School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle

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A severe high school paddling when required

In the good old days, it was little less of a hassle to apply corporal punishment to a young lady’s bottom in the high school setting.  In the Southern states, pretty much any teacher that wanted a paddle had one in their classroom to use at their discretion.  As times changed fewer teachers had their own paddle so physical punishment was limited to being applied by coaches and administrators.  As more time passed, with administration more involved than ever in corporal punishment polices, school paddlings became an event that only took place in the school principal, or vice principal’s office.

high school corporal punishment paddling

Hard paddle swat to her teen butt will teach her a lesson for days.

For one particular administrator this led to him being far more busy as a result of having to handle each and every case of discipline within the high school.  He soon found his days filled with a stream of students at his office door waiting for him to evaluate whatever transgression they had committed.  He appreciated the simpler times when coaches and teaches were allowed to make their own judgment calls and apply the appropriate punishment.  The time finally came when he could no longer handle it all on his own, so he reached out to the staff and made one point very clear…if you have a student that you are sending to me that needs to be paddled, just make a notation on their disciplinary referral and they will be paddled, no questions asked.

Texas girl paddled in high school by the principal

Hard licks over her gym shorts are producing the desired effect.

This policy really sped up the overall process of having a student in his office.  He trusted the teachers and coaches, and he had hired many of them himself.  If they had a student that was causing problems, creating disruptions, or just had a total disregard for the rules, then they could make the decision for that student to get their butt worn out, even if they could not do it themselves.  Now when a student sat down his desk and nervously pushed their pink slip across the desk to him, if he saw a notation that read “licks” or “swats” then he knew without a doubt that this bottom needed to be bruised.

school paddling texas high school

Slow motion really shows the impact of the paddle, producing bruising and soreness deep down into her tiny bottom.

He did not have to consult their file, look up past offenses, or really ask them much in the way of what they did or how they felt about it.  He knew that 10 years ago he would not ever have even heard about this offense, or maybe even have ever met that student.  The problem would have been corrected in the school hallway or in the locker room and there would be no paperwork involved in the first place.  With their options now limited, the teachers were putting their trust in him to solve the problem in the exact method they would like him to use.

young teen school corporal punishment

Those leggings are offering very little protection as the giant paddle punishes her bottom.

This made his life a lot simpler and made the process of discipline much swifter and effective.  If two high school seniors got in a fight during gym class, and the coach felt they needed to be paddled for the offense, she simply needed to fill out two pink slips, fill in the offense, and add “***hard licks***”.  As he looks at the pink slips the offense and punishment are as clear as day.  He job now is as easy as grabbing the appropriate paddle and getting to work.  It does not matter to him the age of the girl, the size of the girl, her grades, her attitude or anything else.  He is simply the executioner for a crime that has already been committed and the judgment already handed down.

bruised butts from school paddling

When we take a look beneath their gym clothes we are able to see how good of a job he actually did. These tiny teen butts will be sore for days and a lesson was clearly learned.

The only judgment really required for him now is how to apply as much pain as possible to these teen bottoms to prevent the problem from occurring again.  He knows from experience that having them each grab their ankles for the paddling will make it far more effective.  It is too bad for them that they got in trouble in gym as the shorts and leggings they are wearing are going to do very little to protect their tiny bottoms.  It does not matter to him that they are females, when he swings a paddle for discipline he swings for the fences.  He knows ten good licks as hard as he can are far more effective as a preventative measure than ten medium swats.  He knows that bruised bottoms equals results, so bruises will always be the goal.  The days of being effected by a young lady’s tears or pleading and crying are way behind him. Tears demonstrate to him that he is doing his job well, so the more tears the better, and is he is not getting them, he will just have to work harder at his job.  His life at school has become so much easier now that he can just focus on the job of paddling the bottoms of young ladies in need.

A job well done

A job well done

The post was illustrated from an severe paddling, filmed in HD, exclusively in the member’s area of

Properly presenting her teen bottom to be paddled in high school

Unless a young lady found herself in trouble the day before at school, and was sentenced to a paddling the next day, she never gets up that morning planning on being paddled.  How she dresses and what she wears is based solely on fashion and how her clothes make her look.  It will not be until later that very day that she realizes that her bottom is going to be on display in a manner she never intended.  That very bottom will not only be on display, she will be presenting it in a manner, directed by someone else, for the sole purpose of having a very painful stimulus applied to it.

teen school girl paddling

A teen girl presenting her bottom for a hard high school paddling.

The presentation of a young lady’s bottom, for her punishment, is an essential part of the school corporal punishment process.  First of it, it is simply functional in nature.  She will not be receiving her punishment from a parent, this will be an authorized school official, and beyond the ability to paddle her, this individual is not allowed to lay a hand on her in any way.  This is not at home with a mother trying to hold her daughter in place for a long bare bottom session with the belt, this is a school environment.  And while this school official is indeed allowed to present a great deal of pain to this young lady’s bottom, any form of restraint is against the law.

high school corporal punishment paddling of a teen girl

She has had enough time to sit and think about the paddling she is about to receive. All that is left is for her to present her bottom and to receive her paddling.

In order for this paddling to be safe and effective, the young lady must do exactly as she is told and assume the position that the person administering the paddling feels will serve the best purpose.  When choosing the position there are several factors that must be considered.  The most important factor is what position will allow for the firm application of corporal punishment which will create the most discomfort.  As a general rule, the more she is bent over, the more the paddling will hurt and the more bruised her bottom will be.  Care has to be taken for a position to be chosen that also allows her some stability so that severe swats can be administered while she still maintains her balance.

paddled at school for smoking

These two young ladies were caught smoking on the school grounds. They are immediately required to present their bottoms for a school paddling that they will never forget.

Other factors may indeed play into the choice of positions, such as embarrassment level, vulnerability, and the general discomfort of the position.  The whole process is supposed to be a punishment, not just the paddling alone, so the choice of a particularly uncomfortable position, that she is required to maintain both before and after her paddling, can be quite effective.  A position that leaves her feeling embarrassed and vulnerable can also add to the overall discomfort of the experience.  I assure you that a young lady that is simply required to lay over the edge of a desk for a quick paddling, versus one that is required to grab her ankles and hold that position, both before and after her paddling, will have a more negative experience than the first example.

young teen school corporal punishment

She knows that the results of presenting her tiny teen butt to that giant paddled are going to be rough.

The absolute most important factor when it comes to a high school girl presenting her bottom to be paddled is that of her acknowledging her guilt and submitting to her punishment.  She has acted in a way that led to this punishment being assigned to her, it is hers to own completely.  It is a result of her behavior that she is there in the first place, and now that she has been found guilty of her transgressions, it is time to pay the price.  Unfortunately for her, she is in a school system in which paying the price can indeed mean getting her bottom spanked at school.  Once again, this is not a parental spanking, no one is going to hold her down, she is going to have to own the whole thing and present her bottom to be paddled.

paddled over tight jeans school

She had no idea that she would be presenting her bottom to be paddled when she squeezed into those tight jeans this morning.

There is not another situation in the world in which a grown man or women can tell her not only to bend over, but exactly how to bend over, and present her bottom in the exact manner that the person requires.  It is not an easy process for the young lady to force herself to engage in.  First of all, chances are she does not really want this person looking at her bottom.  When she squeezed her bottom into those skin tight jeans, or daisy duke shorts that morning, this was the last thing she imagined happening.  But now here she is, presenting her bottom is a very sensual way, but it is certainly not being done for her pleasure.  Before she is even told to bend over, there is a good chance that she has already seen the paddle that will be used on her.  It is no easy feat to present her bottom, knowing that in moments the heavy wooden paddle is going to be applied forcefully to her teen bottom.

school girl presenting her bottom for a paddling

Perfectly presenting her teen bottom for a school paddling.

But she knows she is guilty of her crime and therefore she now has to be punished, regardless of how she feels about it.  With every ounce of energy she has, she simply wants to run from that office, but she finds herself standing up out of her chair as she was told.  She wants to cry as she looks at the paddle on his desk, knowing how very much it is going to hurt.  It is almost an out of body experience and she hears him tell her to assume a wide stance and to bend over and grab her ankles.  Fight or flight are still doing battle in her head as she finds herself with her hands on her ankles.  She is now acutely aware that the only thing that seems to exist in this new world in her bottom and that paddle.  She feels how tight her pants feel against her bottom as she maintains this position.  She seems him standing behind her, paddle in hand, looking at her petite teen bottom.  She knows that he is not admiring the view, instead he is considering how to produce as much pain as possible.   She flinches as the paddle touches her tight bottom and then it begins.

These examples may just be animations, but I assure you the videos that they come from are as real as it gets.  Below are the results of the paddlings that each of these girls received.  Full force, school corporal punishment over jeans, leading to very bruised and sore bottoms exclusively from