Paddled at School- 2019

Here we go again…yummy. “For the fans of school corporal punishment, this video features 20 separate school paddlings presented in the most realistic way. From gym class, to the classroom, taken out in the hall, and in the principal’s will see lovely young bottoms paddled in a manner that is intended to change behavior. All scenes are filmed from two angles, and you always get to see the bruised bottom results after each paddling. This is 90 straight minutes of hard paddlings that always lead to bruised bottoms and often to tears.”

Full video now available at Spanking Library.

Pas 2019

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Full video now available at Spanking Library.

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School Paddling at

It has been a while since I have reviewed the school corporal punishment scenes at and boy have they been busy.  They have added 20 school paddling videos in the last 6 months alone, so in general, with the membership, they are creating 5 new school paddling scenes every month that are included with your membership.

As we have come to expect, these scenes tend to be the most realistic school paddling videos to be found.  The scenarios are realistic, covering issues that are quite common in the schools of the South including smoking, vaping, tardies, skipping school, and so on.  Unlike most spanking sites out there, the paddlings administered are done so in a manner that it is clear this is a real punishment.  There are no little love taps and a lot of pretending, it is indeed the real thing…which is clear at the end as they always include a reveal of her bare bottom so you can see the results. The realism and effectiveness of the paddling are also made clear in that in almost half of the scenes, very real tears are produced.

Here are some screenshots of some of their more recent school paddling scenes:

And if you find yourself questioning the severity and the authenticity of the school paddlings videos that they film, take a look at the results:

As of today, has 556 scenes that feature the use of a wooden school paddle, enough to keep the biggest fan of school paddling videos entertained for a very long time.

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The Very Best of School Paddling- 2019

Hell YEAH!

Now Available at Spanking Library

“I am pleased to bring you our latest video featuring the most realistic school paddling videos ever filmed.  These are some of my latest and greatest clips, with the realism and severity you have come to expect from my work.  This video runs a full 90 minutes, with 19 different scenes, featuring 10 different models.  Each clip shows exactly how a hard school paddling is applied in principal’s offices through the South. Each scene features full force paddle swats applied to the bottoms of naughty school girls, filmed from the butt view and the face view.  While all paddlings are administered over clothing, each young lady bares her bottom at the end so you can see the bottom bruising results.  You will see exactly how effective severe school paddle swats can be, each young lady leaving with a very bruised bottom, and many scenes lead to very real tears and crying. I see so many producers here charging $8-11 for a single clip.  This video is $19, for 19 different scenes, which I feel is a very fair price.  So if you are a fan of realistic school paddlings, with realistic scenarios, is zero acting once the paddling begins…this is the video for you.”

The Very Best of School Paddling

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Now Available at Spanking Library

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Anticipation of her paddling with examples from Twitter

When applied properly we all know that corporal punishment can be very effective in the school environment. With today’s social media, we do not have to look too far to see that this is actually the case:

But as you will see in further posts below, sometimes the anticipation of being paddled at school can be just as bad.  Being sentenced to a paddling in high school, and it occurring on a different day seems to be quite common.  There are literally more Twitter posts than one can count in which a girl is posting about the paddling that she will receive the next day.

It is one thing to be in the school office, be told that you are in trouble, and then for it to be announced that she is to be paddled right then and there.  Yes, she will instantly feel it in the pit of her stomach and her heart rate will double, but typically she will only feel this fear for a couple of minutes before it is all over with.  The fear will be replaced with a very sore bottom, but there is no more anticipation.  Now consider the young lady that goes home from school that day and has an entire night to consider the paddling she will receive.

It does not really matter if she has been paddled at school before, as if she has, she knows how bad it is going to be.  If she has never been paddled at school, her mind can really get to working and create an even worse case scenario. There may be moments throughout her day where she distracts herself enough to forget for a few minutes, but it will always come right back to dominating her thoughts.

Generally, the night before, as she is going to bed will be the worst part.  She is no longer distracted with screens and conversations and once she is alone with her thoughts, all she will be able to do is think about bending over for the paddle the next morning.  This is an important part of the overall disciplinary process as she not only has time to think about how bad the paddling is going to be, but she gets to think about what she did to earn it and how to prevent that from happening. As hard as she tries, as she lays in bed, her mind is focused on the fact that she is going to be spanked at school, with a large wooden board.

For those principals and administrators that are delaying the paddling of a high school girl by a day or more, I would say keep it up.  Because as we can see through social media, the anticipation is working and adding to the overall punishment experience.

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Sent from class to the office for the school paddling of their lives

It is a daily occurrence in schools throughout the South, and it tends to be the solution to many disciplinary problems.  In general, corporal punishment has been taken out of the classrooms and only takes place within the school’s office, by the vice principal or a designated administrator.  This does not affect the control the teacher has over their classroom as the pen is just as mighty as the paddle.

sent to the office to be paddled

The teacher presents them both with disciplinary referrals and sends them straight to the office.

As we can see here, two girls, constantly getting in trouble for being distractions in class, are asked to stay after class for a talk.  The teacher is more than fed up with their behavior and decides to write up disciplinary referrals for both of them.  While the punishment will ultimately be up to the VP, there is a box on the form labeled “recommended course of action”.  Both of these young lady’s hearts drop as they are handed the form and see that box filled in with “corporal punishment, maximum licks allowed”.  This allows the teacher to convey to the school VP that this is not an isolated incident and that it is a problem that needs to be addressed in a very serious manner.

high school girl sent to the principal to be paddled

Knowing that “corporal punishment is recommended”, the walk to the office becomes quite difficult.

With the referrals in hand, knowing exactly what they both say and what is recommended, they begin the long walk to the school office.  Being no stranger to corporal punishment at home, they both walk filled with dread and anticipation.  They check in with the school secretary and are told to have a seat.  After what feels like an eternity, the male VP finally comes and looks at the referrals.  While it is clear from what is written on the forms, that both girls are in a considerable amount of trouble, he brings them into his office one at a time, to hear their version of the events.  For this VP, anything that interferes with the learning process, especially within the classroom, is a very big problem for him.  Being that it seems that this is an ongoing issue, with multiple warnings and discipline at the classroom level, he decides that the teacher is right and that corporal punishment will be utilized.

Both of the girls are informed of the sentence are sent back into the lobby while he fills out the proper corporal punishment report forms and makes the phone calls to notify the parents that corporal punishment will be used on their daughters.  The policy requires that a parent be notified, but he finds it to be very helpful in the process because it encourages parents to be part of the overall process.  In general, here in the rural South, “parents being part of the process”, generally means that both girls will get their bottoms whooped when they get home.  There is nothing like dad’s heavy belt, applied to a recently paddled bottom, to make sure that actual change takes place in the classroom.

After many minutes of that dreaded feeling, knowing they are going to be paddled at any moment, The VP returns to the lobby with the paddle in his hand.  This adds a big element of embarrassment as every student and staff member’s eyes go right to the young ladies waiting.  There is no longer a question as to why they are there and what is about to happen, it is now clear to everyone in the room that these your ladies are about to have their bottoms spanked, in a very effective way, at school.  He invites the 1st girl to stand up and to follow him to his office.

paddled by the high school principal

Now that the lecture and paperwork are complete, is it time for their bottoms to be paddled.

There is no more lecture required, no further conversation as to what they did wrong, all that is left is to punish their bottoms in a manner that will effect a permanent change in behavior.  The moment she walks into the office, and as soon as the door closes, she is told to bend over his desk and to present her bottom to be paddled.  He gives her detailed instructions as to the position she is to assume, and more importantly, that she is required to hold still throughout.  The paddle to be used was made in the school’s woodshop, to the VP and school board’s exact specifications.  It is long and wide enough to cover both bottom cheeks nicely, and thick enough that the panties and jeans they are wearing will provide very little protection from the thud of such a heavy paddle.

With the naughty young lady in position, he lines up the paddle for her 1st swat.  Different administrators, at different schools, have various methods for administering corporal punishment, but he has always found one method to be most effective.  His goal is not to spread the swats around, trying to cover as much of the bottom as possible.  Instead, he chooses to place every single swat in the exact same place, the lowest part of her bottom.  The target area is always the part of her bottom that feels the most pressure when she spends her day at the hard school desks.  His experience is that in general, corporal punishment should be utilized in a manner that creates a very sore bottom.  He does not want the punishment to be over the moment the last swat lands.  He finds that if the young ladies spend the next couple of days squirming in their seats because of how much their bottoms hurt, that there is a greater chance of a change in behavior.  With all of this as a solid game plan, it is time to get to work.

high school girl getting paddled by the principal

It does not matter that she is a teen girl, a paddling is meant to teach a lesson and he does not go easy.

The paddle is lifted high in the air and is brought down full force on her poor teen bottom.  The crack of the paddle can be heard throughout the main office, even through the closed door.  The first person to react to the sound is the young lady waiting her turn for the paddle.  Any questions she had in her mind about how hard they were going to be paddled were just answered with what sounded like a gunshot from down the hall.  The young lady that just received the swat is greeted with a sensation of pain that she has rarely experienced in her life.  There is a second of shock, as her breath is taken away, and the full pain sinks in.  She is not sure how she can take another one, much less another nine, but before she can finish processing that thought the next swat lands.

teen girl school paddling

It is clear that the message being applied to her bottom is making it to her brain.

He has always been an equal opportunity paddler and treats all of the high school aged students the same.  For him, very little consideration is given to age, sex, or body type of the person in trouble.  He always found the concept of paddling the girls lighter than the guys to be unfair.  A behavior that requires a paddling, is exactly that, so if a paddling has been earned, it needs to be one that tries to change that behavior.  For him, it has always been simple, paddle each and every bottom as hard as it can accurately and safely be done.  It does not matter if it is a petite cheerleader or a linebacker, he is going to do his very best with both of them.  He is also not influenced by tears, which are certainly more common when paddling a female.  She gets exactly what she earned and at no point does the intensity of the paddling change as a result of her emotional response.  He actually sees tears as a very good sign as it means he is doing his job effectively and that real learning is taking place.  Over his years of applying corporal punishment, he has found that the harder a student cries during their paddling, the lower the chances of her ever coming back to his office.

This one is already fighting back the tears as the next swat is applied.  The school board only allows a maximum of 10 swats, which they will both be receiving, but he has found that with his style and severity, 10 in generally enough to get the job done.  She struggles to stay in position, and her knees begin to buckle after each swat, but a firm reminder from him helps her stay in position.  He continues, paddling the exact same spot on the lowest part of her bottom, until he finally reaches ten.  While she tries to remain tough and is not audibly crying, her eyes are filled with tears and her face is streaked.  With no time to compose herself, she is told to stand back up, and is marched out of his office, down the hallway filled with students and staff members, and sat back down in the lobby.  He finds this to be a powerful warning to anyone that is watching.  If you get in trouble in school, there is a very good chance you will be spanked, and you will indeed cry, is the message he wants to send to everyone.

schoolgirl paddling

Having just listened to her friend getting the school paddling of her life, it is now her turn to present her bottom for some much-needed discipline.

The waiting girl, with her heart going 100 mph after hearing the whole thing, and now seeing her best friend gently crying in front of everyone, is asked to stand up as she makes the walk to his office.  She finds herself holding back tears before she even gets to her office.  Sure, she gets her butt whooped at home on occasion, and it certainly is not pleasant, but it sounds nothing like what she just heard.  As soon as the door closes, she is told to bend over the desk.  He adjusts her position slightly so he has more room for a big swing.  She is given the same directions as the previous girl, feels the paddle touch her bottom, and then it begins.  Unlike her partner in crime, she is unable to remain as stoic and from the very 1st swat she creams out at the top of her lungs.  The tears fill her eyes instantly and she finds herself wanting to flee.  Before that idea can be fully processed, the next swat lands, exactly on top of the 1st one, and she screams even louder.  Tears pour from her eyes, as she feels a tiny little tap on her bottom, and then the next swat.

school paddling corporal punishment

He does not go easy on her and makes sure her cute little bottom feels the full effect of the paddle.

While it was hard to endure her own paddling, now sitting in the lobby listening to the loud screams of her best friend, she is really beginning to regret their behavior.  The teacher had warned them on numerous occasions, but they never really thought it would lead to this.  As she hears the next swat land from down the hall, and the screams that accompany it, she knows that they will both act differently in that class.  Swat after swat hits her bottom, again all in the same place, and it is clear to everyone in the entire office that real learning is taking place.  She tries her best to hold still as they get closer to the last swat, but it is not easy.  Her bottom is on fire, as swollen as it can be, and the pain is just too much to take.  Unfortunately for her, it is not up to her as to when it ends.  She will take exactly what she has earned and not a single swat less.  After what felt likes days, but was actually less than a minute, the paddling is complete.

teen girl cries from school paddling

There is no doubt that the heavy paddle being applied to her little bottom is having the desired effect.

Just as with her friend, without any time to compose herself, she is walked down the hall into the lobby, where all eyes are now on both of them.  For any student that was in the office when this took place, that has never been paddled before, they find themselves quietly making self-promises to never get in any amount of trouble that leads to that.  While a pretty large school for a rural area, there were enough students present that the word of this paddling, and who was paddled, will spread like wildfire and everyone will know by lunchtime.  He returns to his office, finishes filling out the forms, and writes passes to get them both into their next classes which have already started.  He tells them that they each have five minutes in the restroom to compose themselves but they need to get right to class.

school paddling high school girl

Two properly paddled bottoms that will be sore for days.

As they walk down the hall in silence, both trying to wipe away the tears, there is no doubt that a real lesson was learned.  Words do not have to be spoken, they both know that their classroom behavior, especially in that class, will change permanently.  There is no way that either of them will consciously engage in a behavior that will ever lead to that punishment being repeated.  They both go straight to the restroom and grab tissues to clean up their faces.  They take a quick second with their makeup to try and hide the evidence that they just cried like babies.  A quick rub reveals bottoms that they are swollen and hard to the touch.  They can both feel the pulsating of their hearts in their bottom cheeks, and as every minute passes, it seems to hurt even more.  The only question left to be answered is what will happen when they each get home and what will daddy’s belt feel like over their bruised and swollen bottoms.

This two-part scene, that begins in the classroom and ends with both girls getting the paddling of their lives, is now online at

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Cheerleader school corporal punishment

cheerleader paddled

She knows that one of those paddled is about to be used on her tiny little bottom.

Cheerleaders are the very visible faces of a school and represent them at most school events and activities.  As a result, within all cheer squads, there is a set of rules that they are to abide by, beyond those presented for the rest of the school population.  Generally, it is based on a demerit system, with a certain number of demerits leading to disciplinary action.  In schools throughout the South, this disciplinary action can indeed include corporal punishment.

cheerleader school corporal punishment

This young cheerleader knows exactly what is about to happen with that paddle and she is not very happy about it.

Beyond the additional rules as a result of being on the cheer squad, all cheerleaders must also follow the same rules set forth for other students.  Being that they are so very visible in the entire eyes of the school, the school administrators charged with discipline, often hold cheerleaders to a higher standard.  Cheerleaders are supposed to set a good example for other students, so when their behavior is less than ideal, they often face harsher consequences than the average student.

cheerleader high school corporal punishment

Presenting her little bottom for a hard paddling…the skirt will come up soon.

Being young and cute does not get them any special favors when it comes to the disciplinary process and they are certainly not exempt from corporal punishment for their actions.  Just like any other student in the school, if their behavior calls for it, they may find themselves in the vice principal’s office, bending over his desk, or grabbing their ankles, for a hard session with the paddle.

high school cheerleader paddled at school

He chooses his largest paddle to make sure that a real lesson is learned.

As illustrated in the ongoing cheerleader paddling series at, the part of the uniform worn under a cheer skirt are called spankies.  This is a designated piece of clothing that is worn to cover their panties.  It is very common during stunts, flips, and kicks for what is under the cheer skirt to become visible to the audience.  It is very common to see this article of clothing and it is not considered to be their panties, instead, it is a separate piece of their uniform.  Being that this is not their underwear, more so considered cheer shorts, exposing it for a paddling is not considered to be inappropriate.  It is basically the same as being sent to see the principal while wearing gym shorts and getting paddled.

cheerleader bruised bottom from school paddling

Half into her paddling, it is clear from looking at her bottom that this is a lesson she will remember.

As the pictures and videos demonstrate, when a naughty cheerleader finds herself bent over, with her skirt lifted, there is a lot of bare skin visible, below and to the sides of her spankies.  When a properly sized school paddle is applied to her bottom, there is definitely direct contact with the skin.  Trying to apply a paddling over a pleated cheer skirt would provide far too much padding for a proper lesson to be learned, so if some of the paddle hits her bare bottom, all the better.

cheerleader paddling at school

The pain of each swat causes her legs to tremble.

cheer paddle swats

The look of a young cheerleader regretting her behavior.

In the cheerleader discipline section in the member’s area of, there are currently 48 separate scenes.  All of the scenes filmed in the last couple of years seem to feature the exclusive use of a heavy wooden school paddle.  The scenarios are very realistic, and there is no doubt that the paddlings are as severe as you will see online when it comes to the use of a school paddle.  The pictures and animations from this post are from the last two cheerleader paddlings in their member’s area.  If you are a fan of traditional and realistic school corporal punishment, this is as good as it gets.

paddled at school

The results of a well-paddled bottom.

A lesson learned.

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High school girl paddled twice by the vice principal

The recent change in district policy modified the corporal punishment guidelines at the high school to “no more than four swats per application of corporal punishment”. This lowered the maximum number of swats from six to four, which was a little more limiting for the vice principal in charge of discipline, but his hands were tied when it came to district policy. However, there were indeed moments in time when he needed to be a little creative in the interpretation of policies.

teen girl school paddling

She sees the paddle that is about to be used on her teen bottom and the fear is quite clear.

A perfect example is this young lady. She was sent to the VP during her 5th period class with a disciplinary referral in hand. The VP reviewed the teacher’s notes and saw that her behavior was very much out of control. The pink slip showed that she had shown “direct defiance and disobedience” towards her teacher. In addition, over the course of this incident she used vulgar and profane language in the classroom, directed at the teacher. This was clearly a situation in which a hard paddling would be required.

teen girl paddled at school

Presenting her teen bottom in those tiny shorts for her well earned paddling.

Knowing that behavior like this grows like a cancer in the classroom, if not dealt with quickly and effectively, this was one of those instances in which the four swat maximum was getting in the way of the disciplinary process. A young lady that is going to yell at her teacher in class, and use profanity at the same time, clearly needs more than just four swats to adjust her attitude. She would need to be sent back to class with a bruised bottom and tears in her eyes.

school girl paddling

It is clear from the very first lick that he is going to teach her a proper lesson.

She was quite unhappy when she saw the very large school paddle placed onto the desk. She also knew that she may have picked the wrong day, and the wrong outfit, for such a punishment. Her bad day got much worse, and quickly, as he told her that she would be receiving four licks with the paddle for direct disobedience towards a staff member. He further explained, that as policy only allows for four licks per application of corporal punishment, that after her paddling she would go into the office for a “cool down period”, and would then be called back into his office for a “separate paddling” for her language.

high school girl paddled by the principal

Four swats seems to have be doing the trick, but this is only the first of her two paddlings.

Before she could process the fact that she was going to be paddled twice, she found her chair being turned around and her kneeling and bending over it. He had always been a firm believer in corporal punishment at the high school level, and found it to be particularly effective when he was dealing with female students. But he knew from experience that he would not be doing her any favors by going light. Real lessons are learned from paddle swats that overwhelm the senses in every way, and based on her behavior, this was exactly his goal.

high school paddling video

The paddle has clearly made contact with her bare bottom, but her clothing choices are of no concern to him.

The fact that this position, in those shorts, exposed a little bit of her bare bottom, was not his concern. If anything, it was an opportunity to help her correct her behavior, and a little paddle to skin contact would expedite the process. He always paddled low, as he wanted the parts of a young lady’s bottom that touched the desk when she sat, to feel the full impact of the paddling. A paddling is always about more than just the minute that it is being applied and needs to be something that lingers as a reminder for a couple of days. The bare skin would simply make his job easier.

high school girl paddled by principal

Presenting her already bruised and sore bottom is no easy task.

She felt a quick little tap of the heavy board on her bottom, and then it began. The first swat literally took her breath away. It hit low, exactly how he intended it, and she felt it both on her shorts and on her bare skin. Before the first swat fully registered with her brain, the next one was applied over the exact spot as the previous one…and this is when the tears began to flow. He was well beyond being effected by a young lady crying during her paddling, if anything, he saw it as a good sign. Tears generally demonstrate that learning is taking place, so the more the better.

school paddling video

Her reaction shows that this second paddling is even more effective.

The last two swats were applied exactly as the first two…severely. There was no doubt in his mind that this little problem with disobedience and disrespect was fully covered, and he doubted it would happen again any time soon. He had her sit back down and sign the form that recorded for the district that corporal punishment had been utilized. But there was still the little issue of her use of foul language. With tears still in her eyes, he walked her out into the main office, and had her sit on the nice and hard wooden chair against the wall. He walked back into his office to let her bottom cool down a little bit, before her next paddling.

high school paddling from principal

The kind of swat that permanently changes behavior.

While her bottom was still throbbing a little bit, it had actually gone a little numb. She was very aware of the fact that all eyes in the office were on her and she was horribly embarrassed. Obviously everyone had just heard the paddling take place, even behind closed doors. She knew they had to have heard shouts of pain, and she was still gently crying. She buried her face in her hands and tried to block out the fact that she was just spanked in school, and was about to be spanked again. She had no idea how long it would be before she was presenting her already bruised bottom for another round with the paddle.

teen school paddling girl

Her bottom is clearly feeling the results of her behavior.

After about twenty minutes, the numbness she was experiencing began to fade, and the pain from the paddling returned in a very real way. She found herself trying to adjust her sitting position on the hard wooden chair, but nothing really solved the problem. She wanted nothing more at this moment than to stand, but she felt that that would be a bad decision under the circumstances. She sat gingerly for an additional 20 minutes before his office door opened. Her heart raced, as she knew the moment had come. To make matters worse, he came out of his office with the paddle already in his hand. Again, every student and staff member in the office adjusted their attention to her. She stared at the ground as he walked her back into his office.

The chair was still in the same place and she was told to once again kneel and bend over the chair. She could feel the fabric of her tight shorts pull tight onto her sore bottom as she presented it for her next paddling. The lecture had already taken place, so all he said was “Let’s take care of that potty mouth of yours”. He walked up behind her with the giant paddle and could see the bruises from the previous paddling just below the bottom of her shorts.

As before, there was a quick little tap on her little teen bottom and then the first swat was applied, just as forcefully as before. Her bottom already hurt so much, that the first swat was enough to push her over the edge. The tears were immediate and the pain was unbearable. He saw this is a very good sign and was quite confident that he would not be seeing her in his office ever again. He was positive that after three more licks to her little bottom, that this would indeed be the case. Crying or not, it was her behavior that led to this second paddling and he was going to give her everything she had earned.

The results of a proper school paddling for a teen girl.

The paddle tapped her bottom gently again, and the second swat was applied, just as hard as all of the previous swats. Her reaction was exactly what he was looking for and it was clear that very real learning was taking place. After the third swat she was sobbing like a two year old, which was exactly what her behavior required. He applied the last swat, harder than all previous swats, to finish the learning process in a memorable manner.

bruised bottom from school paddling

A look at the after effects and a lesson learned.

He told her to stand up, he spun the chair back around, and told her to have a seat to sign the new corporal punishment form. Sitting was barely an option, even with the padded chair, and she winced as her bottom made contact. He filled out the form, spun it around and told her to sign it. Through her tears she scribbled her name on a line she could barely see, and was then dismissed, with a pass in hand to get her into her sixth period class. As she opened the office door, all eyes were again on her, and she pretty much ran out of the office. She went to her locker, to get her books for sixth period, wondering exactly how she was going to sit through class on the hard wooden desk. It would not be until the following morning that she would realize that the punishment had just begun.

To watch this young lady receive two different paddlings, exactly as described, visit the member’s area of for the full HD video.

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School Paddling Voyeur

District policy in most schools, regarding corporal punishment, requires that “Corporal punishment will be administered outside the presence of other students”. Which in general, means that all school paddlings must take place in a private location.  This is why for the most part, even in schools in which a teacher is allowed to paddle a student, at the very least it needs to be done in the hallway and not in a classroom full of students.  Where a paddling takes place is generally up to the administrator tasked with the job.  Most commonly a school paddling will take place in the office of the vice principal in charge of discipline.  In some schools, there is a designated room in the general office area that a paddling will take place, as not all offices are suited for applying a proper paddling due to space restrictions.

But not all locations that a paddling takes place in are as private as one might think.  When utilizing an empty classroom as the designated spot for an after school paddling, there may on occasion be prying eyes.  Let’s face it, even for those without a spanking fetish, given the opportunity to see a high school girl getting paddled, will not look the other way.  It is normal human behavior, when faced with such a rare situation, to want to see how it plays out.

At this school, there is an older classroom that has been converted to a conference room for staff meetings.  To cut down on the distractions of the loud sounds of a school paddling, this has become the designated spot for all corporal punishment to be administered.  The administrator in charge of corporal punishment keeps a couple of paddles hanging on the wall for whenever the occasion presents itself.  As a result of the alternate location for corporal punishment to be administered, all sentenced paddlings are carried out after school. For this young lady, whose final period of the day is athletics, that runs well after school, has to get a pass from the coach in order to report for her paddling at 3:35 PM.  She sits in the room and waits, as instructed by the VP, with the large paddles ever so present on the wall behind her.  She is not too happy about the fact that she is in her practice clothes, as the thin leggings are not going to provide much protection during her paddling.

While this classroom is no longer used for classes, it is not all that inaccessible, and it is just 50 steps off of the main hallway.  On more than one occasion, a curious student, hearing the sounds coming from this room, finds themselves sneaking in for a peek. Today, having watched this gorgeous young lady walk to what most know to be the corporal punishment room, wearing her tight fitting yoga pants, this student just could not help himself and had to sneak in to the adjoining room to watch her tight little bottom get paddled.

His bravery is quickly rewarded as he sees her sitting on a little stool in the corner, with two giant paddles hanging on the wall behind her.  He has to do a quick duck and cover as he hears the footsteps of the VP coming down the hall.  He pops out of his little hiding place as soon as he hears the words “grab your ankles”.  He peaks around the corner just in time to see this cute young lady, in her skin tight workout pants, bending over and grabbing her anklesHer cute little bottom perfectly presented as he grabs one of the large paddles off of the wall.

Having never been paddled himself, he is quite surprised when the 1st swat is applied.  He had no idea that a school paddling was administered with such intensity, especially for a girl.  He raised the paddle all the way back and brought it down full force on her pretty little bottom.  As soon as the 1st swat was applied, there was barely any pause and the paddle was raised into the air again, and once again brought down forcefully on her bottom.  She managed to mostly maintain her position for the 1st three, but on the 4th swat, she buckled at the knees.

He continued to watch in utter amazement as the paddling continued.  After the 4th swat, just about every swat caused her knees to buckle again.  He could hear the crying start after the 5th swat and assumed it must almost be over.  To his delight, they were only half way through the process.  He continued to spy around the corner as 5 more severe swats were applied to her bottom.  With each one, the sounds of her crying grew.  In the span of less than 40 seconds, he quickly realized why a school paddling is so effective.  As much as he enjoyed watching this young lady’s beautiful bottom getting paddled, as he snuck back out to the main hallway, he vowed to never get in trouble at school.

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High School Girl Paddled in Gym Class

Luckily there are still places in this country in which small problems are resolved quickly and effectively.  Take for instance, a typical PE class in a high school in the rural South.  A young lady is unable to participate in PE that day as a result of “forgetting” her gym clothes at home.  Yes, an honest mistake, and it happens on occasion.  The gym coach gives her a gentle warning, her grade is effected a little bit, but no harm, no foul.  The next day, the exact same thing happens again.  The warning is not quite as gentle, she receives a zero for the day, and is handed a broom to sweep the gym floor while the other girls get their exercise in.

But on the third day in a row without gym clothes, it is time to teach her a lesson and help her remember her gym clothes in the future.  She is sent to the locker room to wait, while he gets the rest of the girls started on a gym activity for the hour.  Being sent to the privacy of the locker room can only mean one thing, and it is clear by the look on her face that she knows what is coming.

high school girl paddled in the locker room

Sent to the locker room to wait for her paddling.

Everyone has seen the paddle that hangs on the wall in his little office off of the gym, but it seems much larger when he walks into the locker room carrying it.  There is a brief discussion on the State requiring a certain amount of physical activity a day for each student, and then she is simply told to bend over and present her bottom for her paddling.

high school corporal punishment from the coach

Bending over for her paddling in the locker room.

Knowing that he gave her every opportunity to remedy the problem, that went from no consequences, to gentle consequences, it is time to teach her the lesson she has fully earned.  He is not quick to use the paddle for every little thing, but when it comes out, he uses it to its full potential.

high school coach paddling girl

The paddling begins full force, to assure a proper lesson is learned.

One paddle swat is always enough to get any young lady’s attention, but long term learning is not achieved with a single paddle swat.  He knows that the more swats he gives her, the better she will remember in the future to always dress for gym.  He is confident that when the paddling is complete that she will indeed have her gym clothes the next day.

paddled at school

Her face shows that very real learning is taking place.

He knows that by bruising her bottom with the heavy school paddle that a couple of things will be accomplished.  The primary goal is for it to hurt for her to sit for a few days.  This will assure that there is not a moment, when her bottom touches anything at all, in which she does not remember exactly what behavior led to that soreness.  Even better is the warning this will send to the other girls about dressing for gym.  He knows that word of a paddling spreads fast, and when she is changing in the locker room tomorrow, many girls will sneak a peek at her bottom.  The freshly bruised bottom will serve as a very real reminder for all of the girls.

school corporal punishment paddling

Her very bruised bottom assures better behavior in the future.

From the very hard hitting locker room paddling scene in the member’s area of

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Her 1st High School Paddling

Of course she was very aware that they used corporal punishment in her school, she had just managed to avoid it over the entire course of her school career.  She was an excellent student, very well behaved, but on this day, she not only brought her cell phone to class, she left it on.  Her heart dropped when her purse began to ring, as there is a very strict no cell phone policy at this high school.  It took all of the courage in the world to admit it when the teacher asked whose phone was ringing.  She found herself standing next to the teacher’s desk, as all eyes were upon her, as the teacher filled out the disciplinary referral. 

As she walked to the office she reflected on everything that she had heard about such trips to the office.  The VP in charge of discipline, who she had never directly met except for in passing in the halls, had quite the reputation.  She had heard on many occasions, the description of his paddle, described as “huge, with big holes in it”.  She had also heard about the paddle being raised way into the air and brought down full force…”hard enough to lift you onto your toes”.  She found herself hoping that all of this talk about paddling had been greatly exaggerated, as stories in high school tend to grow with each telling. With the recent crackdown on cell phones in class, she had also heard that corporal punishment was mandatory for cell phone infractions.  She was quietly praying, that this being her first ever trip to the office, might result in anything else.

paddled in high school for cell phone

She sits nervously knowing that her bottom may be paddled as a result of having a cell phone in class.

She handed her referral to the secretary, who read it, handed it back, and told her to have a seat in the chairs outside his office.  She could hear him typing away on his laptop for what felt like an eternity.  Eventually he called for her and she walked into his office and took a seat as instructed.  He took her form, and said nothing as he read it over.  It took her just a moment to spot the paddle sitting on the desk, and it was exactly as had been described to her.  It was indeed giant, it was very thick, and there were two rows of large holes cut into it.  Being that it was actually sitting on his desk, she feared that it was used in such situations more than not.  While he looked over her school records on his laptop, as hard as she tried, all she could see was this giant paddle just a couple feet from her.  She fought back the tears as she imagined what that giant piece of oak would feel like on her tiny teen bottom.

teen paddled at high school

As hard as she tries, all she can see is the giant paddle that is about to be used on her teen bottom.

After looking through her records he asked her is she had indeed had her cell phone with her and on in class, and she replied that she did.  Without any further discussion he announced that there is a zero tolerance policy for cell phones in class and that she would be paddled.  As a result of the “epidemic” in school, she would receive the maximum sentence allowed by the district, which was 8 swats.  Before she could fully process what was happening she was instructed to stand up.  She did as she was told and watched as he did the same thing.  He grabbed the paddle, stepped around behind her, and pulled her chair over to the wall.

In the 5 seconds it took for this to take place she was already beginning to tremble.  From what sounded like another time zone, she barely heard the words, “bend over and place your elbows on my desk”.  In almost trance like state, she found herself following his directions.  She bent over, presenting her tiny teen bottom, in the tightest jeans she owned.  He then told her to widen her stance, which she did.  He quickly explained that a paddling only worked if it hurt and that this would indeed hurt.  But he emphasized that he needed her cooperation, and that she needed to remain as still as possible, as “we only want the paddle to make contact with your bottom”.

young teen paddled at school

Nothing in her life could have prepared her for how much that first paddle swat hurt her tiny little bottom.

She jumped as the paddle barely touched her bottom, thinking that they had already started.  She felt a gentle little tap, there was a pause, and then her world changed.  The paddle swat not only lifted her up onto her toes as had been described to her, but it buckled her knees.  Just a second later the pain registered with her brain and her bottom was on fire.  She pushed her bottom back into position as the next swat immediately landed on her tiny teen bottom.  The paddle was so big that each swat set all of her bottom on fire, including the very top of her thighs.  This was all it took for the tears to start and it was quite difficult to get herself back into position.

real school corporal punishment video

She is learning the hard way that real school corporal punishment only works if it hurts a lot.

Through the tears and the pain, she once again assumed the proper stance and the next swat was applied.  She wad done, there was no way she could take any more, but she still had five left.  She did not get right back into position this time and he expressed to her that things were about to get much worse for her if she did not cooperate.  While she knew she could not take even more more swat, with his raised voice, and that paddle in his hand, he was quite convincing.  Reluctantly she pushed her bottom back out presenting the perfect target for her lesson.

high school paddling girl

Struggling through the pain of her paddling and waiting for the next swat to land.

Over the next 20 seconds she received the last 5 swats and they were all applied with the same force as the first 3.  Tears turned to crying, and the pain her bottom felt grew to a very painful throbbing.  When it was over, she just stayed there, with her burning bottom still being presented, as she felt her chair touch the back of her legs and was told to sit.  She winced through the pain as she sat as gingerly as she ever had in her life.  She continued to cry as he filled out a form and then pushed it across the desk and told her to sign it.  She wiped away the tears, signed the form, and was then dismissed.  She walked out of his office to see the eyes of every student and staff member in the office staring at her as she still wiped the tears from her eyes.  With her bottom feeling the results of her behavior, she walked to her locker and put her cell phone inside.

teen sore from her school paddling

A very sore teen bottom.

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