago she was giggling like crazy with her friends in class, and now she is crying like a child trying to comprehend what has happened.  She finally realizes it is over and is brought back to reality when the VP speaks and tells her to have a seat.  She is on autopilot now, barely aware of her surrounds, but does as she is told and sits.  Her bottom sends an immediate signal to her head as her teen butt touches the seat.  All of the confusion that she was experiencing instantly goes away as she feels pain, more pain than she can recall ever feeling.  She sits as she was told, but it

strict teen discipline at school

Leaving the office having learned a very real lesson.

is almost impossible.  With every beat of her heart her poor butt throbs.  There is no sympathy from the VP, she was simply doing her job.  She sits back down, signs the corporal punishment form, slides it across the desk for the young lady to sign.  She wipes away enough tears to be able to find a line on the paper to sign and scribbles something.  With that done, she is dismissed and told to go back to class.  Four minutes of her life and it felt like a lifetime.

The video to go with these pictures is in the member’s area of

School Swats

For more than a decade has been filming their “School swats” series in which young ladies are interviewed about their experiences with school corporal punishment and then they receive it.  They always get 10, full force licks, over their jeans with a heavy wooden school paddle.  This is as realistic of a school paddling that you will ever witness and we then get to hear the girl’s thoughts on the paddling after, in which they detail if they think it would have been an effective deterrent for them when they were in high school.  We also get to see their bare bottoms before and after the paddling to see the effects.  I assure you, bruised and blistered bottoms on every one of them.  On occasion, the young lady is paddled until she is full on crying.  Below is a close up look at the paddle the girls sign, 37 signatures, dating back to Feb 2004.

School corporal punishment in Japan

While a hard school paddling is fairly common for high school girls in the Southern United States, it is not quite as common in other countries.  In Japan however, while unusual, it still takes place.  There it tends to be a very private experience between a teacher and a student.  It is usually done off the record and with permission given by the parents to the individual teacher.  The typical Japanese high school girl finds herself most often being punished by a female teacher in the privacy of her classroom, after school, when all of the other students have left.  The very best representation of Japanese school corporal punishment comes from Cutie Spankee.

Here are some examples of their very fine videos:

Japanese school corporal punishment

Japanese girl paddled in the classroom

Asian school discipline

In the privacy of the classroom, sometimes a bottom is bared for a school paddling.

Japanese corporal punishment

In just moments her Japanese teen bottom is going to be paddled hard.

Paddling at Japanese school.

Getting her tight bottom paddled in her gym uniform.

School paddling Japan

Getting her bottom bruised with the paddle in a Japanese classroom.



Bending over for her paddling

There are many ways that young ladies are paddled in schools throughout the country.  The one thing that never changes, regardless of the school, the age of the girl, or the setting…she has to bend over.  A hard paddling is not safe with a young lady standing up, so at some point she will be bending over.  This also has a very submissive aspect, as she is not only going to be paddled, she basically has to present her bottom.  She might be bending over a desk, putting her hands on her knees, or even grabbing her ankles.  This is quite embarrassing for the teen girl to have not only put her bottom on display, but in the position that she is told to by the person that is about to paddle it.  Many principals like to leave the young lady, holding her ankles, bottom in the air, so she can think about what is about to happen.  And what is about to happen, as a large wooden board, lifted high in the air and brought down full force on her teen bottom.

school girl paddling

Bending over the desk to have her bottom paddled at school.

high school principal paddling

She places her hands on her knees and presents her teen bottom for a hard paddling.

school paddling Texas

Grabbing her ankles for a paddling from the principal, he will leave her here for a couple of minutes to think about her actions.

Gifs made from real hard school paddling videos in the member’s area of

A hard paddling at school

Neither of these young ladies has ever been spanked at home or paddled at school.  They were in for quite a shock on the very 1st visit to the principal’s office.  They were good students and never got in trouble, so they did not suspect that a paddling was an option when they got in trouble.  Juts as every other student in the school, they knew the paddle existed and had heard horror stories, which they both thought were greatly exaggerated, about how big the paddle was and how much it hurt.  While they felt they would get off with a warning, they could not help but to notice the giant wooden paddle on the wall…it was even bigger than they had heard.  The principal gave them a long lecture, they both stated how sorry they were, and they thought their 1st visit to the principal’s office was just about over.  She told them that there was no reason to give them detention, or any other penalty that would distract from their school work.  Instead, she preferred to get it over with on the spot.  Their mouths dropped as she stood up and grabbed the paddle off of the wall.  She told them that she felt six hard swats to their bottoms should solve the problem.  They could not believe what they were hearing, until the next words came out of her mouth…”stand up, bend over my desk, and hold very still…this is going to hurt, ALOT“.  Photo series from the member’s area of

Four girls paddled at school for smoking pot

Four young ladies are sent to the principal for smoking pot on the school grounds.  He thinks about calling the police, but chooses to paddle their teen bottoms instead.  In the full videos for this school paddling in the member’s area of these young ladies all take a severe paddling consisting of three swats over their jeans, three on their panties, and three on the bare.  Very realistic and hard school paddling video of real 18-19 year old teens.

School paddling in Asia

American girls are not the only ones who are paddled in school.  Here is a picture of an actual school paddling being applied to a group of teen girls in Asia.

school corporal punishment korea

Lined up, grabbing their ankles, for a hard paddling

Cheerleaders also receive school paddlings.

high school cheerleader paddled

She knows that even as a cheerleader, she is about to have her bottom paddled at school.

Cheerleaders stand out at any high school and are basically chosen representatives of their school.  Whether it is a football game, a pep rally, or a school fund raising event, these are the faces that represent a school.  They are typically pretty, very popular, and there is not a student within the entire school population that cannot tell you who the cheerleaders are.  With this sort of image, comes responsibility, they are expected to hold themselves to a higher standard.  The typical opinion of a high school cheerleader is that she is sweet, nice,

school paddling high school

That skirt is not going to offer much protection as her tight cheerleader bottom is paddled.

and generally well behaved.  But we need to be honest, they are just typical high school girls that find themselves in the same trouble as any other student might find themselves in.

Being that they are held to a higher standard, when it comes to discipline issues, they are often dealt with a little more severely.  They are supposed to be setting the example, that all other students can use

high school corporal punishment for girls

Her athletic bottom is feeling the burn of ten licks with the school paddle.

a barometer for their actions.  When they find themselves in trouble, their athletic little bottoms often pay the price.  In the South, a cheerleader who finds herself in the school principal’s office, or even worse the cheer coach’s office, they may indeed be presenting their skirt covered bottoms for a hard school paddling.  The cheer coaches are known for expecting perfection in all aspects of a cheerleader’s performance and behavior.

paddled in classroom by the coach

Taken to a classroom for some privacy for a hard school paddling on her cheerleader bottom

When one of her cheerleaders is acting up, her bottom will indeed be paddled.  Some teachers will even choose to let the cheer coach handle most discipline issues.  Instead of sending a cheerleader to the office, they will find a moment to speak to the cheer coach, and detail the issues they are having with that student’s behavior.  There is no disciplinary slip, or referral to the principal’s office…they know this is best handled by the coach and a large wooden paddle.

The cheer coach simply keeps the young ladies she has been hearing bad reports on, after practice.  She finds a classroom that is not in use and takes the offending young lady into the classroom.  A short lecture takes place and she is then bent over a desk and required to present her bottomShe might be paddled over her cheer skirt, or maybe she will have to lift her skirt and be paddled on the appropriately names “spankies”.  One

cheerleader high school paddling

A member of the cheer squad checking out her bruised bottom after a hard paddling.

thing is for sure, her bottom is going to pay the price.  This coach does not worry about school policy, she swing the paddle long and hard creating a long lasting impression on this young ladies bottom. She paddled the cheerleader’s tight teen bottom until the tears are flowing and her bottom is black and blue.  No one has higher expectation of her squad and when they step out of line, she makes sure they remember it of a very long time.  With tears still in her eyes she is marched back to the locker room to shower with the rest of the squad.  All of the girls know what happened and cannot help but sneak a peek at her bruised bottom when she gets out of the shower.

The images in this post come from the “Cheerleaders” section in the member’s area of where you can see dozens of videos of 18-19 year old girls being paddled in cheerleader uniforms. This is authentic corporal punishment as administered in high schools throughout the South.

Severe Paddling in a Private School

christian school corporal punishment

They already know, their bottoms will be paddled at school

While school paddling in a public school setting, mostly takes place in the South, corporal punishment is still quite prevalent throughout the US in private schools.  Private schools, especially in Christian based programs, have their own set of rules that govern the school and they are not governed by the State and local policies.  As you would expect in private Christian schools, the concept of “spare the rod and spoil the child” is alive and well.  Most parents who want their children to have a religious based education have no trouble with the concept of spanking, as it is written in the Bible.  Many modern private Christian schools utilize various forms of corporal punishment from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

These types of schools tend to be quite strict when it comes to discipline.  Both male and females

christian school girl paddled

Grabbing her ankles, waiting for the 1st swat of the paddle, she knows this is going to really hurt her teen bottom.

students know what to expect when they end up in the office for disciplinary problems.  If you think the high school students in the South have it rough, it may indeed be gentle by private school standards. Private Christian schools see discipline as a matter dictated by the Bible, which such verses as:

“Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.”

This is often interpreted to mean that the discipline administered needs to be severe and long lasting.  For many high school girls that are raised in such an environment and attend schools that support these teachings, it often means that for each and every little offense they commit, their bottoms will pay the price.  In a typical public school, her offense may be viewed as against the school rules, but is strict Christian school, her offense might be seen as an offense against God.  Lying, cheating, stealing, and similar offenses are taken very seriously and the punishment for such a thing is equally as serious.

2 girls paddled at christian school

Two students getting paddled together at a private school

In many public schools, corporal punishment had to be approved by the parent, while in many Christian schools, admission into the school itself means that permission to paddle a student is required.  They see paddling a naughty girl’s bottom as the primary form of discipline.  A paddling in a private school is not subject to so many rules by the school board.  The whole concept of a same sex paddler no longer applies.  Limitations as to how many swats can be applied to her bottom, also no longer apply.  A school paddling in this environment can be much harder and last much longer.  There are many Biblical references to “breaking the will of the child”.  In regards to corporal punishment, this is often measured by tears, or specifically when the crying stops.  It is often viewed that the act of crying during one’s punishment is an act of being willful.  In some of the more strict school environments, as long as crying is taking place during a school paddling, the girl has not yet given into, or accepted her punishmentClearly, when

christian high school paddling discipline

A long and hard school paddling until she stops crying

a large wooden school paddle is being applied to the bottom of a teen girl, there will be much crying involved.  But this alone is simply not enough in a strict Christian school, the paddling must continue until she gives in and accepts her discipline.  A paddling of such severity is often not measured in how many swats, but how long it takes for her to actually stop crying.  You can imagine how bruised a young lady’s bottom must be for this whole process to take place.

In a public school, all paddlings take place over some form of clothing.  While this is still the most typical way for a girl to be paddled in a private school setting, certain situations may call for a skirt to be raised.  In the privacy of the office, it is not completely unheard of for Mother Superior to decide that a very real lesson needs to be taught on that day and to have a young lady raise her skirt, and on occasion, even lower her panties.  The whole point is swift and severe

school paddling

This time her skirt needed to be raised for a very hard school paddling that she will never forget.

discipline, so concepts such as modesty and sexuality do not enter the equation.  It is 100% about providing the right discipline for that offense.  We have all heard stories about how strict things can be in a Catholic girl’s school, even today.  There is no anger involved in this type of discipline, however, the nuns live a life of discipline and know how to apply it when required.  They are able to disregard the tears and the emotions; they know they need to teach these young ladies a very proper lesson.  A male principal in the South can certainly be strict, but do not underestimate a 60 year old nun with a large paddle in her hand.  A paddling from such a woman can be long lasting, relentless, and create unbelievable pain to the bottom of an 18 year old high school senior.  These girls are supposed to have their acts together, be an example for their school, so when they break the rules, their bottoms really pay the price.

These private school paddling pictures are brought to you by the only spanking site that features punishments administered exclusively in a girl’s school setting.  There are more than 100 videos that feature the use of a large wooden school paddle being applied forcefully to the bottom of real school aged girls, most to their bare bottoms until they are in tears.