Teen Beauty gets a SCHOOL PADDLING

school paddling

About to receive a school paddling

Being tall and beautiful might help her get her way with most of the guys, but when she gets in trouble at school for fighting, she is treated like all of the other female students.  The male principal has her turn around, bend over the chair, and present her pretty bottom properly for a hard school paddling. It does not matter that she has not been paddled at school before; fighting is an offense that is taken really seriously.  He uses the same large wooden paddle that the boys are paddled with and he plan to use it to the best of his

school paddling picture

Her teen bottom gets a school paddling

ability.  This offense calls for 12 swats with the paddle, and he lays them on hard. She fights back the tears as one swat after another land on her tight teen bottom.  She manages to get through it, but her first school

school paddling picture teen

Feeling the sting of the school paddling

paddling certainly taught her a lesson.

The girl is Adrienne Black and the site is FirmhandSpanking.  In their member’s area you can see this 6ft. beauty spanked, strapped, and paddled in a variety of situations…including fully nude.

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