School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle


Teen girl taken to the male coach for an extra hard paddling

I know a girl that moved from California to Texas in the early 80’s while she was in middle school.  Her family lived in a small, but affluent suburb of Dallas, one town away from where the Dallas Cowboy’s practice.  The town had its own “independent school district” which consisted over a primary school (K-6), a middle school (7-9), and a high school.  As their own district, they came up with their own policies and were not governed by the county.  At this time in Texas, paddling was alive and well (as it still is in much of the state), with neighboring Dallas county paddling more student’s bottoms than most districts combined.

This girl came from a state where paddling was not allowed, so it was a little bit of a shock.  She never received a paddling in middle school, but received 3 over the course of high school.  At their high school, it was most typical to receive a paddling from a coach or a school administrator.  Coaches paddled pretty freely in the privacy of their coaching offices.  The occasional coach would also paddle within the classes they taught.  She witnessed an in class paddling on a couple occasions and heard many more paddlings being administered in the hallway.  Outside of the athletics program, it was most typical for a student to be sent to the office for any type of discipline, so most paddlings took place in the privacy of the principal’s office.

Her experience with being paddled was quite unique and the subject of today’s post.  There was a female coach in her school that coached volleyball as well as the drill team.  The drill team is sort of a dance troop that performs at the school games, but is not the same as a cheerleading squad.  They are quite common in most Texas high schools.  This girl was on the drill team and thought the coach was a bit of a tyrant.  She was very strict, quite rude, and had no trouble embarrassing a member of her squad in very public ways.  She started each week by having the girl’s line up to be weighed, making plenty of loud comments if a girl had gained weight.  This coach, like any other in the school, was authorized to paddle members of the drill team.  She would on occasion escort a member of the team into her office to apply a paddling, but generally she chose another version.

As described to me, the setup was that there was a female locker room with a coach’s office attached to it.  There were two doors to the coach’s office, one went to the locker room, and the other led to a coach’s common area which was shared with the male coaches.  From the

teen bottom paddling at school

About to get a severe paddling on her teen bottom, at school, from the coach

common area, it was the same concept, being that there was a door that led to the male coach’s offices and the boy’s locker room.  The girl believed that from day one that she never really got along with the drill team coach, so they butted heads on more than one occasion.  When things got heated between them, it ended up with this girl being paddled.  On all three occasions, the female coach chose not to paddle her herself.  She instead chose to march the girl through her office to the common area for the coaches.  The female coach would then get a male coach to do the paddling, if available; she would choose the one hard paddling coach in particular.

She told me that as she recalled it, she was generally wearing her typical workout clothed when she was paddled.  On one occasion the paddling took place with just the male and female coach present, on the other two occasions she was paddled with a few coaches present in the common area.  While there were subtle variations to the paddlings she received, for the most part they took place as follows.  She was marched into the common area where all the coaches were and was told to hang out for a moment.  The female coach would find the coach she was looking for and speak with him briefly.  The basics of the

waiting for her school paddling

Waiting for her school paddling

conversation was that the coach had a student that was really acting up and that she wanted her paddled harder than she was able to paddle herself.  The male coach would agree to administer the paddling and go into his office to retrieve his school paddle.  She described this coach’s paddle as “freakin’ huge” with a handle wrapped in duct tape.  The female coach would instruct the girl to bend over the large board room type table in the middle of the room, where she would have to lay completely flat with her chest pressed up against the table and her hands flat on the surface.  The next part is quite unique and I do not think I have heard a true account with detail.  The female coach would tell the male coach, “Let’s start with six”.  The number was not fully set in advance; the girl told me that it was clear that the coach was looking for one thing, tears.

The male coach would comply with the request and start the paddling.  She said the paddling hurt far more than she ever could have imagined.  She had never seen the coach paddle a boy before, but she guessed that he probably paddled her equally as hard.  Every swat hit in the exact same spot. Which she says included a tiny bit of the top of her thigh.

school girl paddling

About to be paddled at school by the coach.

She said that each one literally took her breath away and she tried hard to fight back the tears.  The first time she was paddled by this coach, she managed to hold back on the tears for the 1st six swats.  She did not want to give her “bitch coach” the satisfaction of seeing her cry.  When the paddling was complete, the female coach looked to the male coach, and said “let’s give her another six”.  The girl thought that there was probably a stated maximum for how many swats a student could receive during a paddling, but that these rules did not seem to apply in the privacy of the coach’s area.  Knowing that she was going to have to suffer through another six, after the 7th swat, she broke down.  She said it was not a little sniffle, and that she had been trying to fight off the tears so hard, that when she finally let loose, that she really cried hard.  Her tears had no effect on the proceeding and she was given the remaining five swats, just as hard as the first six.

As soon as the paddling was over, she was immediately told to stand and almost hurried away, back to the girl’s locker room.  The girl felt that the coach always did this on purpose.  She was such a bitch that she wanted to bring a still crying girl into the locker

teen school corporal punishment

Bent over the coaches desk for a hard paddling on her teen bottom

room for everyone to observe.  This girl went to her locker, and changed for class, still very much crying.  She stated that she could not remember a time in which a girl was taken from the locker room for a paddling from the male coach, which they were not brought back in tears.  It was certainly the case for all three paddlings she received in this manner.  She said that this was the typical paddling experience for her, but there were some slight variations.  On her second paddling, from the same male coach, she did not fight the tears, and ended up only getting 8 swats with the board.  For that paddling she was made to bend over the table as before, but it was odd for her, as there were 3-4 coaches having lunch at the table.  She said she just placed her forehead on the table so she would not have to see them watching her get paddled.  Her last paddling was administered by a different coach, one she had never seen before.  She cannot recall who’s idea is was, but she was made to spread her legs wide and grab her ankles for the paddling.  She stated that he did not

School paddling teen

Grabbing her ankles for a hard paddling from football coach

paddle quite as hard, but it still went until she was in tears.  Her interpretation of the 1st two paddlings was that the coach she usually asked to paddle was probably “a bit into it”.  She felt that he felt no remorse and certainly was not trying to go easy.  She believed that he was paddling as hard as he could swing and that he included her upper thighs on purpose, as every swat seemed to hit there.  She said the paddlings always left her bruised and sore, and that it hurt to sit for a couple of days.  In hindsight she thinks that the paddlings were effective, as she found herself trying very hard not get in trouble with her drill team coach. She felt that overall the paddling might have been a little abusive, but it certainly got results.

These school paddling pictures come from the strict paddling videos in the member’s area or

School Paddling, School Swats, and a Bruised Bottom for the Teen Girl

There is a reason that a paddle is used in the United States, for the application of corporal

a real school paddling

A school paddling and a bruised bottom

punishment in a school setting.  School corporal punishment does not take place on a bare bottom, so an implement that can still be effective, regardless of the state of dress, is required.  A large wooden paddle, at least ½” thick, is generally used and it works very well.  One of the primary reasons that it is so effective is that it bruises a young lady’s bottom with every swat.  This is an essential part of the learning process, as it teaches a long lasting lesson.  If the same punishment was applied, with a leather strap, over a teen girl’s jeans and panties, yes it would hurt.  However, once the actual strapping is over, so is the pain.  There may be a general soreness for a few minutes, but for the most part, a strapping over clothes is a very short lived punishment.  A punishment such as this, quickly fades from a teen girl’s mind, and therefore does not serve the purpose of reducing the chances of repeat

school paddling marks

Showing her bottom after a 10 swat school paddling

school paddling picture

Showing the paddle that she was disciplined with

behavior in the future.

Now with the school paddle, with as few as six swats to a teen girl’s bottom, a very real lesson can be taught.  Just as with the strapping, for the duration of the punishment, she will feel a great amount of discomfort.  If applied correctly, after just a couple of swats, tears will start to fall.  By the end of the paddling, her tears will have turned to full on sobbing.  The key to this punishment is that when she leaves the office and returns to class, the punishment is not over.  A hard paddling creates a somewhat unique experience for the high school girl who receives it.  While she is bent over in the office, getting her pretty little bottom paddled, the pain is intense.

a school paddling teen girl

Showing the marks from a hard school paddling over her jeans

teen girl corporal punishment

Looking at the paddle that just broke on her teen bottom during her paddling

Immediately after the paddling (or possibly during if it was a long paddling) her body begins to combat the pain by producing endorphins.  When walking back to class, she might even feel like her butt is not all that sore.  She will feel a little something when she sits at her desk, but she still might feel like she will be ok.

The real punishment for her will begin a few hours later.  Her body will decrease the production of endorphins and the adrenaline will no longer be pumping through her system.  A couple of classes after the paddling, she will begin to experience very real discomfort.  By the end of the day, she will hardly be able to believe how much her bottom hurts.  Now here is what makes corporal punishment with a paddle

high school girl paddled at school

Her school paddling left her entire bottom bruised

teen girl school paddling

Smiling at the moment, but not for long, she is about to be paddled

so very effective…the next day.  The morning after a fully clothed strapping, might not even register to a young lady that she had even been punished.  She would go about her day in a normal manner, and maybe even find herself committing the same offenses that got her spanked in the first place.  But the morning after a paddling, this would never be the case.  She would find that the moment she stood up out of bed, that the pain is quite intense.  It is not even just a matter of hurting to sit, she will feel discomfort by simply walking.  When she goes to the bathroom, she might not even be able to fully sit on the toilet seat.  If she looks at her bottom in the mirror, she will see the source of the problem.  She will have two large bulls’ eye looking bruises on her bottom.

school paddling teen girl bruised bottom

Sitting will not be an option after her school paddling

paddled school girl

Singing the school paddle

The bruises on her bottom will be why she will be unlikely to repeat the behavior that resulted in her getting a school paddling.  When she sits for breakfast that morning, she will remember what she did to get paddled.  When she rides to school that morning, she will be focused on why her bottom received 10 licks from the principal.  You can be 100% sure that as she goes through her day at school, sitting on hard wooden desks for 7+ hours, that she will be making promises to herself to never get in trouble at school again.   When a paddling is administered hard enough, with enough swats, this lesson does not end after just the next day.  While it will become more bearable as time progresses, she may indeed experience discomfort for 3-4 days.  This is why paddles are used, they get results.

school girl paddled

You can see where the pockets of her jeans added a little protection

children paddled at school

About to take part in the "School Swats" study and have her bottom paddled severely

The real effectiveness of a school paddling has been explored over the last ten years at  They have a series called “school swats” in which they interview girls, age 18-23, about their thoughts and experiences with school paddling.  Some have been paddled at school; others have no clue that school can even paddle students.  After their interview, they show their bare bottoms as a sort of “before” look.  They then pull up their pants and panties and prepare to receive a very realistic school paddling.  They are required to bend over and place their hands on a chair, assuming a very common position utilized in schools today.  At this point the whole process becomes quite strict and they are told to remain in position.  A large wooden paddle is used, and applied on the seat of their pants, most often tight jeans.  All girls that

severely bruised bottom

The Bull's eye bruises will make sitting almost impossible in the morning

school corporal punishment paddling

Adding her name to the "School Swats" paddle

participate in this school corporal punishment study, receive ten swats.  The swats they receive can only be described as severe.  While ten licks with the paddle might be a little more than the typical teen gets in school, the whole process is as authentic as any school paddling.  When it is over, they are asked to drop their pants and panties again, and bend over to show the results.  Just as described above, you get to see firsthand the bruises that a real school paddling produces.  Even just moments after, their bottoms are often black and blue.  They are asked to sit back down and we get to get some real insight as to the effectiveness of a real school paddling.  The effectiveness is often quite clear, as when the young lady sits, tears are running down

teenage girl paddled at school

Three girls, three bottom, ten swats each. The bruises from three very real school paddlings.

teen girl corporal punishment

Three girls sign the paddle after getting paddled together

her face.  They did not just receive a playful little paddling and tears are common.  What I like the most is they are then asked if a paddling like that would have kept them out of trouble in high school.  Most girls promise that they would be on the straight and narrow if they knew that would happen if they were in trouble at school.  When it is all over, each girl gets to sign the official paddle. Making things even more realistic is that at least a dozen of the girls that take part in this school corporal punishment study, are less than 6 months out of high school.  More than 40 girls have gone through a “School Swats” experiment, with a new one added often.

All of the pictures above are from the real school paddling these girls took on video, in the member’s area of

How Hard of a School Paddling is Required to Teach a Real Lesson?

Her face show the pain of her paddling
Her face show the pain of her paddling

Her face show the pain of her paddling.

When a young lady is sent to the school office, or possible taken out into the hallway, for discipline which utilizes corporal punishment, how hard of a paddling is required to teach her a good lesson?

paddled in her school uniform

She winces in pain from the very 1st swat.

The punishment should certainly fit the crime, but the principal needs to be sure that students do not take a paddling for granted.  They never want it to be something that a young lady finds to be tolerable.  The goal should not just be to

two handed paddling required

This offense calls for a two handed paddling.

punish them for the undesirable behavior, but to do what is required to eliminate the bad behavior altogether.  Certainly different amounts of severity are required for different girls. Six moderate swats might do the trick for a girl with a low pain tolerance and assure that she will never return to the office, but the exact same paddling for a girl with a high pain tolerance might not have the same reaction.

a hard school paddling to tears

A severe swat causes her to cry out in pain.

Consider an 18 year old girl, who still gets hard, bare bottom strappings at home.  She is quite use to her bottom feeling strict discipline and has grown to tolerate the harder punishments.  A young lady such as this is going to require a paddling that involves full force swings of the paddle.  A moderate paddling will just not do the trick and until tears are running down her face, we should assume that a lesson has not been learned.

Tears from a paddling

Tears streaming down her face show a lesson was learned.

Tears demonstrate that the paddling has been effective.  Sometimes sounds of discomfort and gentle cries during the paddling are not enough.  All girls will play it up a little in hoping to end the paddling sooner, but tears are hard to fake.

crying out as she receives a hard lick to her bottom

She cries out

An effective school disciplinarian will stop after a few swats and check the young ladies’ face for evidence of real tears. Sometimes just the presence of tears is not enough, especially if she is being punished for the repeat of a previous offense.  Second offenses should always involve a much more severe punishment as it is clear the 1st paddling was not effective, or she would not be in the office again.  In these situations tears in the eyes are not enough.  The principal should make sure that the paddling leads to full out crying.  Experience will teach the disciplinarian when the job is done.  Different girls react different ways, but as as disciplinarian gains experience, the look on her face will speak loudly.

Paddled in her school uniform

Her face shows that the paddling is begin to have an effect.

The scenes above are from the paddling videos that are all included with the Realspankings Pass