The worst part of school corporal punishment

school corporal punishment

Receiving corporal punishment at school in front of a witness.

There are so many aspects to a school corporal punishment that make it an effective form of discipline. At the very moment that each of them are taking place, it seems like the worst part for the unfortunate young lady whose behavior led her to this place in her life.  Being lectured like a little kid, when she is almost a grown woman seems so very bad at the time.  Being told to stand up and present her bottom to be paddled seems like the worst part as it happens. As some stranger gets called into the office to witness, as she is bent over with her butt on display she is horrified and does not think it can get any worse.  All of those thoughts quickly go away as the 1st paddle swat lands on her bottom.  The 1st paddle swat being the worst part, is quickly fixed when another hits the same spot on her bottom.

A few swats into her paddling the tears begin to flow and now she is in as much pain

school corporal punishment

Her bottom throbs from corporal punishment administered at school

as she has felt before and crying like a child, clearly this must be the worst part.  The paddling is finally over and she heads back to class.  It is clear that the word has spread that she was getting paddled, and as she walks back into class already in progress, with her makeup clearly a mess, the looks on everyone’s faces let her know that they all know that she was just spanked like a child in the principal’s office.  This feels like the worst part of her punishment until she tries to sit down.  Her bottom is so sore, this must indeed be the very worst part.

Class ends and as much as it hurt to sit, it seems a whole new set of muscles are sore as she stands up.  She cannot believe how much her muscles have tightened up in the last 30 minutes, with every step her bottom seems to hurt more and more.  Then she is in the hall, at her locker, getting her books for her next class and her boyfriend sneaks up behind her and gives her a hard smack and asks her how her bottom is feeling.  The pain is intense and she fights back the tears.  She shoots him a look of death as everyone giggles at her discomfort…there is no doubt in her mind this is the worst part.  Her butt has never been so sore, everyone is giggling at her and making jokes, she is pissed at her boyfriend, and was just spanked like a child…nothing could be worse.

bruised butt from school corporal punishment

School corporal punishment can indeed lead to a very bruised bottom.

She gets home that afternoon and it is immediately clear from the look on her mom’s face that school called home and let them know what she did and that she was paddled for it.  The rules in this house are clear, get it at school, get it at home.  Her mom sends her to her room and tells her that her dad will be home in an hour to take care of her bottom.  Lying on her stomach, on her bed, waiting for her dad to get home and spank her butt, nothing could be worse than this.  An hour later she hears the squeaky brakes of her dad’s car pulling up, the front door opening and closing, and the muffled sounds of her parents talking.  She hears her dad’s footstep coming down the hall, she knows if her door opens then he will be using his belt, if he goes to the closet at the end of the hall, it will be dad’s paddle.  Her heart is racing, the footsteps get closer as she hears him walk right past her door…he is getting the paddle, how can she take the paddle on her bottom that already hurts so bad…nothing could be worse than this.

She hears the closet door open, the paddle banging on the inside of the door where it hangs on a

corporal punishment from dad

Corporal punishment from dad after her school paddling.

little hook.  It is kept out of sight from visitors to their home, but it is never really that far away.  The footsteps return towards her door and it opens.  Dad is visibly upset, he has no tolerance for smoking, which was her offense and he can barely find the words.  Her dad is not only mad at her, he is so very disappointed, nothing can be worse than this.  He tells her to stand up, place a pillow over the edge of her bed, and to bend over it.  As she starts to bend over he corrects himself, he means to bare her bottom and bend over.  It has been at least 5 years since he has spanked her bare bottom and just as long since he has even seen it.  As embarrassed as she has ever been, she find herself pulling down her pants and panties, lying over a pillow, putting her ass up in the air to be paddled, clearly this is as bad as it gets.

corporal punishment results

sore butt from corporal punishment

Every thought of being embarrassed, every thought that has been swimming in her head for the past 5 hours about how bad things are, are quickly replaced.  As his heavy frat style paddle hits its mark, all she knows is pain.  Over the last four hours her bottom has done nothing but grow sorer.  It is clear how mad her dad is by the intensity of the paddle swat.  She cannot recall ever being spanked this hard by him.  She thought the school paddling was rough, but this paddle, his intensity; on her bare bottom…nothing could be worse than this.  He typically paddles her butt between 10-12 times, and that is over her pants.  Through her tears she counts each swat in her head knowing it is close to being over.  When number 13 is applied to her bottom, she knows it is not over.  When he keeps paddling her butt after 20 she knows that nothing in the world could be worse than this.

She quits counting after 20 and has no idea how many she got total, all she knows that is when it is

corporal punishment from parents

Checking the results of hard corporal punishment applied at school and then again at home.

over, she really knows what true pain feels like.  Her dad quietly leaves the room and closes the door and she is alone with her tears.  How did she get to this moment in her life, why did she decide to have a cigarette at school, why cannot she not stop crying?  It takes her a full 20 minutes to compose herself and stop the tears.  Nothing could be worse until she pulls herself off the bed and looks at her bottom in the mirror on her wall…black and blue from top to bottom.  It was hard enough and lasted long enough that it had gone a little numb, but she knows from looking at it, it will not be numb for long.

Less than 30 minutes later her mom calls her down for dinner.  She is asked to set the table and when it is finally time to eat she looks at the hard wooden dining room chair that she is going to have to sit on.  She would prefer to skip dinner at this point but she knows it is not an option.  She winces in pain as she tries to sit and her parents just share a look, the look of success that she has been taught a very real lesson, and they are confident that smoking will never be an issue again.  Her little brother and sister have a nice laugh as the brother jokes, “what’s wrong your butt too sore to sit”? At this point, at this very moment, nothing could be worse than this.

She goes to bed that night and sleeps on her belly.  She tosses and turns all night long, constantly being woken up by her throbbing bottom.  It has not gotten better with time, it seems to be getting much worse.  She finally falls fully asleep about an hour before her alarm goes off.  She stands up, it hurts to walk, it hurts to move, every task seems like a chore.  She waits her turn for the

sore butt from corporal punishment

A very sore bottom will make her school day difficult.

bathroom, goes in and finds she cannot even sit to pee.  She ends up squatting over the toilet, in her own house, like it is some nasty public restroom.  It hurts to dress, even putting on her panties hurts more than she can bear.  In the 30 minutes she has been awake, her eyes have filled with tears three different times, she cannot believe how much her butt hurts, this has to be as bad as it gets.

She finally gets to school and it is clear that after a night of people on Facebook and Twitter the word has spread.  Students love to prey on the misfortune of others and the teasing starts immediately.  “Someone is walking a little slow today”, “good luck sitting down”, “awwww Sarah got her little bottom paddled”, “bad girls get spankings”.  Her bottom is black and blue, her boyfriend is mad because of the attitude she gave him the day before, the kids are teasing her, her dad is still a little pissed, her siblings would not stop the jokes on the way to school, it hurts to walk, the pants she chose are far too tight and are not helping the issues at all….this is as bad as a paddling gets.  Then she walks into her 1st class and tries to sit down on a hard wooden desk…the worst is yet to come.

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