A Properly Paddled Bottom will be Bruised

school paddling corporal punishment 1

A hard school paddling

Let’s be realistic when we look at the application of corporal punishment in a school setting.  If we are dealing with an 18 year old, high school senior, and her actions have led her to a point in her life where she needs a school paddling, it should not be a gentle affair.  She is now a legal age adult and should be held fully accountable for her actions.  If she is in a school system in which school paddling is still an option, that means she grew up in the South.

school paddling corporal punishment 2

Grabbing her bruised bottom after her school paddling

Southern girls grew up getting their pretty bottoms spanked at home by both mom and dad.  They are not only used to getting spanked, paddled, and strapped at home, but there is a good chance that they got it on the bare.  To really make an impression with the school paddle over jeans and panties, we cannot go light with our swing.  This is school corporal punishment and it needs to be a very memorable event.  If done properly, she will remember it for months to come.

A hard school paddling to be remembered

A hard school paddling to be remembered

There are many aspects that make it effective…the lecture, the build up to the punishment itself, a great sense of anticipation, fear, dread, and even embarrassment.  Being an almost grown woman and having to present your bottom to a school administrator can indeed be an embarrassing event. But the most important element of an effective punishment, the one that will prevent this young lady from ever exhibiting this type of behavior again is pain.

school paddling corporal punishment 4

Her friend was just paddled at school, next it is her turn.

There is no need to pretend otherwise or to sugar coat the whole process.  The entire purpose of a school paddling is to provide pain to a young ladies’ bottom.  We want to provide enough pain that they not only learn a lesson, but to ensure we eliminate the undesirable behavior completely.  We do not provide a warm-up, there are no gentle swats at the beginning, we want a burning bottom and tears from the very 1st swat with the school paddle.  Tears alone are not enough to teach a lesson.  The bottom must be left very, and I mean, VERY sore.

school paddling corporal punishment

Her bottom was just paddled at school

A bruised bottom always heals, but a trouble maker who is not punished the right way, may grow up to get into further trouble, and even end up in jail.  Keep this in mind as you raise that paddle high in the air.  This is for her own good.  A hard paddling prevents bad behavior in the future.  Difficulty sitting down as a result of a bruised bottom, from a very real school paddling, sends a message to the brain that says “BE GOOD”.

You are not doing her any favors be going easy on her. Grab the paddle, pick the heavy one, the one with maximum impact.  Make her bend over in a manner that gets her tailbone out of the way (we may paddle hard, but we never injure).  Pick the minimum amount of licks required to do the job, then add three.  Remind her to stay in position and then do your job, and do it to the best of your ability.  Swing that paddle hard and make it count.  Focus on making her behind burn like it never has before. Make even that 1st swat enough to teach her a lesson.  You hear her cry out, you see the tears start, but you do not let these thing slow you down.  You give her another 5, administered in exactly the same manner.  You know that we are bruising her bottom, we know that she will not sit down for a few days, we know that we are making an impression. It is our job to teach her and guide her through life…the sore bottom and tears are going to help.

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