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The results from a real school paddling

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

How her bottom looks after being paddled at school

It happens every single day in the US.  A high school student is sent to the office, or pulled out into the hallway, or invited into the coaches office.  The purpose is quite specific, it is because she is in trouble.  This is no ordinary trip to the office.  There will not be any detention, nor will she be suspended.  This will not result in simply a stern lecture or just a warning.  This offense, this time, is going to be something completely different. She is going to get a school paddling.

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

The school paddle leaves very clear marks

Other methods have been used and they have all failed, she just can’t seem to keep out of trouble.  Today she is going to bend over the desk, or maybe place her hands on the lockers, or worse, she might be required to bend over and grab her ankles.  A piece of wood, specially constructed for this occasions is going to be used.  Chances are it was made in the wood shop, by the shop teacher.  Constructed in a manner that is guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression on her bottom.  It will be long and wide, big enough that with each swat it covers her entire bottom.  It will be thick enough to hit with a thud that she feels deep into her muscles.

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

Rubbing her bottom after being paddled at school

The coach, teacher, or school administrator is going to make sure that the paddling is administered to the very best of their ability.  There is no point in having to spank her bottom with the paddle again.  They try there very best to make sure that this is the last paddling she ever receives.  This is accomplished by taking this special piece of wood and putting it to work. She must be paddled hard and she must receives as many swats as this occasion calls for.  She is going to cry, that is much of the point.  School corporal punishment is all about her bottom receiving the maximum amount of pain required.

Checking her bruised bottom at home

Being that all school paddling takes place over clothing, what state is her bottom in when it is over?  If the job was done well, her bottom will be bruised.  When she returns to class after her paddling, when she tries to sit down, it should be clear to every student that she was just paddled. She should wince as her bruised bottom makes contact with the hard desk.  If it was the kind of paddling she should have received, she will be feeling that same discomfort in every class for the next couple of days.

Two girls compare bottoms after being paddled at school

When she gets home that day from school and looks at her bottom in the mirror, she will once again be reminded or her transgressions.  Her bottom should now be a dark purple, showing the effects of every stroke of the paddle.  That color is the color of a successful lesson having been learned. But unfortunately for her, the school is required to call home every time a young lady bends over for the paddle. So on this occasion, the lesson is only half over.

Paddled at school, soon to be paddled by dad.

She stares at her bruised bottom and knows that in less than an hour that dad will be home.  He parents policy has always been “paddled at school, paddled at home”.  Her dad always paddles longer, and certainly paddles harder than what she gets at school.  Add in the fact that it will be on her already bruised butt…she is already fighting off the tears. Thirty minutes later she hears his car pull into the driveway.  She can hear a muffled exchange between her parents through her door, and then she hears his footsteps coming down the hall.  Her door opens, he has the paddle in his hand, and she knows exactly what is about to happen.

A Properly Paddled Bottom will be Bruised

school paddling corporal punishment 1

A hard school paddling

Let’s be realistic when we look at the application of corporal punishment in a school setting.  If we are dealing with an 18 year old, high school senior, and her actions have led her to a point in her life where she needs a school paddling, it should not be a gentle affair.  She is now a legal age adult and should be held fully accountable for her actions.  If she is in a school system in which school paddling is still an option, that means she grew up in the South.

school paddling corporal punishment 2

Grabbing her bruised bottom after her school paddling

Southern girls grew up getting their pretty bottoms spanked at home by both mom and dad.  They are not only used to getting spanked, paddled, and strapped at home, but there is a good chance that they got it on the bare.  To really make an impression with the school paddle over jeans and panties, we cannot go light with our swing.  This is school corporal punishment and it needs to be a very memorable event.  If done properly, she will remember it for months to come.

A hard school paddling to be remembered

A hard school paddling to be remembered

There are many aspects that make it effective…the lecture, the build up to the punishment itself, a great sense of anticipation, fear, dread, and even embarrassment.  Being an almost grown woman and having to present your bottom to a school administrator can indeed be an embarrassing event. But the most important element of an effective punishment, the one that will prevent this young lady from ever exhibiting this type of behavior again is pain.

school paddling corporal punishment 4

Her friend was just paddled at school, next it is her turn.

There is no need to pretend otherwise or to sugar coat the whole process.  The entire purpose of a school paddling is to provide pain to a young ladies’ bottom.  We want to provide enough pain that they not only learn a lesson, but to ensure we eliminate the undesirable behavior completely.  We do not provide a warm-up, there are no gentle swats at the beginning, we want a burning bottom and tears from the very 1st swat with the school paddle.  Tears alone are not enough to teach a lesson.  The bottom must be left very, and I mean, VERY sore.

school paddling corporal punishment

Her bottom was just paddled at school

A bruised bottom always heals, but a trouble maker who is not punished the right way, may grow up to get into further trouble, and even end up in jail.  Keep this in mind as you raise that paddle high in the air.  This is for her own good.  A hard paddling prevents bad behavior in the future.  Difficulty sitting down as a result of a bruised bottom, from a very real school paddling, sends a message to the brain that says “BE GOOD”.

You are not doing her any favors be going easy on her. Grab the paddle, pick the heavy one, the one with maximum impact.  Make her bend over in a manner that gets her tailbone out of the way (we may paddle hard, but we never injure).  Pick the minimum amount of licks required to do the job, then add three.  Remind her to stay in position and then do your job, and do it to the best of your ability.  Swing that paddle hard and make it count.  Focus on making her behind burn like it never has before. Make even that 1st swat enough to teach her a lesson.  You hear her cry out, you see the tears start, but you do not let these thing slow you down.  You give her another 5, administered in exactly the same manner.  You know that we are bruising her bottom, we know that she will not sit down for a few days, we know that we are making an impression. It is our job to teach her and guide her through life…the sore bottom and tears are going to help.

The pictures from this post come from real school paddling scenes filmed by the leader in school corporal punishment paddling videos.  They currently have 269 exclusive videos in their member’s area that feature corporal punishment with a large wooden school paddle.  Most of these scenes feature realistic school paddling, but many others involves the use of a wooden paddle over panties, and dozens upon dozens of a young lady receiving a bare bottom paddling.  Like this post, a good portion of their paddling videos involve real tears and bruised bottoms.  For the very best in paddling videos, visit them today at

Teen Jessica Paddled, Reality, and Recreations

A very interesting twist on a spanking website is that of Spanking Teen Jessica.  In the early years she was quite active in the updates on her site and she often wrote true accounts or her childhood spankings that took place at both school and at home.  There are very details accounts of what it was like to be raised in a small religious town where corporal punishment was the typical form of discipline for most kids.  What makes her videos even more interesting is the fact that while she received strict discipline growing up, she did not enjoy it in any way.  However, as she grew just a little older, and once the parental aspect of her spankings were removed, she began to develop a spanking fetish. This allowed her to begin to explore the desire to be spanked on video, but more importantly, she went back and recreated much of what she received growing up, on video for us to see.  The school paddlings she recreates are among the best ever filmed, with every attention given to exactly how she was paddled all through high school, by the school VP, a couple of teachers, and a coach.  She writes detailed accounts of these paddlings and then films them just as they took place.  Below is the intro text she wrote regarding being paddled by the VP.  On the site she gets into much more detail as to some of the individual paddlings she received at his hands.

From Jessica herself:

paddled in front of a witness

Being paddled in the presence of a witness.

“Our VP was a very educated man, surprisingly so for a small town school.  He held two Master’s degrees and was working part-time towards his Ph.D..  As a result, he was a highly respected man in our community.  His paddlings were legendary and meant a very sore bottom for anyone involved.  In the lower grades he paddled just like the teachers.  Unlike the upper school student who had to come back at the end of the day for their paddlings, he paddled the lower grades on the spot.  This consisted of him putting one leg on a chair and lifting you over his knee.  He then paddled your bottom hard and fast with both your arms and legs off the ground.  He did not give it to the lower students like the upper students, but you still got it from him much harder than a teacher would.

Grabbing her ankles for a padding at school

Grabbing her ankles for a padding at school

If you were sentenced a paddling from him while in the upper grades, you had to come back after school at 3:30 and be paddled then.  This gave you a whole day to think about how bad your paddling would be.  Another aspect was that if you found yourself sent to his office for any reason, your parents were called.  There was not a single time I was sent to his office that I was not paddled.  Really the only other form of punishment he gave was a paddling followed by an at home suspension.

The paddling line outside of his office was the worst.  You had to stand there and listen as all of the other student get it.  Most of those who had done this before rushed to the office after to class to be first in line.  It was much better to get it over with and be out of there.  I have stood in line where I was the only person there and all the way up to as many as 10 students in line.  The larger groups tended to happen on days that there were dress code checks.  He would announce over the loud speaker that all teachers with students in violation of the dress code were to send them to the office.  If he agreed you were dressed other than what was specified in the code, you were invited back that afternoon.

Paddled by a female teacher

Getting a paddle from a female teacher

Every Friday, the VP went to class of his own while he worked on his Ph.D.  On these days there was a teacher that was in charge of disciplinary referrals to his office.  This was on a rotating schedule and you never knew who was going to be there on Fridays.

The VP’s paddlings can only be described as brutal.  He hit you with everything he had and there were always deep bruises as a result. Unlike the teachers, he could give you as many licks as he felt like for your offense.  If he saw you twice in one year for the same offense, you knew you were in for a long punishment.  If he was able to paddle me bare, it would have been just as intense as I got at home.  I am sure I got it a little worse than the other girls did from him.  He and my dad were close friends and sat on the City Council together.  I am

Recreating a very real school tears!

Recreating a very real school tears!

sure my dad had had the same talk with him as he had had every year with my teachers.  I am honestly surprised that he never told me to raise my dress I am almost sure my dad had given him permission.”

You can watch the full video from any of these school paddling recreations and dozens more at

If you have any doubt regarding the realism and severity of the paddlings in these school corporal punishment recreations, take a look at her butt after a ten swat school paddling scene.

bruised butt from a hard school paddling

The results of a very real school paddling

18 and Paddled at School for the very 1st time

Knowing she is about to be paddled

Entering the office to be paddled

She transferred from a West coast school to a school in Oklahoma, the summer before her senior year, as a result of her dad getting a new job.  She still remembers sitting in the office as her mom filled out all of the paperwork to enroll her in this high school that seemed so foreign to her.  Her mom smiled a little as she signed one piece of paper in particular and told her daughter that she better be good at this school.  She saw that the paper was labeled “corporal punishment authorization”.  She was honestly confused by what that meant.  She thought that is could mean spanking, but assumed she must be confused.  That night she looked it up on the and realized that it did mean spanking.

Bent over waiting to be paddled at school

Bending in over in her tight jeans for a school paddling

She asked her mom why she had signed the form and her mom told her “to keep you out of trouble this year”.  She had never been spanked in her life and could not imagine having some teacher give her a hand spanking at school. Te whole idea seemed quite silly to her and she never gave it a second thought.

Less than three months later she found herself in the principal’s office for the second time that year as a result of multiple tardies.  The first time he had been very understanding as she was a new student and he let her off with a warning.  This time he was quite stern with her and made it clear that he was not happy, especially since he had let her off without being punished last time.

Feeling the sting of the paddle

Feeling the sting of the paddle

He stated that the typical punishment for excessive tardies was three “licks”. This caught her off guard as she did not know what a lick was. She asked him and he clarified that it was three swats with a paddle.  Her heart sank as it all started to become more clear to her.  He opened his drawer and showed her a large wooden paddle, so she would know exactly what he was discussing with her. Her mind went right to the form her mom had filled out and she realized that she may be about to be spanked for the 1st time in her life.

beginning to cry from her school paddling

The paddle brings tears

He began to fill out a form and she found the courage to ask “you are going to hit me three times with that”?  He took a moment and clarified that corporal punishment was to be administered by a same sex staff member, so he would not be paddling her.  He informed her that she would be sent to see the female gym coach during lunch and that she would paddle her.  In addition, she would be receiving three strokes for these tardies and an additional three strokes from the previous tardies.  He saw that offense as a “suspended sentence” and since she did not adjust her behavior, she would receive both paddlings.  With that, all she could do was stare at the paddle on the desk and wonder what that was going to feel like.  He gave her the form and told her where to report to at the beginning of her lunch period.  He reminded her to start getting to class on time.

She tried to focus for the next class period but all she could imagine was what was about to happen.  The lunch bell finally rang, and with the form in hand, and dread in her heart, she walked to the coaches office.  She entered the office and the female coach asked for the form.  In a very matter of fact and almost pleasant way, she stated “OK hun, looks like you have six swats coming, let’s do this quick so you have time for lunch”.  While she was scared to death that she was actually having a conversation that involved someone hitting her bottom with a board, this lady that she had never met before, was being quite nice about the whole thing, so maybe it would not be so bad.

Crying from her school paddling

School Corporal Punishment works

She was instructed to bend over and put her hands on the chair and to not move at all.  The coach then opened a drawer and pulled out a paddle that looked just like the one she had been staring at in the principal’s office.  The coach approached her and once again reminded her that she had “six licks” coming.

She felt the paddle touch her skin tight jeans for a moment, there was a brief pause, and then she heard what sounded like a gunshot go off.  Milliseconds later, the pain from the first swat registered with her brain and she could not believe how much it hurt. She started to stand, but felt the firm touch of the coach pushing her back into position.  She was told “you have to stay still or it will be unsafe”.  The tears began and a moment later the second swat landed on her throbbing bottom.  The tears became full out crying and she begged for the strength to get though four more.  She gripped the chair tight as the next one landed.  She felt the strength being sucked out of her and she wanted to just collapse onto the floor.  The pain was so much more than she could ever have imagined.  Blinded by her tears she suffered through the last three.

A bruised bottom and a lesson learned at school

A bruised bottom and a lesson learned at school

As quickly as it had begun, it was over. She dropped to her knees and cried for a moment.   The coach put the paddle away and was still pleasant with her approach.  She helped the young lady up and said “all right hun, we are all done here.  Get yourself to the bathroom, get cleaned up, and get to lunch”.  She punctuated it all with “I am guessing we will not be meeting under these circumstances again, will we”?  The young lady was quite surprised at how easily she found the words that she rarely had used before…”yes Ma’am”.

This story was told using the images from a spanking video in which Sarah is paddled to tears in a school paddling recreation, from the member’s area of, the most realistic school paddling videos ever filmed.

School Paddling in the Lunge Position

Assuming the lunge position for her school paddling

In the many states in America in which school corporal punishment is still utilized, there are various positions used when a young lady receives a paddling.

Cheerleader paddled at school

Being bent over a desk in the school principal’s office is one of the most common.  For paddlings that occur in the hallway, being administered by a teacher, high school students are often required to grab their ankles or put their hands on their knees.

Paddled in the office

When a heavy wooden school paddle is being used, the young lady should indeed be bent in some way, as it raises her tailbone and gets it out of the way for the paddling.

Paddled in gym class on her panties

A quite unique position that is used less often is the lunge position.  This position serves many purposes and is quite effective.  When a serious lesson must be taught and a severe paddling is required, this position allows the young lady more stability with her stance.  If she was simply grabbing her ankles, an extra hard swat with the paddle could knock her forward.  In the lunge position her hands are on the ground and it would be very difficult for her to fall forward, even with the largest paddle and hardest swing.

A stable position for a serious paddling

When laying over a desk and a serious swat is applied to her 18 year old bottom, it is almost standard reaction to put the hands back.  This poses a safety issues as we would never want to strike her hands with the paddle.  With her hands on the floor supporting much of her weight, it makes it impossible for her hands to get in the way during her paddling.

Another reason is that the position is quite uncomfortable and does not allow her to relax the slightest bit before, during, or after her paddling.  Nothing reminds a young lady of her actions prior to a school paddling than having to assume the lunge position and stick her tight bottom high into the air for a paddling.

Paddled at School Together

Paddled at school with a friend

Most schools have very detailed corporal punishment policies that spell out exactly how a school paddling is to take place.  Often is requires a same sex teacher or administrator to administer the paddling.  Some policies require a witness to be present, and other policies state that a student shall not be paddled in front of another student.

waiting for the first swat

They exchange a look knowing how much this 1st swat is going to hurt.

There are however, situation that call for the discipline of a student in front of others.  Sometimes it is required when a large group has not been on their best behavior and an example needs to be set.  Nothing serves as a better deterrent than to see a young lady brought up to the front of the classroom for a hard paddling to tears. This makes it very easy for other students to wonder exactly how bad it hurts, and at the very least make them pledge to themselves that they never want to find out.

Butts in the air waiting to be paddled

Bent and waiting for their school paddling

One of the biggest reasons to apply a school paddling in the presence of other students is if they are all being paddled. It has often been said that girls who play together must pay together and this stands true in the school environment. If three girls all decide to skip school together and have a day of fun instead of learning, then it makes sense that they should all have to line up, place their hands on their knees, and have their little bottoms paddled as a group.  There is no reason to give them the courtesy of a private paddling in the Principal’s office.  Being paddled in front of your friends is more

They take turns getting a school paddling

embarrassing.  Each girl wants to act tough, but as the searing pain of each severe swats burns into her bottom, it becomes hard to hold back the tears. One by one, they each scream out as the principal moves down the line.  Just when they think it’s over they realize that she has moved to the end of the line and is giving them each another round with the paddle.  As they leave the office, each with a very bruised bottoms they share that look that says that they will not be skipping school anymore.  With tears still in their eyes, they walk back to class, a very real lesson having been learned as a result of a school paddling.

These group school paddling scenes come from the videos in the member’s areas of:
Spanking Teen Jessica
Spanking Teen Brandi