Listening to her friend getting paddled at school, knowing that she is next

He sent them out of his office and told them he would administer their paddling in a few minutes.  They tried to joke about it to each other…”dude, we are going to get spanked at school”, which made them both giggle a little.  While they were both playing it cool inside their hearts were racing a million miles per hour.  Yes, they knew that a paddling at school was an option, but neither of them ever figured they would be in that situation.  Had they known that this would be the consequences of their earlier actions, they certainly would have handled things differently.  They had pulled up from lunch, both with a cigarette still lit in the car, and it was witnessed by a teacher in the parking lot.  There was a strict no smoking on campus policy, and that included in your car in the school parking lot.  The AP that they were sent to treated it all in a very matter of fact way and he showed very little emotion during their entire time in his office.  They had both admitted to having still had a lit cigarette when they pulled onto campus, which made his job quite easy.  He told them that he saw no reason to keep them any longer and asked them to wait outside his office and that he would be right over to paddle them both in the room next door.  There was no lecture, no scolding, and worst of all for them, no options.  He announced that their butts would be paddled like he was placing an order at a restaurant, like it was an everyday occurrence for him, which was certainly not the case for them.

waiting to be paddled at school

Grabbing her ankles and preparing to be paddled while her best friend waits her turn.

For Riley, this was a very big deal, regardless of how she was trying to act.  She had never been spanked in her life, not even a single smack to her butt as a toddler.  She did everything she could to avoid pain and regardless of how hard or gentle this whole process was, she was scared to death.  Although a little nervous, Frankie was handling it a little better and she had had her fair share of spankings over the years, although not since grade school.  Unlike Riley, she had a high pain tolerance so the concept of getting her bottom spanked with a board, while nerve racking; it was not the end of the world for her.  They both sat there trying to be cool, trying to laugh, but it was getting harder with each passing minute.  They finally heard the door to the adjoining conference room to the AP’s office open and close and knew the moment was near.  Now the giggles were silenced and they just waited, not even knowing how many swats they would receive.  He finally came to the open door and called Frankie into the room.  Riley switched seats so she could better hear the whole event so she would know what to expect.

school girl paddled to tears

The paddling begins as she listens to her friend get 10 severe swats that brings her to tears.

From her chair she was able to hear every detail.  She listened as Frankie was told to move to the middle of the room, assume a wide stance, and to bend over and grab her ankles.  Riley peeked through the door to watch this take place, but her nerves got the best of her and she decided that she would not watch.  While Frankie was in position she could hear him shuffling some paperwork and it was a good minute before the paddling started.  She thought it was odd that he did not speak a single word except for her to get into position.  She heard him approach her best friend and then waited for the inevitable.  Once again, without a word being said, she heard the crack of the paddle hitting her friend’s butt.  She was amazed at the noise it made and had not expected it to be so loud.  She also did not expect her very tough friend to scream out as loud as she did.  Riley’s heart rate increased as she wondered what exactly that was going to feel like.  Less than a second later she heard the next swat land with an equally loud reaction from Frankie.  Riley was really stressed now and knew there was no way she was going to be able to take it.  Once again, without a pause, the next swat landed and this time she heard Frankie’s voice begin to crack.  Riley hoped that this was the last one as her friend was really sounding like she was hurting.  But she had no such luck as she listened to her friend receive another seven swats, for a total of ten.  By the 5th swat it was clear that Frankie was beginning to cry.  By the time the last one landed, she was fully sobbing.  She had never once heard her friend cry, and it hit her again that she was next.  She listened as Frankie continued to sob as he had her sign some sort of document.  With tears still in her eyes, she walked back out and told Riley that it was her turn.  Riley stood up, her whole body trembling, and walked into the room with tears already in her eyes.

high school girl paddled

The AP paddles hard and fast which produces the desired results…tears and a very sore bottom

From a severe, two girl paddling scene in the member’s area of

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2 Responses to Listening to her friend getting paddled at school, knowing that she is next

  1. Goodgirl says:

    Sitting on the bench waiting to get your butt paddled is humiliating, degrading, and really scary, as I know from personal experience.

    When I was 23 I was given special permission to take an AP class over the summer at a local High School. When I did something stupid I ended up in the Principal’s office. The Principal said he had to suspend me, which would have totally screwed up my chance to take the AP exam. To make a long story short, I ended up spending an afternoon sitting outside the bench of the Principal’s office, sweating bullets as I waited for my first-ever spanking!

    The school secretary really got off on embarrassing me. Whenever anyone came in she’d say, “Oh, don’t mind her, she’s just waiting for a paddling.” Or she’d turn and say something out of the blue, “Don’t worry, Kristen. The Principal’s very busy today, and you won’t have to bend over for your spanking for at least another hour.”

    Inevitably the person informed of my spanking would make some stupid comment like, “If you do the crime, you have to do the time!” or “I bet she’s sorry she wore those thin running shorts today!” and everyone would chuckle while I blushed crimson. A couple of the male teachers even volunteered to “witness”, but fortunately the secretary said she’d handle it.

    Since my cellphone was in my locker, she even called my boss and told him that I couldn’t come into work that afternoon because I was being kept after school “to get her britches warmed.” They talked for a good ten minutes on the phone, with the secretary joking about how I might “need a cushion at work” after my “attitude adjustment.”

    I actually knew the UPS man from my job at the bank, and he came over to talk to me on the bench, which was just awful. He asked me if I had ever been spanked and what I was being punished for. I was dressed casually for school, and although he was only 19 or so he talked to me like he was the adult and I was only a kid which was totally mortifying. When he left he told me to “be good” and then winked at me. I wanted the floor to swallow me!

    A football player showed up for a paddling, and we sat next to one another for about 30 minutes. Then he got to go in BEFORE me! I nearly died when I heard him get it through the door, since I could hear the swats and hear him yelp, and when he came out he was rubbing his butt and had tears in his eyes.

    After he left, the secretary rubbed her butt then smiled at me like the cat who ate the canary. Needless to say, when the Principal finally made time for my paddle pops at the very end of the day, I was a nervous wreck, and was literally trembling when I walked “the last mile” into his office.

  2. Goodgirl says:

    BTW, I also had to sweat it out INSIDE the office.

    Even though we discussed it and he knew I needed the credit, he said I could still take the suspension and miss the AP exam. He then handed me the paddle and told me to hit it against my palm “really hard, so you know what it will feel like.”

    I did, and it STUNG! But I explained I needed the credit and I still wanted my butt paddled.

    He used the paddle to point to where I should stand and ordered me to “bend over, spread your legs to shoulder width, and grab your ankles.” I obeyed, even though it raised my bottom sky high!

    I tensed as the Principal tapped my bottom a few times with the paddle, but then he put the paddle down on his desk, and started to very leisurely review the “Corporal Punishment Permission Slip” with his secretary. Still bending over I had to listen while he and his secretary discussed whether they should change the wording since I had signed the slip for myself. (They decided I was my own “guardian”, but after much debate also added the word “recipient” next to where I had signed.)

    It was very uncomfortable, bent over with my legs spread and my butt sticking up in the air. I started to straighten up to adjust my running shorts, but the Principal told me in to uncertain terms to “resume the position” so back over I went!

    The Secretary then told the Principal all about the conversation she’d had with my boss, while all the time the two of them were staring at my butt. Apparently my boss was surprised to hear I was being spanked, but said that he heartily approved of corporal punishment. He told the secretary that although he was “sorry a polite and well behaved girl like Kristen has to be punished, but if she’s going to get it, she should get it good, so she learns her lesson.”

    My boss also suggested that in his opinion spankings were most effective “sans panties”, because “embarrassment is an important part of the punishment.”

    “Well, he’s right about that,” the Principal replied, “bare is best.”

    “It would certainly take her down a notch or two,” the secretary agreed.

    Needless to say I was mortified, both by the idea and by the causal way they were discussing it, as if it were actually an option on the table. I knew it was against policy, but I was 23 and it was a highly unusual situation. Perhaps they were trying to scare me, but they were succeeding, and my butt cheeks clenched and unclenched in panic at the thought!

    The Principal, noticing my performance, ordered me to “stop fidgeting, before I take your boss’s advice, and give you something to squirm about.”

    I was left to wonder whether the Principal was referring to my boss’s suggestion I “get it good” or a possible clothing adjustment, but in any event I stopped squirming instantly, and raised my bottom high!

    “Do you like bending over with your butt in the air?”

    “No”, I whimpered.

    “No? No what? No sir? I think we need to work on that attitude of yours, young lady.”

    “A girl your age bent over in the Principal’s office! Are you embarrassed? It’s supposed to be embarrassing, Kristen. Maybe next time you’ll remember how embarrassing it is before you’re naughty.”

    I certainly do, and as bad as it was I have to admit it was a lesson I’ll never forget!