The Wooden School Paddle

For many generations, spanking has been an effective method for providing discipline to naughty young ladies.  Corporal punishment provided within the home is traditionally done so with objects that have been found to be effective, but not purpose-made for spanking.  For at least a few generations, naughty young ladies have found themselves on the receiving end of belts, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, and switches.

Teen girl high school  paddling

Taking heavy swats on her tiny bottom.

teen girl school paddling

The results of her school paddling are quite clear.

Corporal punishment within schools is not a new development and has been around for more than 100 years.  In Scotland they use the Tawse, and in England and many Asian countries, the cane is the implement of choice.  It was within the US school system that paddles became the preferred tool of discipline.  As with the Tawse, this was a purpose-built instrument designed for exactly one reason…to being as much pain as possible to the clothed backsides of naughty students.  It is a great equalizer in that it does not manner what a student is wearing, results are achieved regardless.

high school corporal punishment

Even over jeans and panties, she will be feeling every bit of her school paddling.

teen paddled at school

She will indeed be feeling it for quite some time.

Many spanking implements gain their effectiveness as a result of the amount of sting provided, making them better suited for home-based punishments in which a bottom can be bared.  In the public school environment, a student is paddled over whatever they happen to be wearing at the time and bottoms are never bared, so administrators required an implement that provided much more thud than sting, hence the popularity of the heavy wooden school paddle. A paddle does not require contact with bare skin to be effective.  The goal of a proper school paddling is to compress the skin with each swat and make direct contact with the underlying muscles of the bottom.

paddled at school

It seems she chose the wrong day to wear yoga pants.

paddled in the classroom

These two young ladies were kept after class for a proper school paddling.

bruised butt from school paddling

They will be sitting gingerly for the next 24 hours.

Unlike a handspanking, or a belt spanking in which there is tremendous sting involved that often fades fast, a paddling makes deep contact with the muscles.  The pain is far different at the time, but the results last much longer.  A proper handspanking might last for minutes at a time in order to achieve the desired results, but school teachers, coaches, and administrators have learned that as few as 3-4 swats can quickly solve most disciplinary problems.  Even better, and unlike a handspanking, the overall results of a proper paddling is a bruised bottom that remains sore for a couple of days.

The longterm soreness is an important component of a paddling.  For the young lady who is handspanked at home, yes, her bottom might burn for a few minutes after her spanking, and certainly burned during the spanking, but within 30 minutes she is only left with a warm glow and the punishment is well behind her.  The act of spanking her bottom was the punishment, and when the spanking is complete the punishment is pretty much over.  With a proper school paddling, as short as the paddling might actually be, the punishment lasts much longer than a typical spanking.

Many young ladies, even if they find themselves in tears during their school paddling, tend to believe that the punishment is over when the paddling is complete, and maybe was not even all that bad.  The act of receiving hard paddle swats concentrated on one spot on her bottom forces the body to provide endorphins quickly.  The pain is tremendous and the body fights back quickly by combating the pain through the release of endorphins.  This is often why some describe the end of a school paddling as not being so bad as their bottom went numb.  Many young ladies find themselves leaving the school office after their paddling with numb, or barely sore bottoms and think that they are in the clear.

paddled over yoga pants

Even with a bigger bottom, you can see the paddle make deep contact with the muscles in her bottom.

bruised from high school corporal punishment

There is no doubt she learned a real lesson today.

The biggest benefit of the use of a school paddle is when the endorphins begin to settle down.  As she sits through her next class and some of the numbness goes away she begins to feel the true power of a school paddle.  Her bottom is not fine, the punishment is not over, and she quickly realizes it is just beginning.  The aching and pulsating of her now tender bottom starts to present itself fully.  Had it been simply a handspanking, she would be in the clear, as her bottom feels better as every minute passes. But with each minute after her paddling, it will only get worse.  She will feel it with every step, every movement…and especially when she finds herself sitting at a hard wooden school desk.

As with a proper gym workout, the soreness and the stiffness of her bottom continues to get worse, especially the day after.  The 1st morning after her paddling, as she wakes up, she is going to quickly realize how much worse the soreness is.  Not only will she realize how sore she is, but she will also realize why.  Her behavior from the previous day is not simply forgotten as the punishment continues to be effective.  With every step, and with every seat she sits on that day, she is going to be reminded of her behavior and the consequences for her actions.

grabbing her ankles for a school paddling

Required to grab their ankles brings the muscles closer to the surface making the paddling even more effective.

school paddling

Now her partner in crime’s turn.

They will be feeling this for a while.

A wooden school paddle is made for a singular purpose…to teach a proper lesson.  It works equally well over jeans and panties, a dress, a skirt, or shorts.  While it may only involve a few swats and is generally short in duration, it quickly makes the point to the student that their behavior was unacceptable.  The punishment is two-fold in that she experiences a tremendous amount of pain while it is being applied and this pain does not go away.  Not only does it not go away, but it also continues to build over the next 24 hours.  As an added bonus to the disciplinary process, even when the soreness begins to settle, she will still see the marks of her behavior every time she looks at her bottom for a week.

All the animations in this post are from recent scenes in the member’s area of You will see very realistic school paddling scenes with the benefit of being able to see the bare bottom results.

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