School corporal punishment is still legal in almost one third of the United States.  The most common form of corporal punishment is administered on a students bottom with a large wooden school paddle.  Different schools have different policies regarding how a student is paddled.  This may include a witness to oversee the paddling or a same sex administrator to paddle the student.

This blog is dedicated to the exploration of school paddling applied to the bottoms of teen girls in high school.  Even though they are legal adults, 18 year old girls are still paddled on a daily basis in high schools in the Southern states.  These are not soft little ornamental paddlings, these are often very severe paddlings that leave these young ladies with tears in their eyes and bruises on their bottoms.

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  1. kameroon1 says:

    The post titled
    “One teen girl paddled at school, a lesson for all the students.” is real or staged?
    I am curious. if it is staged, what is her name? and where can i see the clip? I mean the site.

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