School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle


Real high school paddling videos

I can honestly say that there is nothing better than the recent school paddling videos being produced by  This most especially is true when watching scenes with one of their newer models Syrena.  She has the perfect bottom for taking a paddling, as it is not too tiny or too big.  When she bends over and places her hands on her knees, or even better, grabs her ankles, you know she is in for a very realistic paddling. The scenarios are very realistic and always deal with the kind of offenses young ladies find themselves getting paddled for in the South.  There is generally just enough dialog to set the tone of the scene, but it is never over done in a way that it becomes a distraction.  The paddlings themselves, at least in their school scenarios, are always done over full clothing, just as real high school girls are paddled.  The positions that they paddle their models in are consistent with positions used in the high school of the US.

real high school paddling video

Syrena takes a very hard and realistic school paddling. The swats are severe and there is no rest in between.

But let’s be honest, what we are all looking for in a realistic school paddling video is severity.  Spanking videos in which a model bends over for a mild to moderate paddling are a dime a dozen and can be viewed anywhere with the same results.  But a school paddling video that is not only realistic, but one in which a girl is paddled hard enough that it is clear that she is being taught a lesson, is a bit more rare.  With the school paddling videos at, for the poor young ladies who go through that experience, it is clear that they are experiencing something that they are not likely to want repeated.  The paddles that are used are made from heavy wood, are very large, but most importantly, they are swung full force.  The girls receive a realistic amount of swats, which seems to average about 10 swats for each offense.  Their bottom are smacked with so much force that they are lifted onto their toes and the look on their faces show that this is as real as a paddling gets.

real high school paddling video

A split screen view shows all the action as Syrena gets her bottom paddled hard in her cheerleader practice uniform.

They have recently begun doing something that I like a lot, when done the right way and that is show the results.  In a realistic school paddling scenario, if a girl is required to pull down her pants in any manner, it typically kills much of the realism for me.  But for the recent scene, they wait until the girl has been paddled and then dismissed, so the scene is basically over.  But then the camera comes back to the young lady who was just paddled, and without any dialog or acting, she simply pulls down her pants and panties and the camera zooms in on her freshly paddled bottom.  Any question about the actual severity of the paddling is answered when you get to see the results.  On each and every paddling they administer the girl reveals a black and blue bottom.  It does not matter that she got paid for this scene, it does not matter that it is a recreation of a school paddling, there is no doubting that she not only was taught a very real lesson, but that sitting is going to be an issue for her for a few days.

real school paddling video

There is no doubting the severity or the effectiveness of these school paddling recreations. Syrena shows the results of just 6 intense swats, there is no doubt that sitting will be difficult for a few days.

For realistic scenarios and the hardest school paddling scenes I have ever watched, you cannot beat  Below are some galleries from the last two school paddlings that the very hot Syrena received.  All of the videos on the site are now full HD at 1080P with two camera angles.  As you can see from the animation above, you also sometimes get a split screen so you can watch a girl’s facial reaction at the same time you watch her bottom get paddled.

Tears and crying for the teen girl who had her bottom paddled at school

When it comes to a proper school paddling for a high school girl there are many essential elements that are required to make it an effective punishment.  In the past I have covered most of these in great detail, which include:
- Anticipation leading up to the actual paddling, creating much fear and worry and she contemplates how much the paddling will hurt.
- Being required to be an active participant in her punishment by actively cooperating in the process.
- A sense of embarrassment, as a result of the position she is made to assume as well as a public element in which others are able to hear her paddling, or to see her directly after.
- Being made to wait for her paddling while in position, for an extra element of anticipation.
- Words or actions that make her feel like a little girl, even though she thinks that she is a grown woman.
- Providing her with a very painful paddling, one that brings as much sting to her bottom as possible.
- Assuring that the paddling leaves her bottom bruised and sore for many days, so the punishment continues will after the paddling is over.

Today’s focus covers what is probably the most important, or second most important (behind a bruised bottom) element of a proper paddling of a high school girl, and that is crying and tears.

teen girl crying from a paddling in high school

The tears begin to roll down her face which is a very good start.

Tears are so very important when it comes to a teenage girl being paddled at school for several reasons.  The 1st and most obvious is the fact that if she does not produce a single tear during her paddling, then she was clearly not paddled hard enough.  If she is able to just grit her teeth and get through the whole thing with dry eyes, the amount of pain being applied to her bottom was nowhere close to what was needed.  A paddling without an unbearable amount of pain does little to serve as a deterrent from future misbehavior.  This simply leads to a girl who endured a sting to her butt, but later tells her friends “it was not that bad”.  This is never the result any administrator of a high school wants after a young lady has been paddled.

teen girl crying from corporal punishment

Simply wiping away the tears after her paddling is not quite enough, She needs to be actively crying when her bottom is finished being paddled.

Tears are also very important because many girls will do their best, under all circumstances, to make sure that she does not cry from her paddling.  She sees it as a victory to the person who is paddling her if he gets to see her cry.  This in itself is an act of defiance and she is being paddled for her own good and as a result of her actions.  This is not a young lady submitting to her punishment, this is a young lady that even as she is being punished is acting in a willful manner.  Making sure that the paddle hits her bottom with enough force, and enough times to produce tears, will help remove the willfulness and better suit her overall development.

While a school paddling takes place in a more structured environment than corporal punishment in the home, it should not be lost that this is still a girl being spanked.  What proper spanking of a girl by her mom or dad does not involve tears?  One of the purposes of her getting spanked at school is to demonstrate that there are still rules that she needs to follow and that there are consequences for not following those rules. It helps to remind her that even at the age of 17 or 18, she does not have all of the answers and is not fully prepared to go into the world without guidance.  By paddling her teen butt until the tears are flowing, she is reminded that she is indeed still just a girl.  She was bad and bad girls get spanked until they are crying.

teen girl school spanking tears

A few seconds after the last swat hits her teen bottom we see the desired effects. She is not just wiping away tears, this young lady is crying like a little girl who just got the spanking of her life.

While tears are a requirement for any effective paddling, they alone are not enough.  Having her bottom paddled and her eyes simply filling up with tears, does indeed demonstrate that it hurt her bottom, but it is not the same thing as her actually crying.  A teen girl, who is paddled and is simply able to wipe away her tears when it is all over, still leaves with a bit of her dignity intact.  The overall experience should not be one in which she was proud of her behavior, or felt good about how well she took it.  If she was paddled until she was crying like a little girl, she will feel embarrassment, regret, and hopefully a degree of shame that her behavior led to her being spanked at school in the first place.

We have looked at the progression of pain to a girl’s bottom, as she is paddled, in the past, but I have never really evaluated the progression of tears and emotion that a girl expresses during a hard school paddling.  Let’s take a look a look at the expressions and emotions on a young lady’s face as she receives a hard school paddling.

teen bottom spanked at school

The 1st hard swat wakes up her emotions as she struggles with the intense pain to her teen butt.

In the above picture, she is clearly quite nervous as she waits for the 1st swat.  It may be the first time she was ever paddled at school, or maybe she has been paddled before and she knows how bad it is going to be.  She feels the paddle leave her bottom, as it is raised into the air, she then squints her eyes, furrows her brow, grits her teeth, and purses her lips. As the 1st swat hits her bottom her mouth opens and she gasps, her breathing quickly increases, and her eyes begin to blink, showing that the swat had the desired effect and the eyes are already beginning to react with moisture.

teen corporal punishment at school

The tears begin to form and her body language shows that full on crying is coming soon.

After a couple more swats, the desired reaction is becoming much more apparent. Her eyes are no longer just wet as tears are actively beginning to roll down her cheeks. The heaving of her chest has begun as tears turn into actual crying, a clear sign that her bottom is really starting to feel the pain that she requires.  Her breathing has become quick and shallow as she starts to remember what the purpose of a spanking really is.

school spanking

There is no more fighting it, she is crying like a little girl from her school spanking.

Now that she is fully crying, her paddling is not over and the real learning begins.  With her bottom so sore that she is crying like a little girl, she is given another severe swat.  This one causes her to fully break down and let it all out.  There is no more sucking it up and putting on a brave face.  There is no more willfulness in which she will not let the female VP paddling her get the best of her.  All that is left now is pain and the raw emotion of a little girl getting a spanking.  She is no longer trying to act like an adult, or to try an put forth an image of toughness, she is simply blubbering as a result of her teen bottom getting paddled, something that is well deserved and long overdue.

severe paddling school

Her face shows the results of a well spanked little girl.

With the completion of her paddling, her face shows the results of a well punished little girl.  Tears are running all the way down her face and dripping off of her chin.  Her nose is running and her makeup is a mess.  At this point there is absolutely no doubt that this young lady learned her lesson.  She is not going to be able to stand up and look at the VP with a tough look like this was no big deal, as her face tells a much different story.  She is not going to pretend that it was easy to endure and that she could do it again.  There also no way she is going to walk into the main office, with all eyes on her, and act like she took it like a big girl.  Everyone will see the face and the eyes of a little girl who just had her bottom spanked, and there is nothing she can do to try and hide that.

All images come from paddling videos in the member’s area of

Paddled three times in one day for tardies, 9 licks total

At the high school she attended, the school policy for tardies was very clear, 2 tardies were allowed for any one class over the course of a semester, on a third tardy, it was an automatic referral to the office.  As a school in which the primary form of discipline for minor offenses was a paddling, most students knew that three tardies would equal three swats to their bottom.  Amy had never been in any trouble before at school, so when she found herself in the office, during her senior year, for tardies, she was given what the principal called a suspended sentence.  As long as he did not see her in his office again, her 1st referral would never make it to her file, nor would she be punished for it.

During her last semester as a senior, she was perpetually late to a class in which everyone knew the teacher was a bit of a pushover, and rarely did she ever send anyone to the office.  Amy came into this class late on a regular basis, but never more than a minute or two.  She knew she had gone over the three tardy mark, but she did not think the teacher cared, much less even noticed or kept track.  She realized one day, that the teacher did indeed keep track, when as she walked in late, before she was able to sit down the teacher called her over to her desk.  The teacher pulled out a disciplinary referral and filled in all of the required boxes and lines.  In the section for “reason for referral” she wrote “6 tardies, one semester”, and then underlined “6 tardies” twice with a red sharpie.

Amy’s walk to the office was a slow one as she was quite nervous.  When she had sat in his office, during the previous semester, she had been quite nervous.  While she had never been paddled at school before, she had been spanked by her mom when she was a little girl.  She was six or seven the last time she had been spanked at home, but she still remembered how much she hated it.  Her mom only ever gave her 5-6 smacks with a wooden spoon over her panties, but she always cried.  When she has previously sat before him, all she could see was the wooden paddle the hung on the wall next to his desk.  Her friends that had been paddled at school before, had told her how much it hurt, so she was quite relieved when he let her off with a suspended sentence.

She walked into the main office doors and handed her referral to the secretary.  She was told to have a seat as the secretary walked the referral into the principal’s office.  Her heart raced as she considered three hard swats to her bottom with that wooden paddle.  After several minutes he called her into his office and she sat down in a chair in front of his desk.  She watched as he pulled her file and flipped through it.  He pulled out the previous referral, where she saw her signature next to where he had written, “3 swats, suspended sentence”.  He then looked over the new referral and spent a minute studying her grades, her school schedule, and studied the current courses she was taking.  With the exception of the words “have a seat” he still had not said anything to him.

When he finally spoke, he explained to her that they had a little problem.  He informed her that school policy did not allow more than three swats for any given offense, and clearly she was facing more.  Her heart began to pound even harder and her eyes went back to the paddle on the wall.  It was not a huge paddle, but it was certainly much bigger than the spoon her mom used to spank her with, and she had learned to fear that spoon.  He calmly explained that he needed to take care of the suspended sentence, so she had three “licks” coming for that.  He further explained that she had an additional three licks coming for each of the three tardies.  He told her that he would rather just give her all nine in a row, as he hated for a student to miss more class than was needed, but that he did not have that option.  She thought her heart might explode as she realized this trip to his office could result in more than the three swats.  She thought that the suspended sentence had meant the next time she was sent up for tardies that she would receive the three she was owed, she had not considered this new math and the number of swats she was now facing.

He told her that policy required that they deal with each offense individually, and there had to be a gap in between for them to be considered three separate paddlings.  He told her that she would receive three now, then be sent back out to the main office, and then he would call her back in, two different times.  He apologized that she would have to miss the rest of this class, and the one following it, but he did not see any other way to resolve it.  He promised that they would be done in time for her to make it to lunch.  Her brain was overloaded as she processed this information and she just wanted to cry.  She was not sure how she would handle a single paddle swat, much less nine over the next ninety minutes.  He pointed to another chair in his office against the back wall, and told her to move over to that chair and to bend over and place her hands on the seat.

getting licks at school

Assuming the position for her first three licks with the paddle

She had somehow expected more of a process or a delay, but it was as simple as that.  He had decided that she was going to be paddled, and she had no say in it.  She was not offered an option, her parents were not contacted, and even at the age of 18, she had no say in the matter.  It struck her as odd, that as a legal adult, this man had the power to tell her to bend over so he could spank her ass with a paddle.  With the sweat beginning to form on her face, she stood up, walked over to the chair, and bent over and put her hands on the chair.  This was a far different experience than the spankings she had gotten from her mom.  Her mom would grab the spoon, yank down her pants, and then start the spanking.  Her mom would always grab her left arm and hold it up and she spanked, while Amy would fight and struggle, and pretty much do a full circle around her mom as the spoon hit her bottom, and occasional her hand as she tried to block the smacks.  But the process of being spanked at school, as an adult, was a much different feeling.  She was not being chased down to be spanked, and she was not being held in place, instead she simply bent over a chair, presenting her butt to be spanked.

high school licks

She realizes what she is really in for as the first lick hits her tight bottom.

It was a strange feeling for her, bent over that chair, her butt in the air for him to paddle.  It was even stranger for her to be in that position as she watched him out of the corner of her eye, filling out paperwork.  She wondered why she needed to already be bent over if he was not ready to paddle her yet, but she did not really have a choice; she was doing as she was told.  Being that any moment this man would be spanking her, she felt doing what she was told was the best bet.  After a few minutes, she watched him reach up and grab the paddle off the hook on the wall, and he then stepped into place behind her.  While he had taken his sweet time at his desk, he wasted no time at all for the actual paddling.  For a split second she felt the paddle touch her bottom, and then instantly she felt nothing but pain.  The 1st swat caused her leg to buckle and she was quite surprised that she let out a little shriek.  This was a whole different world than the spankings she received as a kid.  Her eyes instantly began to fill with tears and then the next swat landed.  Both of her legs buckled this time and the tears began to spill down her cheeks.  Without even a second in between to catch her breath, the third swat landed on her already sore bottom.

After the third swat, she was actively crying and he walked back to his desk.  She was not sure what to do, as he had not said anything yet, so she stayed in place, her bottom aching, and vision blurred.  He called her back to his desk, and slid a corporal punishment report in front of her and told her to sign it.  She could barely read it through her tears and just scribbled her name on the line he had pointed to.  He handed her a single tissue and then told her to go back out to the chairs in the office and let her bottom “cool off”.  She dabbed her eyes with the tissue and rubbed her bottom as she walked out to the chairs and gently had a seat.  She could not believe how much it had hurt and her bottom was throbbing like crazy.  She continued to wipe her eyes and feel sorry for herself; with her entire being focused on the pain her bottom was feeling.  For a minute or so, she was living in her own little painful world, just wanting the pain to go away.  It took her a minute or so, to fully realize her surroundings.  When she finally looked around the room, she noticed how many eyes were on her.  She had not considered that every student and staff member in the office had just heard every swat being applied to her bottom.  The student aids who worked in the office were staring at her, as was just about everyone else present.  She had sat there in that chair, crying and rubbing her bottom like a little girl, and had not even noticed that she had an audience.  Now that was all she was noticing and she was very embarrassed.  She dried her eyes more and tried to suck it up, but her butt just hurt so badly.

She began to control her breathing as the initial sting from the paddling settled a little.  The burning sensation was slowly being replaced with a throbbing of the muscles in her bottom.  She was surprised as that pain did not seem to go away, but continued to build.  There had been a slight numbness that was leaving her body and it the pain was getting worse.  She sat at that chair, still aware of the occasion person looking at her and she was quite embarrassed.  Here she was, an 18 year old girl, old enough to vote, old enough to join the military, and here she sat in the school office with a sore bottom, waiting to be spanked again.  After 30 minutes, his door opened again and she was called into his office.

girl gets licks from principal

Bending over and presenting her already bruised and sore bottom for more licks with the principal’s paddle.

He had her sit down in front of his desk and he asked her how she was doing.  She said “ok, I guess”.  He asked her how her bottom was feeling and she told him it was quite sore.  He said “Good, that is the desired response that we are looking for”.  He made it clear that the previous paddling was for the tardies she had received last semester and that they would now be dealing with today’s referral.  He told her to stand up and approach the wall, not the chair.  He instructed her to step a little farther back, bend over, and extend her arms until they were touching the wall.  She did as she was told and felt even more vulnerable than before.  She was not sure why she was being paddled in a different position, but once again, it was not up to her.  Just as before, she stayed in position while he filled out a new corporal punishment form.  Just the thought of that paddle hitting her already sore bottom, caused her eyes to begin to fill with tears.

severe school paddling

A severe lick with the paddle, on her already bruised bottom, causes her legs to buckle.

After the form was complete, the process started all over again.  He grabbed the paddle and stepped up behind her and she felt it touch her bottom.  She gritted her teeth just in time to feel the 1st swat.  This swat made the previous three seem playful.  Her butt was already so sore and throbbing, that she instantly screamed out in pain and began to cry very hard.  The next swat landed in the same spot as the previous one and she thought she might faint from the pain.  In just an instance, the next swat landed, and it was all over.  She was left bent over, hands on the wall as he walked back to his desk and sat down.  He added the date and the time of the paddling to the piece of paper, and asked her to once again join him.  She could not stop crying at this point and wandered to his desk in a daze.  He had her sign this new form, gave her a single tissue, and told her to go back out to the chairs, and that they would finish up soon.

Just as before, she was still crying hard as she left his office, and every eye in the room was on her.  She sat down gingerly on the chair, buried her face in her hands, and cried for several minutes.  She could not believe this was happening to her and she could not believe how much her bottom hurt.  She knew there was no way she could go through this a third time, her butt has already had way too much.  She was far too embarrassed, to be sitting there like a crying little girl to even look up.  She knew everyone was looking, she wanted to be strong like it was no big deal, but that was not possible at the moment.  It took her a good ten minutes to get herself together.  While she was now slightly composed, her bottom was not doing any better.  The slight numbness was leaving her body and with every beat of her heart her butt pulsated.  Even with the padded seat of the chair was in, she was starting to shift around trying to find a position that did not hurt as much.  The problem was, he kept smacking the same spot on her bottom, and that was the part that touched the chair.  No matter how much she wiggled and squirmed, she just could not get comfortable.

Once again, 30 minutes passed, and she knew that she was moments from the final set of licks.  She reached back and rubbed her bottom a little and it was so very sore to the touch.  She wondered how she would get through the next three, and found herself looking at the door out of the main office, thinking about an escape.  Just as she was beginning to convince herself to run, his door opened and she was called back in.  She walked slowly to his office, like she was approaching a firing squad.   She was told to sit down, one last time, and she did so hesitantly.  He saw the discomfort as she attempted to sit and he smiled.  He told her that this was exactly what they wanted.  He explained that the difficulty she was experiencing when sitting was demonstrated that she was learning.  He told her it might seem a little rough at the moment, but the paddlings she received today would indeed assure that she always gets to class on time.  He apologized to her for not paddling her the first time she was in his office, as he knows if he had, they would not be having this conversation at the moment.

licks at school

Grabbing her ankles for her final three licks with the paddle.

He told her to stand up, move back towards the wall, and to bend over and grab her ankles.  She did not like the sound of this at all, but she did as she was told.  He told her to widen her stance and to straighten her legs, which she did.  He started on a new form while she waited with her bottom in the air.  He eventually stood up, walked towards her, and then his phone rang.  He set the paddle on the desk, and took the phone call.  She stayed in that position, grabbing her ankles, with her throbbing butt in the air for close to four minutes.  She listened as he discussed some administrative detail regarding paper and supplies for the computer lab.  She wanted to scream at him, and tell him to get it over with, even though she never wanted to feel that paddle ever again in her life.  The phone call eventually ended and he was right back to business.

paddled on her bruised bottom

The final set of licks on her bruised bottom assures a real lesson was learned.

The paddle touched her bottom and the tears began before she felt the 1st swat.  It hit the same poor spot on her bottom that felt like it was broken at this point.  Even after six previous swats, this was not getting easier for her, it was getting harder.  The pain jolted her so much; she jumped up a little and started to grab her bottom.  Her knees buckled and she was already crying like a 3 year old in the middle of a temper tantrum.  He told her to grab her ankles again and the next swat came.  The sound echoed through the main office and the only thing louder was her reaction.  The final swat was applied to her bottom and it was finally over.  He sat, filled in the rest of the paperwork, and then called her over.  He asked her to take a seat, but she declined.  He told her it was not optional and to “sit her butt down”.  She struggled with the pain as her bottom touched the seat.  He had her once again sign the form and then asked her if they would be having any tardy issues even again.  While still wiping away the tears she promised that he would never see her in this office again in her lifetime.

teen girl licks at school

The real results of a nine lick school paddling over jeans.

Celebrating the beauty of the 18 year old bottom…about to receive a school paddling

When an 18 year old high school senior girl finds herself in trouble, it takes much professionalism from the person tasked with paddling her bottom. Let’s be honest, the person before him is now a legal adult. She is also a fully developed woman at an age in which her full beauty is obvious. This is also an age in which young women know the power they have over men. They are aware of their bodies and the attention they attract. They purposely dress in skin tight jeans and like to show off their still teenage bottoms. Even school administrators are not immune to the attractiveness of an 18 year old girl. But school administrators need to conduct themselves in a very professional manner when it comes to a school paddling. It is an unusual situation to be in, that allows them to tell a legal adult that her bottom is going to be spanked. He has a unique power in that once she is informed that she is going to be spanked, he has the control to tell her to assume a position that not only highlights her perfect little bottom, but has her actually present it to him.

There is really no other situation in a professional workplace that this ever takes place. Here is a young lady before him that in any other situation it would be inappropriate to even turn and look at her bottom as she walked by. But as a result of her behavior, he is now in a position to tell her to turn around and grab her ankles. He is actually removing almost all of her body from the equation and making it all about her ass. It gets even more surreal in that he now has this perfect bottom being presented to him and his job is to provide as much pain and discomfort to it as he can. What in almost all other circumstances is seen as a thing of beauty is now being viewed as a vessel for learning. He is forced to remove himself from the reality of the world for a moment and use this teen bottom as a means to teach a lesson. It is indeed her behavior that has created this moment and he needs to do his best to capitalize on this situation. It is his job to see to it that, for the next several days, this beautiful bottom feels pain. This beautiful canvas needs to be painted black and blue. She may be 18, with a perfect ass in a tight pair of jeans, but it is time for him to get to work, this teen butt needs to be paddled and it needs to be paddled hard.

Here is a gallery celebrating the beauty of a perfect 18 year old bottom in jeans…about to be paddled at school.

A real teen and very real school paddling videos

real school paddling

Her tiny teen bottom receives a very real school paddling.

There are many spanking sites out there that do their best to recreate school corporal punishment, it is pretty clear from my blog posts which ones I favor.  Of all of the site in the that I love, when it comes to school paddling videos, I just can’t get enough of Teen Jessica.  There are many spanking models that get their bottoms paddled on camera, and with all the sites, they certainly get very hard and realistic paddlings.  But with Jessica, OH MY! First of all is the fact that she started modeling when she was just 18 and just a few weeks out of high school.  I also like how she shares with us all of the details about the paddling she actually received in school.

The thought that her perfect little butt was actually paddled in school is almost too much to

real corporal punishment video

Grabbing her ankles for a real school paddling on her teen butt.

comprehend.  Her bottom is so tiny and when she gets paddled on camera, you can tell how much it hurts.  There is not an ounce of extra padding and it is clear she feels each and every swat.  She is often paddled to tears, exactly the way it should happen.  Yes, these scenes are recreations, but she is clearly not acting.  Before a paddling is over she is often covered in sweat from the intensity of the scene.

real school paddling

Real teen, very real school corporal punishment videos.

There are many scenes, especially her earliest ones, in which she is recreating an actual paddling she received in school.  I love seeing her tiny teen bottom paddled in the exact way she got it in school.  I love that she then writes an article detailing the actual paddling she received…it is fantasy and reality all wrapped into one.  She is also the only model I have seen that has taken a full school paddling, administered with two hands.  I am not sure how her little bottom takes it, but somehow she survives.

Her perfect little teen ass is paddled in more school corporal punishment videos than I

real school paddling video

That paddle is going to bruise her tiny teen bottom.

can count.  They are always delivered full force, often lead to tears, and always leave her tiny bottom bruised for what has to be days.  If you doubt the intensity of the paddlings this real teen girl receives, just take a peek at the after gallery below.  These show what happens when a real teen girl, bends over in the principal’s office, for some very real school corporal punishment.

All of these pictures come from part of the four girl teen spanking pass included with a single membership.



High school teacher gives severe paddlings to his students

teacher paddles student

Being taken into the hall to be paddled at school by a teacher.

His classroom is one of the quietest in the school with very well behaved students.  Passing notes, chatting with their other classmates and just zoning out during class is very rare.  The reason for such exemplary behavior by students in his class is simple…corporal punishment.  This is schools in which teachers that choose to can handle discipline issues on the spot.  His paddle is kept out on his desk as a visible reminder to what happens to students that do not follow the rules.  He does not offer warnings for misbehavior; the warning is clear and visible to all.

It really does not matter the infraction the student

teen high school girl school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a very severe paddling in the hallway.

committed, they are all handled with a hard paddling.  He sees all discipline matters as serious, it could be a simple as passing a note, or severe as cheating, regardless of the offense, he paddles hard and always gives the maximum amount of swats allowed by school policy.  The moment that he sees a transgression taking place, he stands up and invites the student out into the hallway.  School policy requires a witness for any paddlings administered by a teacher.  He never gets a witness himself, he sends the student to a neighboring classroom and makes her get a teacher to witness the paddling.  School paddlings have to be administered out of the view of other students, but that does not mean others are not aware it is happening.  Everyone in his class knows who is getting paddled, and every classroom in that hallway is going to hear it.  There is a lot of embarrassment involved when the young lady has to go into another classroom and ask the teacher if she can come and witness her paddling.  Now another 30 students know exactly who is being paddled.

school corporal punishment paddling

With a female teacher present to witness, he bottom is paddled long and hard.

After the young lady finds a teacher to witness the paddling it is all business.  He has her stand in the middle of the hallway and bend over and grab her ankles.  He does not announce how many she is getting as he always gives the ten swat maximum.  He touches the paddle to her bottom, asks her if she is ready, and then gets to work.  He is known throughout the school as the hardest paddler there is, and he never disappoints.  He believes that for every paddling he administers as hard as he can, that he probably prevents at least a dozen from having to take place.  Everything stops in every classroom within ear shot the moment the first lick is applied to her teen butt.  The sound echoes throughout the hallway and so does the sound that she makes when it hits.  Every students cringes as they listen to the paddling take place.  There is no doubt that whoever is getting paddled is really being punished.  Lick after lick is applied full force to her bottom and the tears are immediate.  It does not matter to him if he is paddling a straight A female student, or a football player, he makes every swat count.  He lays every swat on the exact same spot, assuring a bruised and sore bottom that will stay that way for days.  When her paddling is complete, he thanks the teacher that witnessed, and then walks the crying girl right back into class.  He does not send her to the rest room and let her get herself cleaned up and composed.  He feels it is important for the rest of his class to see the full results of what they just listened to.

teen bottom paddled at school

Feeling the sting on her teen bottom as she is paddled by a teacher.

This post is illustrated by a hard bottom bruising paddling, administered to Brandi.  She is a real teen who is subjected to very real school corporal punishment at her site

Made to grab her ankles for a paddling at school

grabbing her ankles for her school paddling

Taken to the stairwell and told to grab her ankles for hew school paddling.

It is clear that the pain that is applied to the bottom of a teen girl, in high school, during her school paddling, is the primary deterrent. A three foot long, wooden paddle, swung full force by an older male principal, leaves quite an impression on a teen butt. Even over her tight jeans, it compresses the skin, makes impact with the muscles of her bottom, and leaves her bruised and sore. But the physical application of pain is not the only deterrent for the teen girl.

There are many positions to place a young lady in for her paddling,

severe high school paddling for the teen girl

Grabbing her ankles, presenting her bottom, about to receive the paddling of her life.

and they all basically accomplish the same thing. The primary objective is for her to be in a position that presents her bottom in a way that makes it easy to paddle. Another purpose is to place her in a position of stability so a hard paddle swat does not knock her off balance. An additional reason is that when a young lady is bent over, her tailbone moves to a higher place on her bottom. When smacking a tight teen butt with a heavy oak paddle, the principal needs to be careful that he is only swatting skin and muscle and never wants to involves the tailbone.

teen school paddling girl

Wide stance, grabbing ankles, she is about to receive a hard paddling at school.

But there are other good reasons to bend a young lady for her school paddling, and those are submission, cooperation, and embarrassment. In our normal daily lives, grown men are not in the position to be able to tell a 17-18 year old girl to bend over and present her butt, it just does not happen. But in the school environment, when corporal punishment needs to be applied, this is a common occurrence. It is required for any school paddling, it quickly helps her realize that she is not in charge, and it puts her in

teen schoolgirl paddling

A schoolgirl preparing for her paddling

the position of having to assist in her punishment. No principal is going to force a young lady into place, she has to submit to her punishment and do it herself. While she may those skin tight jeans to show off her teen ass to the boys in the school, she certainly never planned on showing it off to a male principal.

While there are many positions, one of the most effective positions is to have the young lady grab her ankles. This position is effective for many reasons. First, is the fact that there really is no position that is more embarrassing to be paddled in. Here she is, 17-18 years old, wearing those perfect jeans, that show off her perfect bottom. She is told she is going to be paddled, told to stand up, turn around, widen her legs, and to bend over and grab her ankles. This is not a position most girls are

high school corporal punishment

All she can think about is her tight bottom in the air and the paddle that is about to be used on it.

used to assuming, especially not on command. She is left feeling so very vulnerable and exposed. The dynamic in the room has changed completely. The focus is no longer conversation between a student and an administrator, it is no longer about her behavior, when she grabs her ankles there is only one focus in the room…her bottom. At that moment she is faceless and nameless, the only thing that matters at that very moment is her teen bottom, in the air, on display, and it is clear in her head why that is. The paddling she is about to receive just got very real. Those tight jeans she chose to wear are so much tighter now and she knows that they will offer very little protection from the paddle.

This position serves more than just the purpose of making her feel exposed, vulnerable, and on display, it also pulls her bottom tighter than any other position. The fat

paddled at school

She chose the wrong day to wear a skirt, that will offer no protection for her school paddling.

in a young lady’s bottom, even a small teen bottom, does serve to take a little bit of the pain and bruising away from a hard school paddling. A hard swat to the fleshiest areas of a young lady’s butt just tends to leave a tremendous sting. But when a hard swat is applied to the muscles in her bottom, she experiences the sting as well as the thud of her muscles being compressed. This is what leads to long term bruising and long term learning. When she is grabbing her ankles, the skin has already been basically compressed out of the way, and the full force of the paddle swat is applied directly to the muscle tissue. Even just a single swat when she is grabbing her ankles can leave her bottom sore for several days.

When she is bent in this position, there is an added element of cooperation. Yes, in all school paddlings the young lady is required to cooperate to a certain degree,

school corporal punishment

Grabbing her ankles, skin pulled tight, this school paddling is going to leave her bottom very bruised.

but when grabbing her ankles, it is not all that easy to stay in position. The wide stance she is made to assume does help her with balance, but a proper school paddling involves extremely hard licks. A 3-4 ft long wooden paddle, lifted high above the principal’s head, and swung hard, provides a lot of force. She has to really work hard to keep herself in that position while her bottom is paddled. This puts her in the unique situation of assisting with her punishment. If she put no effort into it, she would be knocked forward with every swat. Unlike a paddling in which she is simply bent over a desk and can basically just lay there for the duration, she is an active part of helping this paddling be administered. The reality is, this is how it should be. It is her behavior and actions that have brought about this paddling in the 1st place. She should not be allowed to just sit back while she is paddled, she needs to be a full participant and take ownership of the entire process. She needs to grab her ankles, present her bottom, and do everything in her power to hold still for the duration. She needs to make it as easy as possible for him to administer the most effective paddling that he can. He puts a lot of

school corporal punishment paddling

School formal day, in trouble, still required to grab her ankles for a hard paddling.

effort into paddling her teen bottom and expects that she will put in just as much effort. Yes it hurts, yes she is in tears, yes she will be bruised for a week, but after all, it is being done for her own good.

All of these pictures come from actual paddling videos in which a teen girl is made to grab her ankles for a hard school paddling.  These are not light paddlings administered for sexy pictures, these are videos filmed for the purpose of recreating hard school corporal punishment as it is applied to the bottoms of teen girls, everyday, throughout the US.  These come from the family of sites avaiable with the All of their sites combined have more than 200 traditional school paddling videos, plus several hundred more scenes that show hard paddling applied to a young lady’s bare bottom

School corporal punishment in Japan

While a hard school paddling is fairly common for high school girls in the Southern United States, it is not quite as common in other countries.  In Japan however, while unusual, it still takes place.  There it tends to be a very private experience between a teacher and a student.  It is usually done off the record and with permission given by the parents to the individual teacher.  The typical Japanese high school girl finds herself most often being punished by a female teacher in the privacy of her classroom, after school, when all of the other students have left.  The very best representation of Japanese school corporal punishment comes from Cutie Spankee.

Here are some examples of their very fine videos:

Japanese school corporal punishment

Japanese girl paddled in the classroom

Asian school discipline

In the privacy of the classroom, sometimes a bottom is bared for a school paddling.

Japanese corporal punishment

In just moments her Japanese teen bottom is going to be paddled hard.

Paddling at Japanese school.

Getting her tight bottom paddled in her gym uniform.

School paddling Japan

Getting her bottom bruised with the paddle in a Japanese classroom.



A hard paddling at school

Neither of these young ladies has ever been spanked at home or paddled at school.  They were in for quite a shock on the very 1st visit to the principal’s office.  They were good students and never got in trouble, so they did not suspect that a paddling was an option when they got in trouble.  Juts as every other student in the school, they knew the paddle existed and had heard horror stories, which they both thought were greatly exaggerated, about how big the paddle was and how much it hurt.  While they felt they would get off with a warning, they could not help but to notice the giant wooden paddle on the wall…it was even bigger than they had heard.  The principal gave them a long lecture, they both stated how sorry they were, and they thought their 1st visit to the principal’s office was just about over.  She told them that there was no reason to give them detention, or any other penalty that would distract from their school work.  Instead, she preferred to get it over with on the spot.  Their mouths dropped as she stood up and grabbed the paddle off of the wall.  She told them that she felt six hard swats to their bottoms should solve the problem.  They could not believe what they were hearing, until the next words came out of her mouth…”stand up, bend over my desk, and hold very still…this is going to hurt, ALOT“.  Photo series from the member’s area of

Four girls paddled at school for smoking pot

Four young ladies are sent to the principal for smoking pot on the school grounds.  He thinks about calling the police, but chooses to paddle their teen bottoms instead.  In the full videos for this school paddling in the member’s area of these young ladies all take a severe paddling consisting of three swats over their jeans, three on their panties, and three on the bare.  Very realistic and hard school paddling video of real 18-19 year old teens.

A paddling at school for the high school girl

Why do schools throughout the US, but mostly in the South still use corporal punishment as a form

four girl school paddling picture

Bottoms in the air waiting to be paddled at school

of discipline?  Yes, many kids grew being spanked by their parents, maybe even spanked at school, but while most spankings at home stop at a young age, in school, it goes continues until graduation.  It is a unique situation in that you may have an 18 year old girl, who was never spanked at home, be given a paddling at school.  The reason this takes place, is that school corporal punishment can be very effective.

Let’s evaluate some of the plusses.  It takes very little time to administer a hard paddling to a young lady’s bottom.  There are no additional resources needed, no teacher to monitor after school detention, and it is quick and effective.  The young lady misses very little class or assignments, the whole process can take less than 30 seconds.  As far as how much time is committed to a punishment and the overall effectiveness, it is a win/win situation.

school paddling picture real

Grabbing her ankles and waiting for her teen bottom to be paddled at school

But the main reason school paddling is so effective is the buildup, the process itself, and the long term results.  For many high school girls, the hardest part about getting their teen butts paddled is the wait.  Some school purposely sentence the girl to a good and hard paddling and then have her come back later in the day to receive it.  She ends up spending her day very focused on what is about to happen.  She may have had it before and knows how very much it is going to hurt, or maybe this will be her first time and she has only heard from friends how bad it is.  Regardless, she spends her time not only focusing on how bad it is going to hurt, but also what she did to get herself into this in the first place.

There is also a highly embarrassing aspect to the whole process.  Picture the teen girl, who recently transferred to this school, and has never been in trouble before.  She does not know the person who is going to paddle her, in fact she just met him when she was sent to his office.  Her infraction is reviewed and she is informed she is going to be paddled.  Most spankings that kids receive growing up are somewhat intimate in nature, as it is generally from their parents.  Now here we have an 18 year old girl, dressed as sexy as she can get away with at school, to impress all of the boys, having never thought when she dressed that morning that she would soon be presenting her teen bottom to a

school paddling picture

Made to wait and stress a little before her teen bottom receives a hard paddling from the Principal

middle age man with a large paddle in her hand.  Imagine her feeling as he tells her to stand up, turn around, and grab her ankles.  Just as with the waiting before, many principals let that moment sink in for a little bit and prepare the necessary forms for the paddling, while the girl is left holding her ankles with her bottom on display.  The reality of this moment is that her punishment has started before the paddling has ever begun.

But the main reason why so many schools use paddling as a form of punishment is because it hurts.  For whatever reason, especially with teen girls, there seems to be a direct connection between their lovely bottoms and their brains.  Guys tend to take a paddling as almost a badge of honor and are better able to deal with the pain.  Just a few hard swats on a teen girl’s bottom and there are immediate results regarding a change of behavior.  In these Deep South high schools, a school paddling is not an ornamental punishment.  They use very serious, big wooden paddles, and they swing with the intentions of getting results.  It is not the little swat to the butt like they got from mommy growing up and there is no warm-up.

real school paddling picture teen girl

The results of a very real school paddling that leaves her bottom sore and bruised for days to come

These paddlings are administered with the goal of changing behavior.  The girl is made to assume the position, generally either bent over a desk, hands on the wall, or grabbing their ankles.  The wooden school paddle is lifted high in the air and brought down in a manner to try and achieve tears from the very first swat.  They do want the young lady back in their office next week for the very same offense, so they do their best to make sure this is the last time she is ever in that office.  Her tears and crying are ignored as the next swat is applied.  Most school apply a minimum of three swats and some allow as many as 10 for each offense.  With each swat to her teen bottom, learning is taking place. 

When the paddling is done properly, there is a good chance of extinguishing the behavior

school locker room paddling results

Her friend notices her bruised bottom after she was just paddled at school

permanently. She will leave his office still wiping away tears and with her little bottom throbbing.  That throbbing will continue for hours, and as it begins to settle, it will be replaced with a deep and sore pain that will remain for days.  A typical paddling leaves big dark sort of bull eye looking bruising on her ass.  They are generally located nice and low, so every time she sits down for several days she will be reminded of her behavior.  Most schools still call home when a young lady has been paddled at school, so the parents are more than aware what happen.  Close to 50% of the time, the parents have a “get it at school, get it at home” policy.  So about the time her the throbbing starts to go away and the real deep pain starts,

dad spanks girl after she was paddled at school

She was paddled at school, so now she gets a long spanking with dad's belt on her already very sore, and now bare bottom

she finds herself being sent to her room by mom or dad.  Dad walks in, has her drop her pants and panties, and can’t help but comment about her bruised bottom.  Many young ladies, before the whuppin of their life from dad, here a few comments about how bad this is going to hurt on their already bruised bottom.


These pictures come from videos in the member’s area of  These are not simulated paddlings, these are the real thing, that show how school corporal punishment is administered on a daily basis throughout the US.  While they film many bare bottom videos, they have the largest selection of actual corporal punishment being administered, FULL FORCE, to the bottoms of young ladies.  many of the girls are 18-19 are are still the age that many young ladies are when they are paddled at school.  You will see real paddlings, administered to real teens, leading to real tears, and very bruised bottoms.

A very embarrassing school paddling from a teacher

In most schools that allow corporal punishment, it takes place in the school office, or behind closed doors.  There are many schools that allow a teacher to paddle a student, but it is very rare for that to take place in front of other students.  Instead, the teacher is allowed to take the student out into the hall for a paddling.  While out of site of the rest of the class, this can be one of the most embarrassing, and as a result, effective means to administer corporal punishment.

When a student is sent to the office, other students on the class so not know the outcome of that

grabbing her ankles for a school paddling

Taken out into the hall, made to assume the position and prepare for her school paddling.

office trip.  Even if the student finds herself getting paddled, she will have several minutes after to compose herself before returning to class.  It is unlikely that anyone else in her class would know if she received a warning, detention, or had her pretty teen butt paddled.  When a young lady is informed that she is to be paddled by a teacher, there are no secrets.  Whatever her behavior is, the teacher finally grows tired of it and invites her out into the hall.  That teacher then opens up a desk drawer and pulls out a large wooden paddle and follows the naughty girl out into the hall.  There is no mystery, ever student in the class knows what is about to happen and will get to hear every moment of it.

Most school require a witness, so that teacher will have to go to another classroom to get another teacher, alerting even more students to what is about to happen.  I have heard of more than one instance in which the teacher sends the student to be paddled to another classroom, to get the witness.  Imagine the naughty young lady, knowing her bottom is about to be paddled, knowing that everyone in her class is about to listen to it, and she is then sent to another class.  She has to open the door and ask a teacher, in front of the entire class “excuse me Sir, I am about to be paddled and we need a witness”.  Now this whole class knows what is about to happen and who it is about to happen to.

hands on the wall to be paddled at school by a teacher

She presents her bottom to be paddled by a teacher at school

She is then required to step back out into the hall and assume the position.  Typically a paddling that takes place in the school hallway, involves the student placing her hands on the wall or lockers, bending over in the middle of the hall with her hands on her knees, or even worse…grabbing her ankles.  Even between classes a school hallway is not the most private place in the school.  Students are often lingering in the hallways or are tardy to class.  There are students with school jobs and responsibilities that allow them access to the hallway during classes.  There are janitors, administrators, and other support staff that move around freely during classes.  This young lady, not only has at least two full classes on the edge of their seats waiting to hear her get paddled, she has the paddling teacher and the witnessing teacher present.  But on top of all of this, here she is, in the middle of the hallway, grabbing her ankles, presenting her teen butt to be spanked in the middle of the school with a large board, and anyone walking down the hall is able to watch this event.  This brings an element to the punishment beyond pain, which can be quite a deterrent, and help prevent similar bad behavior in the future.

But when it is all said and done, what is really going to bring this lesson home is the pain.  With

bent over and paddled at school

He has had enough of her behavior and marches her out into the hall for a paddling she will never forget.

her hands on the wall, and her ass properly presented for the punishment, it begins.  A teacher that is giving a semi-public paddling such as this is under additional pressure.  This teacher cannot have other students believing that he is a gentle paddler, so he must paddle with maximum effort so all of the students listening will fear the same punishment.  He wants every student, in every classroom within ear shot to hear the paddling and vow to never receive the same.  He must lift the paddle high in the air and swat her bottom full force with every swat.  Each swat must echo throughout the building for everyone to hear.  As the paddling takes place every student in every class on that hallway stops what they are doing.  No one can ignore the sounds of a hard paddling and every ear is listening intently.  If the teacher does his job properly, they will not only hear the swats echoing throughout the building, but they will hear the sounds of a well paddled girl starting to sob.  A hard paddling at school should result in tears and if the crying can be heard by others, then all the better A proper paddling will include the maximum number of strokes to fit the offense, with all of the them applied in a hard and effective manner, and will indeed end with tears.

paddled at school

Hands on the wall, bottom out, for a very hard and loud paddling that will leave her in tears.

But a paddling administered in the hallway by a teacher is not done here.  Yes, she is a well spanked girl, with a very sore bottom, and tears in her eyes.  But what makes this type of school paddling so very effective is the nest few minutes, and the rest of the day…if not week.  After he bruises her bottom with the paddle, he has her stand right up and marches her right back into the classroom.  With tears still in her eyes and the burning still on her bottom she is forced to face her class.  No one is paying attention to their studies, they are all looking right into her eyes.  She is still sobbing, but she has no choice to hurry back to her seat.  Everyone looks at her bottom as she walks past and they all watch her sit so very gingerly.  No one is making fun of her, most feel sorry for her, but the one thing that is for absolute certain, every girl in that class is promising themselves that they will never, EVER, misbehave in that classroom and have to suffer through the same event.

Unfortunately for this very beautiful and popular high school senior, the humiliation of her semi-

school paddling corporal punishment

He paddles her long enough and hard enough that the whole school will be talking about it

public school paddling is not over, it is about to become very public.  When the bell rings and the students file into the halls, the word begins to spread.  All ten classes on that hall heard it and people want to know who got paddled.  They heard how bad it was, they heard the crying, they knew it was a girl, but who was it.  It only takes around five minutes for the news to spread.  She can see it in the way everyone is looking at her as she walks down the hall.  All of the boys are staring at her perfect little ass and wondering if it is black and blue.  As she sits, in every class throughout the day, people watch and giggle a little.  She tries to sit like it is no big deal, but it is.  Her bottom is bruised and sore and she cannot find a position that does not hurt.  She vows to be a very good girl in the future and to never get a school paddling again…a lesson learned.

All of these photos come from the videos of actual paddling being administered in a very realistic manner in the member’s area of  Real teens presenting their bottoms for hard paddling just as they are administered every day in the schools of the United States.