Made to grab her ankles for a paddling at school

grabbing her ankles for her school paddling

Taken to the stairwell and told to grab her ankles for hew school paddling.

It is clear that the pain that is applied to the bottom of a teen girl, in high school, during her school paddling, is the primary deterrent. A three foot long, wooden paddle, swung full force by an older male principal, leaves quite an impression on a teen butt. Even over her tight jeans, it compresses the skin, makes impact with the muscles of her bottom, and leaves her bruised and sore. But the physical application of pain is not the only deterrent for the teen girl.

There are many positions to place a young lady in for her paddling,

severe high school paddling for the teen girl

Grabbing her ankles, presenting her bottom, about to receive the paddling of her life.

and they all basically accomplish the same thing. The primary objective is for her to be in a position that presents her bottom in a way that makes it easy to paddle. Another purpose is to place her in a position of stability so a hard paddle swat does not knock her off balance. An additional reason is that when a young lady is bent over, her tailbone moves to a higher place on her bottom. When smacking a tight teen butt with a heavy oak paddle, the principal needs to be careful that he is only swatting skin and muscle and never wants to involves the tailbone.

teen school paddling girl

Wide stance, grabbing ankles, she is about to receive a hard paddling at school.

But there are other good reasons to bend a young lady for her school paddling, and those are submission, cooperation, and embarrassment. In our normal daily lives, grown men are not in the position to be able to tell a 17-18 year old girl to bend over and present her butt, it just does not happen. But in the school environment, when corporal punishment needs to be applied, this is a common occurrence. It is required for any school paddling, it quickly helps her realize that she is not in charge, and it puts her in

teen schoolgirl paddling

A schoolgirl preparing for her paddling

the position of having to assist in her punishment. No principal is going to force a young lady into place, she has to submit to her punishment and do it herself. While she may those skin tight jeans to show off her teen ass to the boys in the school, she certainly never planned on showing it off to a male principal.

While there are many positions, one of the most effective positions is to have the young lady grab her ankles. This position is effective for many reasons. First, is the fact that there really is no position that is more embarrassing to be paddled in. Here she is, 17-18 years old, wearing those perfect jeans, that show off her perfect bottom. She is told she is going to be paddled, told to stand up, turn around, widen her legs, and to bend over and grab her ankles. This is not a position most girls are

high school corporal punishment

All she can think about is her tight bottom in the air and the paddle that is about to be used on it.

used to assuming, especially not on command. She is left feeling so very vulnerable and exposed. The dynamic in the room has changed completely. The focus is no longer conversation between a student and an administrator, it is no longer about her behavior, when she grabs her ankles there is only one focus in the room…her bottom. At that moment she is faceless and nameless, the only thing that matters at that very moment is her teen bottom, in the air, on display, and it is clear in her head why that is. The paddling she is about to receive just got very real. Those tight jeans she chose to wear are so much tighter now and she knows that they will offer very little protection from the paddle.

This position serves more than just the purpose of making her feel exposed, vulnerable, and on display, it also pulls her bottom tighter than any other position. The fat

paddled at school

She chose the wrong day to wear a skirt, that will offer no protection for her school paddling.

in a young lady’s bottom, even a small teen bottom, does serve to take a little bit of the pain and bruising away from a hard school paddling. A hard swat to the fleshiest areas of a young lady’s butt just tends to leave a tremendous sting. But when a hard swat is applied to the muscles in her bottom, she experiences the sting as well as the thud of her muscles being compressed. This is what leads to long term bruising and long term learning. When she is grabbing her ankles, the skin has already been basically compressed out of the way, and the full force of the paddle swat is applied directly to the muscle tissue. Even just a single swat when she is grabbing her ankles can leave her bottom sore for several days.

When she is bent in this position, there is an added element of cooperation. Yes, in all school paddlings the young lady is required to cooperate to a certain degree,

school corporal punishment

Grabbing her ankles, skin pulled tight, this school paddling is going to leave her bottom very bruised.

but when grabbing her ankles, it is not all that easy to stay in position. The wide stance she is made to assume does help her with balance, but a proper school paddling involves extremely hard licks. A 3-4 ft long wooden paddle, lifted high above the principal’s head, and swung hard, provides a lot of force. She has to really work hard to keep herself in that position while her bottom is paddled. This puts her in the unique situation of assisting with her punishment. If she put no effort into it, she would be knocked forward with every swat. Unlike a paddling in which she is simply bent over a desk and can basically just lay there for the duration, she is an active part of helping this paddling be administered. The reality is, this is how it should be. It is her behavior and actions that have brought about this paddling in the 1st place. She should not be allowed to just sit back while she is paddled, she needs to be a full participant and take ownership of the entire process. She needs to grab her ankles, present her bottom, and do everything in her power to hold still for the duration. She needs to make it as easy as possible for him to administer the most effective paddling that he can. He puts a lot of

school corporal punishment paddling

School formal day, in trouble, still required to grab her ankles for a hard paddling.

effort into paddling her teen bottom and expects that she will put in just as much effort. Yes it hurts, yes she is in tears, yes she will be bruised for a week, but after all, it is being done for her own good.

All of these pictures come from actual paddling videos in which a teen girl is made to grab her ankles for a hard school paddling.  These are not light paddlings administered for sexy pictures, these are videos filmed for the purpose of recreating hard school corporal punishment as it is applied to the bottoms of teen girls, everyday, throughout the US.  These come from the family of sites avaiable with the All of their sites combined have more than 200 traditional school paddling videos, plus several hundred more scenes that show hard paddling applied to a young lady’s bare bottom

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