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Listening to her friends getting paddled in school and waiting her turn

high school girl paddled

Getting the news that they will all be suspended for bullying AND they will each be paddled before being sent home.

During the application of corporal punishment in the high school setting, there are typically very clear rules that have to be followed.  While sometimes these rules are overlooked a little, especially within the athletics department, in which the coaches tend to handle things on their own, for the most part school policies are followed pretty closely.

Typically school corporal punishment policies cover the following:
– Who may administer corporal punishment.
– How many swats can be given in a given day for a given offense.
– If the person applying the paddling has to be the same sex of the student being paddled.
– If a witness if required to be present during the paddling.
– If a student has to be paddled outside the view of other students.

The last rule, which is common to most schools, is the main reason that corporal punishment is no longer administered in the classroom.  In the good old days, if a student acted up in class they might find themselves bent over the teacher’s desk getting paddled right there in front of everyone.  Currently, in the schools in which teachers are still allowed to handle corporal punishment themselves, it is done in the hallway.  While no student is allowed to see this take place, several classrooms full of students get to hear it.

teen girl school paddling

They wait their turns as they listen to their friend getting her teen bottom paddled.

It is not uncommon for young ladies in the high school environment to find themselves getting into trouble together.  Most administrators will interview each girl individually, as this tends to break through the lies much quicker.  Once he has enough of the story, it is time to decide the proper disciplinary action to take.  For so many schools out there, corporal punishment is still the primary form of punishment.

school girl paddling

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part as they hear their friend sobbing during her paddling.

So let’s consider the four girls pictured in this post.  They have all bent sent to the vice principal’s office for the frequent bullying of another classmate.  This school has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, so they will get an automatic suspension of several days.  But as many administrators know, a suspension is often just a little vacation for the naughty girls in question, so they often choose to supplement a suspension with a good paddling.  They might get to miss a few days of school, but he is going to make sure that it is done with sore bottoms.

high school corporal punishment paddling girl

The paddling continues until there are four very sore bottoms.

As a group the consequences of their actions are explained to them and then they are all required to wait outside of his office.  While school policy requires that no student receive corporal punishment within view of other students, there is no policy that states that they cannot hear a paddling in progress.  He know the power of listening to a hard paddling, as a young lady breaks down in tears, with the rest of the girls knowing they are next.  It is often best to go first, as the anticipation of being paddled, while listening to the others being paddled, is often just as bad as the paddling itself.

high school corporal punishment

The look on their faces tell it all.

He takes this to the next level, to enhance the overall effect, by leaving the door open during the paddlings.  Each girl is just a few feet of their friends being paddled, but still within school policy by not being able to see a thing.  While they cannot see it, they can practically hear the paddle swishing through the air and they most certainly can hear the crack as a heavy wooden school paddle makes contact with a tight teen bottom.  But the scariest part of waiting, and listening, is to hear the effect the paddling is having.  It starts off with a few gasps and grunts, but eventually they hear their friends, ones that they are sure are tougher than them, slowly break down into tears, as the paddle begins to create the desired effect.

School Paddling Punishments

OUTSTANDING!!! Realspankings has just released a new 1 hour and 40 minute compilation of some of their very best school paddling videos.  Here is the description:

Paddled at school is a unique video that features scenes that recreates school corporal punishment as it is administered in real life throughout the Southern United States.  The paddlings administered in this video are very realistic, with many leading to tears.  You will witness the real reactions as young ladies feel the sting of a large wooden school paddle applied full force to their young bottoms.  Highlights of this video include:

–          14 separate scenes, with as many as 1-4 girls being paddled at a time.
–          13 different young ladies are paddled, by 3 different male administrators.
–          Traditional school positions are utilized including bent over a desk, grabbing ankles, hands on knees, and hands on the walls.
–          Most punishments are administered over tight jeans, but we have also included a locker room paddling over gym clothes, and two punishments that are applied on their bare bottoms.
–          As a bonus, some scenes show the after effects and the young ladies drop their pants and show their bruised and sore bottoms.
–          All of the school paddlings show you the face view and the butt view of the paddling, so you are able to see each girl’s unique reaction to her punishment.
–          This video is 1 hour and 40 minutes in length, with a total of 199 swats applied in a very severe manner.  These are not fun, or playful paddlings.  This is real corporal punishment, with very real school paddles, swung full force, leaving this young ladies with very sore and bruised bottoms for days.

Here is the trailer:

School Paddling Trailer

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

This video is available for as a PPV download for $15 at

A severe high school paddling when required

In the good old days, it was little less of a hassle to apply corporal punishment to a young lady’s bottom in the high school setting.  In the Southern states, pretty much any teacher that wanted a paddle had one in their classroom to use at their discretion.  As times changed fewer teachers had their own paddle so physical punishment was limited to being applied by coaches and administrators.  As more time passed, with administration more involved than ever in corporal punishment polices, school paddlings became an event that only took place in the school principal, or vice principal’s office.

high school corporal punishment paddling

Hard paddle swat to her teen butt will teach her a lesson for days.

For one particular administrator this led to him being far more busy as a result of having to handle each and every case of discipline within the high school.  He soon found his days filled with a stream of students at his office door waiting for him to evaluate whatever transgression they had committed.  He appreciated the simpler times when coaches and teaches were allowed to make their own judgment calls and apply the appropriate punishment.  The time finally came when he could no longer handle it all on his own, so he reached out to the staff and made one point very clear…if you have a student that you are sending to me that needs to be paddled, just make a notation on their disciplinary referral and they will be paddled, no questions asked.

Texas girl paddled in high school by the principal

Hard licks over her gym shorts are producing the desired effect.

This policy really sped up the overall process of having a student in his office.  He trusted the teachers and coaches, and he had hired many of them himself.  If they had a student that was causing problems, creating disruptions, or just had a total disregard for the rules, then they could make the decision for that student to get their butt worn out, even if they could not do it themselves.  Now when a student sat down his desk and nervously pushed their pink slip across the desk to him, if he saw a notation that read “licks” or “swats” then he knew without a doubt that this bottom needed to be bruised.

school paddling texas high school

Slow motion really shows the impact of the paddle, producing bruising and soreness deep down into her tiny bottom.

He did not have to consult their file, look up past offenses, or really ask them much in the way of what they did or how they felt about it.  He knew that 10 years ago he would not ever have even heard about this offense, or maybe even have ever met that student.  The problem would have been corrected in the school hallway or in the locker room and there would be no paperwork involved in the first place.  With their options now limited, the teachers were putting their trust in him to solve the problem in the exact method they would like him to use.

young teen school corporal punishment

Those leggings are offering very little protection as the giant paddle punishes her bottom.

This made his life a lot simpler and made the process of discipline much swifter and effective.  If two high school seniors got in a fight during gym class, and the coach felt they needed to be paddled for the offense, she simply needed to fill out two pink slips, fill in the offense, and add “***hard licks***”.  As he looks at the pink slips the offense and punishment are as clear as day.  He job now is as easy as grabbing the appropriate paddle and getting to work.  It does not matter to him the age of the girl, the size of the girl, her grades, her attitude or anything else.  He is simply the executioner for a crime that has already been committed and the judgment already handed down.

bruised butts from school paddling

When we take a look beneath their gym clothes we are able to see how good of a job he actually did. These tiny teen butts will be sore for days and a lesson was clearly learned.

The only judgment really required for him now is how to apply as much pain as possible to these teen bottoms to prevent the problem from occurring again.  He knows from experience that having them each grab their ankles for the paddling will make it far more effective.  It is too bad for them that they got in trouble in gym as the shorts and leggings they are wearing are going to do very little to protect their tiny bottoms.  It does not matter to him that they are females, when he swings a paddle for discipline he swings for the fences.  He knows ten good licks as hard as he can are far more effective as a preventative measure than ten medium swats.  He knows that bruised bottoms equals results, so bruises will always be the goal.  The days of being effected by a young lady’s tears or pleading and crying are way behind him. Tears demonstrate to him that he is doing his job well, so the more tears the better, and is he is not getting them, he will just have to work harder at his job.  His life at school has become so much easier now that he can just focus on the job of paddling the bottoms of young ladies in need.

A job well done

A job well done

The post was illustrated from an severe paddling, filmed in HD, exclusively in the member’s area of

414 School corporal punishment paddling videos

So you are visiting this blog which means that you like to see young ladies paddled in a school environment.  Chances are you want to see videos in which the paddlings administered are hard, yet realistic as to how corporal punishment is actually administered in the schools of America.  You are looking for videos in which the girls are close to the age of the girls who are paddled in high school.  You want to see good camera work, with a view of the young lady’s bottom as it is paddled, as well as a camera that shows her reactions as she is paddled.  Ideally the girls will have beautiful young bottoms and cute faces.  When the paddling is over, you want the young ladies to have marked bottoms and tears in their eyes.  What you don’t want is sites that promise something and do not deliver.  I spent the morning compiling some stats so you know exactly what you are going to get. is the membership that gives you access to all of the sites in the Realspankings networks.  What I wanted to know, is what exactly will you get from those sites that is specific to school paddling.  What I looked at were scenes that involve a wooden school paddle and one or more young ladies are paddled in a school environment.  Here is what I came up with:

four girls paddled in school

A four girl school paddling.– There are currently 163 school paddling scenes in their member’s area.  The majority of these are highly realistic school paddlings administered over clothing.  There are dozens of scenes in which one girl is paddled, and they have group scenes in which as many as five girls are paddled.  There are several scenes in which a bit of the realism is lost, as it involves bare bottom paddling.  For the highly realistic scenes in which a girl is paddled over clothing, there is generally an after shot of her lowering her pants and panties so you can see the results from a very realistic paddling.  Various positions are utilized for the school paddlings and there are spankers of both sexes paddling the girls.  The paddlings are generally very intense and it is clear that the person administering the paddling is paddling full force.  Every paddling seems to involve some degree of bruising and tears are not uncommon.  Clearly the standard for all school paddling videos and enough to keep you occupied for weeks.

school paddling girl

Pulled from gym and paddled at the Institute.– There are currently 152 school paddling videos in the member’s area.  Being that these scenes are based in an Institute environment, which involves dorm room punishments as well, I only counted scenes in which a young lady is paddled in the school office, gym, or classroom.  While the intensity of these scenes is very realistic, the majority of the paddlings do take place on the bare bottom.  So this is not your traditional high school type paddlings, but you do get to see dozens of young ladies lift their skirts and drop their panties for some very serious bare bottom discipline.  This is more in line with your traditional English discipline movies, only there is a much bigger emphasis on the use of a paddle rather than a cane.  As with, the punishments are hard and bruised bottoms and tears are quite common.

cheerleader paddled at school

A young cheerleader bending over to have her bottom paddled.– There are currently 28 school paddling scenes in the member’s area.  The school scenes on this site are a mix between very real looking school paddling scenes over clothing and less realistic bare bottom paddling scenes.  There is good use of costuming as well, with some fantastic cheerleader paddling scenes.  What I believe to be two of the best and most realistic school paddling scenes ever produced come from this site.  When this site first began, this young lady had only been out of high school for a couple of months, so the realism is greatly enhanced.  There are some videos on here in which she is paddled full force and bursts into tears immediately.  There is no faking what is seen in these videos, this is truly a young lady being punished in a very serious manner.

three girls paddled in high school

Three young ladies getting paddled together.– There are currently 36 school paddling videos in the member’s area.  One of the best parts of the video on this site is there are a lot of multi-girl paddlings.  It is a lovely site to see three young ladies, side by side and grabbing their ankles for their paddling.  As with the other sites there is some very hard hitting action that leads to very sore bottoms and very sorry young ladies.  The videos are about half and half with over the clothing paddling and bare bottom paddling.  There are a few videos on this site that need to be in the school paddling hall of fame.

high school cheerleader paddled

One cheerleader is paddled while the other waits her turn.– There are currently 26 school paddling videos in the member’s area.  She is a petite teen who also started making spanking videos just after turning 18.  She is also a young lady who actually grew up receiving school corporal punishment, which lasted all the way through high school.  When she shot her first school paddling videos, it had been less than 6 months since she had actually been paddled at school.  She has a tiny little bottom and it is really put to the test in the videos.  If you want to see what it really looks like when a large paddle is taken to a tiny teen bottom, then these are the videos for you.  She struggles through every paddling she receives and is often covered in sweat and crying her eyes out before the last swat lands. There are many highly realistic school paddlings in her member’s area, as many bare bottom school paddlings as well.

bare bottom school paddling

Kept after class for a skirt up, panties down, bare butt paddling.– There are currently 9 school paddling videos in the member’s area.  Most of the paddling in this member’s area are very hard and applied to her bare bottom.  These fall more into the English style discipline category, with her often being paddled while in a school uniform.  She really takes it hard and bruises and tears are the norm.

There are two other sites included with the but they are specific to otk spanking and punishments administered with a belt, so there are no school paddlings on those sites.  I have limited the information as to school paddling scenes, but all of these sites are huge and there is content for months.  For perspective, while has 163 scenes in which a paddling takes place in a school environment, if you do a search on the site for a spanking that is administered with a wooden paddle, there are 356 separate punishments.  As of the update this morning, on alone there are 1907 separate spanking scenes on the site, with another 1752 on

With 414 total school paddling videos currently online, you really can’t go wrong with the  Many are highly realistic and show school corporal punishment as it really exists in the schools of the US.  For those of you who want to see a little more, there are plenty of bare bottom school paddlings.  Regardless of the clothing, you can count on hard paddlings leading to bruised bottoms and crying young ladies.

A hard paddling for the high school girl to make sure she is sore for days

Paddling is used in high schools as a way to teach a young lady a lesson for inappropriate behavior that she has engaged in.  There are many variables that can make a paddling effective, but the main goal is the application of pain.  A successful paddling will involve as much pain as possible both during and after the paddling.  Assuming that a large and heavy paddle is used, and that each swat is applied with maximum force, let’s look at a way that a school paddling can be applied in the most successful way.

atwo high school girls waiting to be paddled

Waiting to be paddled at school

Here we have two young ladies, both in trouble for various school offenses, and they both need to have their bottoms paddled in a manner that will not only teach them a lesson, but will also discourage such behavior in the future.  One of the problems with a hard paddling with a heavy paddle is that after just a few swats a young lady’s bottom tends to go numb.

school girl paddled

The 1st half of their school paddling will be with them grabbing their knees

With both of these girls requiring 12 hard swats to their bottoms, he changes things up, and instead of giving them all 12 at once, therefore allowing their butts to be numb during part of their paddling; he has them switch places after the first three swats.  Once they have each had their three swats, he lets some time pass to assure that all of the feeling has returned to their bottoms.  While a hard paddling will indeed lead to them being sore for a long time, he wants to be sure that during the paddling itself that they are able to feel the full pain of each swat.  There is no point in paddling a bottom that is going numb if he is able to take the time to make it even more painful.

school corporal punishment paddling

Presenting her bottom nicely for corporal punishment.

Another technique that he uses, to assure maximum pain and effectiveness, is to alter the position that the girls are paddled in.  For the first three swats that the girls receive, he only has them put their hands on their knees.  This allows each hard paddle swat to primarily impact the skin and the first layer of muscles of their bottoms.  This allows for maximum sting, but without deep impact to the underlying muscles, it also cuts down on the amount of numbness they will experience at the beginning of their paddling.

school paddling girl

The look on her face as the paddle hits her bottom shows that she is learning

After two rounds of three swats each, with break in between to allow the numbness to go away, he chooses to target deeper muscles in their bottoms.  The first half of the paddling was designed to achieve maximum pain at that very moment, but for the second half the goal is to produce pain that will last as long as possible.  For any proper school paddling, a young lady’s body will produce endorphins to help combat the pain she is experiencing.  This generally means that towards the end of her paddling, or right after it is over, the body will do everything it can to make the pain easier for her to endure.  Yes, it will have been a very painful experience, and will likely have caused tears, but as soon as it is over, the pain seems to subside a lot as a result of the endorphins.

The whole purpose of the second half of the paddling is to make sure that when the endorphins begin to fade (usually within about 30 minutes) that she fully realize that the punishment is not only not over, but actually just beginning.  The way this is accomplished is by having these young ladies change their position slightly.  For the next three swats, they will not just have their hands on their knees; they are now required to grab their ankles.

high school girl bruised butt from a paddling

Required to grab her ankles for a school paddling, to assure a properly bruised bottom.

You can see from the animation above that this further tightens their bottoms, pressing the deep muscles closer to the surface, allowing the paddle to make a deeper impact.  A smack to just the skin only produces redness and stinging, while a swat to the deep muscle tissue produces bruising and long term soreness, which should always be the goal.  By having them grab their ankles he is able to rest assured that when their 30 minutes of endorphins wears off that they will becoming acutely aware of the paddling they received.

grabbing ankles for a paddling at school

By making her grab her ankles he knows the paddle will bruise her bottom nicely.

Just as before, after the three swats targeting the deep muscle tissue have been applied, he once again gives them a little break.  Hard swats to a young lady’s bottom, while she is grabbing her ankles, almost always results in some numbness.  He will allow an extra few minutes before the final round of three, to assure that they fully feel the last three swats.

For the final three swats, he chooses to have them bend even farther and requires them to place their hands on the floor.  This further tightens the bottom, and pushes additional muscles closer to the surface.  He is systematically making sure that the paddle impacts as deep as it can with each position.   He is no longer concerned about numbness, or endorphins, at this point it is all about doing his very best to make sure they cannot sit down comfortably for at least two days.  He makes sure that these final three swats are as absolutely as hard as he can provide.

high school corporal punishment

The last three swats will be with her hands on the ground in order to make her bottom as sore as possible.

While the first portion of the paddling was designed to provide as much pain as possible while they were being paddled, and the second to make sure that after the endorphins wore off that they were feeling it, the final portion is all about the days to come. After a well paddled young lady has a night’s sleep, all of those muscles that were effected tighten up which drastically elevates the amount of pain involved.  He does not want them waking up in the morning with the paddling being a distant memory, he wants the punishment to begin yet again.  By requiring them to assume all three positions, he can be assured that they will indeed be aware that they are still being punished the next morning.

school girl paddling

There is no doubt that this is a very painful position for a high school girl to be paddled in.

Ideally, these girls will have been paddled early in the school week and not on a Friday.  Having a weekend at home allows them to better seek positions of comfort on softer furniture, to even lie down on their bellies in bed.  But what he really wants is for them to be at school, trying to sit at a hard wooden desk.  This allows every single moment at school for the next two days to be a punishment.  It allows them to be very focused on the fact they were paddled, but more importantly why.

severe high school paddling

The results of a well thought out and severe high school paddling

We are lucky enough in this paddling video to be able to see the results of this well thought out and highly effective punishment.  While they both received 12 swats in three positions, they clearly bruise differently.  Just because the girl on the right is showing more bruising, it does not mean the girl on the left got off easy.  What is really clear is that there is no doubt that a lesson was learned during this process. You can also see that there are almost different layers of bruising as he targeted different parts of the muscles with the different positions. Even more importantly, the “sit spot” being the part of the bottom that touches a chair when they try to sit down is perfectly covered.  They will not be able to wiggle around and find a position of comfort and will be forced to endure the pain for as many days that their bottoms are sore.

teen girl spanked at school

This shows that real learning took place.

This very severe and well thought out school paddling demonstrates exactly how effective a school paddling can be when the person in charge is willing to go the extra mile to do a good job.  We have seen how with proper force, breaks in between swats, and multiple positions, that a teen girl’s bottom can become a canvass for learning.  Yes, this might all be from a nicely produced spanking video, but look again at the after shots and tell me if you think these girls will be sitting gingerly for the next few days.

All content is from the HD video in the member’s area of

Two girls paddled hard in high school…a recreation.

I am so loving the latest school paddling videos added to last week.  As far as I am concerned this is as real as it gets.  Two girls report to the school office with pink slips in hand and wait for the vice principal to review their infractions.  Upon reviewing their pink slips, they are each sentenced to a 10 swat paddling while grabbing their ankles.  The swats are very hard and very realistic as to how a paddling is administered in the high schools of the South.  As per most school policies, while the girls are paddled within ear shot of each other, they are not allowed to watch the other girl getting her licks.  I think the girl’s reactions to their paddling are also quite realistic as it is clear that these are fairly serious and intense paddlings they receive.  And best of all, when it is all over, we get to take a peek at the real results of a high school corporal punishment paddling and there is no doubt that this was a very real punishment.  Take a look at the animations below.  As an added bonus, I have the audio of the 1st girl’s paddling so you can hear every swat and her reactions.  Simply the best in real school corporal punishment from

high school girl grabbing ankles for her school paddling

Called into the VP’s office and told to assume the position for her paddling.

high school girl paddling caught on video

Once in position he lays on ten hard licks with the heavy school paddle, leaving her bottom black and blue, while the other girl listens and waits for her turn with the paddle.

grabbing her ankles for a school paddling

Just like in real life, he does not mess around with a bunch of lecturing and dialog, the entire focus is on getting her bottom properly paddled.

bruised bottom after a hard school paddling

How much does a real school paddling really hurt? When this video is over, the camera return to let us see what these young lady’s bottom look like after 10 hard swats. Just as it should be after a real school paddling, these girls will be bruised and sore for a few days.

If you would like to listen to the audio of the first girl’s school paddling, click play below.

School corporal punishment in Vietnam

It seems that today is the day that test scores are reviewed.  Each student is called up and receives between 1 and 9 swats with a ruler.  It is not the most effective punishment, and you can tell by the smile on the teacher’s face, that this is just a normal day in her classroom.

School corporal punishment paddling statistics

school paddling girl

Bending over in the hallway, waiting for her school paddling, is much more common than you think.

So when taking a look at the recent statistics on school corporal punishment in the US, as reported by the Department of Education in recent years, they show that 223,190 students were paddled at school during a single school year.  I would have to guess that this number is very conservative, as in the more rural areas, especially in the ones in which the teachers and coaches are also allowed to paddle students, that 75% of the paddlings are undocumented.  This could easily bring the numbers to well over 500,000 students paddled, but I will use a conservative number and go with 350,000 students.

So if we want to question how often a school paddling really takes place, we need to crunch the numbers.  The average school, not including weekend and holidays, has 180 days in its school year.  The average school day, as far as time that the students are in class, is 6.7 hours a day.  If you do the math, that gives us an average of 1944 school paddlings a day in the US.  If looked at more closely, this is around 290 school paddling every hour, or about one every 12 seconds.  This means that in the time it took you to read to this point right here, at least two school paddlings were administered to the bottom of a student.

So while there are many posts on the internet about school paddling that are clearly someone’s fantasy, you must remember that a school paddling, actually taking place in the US schools every 12 seconds, is very much the reality.  At this very moment, as you read these very words, somewhere in America there is a teen girl, standing up from her chair in the principal’s office, being told to bend over and grab her ankles.  She has no say in the matter, not only is this allowed at this school, but her parents signed a form authorizing it.  This principal is not worried about lawsuits, or angry parents, as this community embraces corporal punishment.  His only concern is paddling her bottom hard enough to make sure that she never commits the offense again.  This is a school in which corporal punishment is the primary form of discipline and it is used not only liberally, but severely.  This punishment will be documented and she will be part of the statistics.

high school corporal punishment paddling

A high school girl bending over for a severe paddling is a daily occurrence in high school.

But in reality, when teachers are allowed to paddle students, this does not take place in such an official manner.  A teacher, finally fed up with a student’s disruptions in class, grabs her paddle from her filing cabinet and invites the student out into the hall.  There is no long discussion, there is no formal paperwork, and there is simply a teacher that has decided to teach a student that once and for all, she needs to stop being such a nuisance in class.  The offending girl is told to bend over, stretch her arms out, and place her hands on the wall.  This teacher’s only concern is making sure that this student and all the others who are about to hear it, know to get their acts together.  The very best way for her to accomplish this is to paddle this young lady’s bottom as hard as she can.  She elects to swing her paddle with both hands, channeling the energy she learned from playing softball in college.  Her goal is tears and a bruised butt and does not stop until she has accomplished both.

high school corporal punishment

Many teachers are authorized to apply corporal punishment in high school.

In the time it has taken you to read this far and look at the animations, there have been as many as 10 school paddlings administered.  And as you read this paragraph, there is no doubt, that in some small school, in a rural area of a Southern state, there are a group of girls standing and waiting their turn for a paddling.  Let’s face it; girls often get in trouble together, as it is the group mentality that often gives birth to poor decisions.  Maybe this school requires that students are paddled out of the view of other students, so one at a time, they are taken to a private spot like the school stairwell.  So one at a time, they are each marched up the stairs, told to grab their ankles, and then have their teen bottoms paddled long and hard.  Each of them have to endure an intense and severe session with the heavy paddle, and one by one they learn their lesson.

school paddling caught on camera

Each girl is paddled individually in the stair well.

As the end of the hour approaches, bells are ringing in classrooms across the country.  Most students will get up from their desk, go to their locker, and then head to their next class.  But as this blog post is being typed, somewhere, in one of the 1000’s of school that still paddle, there is a young lady who has been asked to stay behind in class.  She may have done something as bad as cheating, or something as innocent as chewing gum in class.  In today’s day and age, there is a very good chance that she was caught texting on her phone in class.  Regardless of the reason, at this very moment, she is bending over the teacher’s desk, in an empty classroom, and presents her bottom, in those way to tight jeans that she just loves to wear.  She is also, at this very moment in time, regretting the little G-string panties that she chose to wear under those jeans.  That thin layer of tight denim is not going to do much to protect her bottom from the man who is not only her teacher, but is a coach, one that even the boys fear a paddling from.  There are those few students who knew exactly what was about to happen and have gathered outside the classroom door, listening in and trying to sneak a peek through the tiny glass on the door.  As the 1st crack echoes beyond the classroom and into the halls, more students begin to gather to see who is getting licks.  A few feel sorry for her as they hear the crying begin from the way too severe licks, but mostly it is giggling and fun for those that are not on the receiving end.  It is possible, that right now, as you read these words, she is opening the door, tears in her eyes, and embarrassed as she can be as she walks past the students waiting to get into that classroom.

high school girl paddled

A girl getting paddled by a teacher is a daily occurrence in US high schools.

While every one of the 1944 paddlings that will be administered today will not be the most severe paddlings every administered, you

severe school paddling

The results of a severe paddling.

have to imagine that there will indeed be many bottoms bruised.  All of the paddlings will not take place

school swats

It only took six swats to bruise her bottom.

in high school, and they will not all be applied to girls.  But with close to 2000 paddling being administered today, the chances are that this evening, in many bedrooms, across many states, there will be high schools girls looking at their bare bottoms in the mirror and all they will see is black and blue.  Because there will be that one girl who was being paddled for a second offense of the same infraction and the administrator decided to give her the maximum number of swats and to do so as hard as he could.  Or maybe she was a 1st time offender, but she was caught bullying and a very real example needed to be made of her.  She might be a young lady who was unfortunate enough to be sent to that teacher or coach, who is known as a heavy hitter and prides himself on the severity of the paddlings he administers.  That coach that does not care if it is a 90 lb., 16 year old girl, or a 220 football linebacker that he is paddling.  He swings for the fences with every bottom that is presented to him and he sends them all away in tears.  Think this is the stuff of fantasies?  What about this girl whose name and cute little face and bottom have been all over the news in recent month.  She was paddled hard, by a male administrator, and in her own words explains that her little teen bottom still has marks days later.

texas teen paddled in high school

This Texas teen recently made the news as her mother complained that not only was she spanked by a male principal, but that it left marks for several days. She was caught letting another student copy from her test.

Out of those 1944 that went home today after having been paddled, I would guess at the very least, 10% are also going to get it at home.  Which means this evening, as you sit down for dinner, in the privacy of a conservative Christian home, there is a young lady getting her recently paddled and bruised bottom spanked.  It may be with dad’s belt or paddle, it could even be OTK from her mom.  She may be lowering her jeans and panties right now in mom’s bedroom for a good three minutes with a wooden hairbrush.  She might, at this very moment, be bending over the counter in the kitchen as mom pulls out the heavy wooden spoon and spanks her in front of her siblings.  Quite possibly, she is sitting in her room at this very moment, waiting for dad to get home from work.  Dad believes strongly in if you get at school you get it at home, and his paddle is even bigger than the one the school uses.

paddled by dad

After being paddled at school, this high school girl waits in her room, with dad’s paddle, knowing he will paddle her longer, harder, and on her bare bottom.

It might sometimes seem like fantasy, but statistics do not lie.  If you spent an average of 4 minutes to read this post and watch the animations, then the reality of it all is that more than 19 different paddlings occurred during the same time period.  In the time you took to read about school paddlings, more than 100 paddle swats occurred leaving young ladies throughout the country with bruised bottoms and tears in their eyes.

Listening to her friend getting paddled at school, knowing that she is next

He sent them out of his office and told them he would administer their paddling in a few minutes.  They tried to joke about it to each other…”dude, we are going to get spanked at school”, which made them both giggle a little.  While they were both playing it cool inside their hearts were racing a million miles per hour.  Yes, they knew that a paddling at school was an option, but neither of them ever figured they would be in that situation.  Had they known that this would be the consequences of their earlier actions, they certainly would have handled things differently.  They had pulled up from lunch, both with a cigarette still lit in the car, and it was witnessed by a teacher in the parking lot.  There was a strict no smoking on campus policy, and that included in your car in the school parking lot.  The AP that they were sent to treated it all in a very matter of fact way and he showed very little emotion during their entire time in his office.  They had both admitted to having still had a lit cigarette when they pulled onto campus, which made his job quite easy.  He told them that he saw no reason to keep them any longer and asked them to wait outside his office and that he would be right over to paddle them both in the room next door.  There was no lecture, no scolding, and worst of all for them, no options.  He announced that their butts would be paddled like he was placing an order at a restaurant, like it was an everyday occurrence for him, which was certainly not the case for them.

waiting to be paddled at school

Grabbing her ankles and preparing to be paddled while her best friend waits her turn.

For Riley, this was a very big deal, regardless of how she was trying to act.  She had never been spanked in her life, not even a single smack to her butt as a toddler.  She did everything she could to avoid pain and regardless of how hard or gentle this whole process was, she was scared to death.  Although a little nervous, Frankie was handling it a little better and she had had her fair share of spankings over the years, although not since grade school.  Unlike Riley, she had a high pain tolerance so the concept of getting her bottom spanked with a board, while nerve racking; it was not the end of the world for her.  They both sat there trying to be cool, trying to laugh, but it was getting harder with each passing minute.  They finally heard the door to the adjoining conference room to the AP’s office open and close and knew the moment was near.  Now the giggles were silenced and they just waited, not even knowing how many swats they would receive.  He finally came to the open door and called Frankie into the room.  Riley switched seats so she could better hear the whole event so she would know what to expect.

school girl paddled to tears

The paddling begins as she listens to her friend get 10 severe swats that brings her to tears.

From her chair she was able to hear every detail.  She listened as Frankie was told to move to the middle of the room, assume a wide stance, and to bend over and grab her ankles.  Riley peeked through the door to watch this take place, but her nerves got the best of her and she decided that she would not watch.  While Frankie was in position she could hear him shuffling some paperwork and it was a good minute before the paddling started.  She thought it was odd that he did not speak a single word except for her to get into position.  She heard him approach her best friend and then waited for the inevitable.  Once again, without a word being said, she heard the crack of the paddle hitting her friend’s butt.  She was amazed at the noise it made and had not expected it to be so loud.  She also did not expect her very tough friend to scream out as loud as she did.  Riley’s heart rate increased as she wondered what exactly that was going to feel like.  Less than a second later she heard the next swat land with an equally loud reaction from Frankie.  Riley was really stressed now and knew there was no way she was going to be able to take it.  Once again, without a pause, the next swat landed and this time she heard Frankie’s voice begin to crack.  Riley hoped that this was the last one as her friend was really sounding like she was hurting.  But she had no such luck as she listened to her friend receive another seven swats, for a total of ten.  By the 5th swat it was clear that Frankie was beginning to cry.  By the time the last one landed, she was fully sobbing.  She had never once heard her friend cry, and it hit her again that she was next.  She listened as Frankie continued to sob as he had her sign some sort of document.  With tears still in her eyes, she walked back out and told Riley that it was her turn.  Riley stood up, her whole body trembling, and walked into the room with tears already in her eyes.

high school girl paddled

The AP paddles hard and fast which produces the desired results…tears and a very sore bottom

From a severe, two girl paddling scene in the member’s area of

High school teacher gives severe paddlings to his students

teacher paddles student

Being taken into the hall to be paddled at school by a teacher.

His classroom is one of the quietest in the school with very well behaved students.  Passing notes, chatting with their other classmates and just zoning out during class is very rare.  The reason for such exemplary behavior by students in his class is simple…corporal punishment.  This is schools in which teachers that choose to can handle discipline issues on the spot.  His paddle is kept out on his desk as a visible reminder to what happens to students that do not follow the rules.  He does not offer warnings for misbehavior; the warning is clear and visible to all.

It really does not matter the infraction the student

teen high school girl school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a very severe paddling in the hallway.

committed, they are all handled with a hard paddling.  He sees all discipline matters as serious, it could be a simple as passing a note, or severe as cheating, regardless of the offense, he paddles hard and always gives the maximum amount of swats allowed by school policy.  The moment that he sees a transgression taking place, he stands up and invites the student out into the hallway.  School policy requires a witness for any paddlings administered by a teacher.  He never gets a witness himself, he sends the student to a neighboring classroom and makes her get a teacher to witness the paddling.  School paddlings have to be administered out of the view of other students, but that does not mean others are not aware it is happening.  Everyone in his class knows who is getting paddled, and every classroom in that hallway is going to hear it.  There is a lot of embarrassment involved when the young lady has to go into another classroom and ask the teacher if she can come and witness her paddling.  Now another 30 students know exactly who is being paddled.

school corporal punishment paddling

With a female teacher present to witness, he bottom is paddled long and hard.

After the young lady finds a teacher to witness the paddling it is all business.  He has her stand in the middle of the hallway and bend over and grab her ankles.  He does not announce how many she is getting as he always gives the ten swat maximum.  He touches the paddle to her bottom, asks her if she is ready, and then gets to work.  He is known throughout the school as the hardest paddler there is, and he never disappoints.  He believes that for every paddling he administers as hard as he can, that he probably prevents at least a dozen from having to take place.  Everything stops in every classroom within ear shot the moment the first lick is applied to her teen butt.  The sound echoes throughout the hallway and so does the sound that she makes when it hits.  Every students cringes as they listen to the paddling take place.  There is no doubt that whoever is getting paddled is really being punished.  Lick after lick is applied full force to her bottom and the tears are immediate.  It does not matter to him if he is paddling a straight A female student, or a football player, he makes every swat count.  He lays every swat on the exact same spot, assuring a bruised and sore bottom that will stay that way for days.  When her paddling is complete, he thanks the teacher that witnessed, and then walks the crying girl right back into class.  He does not send her to the rest room and let her get herself cleaned up and composed.  He feels it is important for the rest of his class to see the full results of what they just listened to.

teen bottom paddled at school

Feeling the sting on her teen bottom as she is paddled by a teacher.

This post is illustrated by a hard bottom bruising paddling, administered to Brandi.  She is a real teen who is subjected to very real school corporal punishment at her site

Made to grab her ankles for a paddling at school

grabbing her ankles for her school paddling

Taken to the stairwell and told to grab her ankles for hew school paddling.

It is clear that the pain that is applied to the bottom of a teen girl, in high school, during her school paddling, is the primary deterrent. A three foot long, wooden paddle, swung full force by an older male principal, leaves quite an impression on a teen butt. Even over her tight jeans, it compresses the skin, makes impact with the muscles of her bottom, and leaves her bruised and sore. But the physical application of pain is not the only deterrent for the teen girl.

There are many positions to place a young lady in for her paddling,

severe high school paddling for the teen girl

Grabbing her ankles, presenting her bottom, about to receive the paddling of her life.

and they all basically accomplish the same thing. The primary objective is for her to be in a position that presents her bottom in a way that makes it easy to paddle. Another purpose is to place her in a position of stability so a hard paddle swat does not knock her off balance. An additional reason is that when a young lady is bent over, her tailbone moves to a higher place on her bottom. When smacking a tight teen butt with a heavy oak paddle, the principal needs to be careful that he is only swatting skin and muscle and never wants to involves the tailbone.

teen school paddling girl

Wide stance, grabbing ankles, she is about to receive a hard paddling at school.

But there are other good reasons to bend a young lady for her school paddling, and those are submission, cooperation, and embarrassment. In our normal daily lives, grown men are not in the position to be able to tell a 17-18 year old girl to bend over and present her butt, it just does not happen. But in the school environment, when corporal punishment needs to be applied, this is a common occurrence. It is required for any school paddling, it quickly helps her realize that she is not in charge, and it puts her in

teen schoolgirl paddling

A schoolgirl preparing for her paddling

the position of having to assist in her punishment. No principal is going to force a young lady into place, she has to submit to her punishment and do it herself. While she may those skin tight jeans to show off her teen ass to the boys in the school, she certainly never planned on showing it off to a male principal.

While there are many positions, one of the most effective positions is to have the young lady grab her ankles. This position is effective for many reasons. First, is the fact that there really is no position that is more embarrassing to be paddled in. Here she is, 17-18 years old, wearing those perfect jeans, that show off her perfect bottom. She is told she is going to be paddled, told to stand up, turn around, widen her legs, and to bend over and grab her ankles. This is not a position most girls are

high school corporal punishment

All she can think about is her tight bottom in the air and the paddle that is about to be used on it.

used to assuming, especially not on command. She is left feeling so very vulnerable and exposed. The dynamic in the room has changed completely. The focus is no longer conversation between a student and an administrator, it is no longer about her behavior, when she grabs her ankles there is only one focus in the room…her bottom. At that moment she is faceless and nameless, the only thing that matters at that very moment is her teen bottom, in the air, on display, and it is clear in her head why that is. The paddling she is about to receive just got very real. Those tight jeans she chose to wear are so much tighter now and she knows that they will offer very little protection from the paddle.

This position serves more than just the purpose of making her feel exposed, vulnerable, and on display, it also pulls her bottom tighter than any other position. The fat

paddled at school

She chose the wrong day to wear a skirt, that will offer no protection for her school paddling.

in a young lady’s bottom, even a small teen bottom, does serve to take a little bit of the pain and bruising away from a hard school paddling. A hard swat to the fleshiest areas of a young lady’s butt just tends to leave a tremendous sting. But when a hard swat is applied to the muscles in her bottom, she experiences the sting as well as the thud of her muscles being compressed. This is what leads to long term bruising and long term learning. When she is grabbing her ankles, the skin has already been basically compressed out of the way, and the full force of the paddle swat is applied directly to the muscle tissue. Even just a single swat when she is grabbing her ankles can leave her bottom sore for several days.

When she is bent in this position, there is an added element of cooperation. Yes, in all school paddlings the young lady is required to cooperate to a certain degree,

school corporal punishment

Grabbing her ankles, skin pulled tight, this school paddling is going to leave her bottom very bruised.

but when grabbing her ankles, it is not all that easy to stay in position. The wide stance she is made to assume does help her with balance, but a proper school paddling involves extremely hard licks. A 3-4 ft long wooden paddle, lifted high above the principal’s head, and swung hard, provides a lot of force. She has to really work hard to keep herself in that position while her bottom is paddled. This puts her in the unique situation of assisting with her punishment. If she put no effort into it, she would be knocked forward with every swat. Unlike a paddling in which she is simply bent over a desk and can basically just lay there for the duration, she is an active part of helping this paddling be administered. The reality is, this is how it should be. It is her behavior and actions that have brought about this paddling in the 1st place. She should not be allowed to just sit back while she is paddled, she needs to be a full participant and take ownership of the entire process. She needs to grab her ankles, present her bottom, and do everything in her power to hold still for the duration. She needs to make it as easy as possible for him to administer the most effective paddling that he can. He puts a lot of

school corporal punishment paddling

School formal day, in trouble, still required to grab her ankles for a hard paddling.

effort into paddling her teen bottom and expects that she will put in just as much effort. Yes it hurts, yes she is in tears, yes she will be bruised for a week, but after all, it is being done for her own good.

All of these pictures come from actual paddling videos in which a teen girl is made to grab her ankles for a hard school paddling.  These are not light paddlings administered for sexy pictures, these are videos filmed for the purpose of recreating hard school corporal punishment as it is applied to the bottoms of teen girls, everyday, throughout the US.  These come from the family of sites avaiable with the All of their sites combined have more than 200 traditional school paddling videos, plus several hundred more scenes that show hard paddling applied to a young lady’s bare bottom

Four girls paddled at school for smoking pot

Four young ladies are sent to the principal for smoking pot on the school grounds.  He thinks about calling the police, but chooses to paddle their teen bottoms instead.  In the full videos for this school paddling in the member’s area of these young ladies all take a severe paddling consisting of three swats over their jeans, three on their panties, and three on the bare.  Very realistic and hard school paddling video of real 18-19 year old teens.

Waiting to be paddled at school.

Sometimes waiting to receive a school paddling is just as difficult as the paddling itself.  Two young ladies, sent to the office, and being informed they are to be paddled.  They are sent from the office to wait, while the paperwork is completed.  They both sit outside the principal’s office, knowing that in just moments their teen bottoms will be feeling the intense sting of the large wooden school paddle.  A witness is called in and the 1st girl is invited in for her paddling.  She places her hands on the wall and bends over.  The young lady who is nest cannot see the paddling taking place, but her heart drops when she hears that first swat land.  It is not quiet, it sounds like an explosion, and then next thing she hears if the crying of her friend.  The sound only intensifies, as does the crying, as 5 more severe swats are laid on, full force, to her backside.  The 1st girl comes out in tears and the second girl is called in…with tears running down her face before she even bends over.  She knows this is going to be bad.

Two girl school corporal punishment paddling

Waiting for her turn to be paddled at school

A paddling at school for the high school girl

Why do schools throughout the US, but mostly in the South still use corporal punishment as a form

four girl school paddling picture

Bottoms in the air waiting to be paddled at school

of discipline?  Yes, many kids grew being spanked by their parents, maybe even spanked at school, but while most spankings at home stop at a young age, in school, it goes continues until graduation.  It is a unique situation in that you may have an 18 year old girl, who was never spanked at home, be given a paddling at school.  The reason this takes place, is that school corporal punishment can be very effective.

Let’s evaluate some of the plusses.  It takes very little time to administer a hard paddling to a young lady’s bottom.  There are no additional resources needed, no teacher to monitor after school detention, and it is quick and effective.  The young lady misses very little class or assignments, the whole process can take less than 30 seconds.  As far as how much time is committed to a punishment and the overall effectiveness, it is a win/win situation.

school paddling picture real

Grabbing her ankles and waiting for her teen bottom to be paddled at school

But the main reason school paddling is so effective is the buildup, the process itself, and the long term results.  For many high school girls, the hardest part about getting their teen butts paddled is the wait.  Some school purposely sentence the girl to a good and hard paddling and then have her come back later in the day to receive it.  She ends up spending her day very focused on what is about to happen.  She may have had it before and knows how very much it is going to hurt, or maybe this will be her first time and she has only heard from friends how bad it is.  Regardless, she spends her time not only focusing on how bad it is going to hurt, but also what she did to get herself into this in the first place.

There is also a highly embarrassing aspect to the whole process.  Picture the teen girl, who recently transferred to this school, and has never been in trouble before.  She does not know the person who is going to paddle her, in fact she just met him when she was sent to his office.  Her infraction is reviewed and she is informed she is going to be paddled.  Most spankings that kids receive growing up are somewhat intimate in nature, as it is generally from their parents.  Now here we have an 18 year old girl, dressed as sexy as she can get away with at school, to impress all of the boys, having never thought when she dressed that morning that she would soon be presenting her teen bottom to a

school paddling picture

Made to wait and stress a little before her teen bottom receives a hard paddling from the Principal

middle age man with a large paddle in her hand.  Imagine her feeling as he tells her to stand up, turn around, and grab her ankles.  Just as with the waiting before, many principals let that moment sink in for a little bit and prepare the necessary forms for the paddling, while the girl is left holding her ankles with her bottom on display.  The reality of this moment is that her punishment has started before the paddling has ever begun.

But the main reason why so many schools use paddling as a form of punishment is because it hurts.  For whatever reason, especially with teen girls, there seems to be a direct connection between their lovely bottoms and their brains.  Guys tend to take a paddling as almost a badge of honor and are better able to deal with the pain.  Just a few hard swats on a teen girl’s bottom and there are immediate results regarding a change of behavior.  In these Deep South high schools, a school paddling is not an ornamental punishment.  They use very serious, big wooden paddles, and they swing with the intentions of getting results.  It is not the little swat to the butt like they got from mommy growing up and there is no warm-up.

real school paddling picture teen girl

The results of a very real school paddling that leaves her bottom sore and bruised for days to come

These paddlings are administered with the goal of changing behavior.  The girl is made to assume the position, generally either bent over a desk, hands on the wall, or grabbing their ankles.  The wooden school paddle is lifted high in the air and brought down in a manner to try and achieve tears from the very first swat.  They do want the young lady back in their office next week for the very same offense, so they do their best to make sure this is the last time she is ever in that office.  Her tears and crying are ignored as the next swat is applied.  Most school apply a minimum of three swats and some allow as many as 10 for each offense.  With each swat to her teen bottom, learning is taking place. 

When the paddling is done properly, there is a good chance of extinguishing the behavior

school locker room paddling results

Her friend notices her bruised bottom after she was just paddled at school

permanently. She will leave his office still wiping away tears and with her little bottom throbbing.  That throbbing will continue for hours, and as it begins to settle, it will be replaced with a deep and sore pain that will remain for days.  A typical paddling leaves big dark sort of bull eye looking bruising on her ass.  They are generally located nice and low, so every time she sits down for several days she will be reminded of her behavior.  Most schools still call home when a young lady has been paddled at school, so the parents are more than aware what happen.  Close to 50% of the time, the parents have a “get it at school, get it at home” policy.  So about the time her the throbbing starts to go away and the real deep pain starts,

dad spanks girl after she was paddled at school

She was paddled at school, so now she gets a long spanking with dad's belt on her already very sore, and now bare bottom

she finds herself being sent to her room by mom or dad.  Dad walks in, has her drop her pants and panties, and can’t help but comment about her bruised bottom.  Many young ladies, before the whuppin of their life from dad, here a few comments about how bad this is going to hurt on their already bruised bottom.


These pictures come from videos in the member’s area of  These are not simulated paddlings, these are the real thing, that show how school corporal punishment is administered on a daily basis throughout the US.  While they film many bare bottom videos, they have the largest selection of actual corporal punishment being administered, FULL FORCE, to the bottoms of young ladies.  many of the girls are 18-19 are are still the age that many young ladies are when they are paddled at school.  You will see real paddlings, administered to real teens, leading to real tears, and very bruised bottoms.

School Paddling, School Swats, and a Bruised Bottom for the Teen Girl

There is a reason that a paddle is used in the United States, for the application of corporal

a real school paddling

A school paddling and a bruised bottom

punishment in a school setting.  School corporal punishment does not take place on a bare bottom, so an implement that can still be effective, regardless of the state of dress, is required.  A large wooden paddle, at least ½” thick, is generally used and it works very well.  One of the primary reasons that it is so effective is that it bruises a young lady’s bottom with every swat.  This is an essential part of the learning process, as it teaches a long lasting lesson.  If the same punishment was applied, with a leather strap, over a teen girl’s jeans and panties, yes it would hurt.  However, once the actual strapping is over, so is the pain.  There may be a general soreness for a few minutes, but for the most part, a strapping over clothes is a very short lived punishment.  A punishment such as this, quickly fades from a teen girl’s mind, and therefore does not serve the purpose of reducing the chances of repeat

school paddling marks

Showing her bottom after a 10 swat school paddling

school paddling picture

Showing the paddle that she was disciplined with

behavior in the future.

Now with the school paddle, with as few as six swats to a teen girl’s bottom, a very real lesson can be taught.  Just as with the strapping, for the duration of the punishment, she will feel a great amount of discomfort.  If applied correctly, after just a couple of swats, tears will start to fall.  By the end of the paddling, her tears will have turned to full on sobbing.  The key to this punishment is that when she leaves the office and returns to class, the punishment is not over.  A hard paddling creates a somewhat unique experience for the high school girl who receives it.  While she is bent over in the office, getting her pretty little bottom paddled, the pain is intense.

a school paddling teen girl

Showing the marks from a hard school paddling over her jeans

teen girl corporal punishment

Looking at the paddle that just broke on her teen bottom during her paddling

Immediately after the paddling (or possibly during if it was a long paddling) her body begins to combat the pain by producing endorphins.  When walking back to class, she might even feel like her butt is not all that sore.  She will feel a little something when she sits at her desk, but she still might feel like she will be ok.

The real punishment for her will begin a few hours later.  Her body will decrease the production of endorphins and the adrenaline will no longer be pumping through her system.  A couple of classes after the paddling, she will begin to experience very real discomfort.  By the end of the day, she will hardly be able to believe how much her bottom hurts.  Now here is what makes corporal punishment with a paddle

high school girl paddled at school

Her school paddling left her entire bottom bruised

teen girl school paddling

Smiling at the moment, but not for long, she is about to be paddled

so very effective…the next day.  The morning after a fully clothed strapping, might not even register to a young lady that she had even been punished.  She would go about her day in a normal manner, and maybe even find herself committing the same offenses that got her spanked in the first place.  But the morning after a paddling, this would never be the case.  She would find that the moment she stood up out of bed, that the pain is quite intense.  It is not even just a matter of hurting to sit, she will feel discomfort by simply walking.  When she goes to the bathroom, she might not even be able to fully sit on the toilet seat.  If she looks at her bottom in the mirror, she will see the source of the problem.  She will have two large bulls’ eye looking bruises on her bottom.

school paddling teen girl bruised bottom

Sitting will not be an option after her school paddling

paddled school girl

Singing the school paddle

The bruises on her bottom will be why she will be unlikely to repeat the behavior that resulted in her getting a school paddling.  When she sits for breakfast that morning, she will remember what she did to get paddled.  When she rides to school that morning, she will be focused on why her bottom received 10 licks from the principal.  You can be 100% sure that as she goes through her day at school, sitting on hard wooden desks for 7+ hours, that she will be making promises to herself to never get in trouble at school again.   When a paddling is administered hard enough, with enough swats, this lesson does not end after just the next day.  While it will become more bearable as time progresses, she may indeed experience discomfort for 3-4 days.  This is why paddles are used, they get results.

school girl paddled

You can see where the pockets of her jeans added a little protection

children paddled at school

About to take part in the "School Swats" study and have her bottom paddled severely

The real effectiveness of a school paddling has been explored over the last ten years at  They have a series called “school swats” in which they interview girls, age 18-23, about their thoughts and experiences with school paddling.  Some have been paddled at school; others have no clue that school can even paddle students.  After their interview, they show their bare bottoms as a sort of “before” look.  They then pull up their pants and panties and prepare to receive a very realistic school paddling.  They are required to bend over and place their hands on a chair, assuming a very common position utilized in schools today.  At this point the whole process becomes quite strict and they are told to remain in position.  A large wooden paddle is used, and applied on the seat of their pants, most often tight jeans.  All girls that

severely bruised bottom

The Bull's eye bruises will make sitting almost impossible in the morning

school corporal punishment paddling

Adding her name to the "School Swats" paddle

participate in this school corporal punishment study, receive ten swats.  The swats they receive can only be described as severe.  While ten licks with the paddle might be a little more than the typical teen gets in school, the whole process is as authentic as any school paddling.  When it is over, they are asked to drop their pants and panties again, and bend over to show the results.  Just as described above, you get to see firsthand the bruises that a real school paddling produces.  Even just moments after, their bottoms are often black and blue.  They are asked to sit back down and we get to get some real insight as to the effectiveness of a real school paddling.  The effectiveness is often quite clear, as when the young lady sits, tears are running down

teenage girl paddled at school

Three girls, three bottom, ten swats each. The bruises from three very real school paddlings.

teen girl corporal punishment

Three girls sign the paddle after getting paddled together

her face.  They did not just receive a playful little paddling and tears are common.  What I like the most is they are then asked if a paddling like that would have kept them out of trouble in high school.  Most girls promise that they would be on the straight and narrow if they knew that would happen if they were in trouble at school.  When it is all over, each girl gets to sign the official paddle. Making things even more realistic is that at least a dozen of the girls that take part in this school corporal punishment study, are less than 6 months out of high school.  More than 40 girls have gone through a “School Swats” experiment, with a new one added often.

All of the pictures above are from the real school paddling these girls took on video, in the member’s area of

Four girl school paddling

They all should have known, everyone had heard the rumors.  But it was the first day of their senior year and that day is supposed to be fun, with no real work.  It took less than ten minutes of their giggling and swapping notes before she invited them outside the class. Everyone knew her as the paddling teacher.   It was said that she would paddle for any offense.  She was one of the female teachers who had no problem paddling both girls and boys.  It was said (although they had not believed it) that she paddled hard enough that even the boys came back into the room with tears in their eyes. As a result of all they had heard, their hearts started beating rapidly when they were called out.

They all walked out into the hall and were joined a moment later by the teacher.  As expected, she had her paddle in her hand.  She was quick and to the point.  She told them that this kind of crap will never be allowed in her class.  She informed them that this

school paddling picture

Knowing they are about to get a school paddling

actually worked out well for everyone involved.  They would each be paddled for their improper behavior in her class and the word would quickly spread, so she doubted she would have to give any additional paddlings that day.

Her classroom was right next to the stairwell to the second floor, so she grabbed the first girl and marched her halfway up the stairs to the first landing. This allowed for a little privacy, but it still made it possible for the girls waiting to be paddled to hear the proceedings.  Her policy was always the same for both boys and girls.  The young lady was instructed to spread her feet far apart and then bend over and

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling

grab her ankles.  This position served a couple of purposes.  The first was that it pulled oll of the muscles in their bottoms closer to the surface.  This allowed each swat to hit with maximum effectiveness. Even young ladies with bigger bottoms felt the full pain of each swat in this position.  The second purpose was that a wide stance allowed them some support, so the force of each swat would not knock them forward.

For this teacher it did not really matter the offense that was committed.  She felt that any issue in her classroom needed to be dealt with immediately and forcefully.  She knew that she had gained a bit of a reputation as a

listening to the paddling

Listening to their friend getting paddled, knowing they are next

paddling teacher, but that suited her fine.  She wanted her students to be focused on learning and nothing else. As a result, she took the job of school paddling very seriously.  Her goal was for the paddling she applied to any student, was for it to be the last one they ever received.  The only way to be sure of that was to do her very best job.  She never announced the amount of licks a student was to receive.  While it may seem unfair for the same girls being paddled for the same offense, she knew that different girls had different pain tolerances.  She paddled until she could tell they were sorry.  She would often stop during a paddling, and look into the girl’s eyes to see of she seemed sorry.  For this teacher, tears meant sorry.

So with the first girl she began the paddling.  It did not matter if she was paddling a big tough football player, or a petite cheerleader, she paddled as hard as she could.  She thought it better to get it done in as few as swats as possible.  She found that the job was

school paddling corporal punishment

Getting her bottom bruised with the paddle

often complete after six licks with the paddle, but sometimes more were required. She tended to always hit the same spot on the bottom, nice and low, right where the bottom meets the thighs.  This spot provided a maximum amount of pain, but was also safe, being far from the tailbone.  It had taken her a few years, but she was finally used to the cries that she created with her large wooden school paddle.  She knew she was not doing anyone any favors by going easy on them.  A soft paddling increased the chanced of a repeat performance of the behavior, and she did not want that. She wanted what was best for her students and felt that eliminating undesirable behavior to be part of her job.

With this sense of duty driving her, she paddled hard. After the first swat the girl cried out a little, enough that it could be heard by the other girls waiting their turn.  The cries fell on

school spanking

Paddled to tears at school

deaf ears as she raised the paddle and applied the next swat, just as hard.  Not letting the girl gain her composure, she laid another swat on, landing on the same spot.  The sounds of discomfort turned into more of a whimper as she gave her another one.  This was the one that started to make a difference and the sounds of gentle sobbing began.  She took a moment to let that one really sink in and waited close to ten seconds.  The young lady must have thought it was over, but it was not.  The teacher knew the girl was close to breaking and applied three more swats, with all she had, and with no pause in between.  After the last one landed, it happen.  The young lady’s sobs turned into all out crying. It did not matter that she was 18 and a legal adult.  Her spanking hurt and she could not hold back her emotions.  The teacher told her to stand up, and she just continued to cry.  She grabbed her bottom and rubbed, but it made no difference.  This was not some gentle stinging pain, this hurt down to the muscles.  She rubbed her bottom as she walked down the stairs, tears still flowing.

The girls had heard the paddling and it startled them as to how loud it was.  They heard the crying which freaked them out even more.  But the look on their friend’s face as she walked out the door just about put them all in tears.  It was clear that it had been bad. How

after her school paddling

After her paddling, coming for the next girl

would they each react? How much did it really hurt?  Their questions were about to be answered and they were now really scared.  The next girl was escorted into the stairwell, as the first remained in the hallway with her friend, still trying to fight back the tears.  The pain had not dissipated and her bottom was really beginning to ache.  The process was the same for each of the three remaining girls.  They all were paddled hard.  They all cried hard.  They all were quickly regretting their behavior in class.  It had been a minor offense, but they were learning not to commit any offense in that class. One of the four was still spanked at home, but it was nothing like this.  Her mom gave her a few smacks with a belt now and then, but it was never to tears.  For the other three girls, this

school corporal punishment paddling

Getting her petite teen bottom paddled hard

was their first real spanking in many years, and they had forgotten how bad it could be.

When it was all over,. the four of them were marched back into the room, some with tears still in their eyes. They would rather of not sat at that point, but they did not have any choice. The hardwood of the desks pressing up against their bottoms helped reinforce their lesson.  The worst part was that this was the first of 6 desks they would be sitting in throughout the day.  They did not know it at the time, but they would be regretting their behavior every time that sat for the next three days.  They would all discover when they got home that afternoon that their bottoms were a lovely mix of black and blue.  It was the color of a lesson learned.

This is not just an illustrated story, this is the description of a full video in which all four girls get a very real school type paddling.  In the hallway, grabbing their ankles, until a real lesson is learned.  No where else can you see four real 18 year old girls get paddled just as it actually happens in school.  This video comes from the members area of

The results from a real school paddling

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

How her bottom looks after being paddled at school

It happens every single day in the US.  A high school student is sent to the office, or pulled out into the hallway, or invited into the coaches office.  The purpose is quite specific, it is because she is in trouble.  This is no ordinary trip to the office.  There will not be any detention, nor will she be suspended.  This will not result in simply a stern lecture or just a warning.  This offense, this time, is going to be something completely different. She is going to get a school paddling.

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

The school paddle leaves very clear marks

Other methods have been used and they have all failed, she just can’t seem to keep out of trouble.  Today she is going to bend over the desk, or maybe place her hands on the lockers, or worse, she might be required to bend over and grab her ankles.  A piece of wood, specially constructed for this occasions is going to be used.  Chances are it was made in the wood shop, by the shop teacher.  Constructed in a manner that is guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression on her bottom.  It will be long and wide, big enough that with each swat it covers her entire bottom.  It will be thick enough to hit with a thud that she feels deep into her muscles.

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

Rubbing her bottom after being paddled at school

The coach, teacher, or school administrator is going to make sure that the paddling is administered to the very best of their ability.  There is no point in having to spank her bottom with the paddle again.  They try there very best to make sure that this is the last paddling she ever receives.  This is accomplished by taking this special piece of wood and putting it to work. She must be paddled hard and she must receives as many swats as this occasion calls for.  She is going to cry, that is much of the point.  School corporal punishment is all about her bottom receiving the maximum amount of pain required.

Checking her bruised bottom at home

Being that all school paddling takes place over clothing, what state is her bottom in when it is over?  If the job was done well, her bottom will be bruised.  When she returns to class after her paddling, when she tries to sit down, it should be clear to every student that she was just paddled. She should wince as her bruised bottom makes contact with the hard desk.  If it was the kind of paddling she should have received, she will be feeling that same discomfort in every class for the next couple of days.

Two girls compare bottoms after being paddled at school

When she gets home that day from school and looks at her bottom in the mirror, she will once again be reminded or her transgressions.  Her bottom should now be a dark purple, showing the effects of every stroke of the paddle.  That color is the color of a successful lesson having been learned. But unfortunately for her, the school is required to call home every time a young lady bends over for the paddle. So on this occasion, the lesson is only half over.

Paddled at school, soon to be paddled by dad.

She stares at her bruised bottom and knows that in less than an hour that dad will be home.  He parents policy has always been “paddled at school, paddled at home”.  Her dad always paddles longer, and certainly paddles harder than what she gets at school.  Add in the fact that it will be on her already bruised butt…she is already fighting off the tears. Thirty minutes later she hears his car pull into the driveway.  She can hear a muffled exchange between her parents through her door, and then she hears his footsteps coming down the hall.  Her door opens, he has the paddle in his hand, and she knows exactly what is about to happen.

A Properly Paddled Bottom will be Bruised

school paddling corporal punishment 1

A hard school paddling

Let’s be realistic when we look at the application of corporal punishment in a school setting.  If we are dealing with an 18 year old, high school senior, and her actions have led her to a point in her life where she needs a school paddling, it should not be a gentle affair.  She is now a legal age adult and should be held fully accountable for her actions.  If she is in a school system in which school paddling is still an option, that means she grew up in the South.

school paddling corporal punishment 2

Grabbing her bruised bottom after her school paddling

Southern girls grew up getting their pretty bottoms spanked at home by both mom and dad.  They are not only used to getting spanked, paddled, and strapped at home, but there is a good chance that they got it on the bare.  To really make an impression with the school paddle over jeans and panties, we cannot go light with our swing.  This is school corporal punishment and it needs to be a very memorable event.  If done properly, she will remember it for months to come.

A hard school paddling to be remembered

A hard school paddling to be remembered

There are many aspects that make it effective…the lecture, the build up to the punishment itself, a great sense of anticipation, fear, dread, and even embarrassment.  Being an almost grown woman and having to present your bottom to a school administrator can indeed be an embarrassing event. But the most important element of an effective punishment, the one that will prevent this young lady from ever exhibiting this type of behavior again is pain.

school paddling corporal punishment 4

Her friend was just paddled at school, next it is her turn.

There is no need to pretend otherwise or to sugar coat the whole process.  The entire purpose of a school paddling is to provide pain to a young ladies’ bottom.  We want to provide enough pain that they not only learn a lesson, but to ensure we eliminate the undesirable behavior completely.  We do not provide a warm-up, there are no gentle swats at the beginning, we want a burning bottom and tears from the very 1st swat with the school paddle.  Tears alone are not enough to teach a lesson.  The bottom must be left very, and I mean, VERY sore.

school paddling corporal punishment

Her bottom was just paddled at school

A bruised bottom always heals, but a trouble maker who is not punished the right way, may grow up to get into further trouble, and even end up in jail.  Keep this in mind as you raise that paddle high in the air.  This is for her own good.  A hard paddling prevents bad behavior in the future.  Difficulty sitting down as a result of a bruised bottom, from a very real school paddling, sends a message to the brain that says “BE GOOD”.

You are not doing her any favors be going easy on her. Grab the paddle, pick the heavy one, the one with maximum impact.  Make her bend over in a manner that gets her tailbone out of the way (we may paddle hard, but we never injure).  Pick the minimum amount of licks required to do the job, then add three.  Remind her to stay in position and then do your job, and do it to the best of your ability.  Swing that paddle hard and make it count.  Focus on making her behind burn like it never has before. Make even that 1st swat enough to teach her a lesson.  You hear her cry out, you see the tears start, but you do not let these thing slow you down.  You give her another 5, administered in exactly the same manner.  You know that we are bruising her bottom, we know that she will not sit down for a few days, we know that we are making an impression. It is our job to teach her and guide her through life…the sore bottom and tears are going to help.

The pictures from this post come from real school paddling scenes filmed by the leader in school corporal punishment paddling videos.  They currently have 269 exclusive videos in their member’s area that feature corporal punishment with a large wooden school paddle.  Most of these scenes feature realistic school paddling, but many others involves the use of a wooden paddle over panties, and dozens upon dozens of a young lady receiving a bare bottom paddling.  Like this post, a good portion of their paddling videos involve real tears and bruised bottoms.  For the very best in paddling videos, visit them today at

Paddled at School Together

Paddled at school with a friend

Most schools have very detailed corporal punishment policies that spell out exactly how a school paddling is to take place.  Often is requires a same sex teacher or administrator to administer the paddling.  Some policies require a witness to be present, and other policies state that a student shall not be paddled in front of another student.

waiting for the first swat

They exchange a look knowing how much this 1st swat is going to hurt.

There are however, situation that call for the discipline of a student in front of others.  Sometimes it is required when a large group has not been on their best behavior and an example needs to be set.  Nothing serves as a better deterrent than to see a young lady brought up to the front of the classroom for a hard paddling to tears. This makes it very easy for other students to wonder exactly how bad it hurts, and at the very least make them pledge to themselves that they never want to find out.

Butts in the air waiting to be paddled

Bent and waiting for their school paddling

One of the biggest reasons to apply a school paddling in the presence of other students is if they are all being paddled. It has often been said that girls who play together must pay together and this stands true in the school environment. If three girls all decide to skip school together and have a day of fun instead of learning, then it makes sense that they should all have to line up, place their hands on their knees, and have their little bottoms paddled as a group.  There is no reason to give them the courtesy of a private paddling in the Principal’s office.  Being paddled in front of your friends is more

They take turns getting a school paddling

embarrassing.  Each girl wants to act tough, but as the searing pain of each severe swats burns into her bottom, it becomes hard to hold back the tears. One by one, they each scream out as the principal moves down the line.  Just when they think it’s over they realize that she has moved to the end of the line and is giving them each another round with the paddle.  As they leave the office, each with a very bruised bottoms they share that look that says that they will not be skipping school anymore.  With tears still in their eyes, they walk back to class, a very real lesson having been learned as a result of a school paddling.

These group school paddling scenes come from the videos in the member’s areas of:
Spanking Teen Jessica
Spanking Teen Brandi