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Teen Beauty gets a SCHOOL PADDLING

school paddling

About to receive a school paddling

Being tall and beautiful might help her get her way with most of the guys, but when she gets in trouble at school for fighting, she is treated like all of the other female students.  The male principal has her turn around, bend over the chair, and present her pretty bottom properly for a hard school paddling. It does not matter that she has not been paddled at school before; fighting is an offense that is taken really seriously.  He uses the same large wooden paddle that the boys are paddled with and he plan to use it to the best of his

school paddling picture

Her teen bottom gets a school paddling

ability.  This offense calls for 12 swats with the paddle, and he lays them on hard. She fights back the tears as one swat after another land on her tight teen bottom.  She manages to get through it, but her first school

school paddling picture teen

Feeling the sting of the school paddling

paddling certainly taught her a lesson.

The girl is Adrienne Black and the site is FirmhandSpanking.  In their member’s area you can see this 6ft. beauty spanked, strapped, and paddled in a variety of situations…including fully nude.

A Real Teen volunteers for Real School Paddling Video

Moments from getting her school paddling

Smiling now...that will change as she is about to receive a very real school paddling

Wouldn’t it be great if we could talk to real high school girls, after being paddled at school, and ask her what it was like? What questions would you have?

- How much did it hurt to have your bottom paddled?
- Did that teach you a lesson?
- Will this paddling keep you from getting in trouble again?
- Can I see your bare bottom and look at the results?
- Is your bottom bruised?

Well the reality is that we will probably never get this opportunity, but luckily there is a place we can go where we can come really close.  At, in their ”School Swats” series they interview 18-21 year old girls and ask them about being paddled as school. Most of them were not paddled, but for those that really were, they get all of the details about the girls bending over in school and submitting their teen bottoms to real school corporal punishment. The main focus is the effectiveness of

showing her bruised bottom from a real school paddling video

Showing the results of a ten swat school corporal punishment paddling

a school paddling on girls.  After each girl is interviewed, she bends over and takes 10 very hard swats with a traditional wooden school paddle. They then show their bare bottom so you can see the results and then talk about their experience getting a real school paddling.

A perfect example is Raquel below.  She is a beautiful young lady, just out of high school, and she absolutely hates to be spanked.  She volunteers for this experience and you get to see her beautiful young bottom take a very hard school paddling.  She screams her way through it all, but manages to take all ten.  This is just the face view of the paddling.  For her full before and after interview, as well as the bottom view of the paddling, and the after video or her bruised bare bottom, visit the member’s area of where you can watch almost 50 girls submit to this school paddling experiment…some of them to tears. Did I mention that they also have the series “Bare School Swats”?

Real Teen volunteering for a Real School Paddling Video

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School Paddling…as hard as it gets.

At every school in which corporal punishment is allowed, and is administered by more than one member of the staff, there is always that teacher/administrator that has the reputation for being a very hard paddler.  In different schools there are different reasons for being the hardest paddling teacher in the school.

Some teachers simply have zero tolerance for any misbehavior in their classrooms.  They know that by making a big impression, on every single student that is disobedient, that they are more likely to have a well behaved class.  In the schools that allow teachers to

Paddled in the school hallway by the teacher

Bent over in the hallway for a hard paddling that every student can hear.

paddle in the hallway, a single hard paddling of one student goes a very long way in keeping everyone on the straight and narrow.  Consider the girl who gets in trouble for being chatty with the girl in the desk next to her.  If she was sent to the office, regardless of the punishment she receives there, it does not serve as an example to other students.  But if this hard paddling teacher takes her into the hallway, has her bend over and place her hands on the wall, and then gives her of the hardest swats that he can provide, everyone will take notice.  The students in his class will hear how hard the paddling was.  The students in all of the neighboring classrooms will hear the paddling.  If he always paddles in such a way that it brings the girl to tears, other students will take notice.  The students in the other classes that heard the paddling will certainly ask students from the class why she was paddled.  It will not take long for the word to spread that a girl received six of “the loudest swats I have ever heard” and “she was crying hard” and all she did was whisper a little during class.  You can be sure that for many weeks, not a whisper is to be heard from anyone in his class.  By being strict and by having the reputation as a hard hitting paddler, he may end up paddling less than any other teacher in the school.

We have to be honest in considering that some staff members are just a little mean and have no problem in making sure that any punishment they give is as bad as they can make

school paddling in progress real

Alone with her thoughts and the paddle that is going to spank her teen bottom

it.  Clearly the easiest way to accomplish this is to swing a very hard paddle.  But there are other methods they utilize that give them the reputation for being a staff member that you never want to get in trouble with.  Consider the assistant principal who works directly with the shop teacher to make sure that his paddle is one that is feared by every girl in the school. His paddle is made of oak, is several inches longer than any teachers paddle, and is drilled with holes.  He also goes the extra mile in making each girl soak in every single moment prior to and during her paddling.  He not only uses the most uncomfortable and exposed positions, but he requires the girls to assume them well before the paddling actually takes place.  He also likes to emphasize that this time the paddling is going to have to be extra hard.  He is a master of finding every way possible to make her really think about what is about to happen, and how bad it is going to feel, and leave that in her head for several minutes before it actually takes place.

Consider how much more this administrator is feared than one who simply bends a girl over the desk and gives her a few swats with a paddle.  This administrator brings the girl into the office and spends some time reading her disciplinary referral.  While reading her referral, he pulls his large oak paddle out of his drawer and places it on top of the desk.  He might even get up

a real school paddling corporal punishment

He always uses the largest paddle for her school paddling.

and leave for a minute or two, still having not spoken with her, leaving her alone with this giant paddle and her thoughts.  He knows the effect this is having in her and he is more than happy to make this experience as unpleasant as possible for her.  He returns to his office with her file and spends some time reading it, as he does so he holds the paddle and gently taps it on the desk.  This leaves her consumed with how it is going to feel on her poor teen bottom.  He finally speaks and lets her know that it seems that other measures have been attempted with her in the past, and they seem to have not made a difference.  He tells her that she is going to have to be paddled, but since he has seen this sort of behavior from her before, he will not be able to give her a standard paddling.  Instead, he will be giving her double the amount of swats that he would typically for a 1st time paddling.  He informs her that for this offense he is afraid that he will have to paddle very hard, and will treat her like she “is one of the boys”.  He is very effective at all of this and she is shaking in her chair before she is even put into position.

But this administrator is nowhere close to be done in regards to maximizing the discomfort that he likes to add to a school paddling.  He has her stand up and move to the center of his office.  He tells he to assume a very wide stance and then to bend over and grab her ankles. Once she is in this position, from the comfort of his desk, he may fine tune it, just to further demonstrate control.  He punctuates it all with little comments like “no, all

grabbing her ankles for a spanking with a school paddle

Made to grab her ankles and wait for her school paddling.

the way to your ankles”, “OK, widen your stance just a bit”, or he makes her stand back up and move forward a couple of feet and then assume the position again and comments “yes, much better, this will give me more room to get a good full swing in”.  Once she is in position, he is in no hurry to get started.  Only at this point does print a corporal punishment form.  He sends it to the laser printer in the other room so he has to go and retrieve it.  He tells her to stay put and opens his door to go and the form.  He leaves his office door wide open so all of the staff, student aids, and any student that is in the office can see her.  Every student coming and going in the busy school office is able to clearly see her, hands on her ankles, legs wide, bottom in the air, presenting her teen bottom to be punished.  When he returns with the form, he may even decide to leave the door open while he fills out the corporal punishment report.  She is more than horrified as she is more than aware that every eye in the office is on her.  She just closes her eyes and hopes it ends soon.

After taking his time with the form he finally stands up, closes the door, and grabs the paddle.  He could just paddle her now, but he feels now is the time to start to lecture her.  While standing behind her with the paddle in the ready position he explains why what she did is wrong.  He discusses his philosophy on school discipline and explains why he gets good results.  He details why it is that he is doing her a favor by not going easy on her.  He lets her know that by “paddling your bottom as hard as I can” that it will assure that she will never be in his office ever

paddled teen school girl corporal punishment

The wait is over and she about to feel he severe pain from his heavy school paddle.

again. He tells her that she needs to try to stay as still as possible because with as hard as he is going to be applying the corporal punishment, that it could be dangerous for her to move out of position.  He has taken a 5 minute process of seeing what a girl has done wrong, sentencing her to a paddling, and then bending her over and spanking her ass and turned it into a 40 minute ordeal, with every single second designed to have her focus on how bad it is really going to be.  This AP has managed to make the moments leading up to a school paddling as difficult as the paddling itself.  At least it feels that way to the girl for the thirty minutes leading up to the first swat.  But once she feels the first swat, nothing in the world

grabbing her ankles for a paddling at school

Ten licks on her bottom bring tears to her eyes

feels like it could have been worse.  He is not all bark and no bite.  He really does paddle harder than anyone in the school.  The heaviness of the oak paddle really does hit with such a thud that is takes her breath away.  He really is a little mean when it comes to discipline and he is doing his very best to leave a long lasting impression.  He worked very hard to make sure that the moments leading up to her paddling were difficult, but he knows that the real learning will come in the days to follow.  He paddles very hard in the exact same spot on her teen bottom.  The paddle is large enough to cover quite a large area, but he makes sure to focus on the places on her bottom that touch when she sits down.  He wants her sore and he wants her to remember this school paddling for as long as she attends this school.  He knows that a bruised bottom leads to a better behaved student, so he always sends them away bruised. When he is done, he makes them sit right down on the hard wooden chair in front of his desk.  He wants to see that sitting is close to impossible. Thus knowing his job is finished.

He works hard enough at providing a disciplinary experience that they will never forget, that he likes to see the results.  Obviously, there is no way that he can actually view the physical results from the paddling he applies, but he knows that every girl goes home black and blue.  Instead, what he does that allows him to view the results of his hard work, is

sitting on her bruised ass after being paddled at school

He chooses the hardest chair for her to sit on the day after her paddling

that he assigns any girl that was paddled a lunch time detention the next day.  The girl is not allowed to go to lunch the following day and instead is made to spend her lunch period at the little table outside his office.  He has made sure that the only seat for these young ladies is the hardest of wooden chairs.  Through his open door he is able to view any female student sitting at this table.  This allows him to see 1st hand the results of his paddling.  He watches as the girls sit and it is always clear that they would rather be standing. He sees as they go through the hour trying desperately to find a way to sit that does not produce pain, but it is not possible, he made sure of that.  On more than one occasion he has watched girls wipe away a tear or two as they suffered through a painful hour on those wooden chairs.  On many occasions he has watched a girl place a coat underneath her bottom as she attempted to sit down.  He simply walked out of his office and quietly informed her that unless she would like to repeat the previous day’s paddling, that she better sit her bottom down properly on the seat of the chair.

He might be one hell of a mean assistant principal that likes to make every school paddling a lengthy, embarrassing, and very painful ordeal. He might even gain a sense of satisfaction or enjoyment from the paddlings he applied to naughty teen girl’s bottoms.  But the one constant with his discipline, is that he rarely ever saw the same girl in his office twice.

For real school paddling videos visit

Another teen girl receives a school corporal punishment paddling

She could hear how loud the paddling was as she sat outside the conference room in the school office.  She could also hear that her friend was not holding up so well during her paddling, she was pretty sure she heard some gentle sobbing.  It was 2-3 minutes after the last of ten swats had landed on her best friend’s bottom, that the door finally opened and her friend walked out and rushed past her.  Yes, she had been crying, her makeup was smeared and a mess.  With the paddle still in his hand, he told her to come on in.

Ten minutes before, as he lectured them both in his office on the dangers of smoking, he

school corporal punishment paddling

Presenting her bottom for a school corporal punishment paddling.

had seemed a little mad at them and was raising his voice a little.  Now, he was perfectly calm and even quite friendly.  In a very nice voice he instructed her to bend over and place her hands on the conference table.  She did as she was told and her mind raced as she considered the last time she had been spanked.  She had never been paddled at school, and to the best of her knowledge, the last time she had been spanked was by her mom, possibly in the 2nd or 3rd grade.  Her mom only used her hand and only gave her little bottom 3-4 spanks.

school discipline with a paddle

Waiting for the 1st swat to land on her bottom

For smoking at school she was told she was going to get 10 swats with the school paddle, the maximum amount of swats allowed to be given at one time, as clearly defined by district policy.  Smoking at school was getting to be an issue at this school, so for the last few months the AP always gave the maximum amount of swats for smoking violations.  Unfortunately for this high school girl, her bottom was about to feel the results of the school crackdown on smoking.  It did not matter that she had not been in much trouble before, or that she had never been paddled before, he was bound and determined to paddle the cigarettes off of his campus.

Without another word being spoken, she felt the large wooden school paddle touch her

girl getting paddled at school

Trying to hold still as he applies ten hard swats with the school paddle.

bottom for a quick moment, then out of the corner of her eye she saw the paddle raised high in the air, and then she felt pain.  Not a little bit of pain, but pain like she could not recall feeling.  Her bottom burned as she felt herself questioning how she would ever get through this.  Before she could process all of these emotions, the next swat landed, and with it…tears.  There was just no holding back, it hurt far too much for her not to cry.  She wondered why he needed to apply ten swats to her teen bottom; two was already enough for her to never smoke at school again.  After the third swat, tears turned to all out crying.  Here she was, old enough to drive, and even old enough to buy the cigarettes that she was being paddled for smoking, but feeling like a little girl, crying her eyes out as a man she had never met before spanked her teen bottom with a large wooden paddle.

high school girl paddled corporal punishment

The look on her ace shows that the punishment is working.

He takes his job very serious, and one of his primary duties was to handle the disciplinary issues at school.  He had been doing this job long enough to ignore the tears, the crying, and the carrying on.  He never lightened a punishment based on a student’s reaction.  His saw her crying after the third swat as a good sign, and was quite sure that after all ten she would no longer be a student who chose to smoke on campus.  While she seemed to have learned her lesson already, he needed to make sure that her bottom was good and sore, he wanted her feeling this for a couple days.  Who knows, maybe after paddling her hard enough that she would quit smoking altogether?  He continued to raise the paddle and smack her little teen butt full force.  She was crying quite hard now, so he knew that he was doing his job well.  After the tenth swat, he stopped and allowed her to just get it all out.  He handed her a couple of tissues to dry her eyes, and gave her a couple of minutes to compose herself.  When she has finally calmed down, he simply told her “stop the smoking, and get back to class”.  With her bottom almost numb from the hard school paddling, she walked back to class.  Tomorrow she would learn what the real effects of school corporal punishment are.

This account is illustrated with the pictures that come from the school paddling video in the member’s area of  The model is the gorgeous Kayla Apple, who presents her bottom for serious corporal punishment in many scenes in their member’s area.

A Real School corporal punishment paddling video

In many schools, all of the corporal punishment is administered at the end of the day.  A teen girl is sent to the office for her infraction and she meets with the principal.  He decides that she is to receive a school paddling and tells her to come back either during the lunch break or after school. She may be the only one getting paddled that day, or there may actually be a line of girls waiting for their school paddling.

It is probably harder for the young lady who is not going first.  She has to sit outside the office and hear the paddling take place.  Even with the door closed, the sound of the licks being applied to her teen bottom can be heard throughout the school office.  The poor girl waiting has to listen and cannot help but imagine what it will feel like on her bottom.  She sees the door open as the previous girl walks by with her tear stained face.  She is then called in for her own paddling.  She knows she earned this paddling, and she knows it is going to hurt.  Ten hard swats on her teen bottom are sure to do the trick.  School corporal punishment is indeed effective when applied to a teen girl’s bottom.

This school paddling video is from the member’s area of, a site that has more real school corporal punishment paddling videos than all other sites combined.

School corporal punishment paddling video

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Teen girl taken to the male coach for an extra hard paddling

I know a girl that moved from California to Texas in the early 80’s while she was in middle school.  Her family lived in a small, but affluent suburb of Dallas, one town away from where the Dallas Cowboy’s practice.  The town had its own “independent school district” which consisted over a primary school (K-6), a middle school (7-9), and a high school.  As their own district, they came up with their own policies and were not governed by the county.  At this time in Texas, paddling was alive and well (as it still is in much of the state), with neighboring Dallas county paddling more student’s bottoms than most districts combined.

This girl came from a state where paddling was not allowed, so it was a little bit of a shock.  She never received a paddling in middle school, but received 3 over the course of high school.  At their high school, it was most typical to receive a paddling from a coach or a school administrator.  Coaches paddled pretty freely in the privacy of their coaching offices.  The occasional coach would also paddle within the classes they taught.  She witnessed an in class paddling on a couple occasions and heard many more paddlings being administered in the hallway.  Outside of the athletics program, it was most typical for a student to be sent to the office for any type of discipline, so most paddlings took place in the privacy of the principal’s office.

Her experience with being paddled was quite unique and the subject of today’s post.  There was a female coach in her school that coached volleyball as well as the drill team.  The drill team is sort of a dance troop that performs at the school games, but is not the same as a cheerleading squad.  They are quite common in most Texas high schools.  This girl was on the drill team and thought the coach was a bit of a tyrant.  She was very strict, quite rude, and had no trouble embarrassing a member of her squad in very public ways.  She started each week by having the girl’s line up to be weighed, making plenty of loud comments if a girl had gained weight.  This coach, like any other in the school, was authorized to paddle members of the drill team.  She would on occasion escort a member of the team into her office to apply a paddling, but generally she chose another version.

As described to me, the setup was that there was a female locker room with a coach’s office attached to it.  There were two doors to the coach’s office, one went to the locker room, and the other led to a coach’s common area which was shared with the male coaches.  From the

teen bottom paddling at school

About to get a severe paddling on her teen bottom, at school, from the coach

common area, it was the same concept, being that there was a door that led to the male coach’s offices and the boy’s locker room.  The girl believed that from day one that she never really got along with the drill team coach, so they butted heads on more than one occasion.  When things got heated between them, it ended up with this girl being paddled.  On all three occasions, the female coach chose not to paddle her herself.  She instead chose to march the girl through her office to the common area for the coaches.  The female coach would then get a male coach to do the paddling, if available; she would choose the one hard paddling coach in particular.

She told me that as she recalled it, she was generally wearing her typical workout clothed when she was paddled.  On one occasion the paddling took place with just the male and female coach present, on the other two occasions she was paddled with a few coaches present in the common area.  While there were subtle variations to the paddlings she received, for the most part they took place as follows.  She was marched into the common area where all the coaches were and was told to hang out for a moment.  The female coach would find the coach she was looking for and speak with him briefly.  The basics of the

waiting for her school paddling

Waiting for her school paddling

conversation was that the coach had a student that was really acting up and that she wanted her paddled harder than she was able to paddle herself.  The male coach would agree to administer the paddling and go into his office to retrieve his school paddle.  She described this coach’s paddle as “freakin’ huge” with a handle wrapped in duct tape.  The female coach would instruct the girl to bend over the large board room type table in the middle of the room, where she would have to lay completely flat with her chest pressed up against the table and her hands flat on the surface.  The next part is quite unique and I do not think I have heard a true account with detail.  The female coach would tell the male coach, “Let’s start with six”.  The number was not fully set in advance; the girl told me that it was clear that the coach was looking for one thing, tears.

The male coach would comply with the request and start the paddling.  She said the paddling hurt far more than she ever could have imagined.  She had never seen the coach paddle a boy before, but she guessed that he probably paddled her equally as hard.  Every swat hit in the exact same spot. Which she says included a tiny bit of the top of her thigh.

school girl paddling

About to be paddled at school by the coach.

She said that each one literally took her breath away and she tried hard to fight back the tears.  The first time she was paddled by this coach, she managed to hold back on the tears for the 1st six swats.  She did not want to give her “bitch coach” the satisfaction of seeing her cry.  When the paddling was complete, the female coach looked to the male coach, and said “let’s give her another six”.  The girl thought that there was probably a stated maximum for how many swats a student could receive during a paddling, but that these rules did not seem to apply in the privacy of the coach’s area.  Knowing that she was going to have to suffer through another six, after the 7th swat, she broke down.  She said it was not a little sniffle, and that she had been trying to fight off the tears so hard, that when she finally let loose, that she really cried hard.  Her tears had no effect on the proceeding and she was given the remaining five swats, just as hard as the first six.

As soon as the paddling was over, she was immediately told to stand and almost hurried away, back to the girl’s locker room.  The girl felt that the coach always did this on purpose.  She was such a bitch that she wanted to bring a still crying girl into the locker

teen school corporal punishment

Bent over the coaches desk for a hard paddling on her teen bottom

room for everyone to observe.  This girl went to her locker, and changed for class, still very much crying.  She stated that she could not remember a time in which a girl was taken from the locker room for a paddling from the male coach, which they were not brought back in tears.  It was certainly the case for all three paddlings she received in this manner.  She said that this was the typical paddling experience for her, but there were some slight variations.  On her second paddling, from the same male coach, she did not fight the tears, and ended up only getting 8 swats with the board.  For that paddling she was made to bend over the table as before, but it was odd for her, as there were 3-4 coaches having lunch at the table.  She said she just placed her forehead on the table so she would not have to see them watching her get paddled.  Her last paddling was administered by a different coach, one she had never seen before.  She cannot recall who’s idea is was, but she was made to spread her legs wide and grab her ankles for the paddling.  She stated that he did not

School paddling teen

Grabbing her ankles for a hard paddling from football coach

paddle quite as hard, but it still went until she was in tears.  Her interpretation of the 1st two paddlings was that the coach she usually asked to paddle was probably “a bit into it”.  She felt that he felt no remorse and certainly was not trying to go easy.  She believed that he was paddling as hard as he could swing and that he included her upper thighs on purpose, as every swat seemed to hit there.  She said the paddlings always left her bruised and sore, and that it hurt to sit for a couple of days.  In hindsight she thinks that the paddlings were effective, as she found herself trying very hard not get in trouble with her drill team coach. She felt that overall the paddling might have been a little abusive, but it certainly got results.

These school paddling pictures come from the strict paddling videos in the member’s area or