Paddled in the Hallway by the Teacher

It may come as a surprise to many people, but there are still many schools in the US in which corporal punishment with a paddle is not only common, but teachers are also allowed to paddle students.  There is no pink slip, no being sent to the office, the naughty young lady is simply walked out into the hall to be paddled.

high school girl paddled in the hallway

After more than one warning for classroom disruptions, these two young ladies are pulled from class and taken to the hallway.

In general, most schools have a policy that the student cannot be paddled in the classroom in the full view of the other students, so the walk into the hallway is typically a requirement.  While this may add a little bit of “privacy” and take things out of view, it does not mean that this is not heard by all the students, in not only that classroom, but all of the classrooms within earshot.

school paddling in the hallway from a teacher

There is no need for a discussion, or to try to figure what happened, as he witnessed the behavior himself. All that is left to do is for them to present their bottoms for the paddle.

This adds a very public element to her paddling, as in many cases when a paddling takes place in the school office, no one really knows about it.  A student is generally sent to the office and then returns to class, with none of the other students knowing the outcome.  But when she is paddled in the hallway, everyone knows who was paddled and get to listen to their reactions.

teen girl school paddling from teacher

As much as she would like to keep quiet, with full force paddle swats, she cannot help but cry out for all to hear.

Even more difficult and embarrassing for the young lady who was paddled, there is no walk back to class from the office, or a stop in the bathroom to compose herself or fix her makeup.  The moment the paddling is over she is walked right back into class in whatever emotional state she happens to be in.  Many young ladies have made the very embarrassing return to class with tears still streaming down her cheeks.  This adds to the overall effectiveness of the paddling and serves as a warning to others.

high school paddling caught on video

After the maximum number of licks that are allowed, it is time for her partner in crime to present her bottom.

As a result of most hallways not having furniture, it also changes the typical positioning for her paddling.  In most US high schools, in which a paddling is administered in the principal’s office, it is common for a student to be told to bend over the desk.  In the hall, there are only a few options.  Students are generally required to bend over and grab their ankles or knees, or to place their hands on a wall or a locker and present their bottom to be paddled.

big bottomed girl gets paddled at school

Just as with her friend, she cannot help but cry out as each severe swat digs deep into her bottom.

As you can imagine, in schools in which any teacher can have a paddle in their classroom, and are well known to use it often, students tend to be on their best behavior.  It is one thing when their behavior may lead to being sent to the office, where choices are presented…such as detention or in-school suspension, in lieu of a paddling, but far different than a paddling on the spot.

high school girl paddled at school

The moment that the last swat is applied, she is made to stand up and go right back into the classroom.

Even if they take a paddling in the school office, it is a far different experience in the privacy of the office than in the hallway with everyone listening.  In such cases, the word travels fast and by the end of the next period, everyone will know.  This often leads to teasing from other students and the overall embarrassment of getting spanked at school.

high school girl paddled to tears

With the eyes still sparkling with tears, they know every pair of eyes in the classroom is about to be on them.

These animations come from the very real school paddling videos in the member’s area of

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