A Real Teen volunteers for Real School Paddling Video

Moments from getting her school paddling

Smiling now...that will change as she is about to receive a very real school paddling

Wouldn’t it be great if we could talk to real high school girls, after being paddled at school, and ask her what it was like? What questions would you have?

– How much did it hurt to have your bottom paddled?
– Did that teach you a lesson?
– Will this paddling keep you from getting in trouble again?
– Can I see your bare bottom and look at the results?
– Is your bottom bruised?

Well the reality is that we will probably never get this opportunity, but luckily there is a place we can go where we can come really close.  At Realspankings.com, in their “School Swats” series they interview 18-21 year old girls and ask them about being paddled as school. Most of them were not paddled, but for those that really were, they get all of the details about the girls bending over in school and submitting their teen bottoms to real school corporal punishment. The main focus is the effectiveness of

showing her bruised bottom from a real school paddling video

Showing the results of a ten swat school corporal punishment paddling

a school paddling on girls.  After each girl is interviewed, she bends over and takes 10 very hard swats with a traditional wooden school paddle. They then show their bare bottom so you can see the results and then talk about their experience getting a real school paddling.

A perfect example is Raquel below.  She is a beautiful young lady, just out of high school, and she absolutely hates to be spanked.  She volunteers for this experience and you get to see her beautiful young bottom take a very hard school paddling.  She screams her way through it all, but manages to take all ten.  This is just the face view of the paddling.  For her full before and after interview, as well as the bottom view of the paddling, and the after video or her bruised bare bottom, visit the member’s area of Realspankings.com where you can watch almost 50 girls submit to this school paddling experiment…some of them to tears. Did I mention that they also have the series “Bare School Swats”?

Real Teen volunteering for a Real School Paddling Video

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