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18 year old high school senior paddled by vice principal for dress code violations

It was quite exciting for her that day at the mall, when she found that super cute outfit.  She modeled it in the mirror in the dressing room, and it was just perfect.  It showed off her cute little belly button and the top was just sheer enough to highlight the bra that she also just bought.  She loved the feel of the super thin fabric of the long skirt.  With the recent warming trend, she knew that this was the outfit that she was going to wear to school on Monday. She had always been a bit of a nerd, and was sometimes called “brainiac”, but in her senior year of high school, the boys were beginning to notice her.  This outfit was very cute, it was not at all slutty, but she knew that she would be turning a few heads and she very much looked forward to it.

Walking down the hall before her first class of the day it was clear that her little outfit was having the desired effect.  The sheerness of the top was attracting some attention to her petite breasts, a part of her that always seemed to be overlooked, and she caught more than one boy turning his head to get a better look at her lovely bottom in the form fitting skirt.  Things went exactly how she had planned for her first couple classes that day, even nice comments from girls that she did not think knew she even existed. All of that changed as she walked into her third period class and was clearly getting a glare from her female history teacher.  She got out her book and spiral notebook and prepared for class as the bell rang.  The teacher did not jump right into the class lecture and instead was busy with something at her desk.  A couple of minutes later she was called to the front of the class, having no idea what this was about.

The teacher handed her a form of some sort, something she had never seen before, and told her to take it up to the vice principal’s office.  This was met with a few “ohhh’s” from the class, which made her blush, and she walked out of the classroom with the form in her hand.  As she walked towards the office she read the heading, “disciplinary referral” and her heart began to race.  She had never been in trouble at school a single day in her life, so this was all very new to her.  She was the perfect student, with perfect grades, and never even really met the vice principal of the school.  His role at the school seemed to be focused solely on discipline, so there never really would have been a reason for their paths to cross.  She read the teacher’s comments and it was very clear “Student came to class clearly in violation of dress code.  Her bra is visible and her midriff is showing”.  None of this had really occurred to her when she bought the outfit.  She had always dressed fairly conservative, and had never really even looked at the student dress code in the student code of conduct.

As she opened the door to the main area of the office, she was a little nervous.  She was quite hopeful, as she had never been “written up” before that all of this would lead to her getting a warning and maybe having to change her clothes.  She was not exactly sure what to do and walked up to the secretary with the referral in her hand.  The secretary grabbed the referral and motioned for her to have a seat in a row of empty chairs against the wall.  As she sat, the secretary walked into the VP’s office and delivered her pink slip.  She spent several minutes waiting, and just watched the business of the school office.  The phone seemed to ring constantly and there was an endless stream of students coming in and out for various reasons.  Unfortunately for her, none of them seemed to be carrying pink slips and she was all alone in the row of chairs.  Eventually, the VP peeked his head out the door and politely invited her in.

teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 5She entered his office, which she found to be quite large and nice.  There was a typical desk that you would expect any administrator to be sitting behind, but there was also a large sitting area with a formal couch and a chair.  He asked her to sit in the chair directly in front of his desk as he began looking at the laptop on his desk.  He spent a couple of minutes reviewing her entire school record and it was clear that she was an exemplary student.  While he was reviewing her record, she was startled, while as he was looking around the office, she noticed a large wooden paddle on his desk.  Her heart began racing and she knew her cheeks had to be bright red.  She was not exactly sure why the sight of the paddle triggered such a full body reaction, but it did.  She was vaguely aware that she attended a school, and district, in which corporal punishment was allowed, but she had never had any direct connection with it.  As far as she knew, an occasional trouble maker boy, who lived in the school office, might get swats to his butt, but clearly this was not for her.  Regardless, even if this did not apply to her, just seeing this large board, and knowing it was used for spanking, really got her heart racing.

When he was done looking at what he needed to, he asked her politely to stand up.  She was a little confused, but quickly did teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 3exactly what she was told.  He asked her to remove her scarf, which once again confused her, but she quickly did as she was told.  He then spent a moment looking at her outfit.  He asked her if she saw any problem with what she was wearing, and she found herself at a loss for words.  It was clear what he was getting at, but she did not really want to admit that she had done anything wrong.  He asked her again, and she quietly replied “not really”.  He started with pointing out how much of her midsection was showing as a result of her little cropped top.  He stated that midriff was not allowed, and that had she looked at all when walking down the halls this morning she would have noticed that she was the only one with a visible belly button.  He then pointed out to her that her bra was clearly visible.  He stated that the original rule about “no undergarments were to be visible” was written as a result of “the idiot boys showing their underwear”, but that it clearly was applicable in this situation.  He informed her that her walking around with her bra visible and her breasts barely covered, was not only inappropriate, but “a distraction to the learning process”.

teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 6He told her to sit back down as he reached into a file drawer and pulled out a piece of paper.  He spent a minute filing out the form, which she was unable to really see, so she just sat there feeling like a naughty child.  It was not like she vandalized the school, or was some sort of bully, yet she was being chastised like some sort of trouble maker.  After he filled out the form, he pulled out a copy of the student code of conduct.  He asked her if she was issued one on the first day of school and she told him that she had.  He then turned to the pages of the book and read aloud the two sections that dealt specifically with her violations.  He read to her, word for word, the school policies.  He told her that this has been a growing problem and that is was a situation that had previously gotten out of control as a result of teachers and administrators not doing anything about it. He said this point was made even clearer today, as she had managed to go to two of her classes without a teacher choosing to do anything about it.  He made it very clear that it was his job to do something about it.

She felt like he was beginning to make a big deal out of a very small problem, from a student on the honor roll no less.  He put down the student handbook and rotated and slid the form he just filled out towards her.  He asked her to look it over so there was no confusion as to what was about to happen.  Her heart sank as her eyes connected with the heading “ADMINISTRATION OF CORPORAL PUNISHMENT”. Her heart just about exploded, as she read farther down the page:

Student code of conduct, dress code item III- VIOLATION.  Very visible midriff.
Action Taken- Corporal Punishment- 5 swats

Student code of conduct, dress code item Vi- VIOLATION.  Visible undergarments, bra.
Action Taken- Corporal Punishment- 5 swats

Corporal punishment exemption form: None on file.

Her hands began to tremble as the full reality of the situation began to sink in.  He politely told her that she needed her to sign the bottom of the page, on the line that stated that she had been informed of her infractions and the resulting punishment.  He started to hand her a pen, and she just shook her head and said that she did not understand.  Without even the slightest bit of anger or annoyance in his voice, he explained that she not only broke two school rules, but that there was nothing ambiguous about it.  These rules were not only clearly stated in the handbook, but the potential for corporal punishment to be used as a result of this violation was also stated.  He explained that this was not as simple as her panties showing a little above her pants, but she was walking around with her bra on display for the world to see.  To emphasize his point he gave her a detailed description of the bra she was wearing.  For the first time, with just a little bit of attitude in his voice he told her that “your choices and your actions are in complete disregard for the rules of this school, and as a result you will be receiving corporal punishment for BOTH offenses”.  He then told her that after he paddles her bottom, she will be driving back home and changing her clothes into something far more appropriate for a school setting.

He asked her if she had any more questions and she silently shook her head.  He handed her a pen, which she grabbed with trembling hands.  She had not grown up in a household in which spanking was used.  She had had the occasional single swat to her bottom when she was maybe four or five, but certainly nothing like this.  She signed the form and pushed it back to him.  As he finished filling out the form and signing it, her eyes were once again back to the paddle.   The couple of times she had given any thought to corporal punishment, like when she would overhear boys bragging about it, she always thought of a “paddle” as some sort of ruler.  She envisioned some sort of Tom Sawyer scene, in an old fashioned classroom with a teacher with a yardstick.  The actual reality of the situation seemed much more serious.  This was not a ruler; this was an actual board with a handle carved out of it.  She was a petite girl and there was no doubt that this paddle would cover her entire bottom.  Her head was completely spinning and thoughts were jumbled with intense emotions.  Before he even spoke again, her eyes began to fill with tears.

teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 10She quickly found herself in a bit of a dream state; it was almost an out of body experience for her.  She went from the top of the world, being noticed by boys in an outfit that she just loved, to being told that this man was about to spank her bottom with a board.  She found herself doing exactly what she was told, all why barely hearing what he was saying.  She watched as he stood up and grabbed the paddle off of his desk.  In his hand it was even scarier, especially now knowing that her bottom was going to be on the receiving end.  He asked her politely to stand up, which she did in an almost robotic manner.  She was completely struck with the duality of the moment, as he pulled her chair out and away as she stood up, almost like a polite gentleman at a restaurant.  In a gentle voice he told her to bend over and place her hands on the edge of the desk.   As much as she wanted to just run away and quit school, she found herself bending over.  He asked her to walk her feet back until she was bent ninety degrees at the waist and to “assume a wide stance”.  She did exactly as required and found it odd the overall formality of the situation.  This was not her mom grabbing her by her wrist and whacking her bottom once as she was dragged to her room.  This was basically two adults, engaging in a clearly choreographed ritual, with the sole purpose of providing pain to her bottom.  Everything that she was doing voluntarily was being done in order for him to be able to properly paddle her. She found the craziest part of it all, was that she was actually helping him.

While it felt like time was standing still in the middle of a very bad dream, the rest happened fairly quickly.  She felt the touch of teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 11the heavy wooden paddle for a brief second, followed by the words “hang on”, and then it happened.  She immediately heard the sound of a gunshot go off in his office space, and a fraction of a second later the pain registered.  She felt a searing pain on the lowest part of her bottom and it completely took her breath away.  As someone who had gone more than out of her way throughout her life to avoid pain, she had never felt anything quite like this before.  It caught her by complete surprise and it was far worse than she ever could have expected.  Before she was able to make any sound at all, the next swat landed on the same exact spot.  Having come nowhere close to having recovered from the previous swat, all she was able to do was finally take her first breath.  Then came the third lick, which once again forced all of the air out of her lungs, but with it, the sounds of agony.  As she struggled for a breath, the tears began.  It was not actual crying, as that would require some sense of proper breathing, but her eyes filled completely and the tears ran down her face.  Before she could contemplate the fact that she was 18 years old, getting spanked with a paddle by a strange man at school, the fourth swat landed.  It hit the same spot as all of the others and there was nothing but a fire burning her petite bottom.  Very quickly after, she felt the fifth swat and then there was a pause.

As she was now able to take a proper breath, the real crying started.  This was not a quiet crying with tears gently streaming teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 2down her face, this was crying like she had not experienced since she was a little girl.  She was fully sobbing as he explained that those five were for the midriff and now they would address the visible undergarments.  She did not know how she would endure anymore; there was no way her bottom could take it.  But at this point, it was not up to her, and her behavior required that she receive another five swats.  Just as before, she felt the paddle briefly touch her bottom and then nothing but pain.  Any thought that she may have had that he might go easy on her, was quickly put to rest as he wore her bottom out with the heavy school paddle.  Regardless of her tears, regardless of the crying, the paddle was put to good use that day as she was taught a lesson that she would never in her lifetime forget.  Each swat compressed her skin, pushing it out of the way, to make direct contact with the large muscles of her bottom.  Each swat added to the overall pain that she was feeling, but more importantly, the pain that she would continue to feel.  After the last swat was applied forcefully to her bottom, it was over.  Her crying continued to build as he politely grabbed her chair for her and asked her to have a seat.  She once again did exactly as she was told, and when her bottom touched the padded seat, she felt an even more intense pain deep into her bottom.

teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 12To his credit he was not being excessively hard on her.  Many might think that because she was an honor student who had never been in trouble before, that he should go easy on her.  But for him, he felt that those that had never been in trouble before might actually have the most to gain from a nice and hard paddling.  She made a mistake, but it was not really just a mistake, it was someone that he was responsible for, making a bad decision.  It was not only his job, he saw it as his duty, to see to it that this young lady with such a bright future not make such a mistake again.  He also believed in a very strong sense of fairness, so why should the paddling of this petite female honor student be different than any other student required to bend over for the paddle?  She broke two very clear rules, both of which school policy allowed him to paddle for, and that is exactly what he did.  Yes, it might be a little difficult for some, to watch this poor young lady suffer from what was clearly the spanking of a lifetime, but he views the tears and sobbing as progress and learning.  There was no doubt in his mind, as he pulled the chair up for her to sit back down, that she will not be wearing clothing at school that allows others to see her breasts.  He is also quite confident, that as she walks through the school halls with a throbbing bottom, and especially as she sits for the next couple of days that she will be constantly reminded of the choice she made.  But most importantly, every time she stands in front of her mirror in the morning, for the rest of her high school career, she will make the right decision.  Justice was not only served, he made a correction to her thought process and he is quite sure he will never see her in his office again.

teenage high school girl paddled at school for dress code violations corporal punishment paddling 9


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Unfortunately for her, this was her 5th visit to the office that semester, which put her on step 5 of the campus disciplinary plan.  On each level of the plan she had received some level of corporal punishment, which started with just a single swat.  He had been hopeful that after her last visit, in which she received six swats, given three at a time, on two occasions on the same day, that she may have learned her lesson.  But here it is, just 5 weeks after her last disciplinary referral, once again in his office for some minor offense.

high school paddle

Today she will receive the paddling of her life.

While the offense may be minor, it was part of an overall pattern of behavior that needed to be addressed.  Step 5 of the campus disciplinary plan was the last one that allowed for corporal punishment, the next steps involved suspension and punishments that would have an overall effect on her grade.  He felt that he had failed in his previous attempts with her and clearly her innocence and the minor nature of her infractions had caused him to be lenient when applying the paddle to her pretty bottom.

Today he would have a better chance to emphasize his point, as step 5 of the plan called for 9 swats with the paddle.  The school corporal punishment policy only allowed for 3 swats at any given time, but how long in between punishments was a bit of a grey area.  He could spread them out over several days, but experience had taught him that this tended to affect what a student wore the next day, and he wanted to paddle a bottom that was in no way prepared for it.  She was currently wearing skin tight jeans and probably thong panties that seemed to be popular with the girls her age.  It was the right combination of clothing that would allow for him to make the impression he should have previously.

She was not surprised when she was told that she would be paddled, but she would indeed be surprised by how much the severity would be increased.  He told her that she would be receiving 9 total swats, getting 3 on each visit.  He would apply the first 3 at this very moment, the next 3 after lunch, and the final 3 after school.  This would allow for about 3 hours in between paddlings, enough time for her bottom to have grown sore from the previous swats with the paddle.

For this paddling she was surprised as a couple things seem to be changing since her last paddling.  On previous paddlings she was asked to approach the desk and simply place her hands on the top of it, which left her just partially bent at the waist.  On this occasion he had her stand much further back from the desk, with her arms stretched out, leaving her bent at the waist at a 90 degree angle.  This pulled her bottom tight in her already tight jeans.

girl paddling

Presenting her bottom for licks with the heaviest of school paddles

Another surprise for her was his choice of paddles.  In the past he had used the smaller and lighter paddle that he often used on the female students, but on this occasion she was quite surprised to see a paddle that was over 2 feet long, ¾” thick, and at least 4” wide.  This was his big boy paddle, used on his very toughest cases, and rarely had it been used on a female bottom.  This was his very last chance to make an impression on her with a paddling and he was going to make it count.

With her bottom being presented nicely, it was time to get to work.  This time he was not going to be effected by her charm, her very respectful manner, or that pretty smile of hers, this time he was going to make it count.  For this paddling he just pretended that the bottom presented to him was that of a male football player.  This would not be a paddling in which he just used his arm to swing, he was sure to put his shoulders and hips into it.  He applied her first 3 swats full force, giving it everything he had, and as quickly as possible.  He placed them all on the exact same spot, knowing that by the end of the day, that the soreness this would create would make sitting down quite difficult.  After the third swat it was quite clear he was doing a good job as she buckled at the knees and let out a loud cry.  He dismissed her, told her to come back at lunch for the next 3, and watched her leave his office with tears in her eyes.

Hard paddling of high school girl

Paddling her teen butt hard enough to make her knees buckle.

She was quite surprised at the force with which she had been paddled, but as much as it had hurt, as she walked to her class, her bottom did not hurt all that much.  During the rest of her second period class, her bottom began to lose some of the numbness it was feeling, and pretty quickly she began to feel quite uncomfortable.  By third period she was starting to realize that this was not going to be pleasant as her bottom began to hurt more and more.  When lunchtime came, she was quite nervous about the prospects of returning to the office for another round of paddle swats.

school swats

Time for another three swats at school

As much as her bottom hurt, she knew she had no choice so she reported to his office.  She knocked on the door and was immediately invited in. This time he told her to stand in front of his desk and to bend over and place her hands on her knees.  He grabbed the same large paddle and approached her from behind.  He fine-tuned her position and required her to bend her knees slightly.  This had the effect of having the target area perfectly presented for 3 more hard swats.  Just as before, 3 hard swats were perfectly placed on the lowest part of her bottom.  With each swat he heard the verbal reaction he was looking for and once again her knees buckled.  The tears were flowing before the last lick was applied, and he knew that he was actually making progress with her this time.  The tears began to flow even harder as he told her that he would see her once again after school.

girl gets licks at school

Her second set of 3 licks in one day…3 more to go.

She ran from his office and went right to the restroom to try and clean herself up, as she did not want anyone she knew to see her crying in the hall.  She dried her tears and reapplied some makeup and tried to make herself look normal before she went for lunch.  Her bottom was throbbing with every beat of her heart, and when she pulled down her pants and panties she was surprised to see two large bulls-eye shaped bruises on her bottom.  They were both hard to the touch and hurt terribly.  She did not know how she would be able to take anymore…but she did not have a say in the manner.

school paddling

Checking her bruised bottom in the bathroom.

She struggled through her last 2 classes, not really being able to find a way to sit comfortably at a desk.  He had really focused the paddle swats on the lowest part of her bottom and a bit of the top of her thighs, which made it impossible to be at a desk and not feel pain.  She made excuses after school why she could not get a ride from one of her closest friends as she reluctantly took the long walk to the office for the last of her paddlings.  This time his door was open and he invited her in as soon as he saw her.  He told her to once again approach his desk, but this time she was told to assume a wide stance and to bend over and grab her ankles.  Even the process of assuming this position created considerable discomfort as her skin was pressed tight in her snug jeans.

grabbing her ankles to be paddled at school

Grabbing her ankles and waiting for the last three swats of her paddling

For this paddling he was in no hurry to get started and left her in this position for a couple of minutes before beginning her.  He really wanted this to be the last time she was in his office, so he wanted her to have a little time to think about what was about to happen.  He knew her bottom must be quite sore by now and he planned on adding to it.  After he felt like enough time had passed to have made his point, he once again grabbed the heavy paddle and approached.   He knew that in this position that he would be able to paddle her in a manner that would result in long term learning.  Her bottom had to already be bruised, but this position really allowed for him to apply the board deep into the muscles of her bottom.  He was counting on this as it might be the one thing that would persuade her from returning to his office ever again.  Once again, he lifted the paddle high in the air, and brought the paddle down with every ounce of energy he had.  All three swats hit very low, and this time there were not just tears, she began to cry hard.  She tried her best to stay in position, but the force of the paddle knocked forward a little.  When it was over, her bottom was more than just on fire.  There was a painful throbbing so intense, she could barely contain herself.

bruised butt from school corporal punishment

Hard licks while she is grabbing her ankles will leave her bottom sore for days.

As quickly as it began, it was over, and with tears running down her face, he quickly told her that she was dismissed.  She walked from his office, tears still streaming down her face, as she saw every pair of eyes in the office looking at her.  She did not care, she was not even embarrassed as all she could think about was the pain she was feeling.  Back in his office, he did something he rarely did, as he picked up his phone and dialed this young lady’s parents.  He calmly her dad about his daughter’s frequent misbehavior and how she was on the verge of having her grades affected.  He politely explained that corporal punishment had been required and how he hoped that something similar would take place at home; as he felt it would help reinforce the discipline that was administered at school.  He felt confident at the end of the phone call that her young bottom would being feeling the sting of dad’s belt before the day was over.

paddling girl

A properly busied bottom from a hard school paddling

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The paddling of high school girls in Mississippi

school paddling mississippi

A heavy school paddle being applied to the bottom of a high school girl is very much a reality in Mississippi.

Today we are going to once again see clear evidence that corporal punishment is alive and well in the US.  I spent a little time going through a few online school handbooks for some high schools in Mississippi.  One of the schools is private and the other two are public.  The handbooks that I reviewed are for this academic year, so these are not outdated policies.

The private school that I looked at was very clear that corporal punishment is the primary form of discipline for minor offenses, and any teacher or administrator could administer it at their own discretion:

“Corporal punishment is an integral part of a good disciplinary program. It is the policy of TCA that Teachers and the Administration have the right to administer corporal punishment after following correct school procedures.”

It is made clear that any teacher can punish any student, regardless of the student’s age or grade.  The student does not need to even be in that teacher’s class and this authority extends to any part of the school property and also for off campus events:

“Every teacher is authorized and encouraged to administer any punishment deemed necessary to correct bad conduct, bad attitude, or failure to do required work to any student regardless of his class or grade. This authority extends to halls, classrooms, school property, and off-campus school sponsored events.”

This is a pretty broad corporal punishment policy and allows a teacher to paddle a student for just about any reason they see fit.  While most corporal policies are fairly specific regarding the offense, at this school teachers are allowed to paddle for bad attitude as well as failure to turn in an assignment.  While there seems to be a broad set of guidelines that allow teachers and administrators to paddle whenever they see the need, within the school policies, corporal punishment is clearly defined as the punishment for most offenses, such as cell phone use:

While we realize that cell phones are a very important part of daily lives, they do not have a place in the educational environment. The use of a cell phone through any of its functions (calls, pictures, texting, etc.) is disruptive and interferes with the educational process and will not be permitted on school campus during school hours without permission from a school official. A student may not call parents from their cell phone to have them signed out of school. A student must use the phone in the office to call a parent.

1st Offense: The student will be given corporal punishment.

There is no warning, there are no options, and at this school parents do not have the ability to request that their child does not receive corporal punishment.  The policy is quite simple, if a student has a cell phone and has it on, they will be paddled.  This is just one example, for pretty much every minor offense listed in the student code of conduct, their butt will be paddled if they break the rules.

school spanking

An 18 year old high school senior. She is old enough to vote, she can join the military, legally sign contracts…In Mississippi she can also be sent to the office, told to bend over, and get a serious spanking at school.

Another school I looked at in Mississippi caught my eye because this year they fully revised their corporal punishment policies from previous years.  Typically when this happens, the rules that allow for the application of corporal punishment generally become more stringent. But this school changed their policy in a far different way.  The precious discipline policy only allowed for corporal punishment to be used as a last resort.  The new policy states:

“CP may be used by any licensed teacher. It shall be reasonable and moderate, and need no longer only be a last resort.”

Another change in the policy is:

“…the teacher administering the paddling need no longer be of the same sex as the student.”

In a day and age in which it seems that corporal punishment is being used less frequently, it is pretty clear that in parts of Mississippi, bottoms are getting bruised even more frequently.  At this school any teacher can now paddle, they do not have to have tried other options, and male teachers can now paddle female students.  While it is clear that teachers can paddle as frequently as required, there is a very clear “discipline ladder” that results from an “office discipline referral”.  This is basically the process of getting sent to the office.  Here it is exactly from the school handbook:


HLES and HUES will be using a classroom management plan based upon Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS). Each classroom will have a discipline ladder that will be provided to the students and the parents. All minor disciplinary offenses will follow this discipline ladder. This discipline ladder will define what behaviors will constitute an office discipline referral (ODR).

Once an ODR has been completed, the following steps will be taken:
1st office discipline referral (ODR) – Corporal punishment 1 day in-school-detention (ISD)
2nd ODR- Corporal punishment 2 days ISD – parent conference
3rd ODR- Corporal punishment 1 day out-of-school suspension (OSS)
4th ODR- Corporal punishment 2 days OSS
5th ODR ISD 2 days OSS”

This is pretty darn clear and there is no getting around it.  If you are a student at this high school and you sent to the office by your teacher, for any reason, you will be paddled.  They will not only be paddled, but some variation of a suspension will also be added on.  This takes place for the 1ST four times a student is sent to the office.  It does not matter what you did, what grade you are in, what sex you are, if you are sent to the office your ass is getting paddled each and every time.

high school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for some hard swats with a paddle and a bruised bottom. In many school this is the norm not the exception.

The last Mississippi school that I looked at stood out because in the student code of conduct, basically each and every offense listed showed paddling as the punishment.  Certainly the more severe offenses that were a violation of law had expulsion as the punishment, but for just about everything else it was corporal punishment.  This school was also unique in that as a public school, there was no way for a parent to exempt their child from being paddled.  Here is a small list from their code of conduct:

“Defiance or disrespect:
Student engages in refusal to follow directions, talks back and/or delivers socially rude interactions. Student will be paddled.

Profanity, vulgar language, or gestures, sexual remarks, stealing, or gambling:
Student engages in using inappropriate language, takes from another, or gambles.
Students guilty of these offenses will receive corporal punishment.

Student engages in physical contact between individuals that result in blows being exchanged:
Student will be paddled.

Possession or use of tobacco products on school property:
Student is in possession of or is using tobacco – this includes all type of smokeless tobacco and cigarettes.
1st offense – paddling.

Sexual harassment:
Student engages in worrying, annoying, or intimidating another person in a sexual manner –this behavior will not be tolerated on school buses, campuses, or at any school sponsored activity
1st offense – paddling; parent contact

Harassment, intimidation, or threating other students:
Student delivers written/verbal messages that include swearing, calling or use of words in an inappropriate manner or threatens to do bodily harm. Minor offenses will result in a paddling.

Use/Possession of Combustibles:
Student is in possession of substances/objects readily capable of causing bodily harm and/or property damage (matches, lighters, firecrackers, gasoline, lighter fluid).The use or possession of these items will result in a paddling and may result in suspension. Parent contact will be required.

School Safety Violations Students engages in behaviors such as throwing objects, running from school officials, misuse of school property, or any other act that can cause a disruption to the safety of any student. Students guilty of these offenses will receive corporal punishment.”

So it may seem to many people that a teen girl getting paddled in school is simply just a fantasy and that it hardly takes place.  But the truth of the matter is, right now, in just the state of Mississippi, there are a few young ladies, sitting across the desk from a school administrator, or maybe being marched into the hall outside their classroom.  Their heart is beating rapidly and there is a lump in their throat because they know, in a just a minute’s time, that they are going to be required to stand up, and then bend over, to present their bottom to be paddled.  Their parents can’t stop it, they do not have some other option that they get to choose, regardless of how they feel about, they are going to be spanked at school.  This is the South and corporal punishment is taken very seriously.  The teacher or administrator does not have to worry about a lawsuit from the parents, as in this town the parents support the use of corporal punishment.  Chances are that this young lady that is about to get her bottom paddled, will do anything in her power to make sure her parents do not find out, as there is a good chance in this community that she will get it worse at home.  At these schools a paddling is the first and primary form of discipline, so they make sure that it is effective.  Corporal punishment is listed as the primary form of punishment for most offenses for a reason, because they mean business when they use it.  The paddlings are administered full force, the goal is always tears, and it does not matter who is receiving it.

A Good School Paddling

When is a school paddling a good school paddling?  Good is a relative term as the young lady getting paddled might not see anything good about the event.  But I see a good school paddling as consisting of just a few basic requirements:

1) The girl being paddled needs to have done something that actually warrants her getting paddled.  It might be a major offense, or the combination, or repeat, of previous small infractions.

2) The paddling need to be administered by a strict, but caring administrator that has her best interests in mind.  The paddling needs to be administered with emotion being put aside and with the goal of helping her change her attitude and behavior in the long run.

3) The paddling needs to be effective and not just ornamental.  There are far too many school administrators that just go through the motions of paddling a young lady’s rear end, as it is quick and easy and gets the girls out of their office quickly.  But the purpose of a good school paddling is not to just have an option that allows a school principal to get right back to work with their administrative duties.  A good school paddling needs to hurt, and it needs to hurt a lot.  It needs to be a situation that hurts so very much, that she would never, EVER, want it to be repeated.  The negative stimulus being applied to her bottom needs to be something that she cannot bare.  This is what a good school paddling is all about.  It is about that negative stimulus being intense and long lasting, so that there is not a moment that goes by, in the next three days, in which she is not reminded of her behavior.  Every time she sits, and every time she sees her naked teen butt in the mirror, she should be reminded to behave.

school paddling

A good school paddling involves a girl bending over for severe swats

The next time she is presented with a situation at school, that she knows goes against school policy, she

school paddling

A good school paddling leads to her bottom looking like this.

should remember bending over and presenting her bottom.  She should remember that helpless feeling as he walked behind her with that heavy wooden paddle.  The flinching of her whole body as that paddled taps her bottom before the 1st swat should be fresh on her mind.  But most of all, she should remember the feel of that 1st severe swat making contact with her bottom, how she could have never imagined that level of pain, and how she yelled at the top of her lungs as her eyes filled with tears.  The feeling of not knowing how she could endure another swat, as it was indeed applied to her bottom, should never become a distant memory.  The memory of breaking down and weeping like a child, while being a legal adult, will always be in the back of her mind.  The looks on the faces of everyone that stared at her as she left the office in tears, and the embarrassment and humiliation that she felt as a result, should always help her decision making process at school in the future.  And finally, the reality that after a paddling is over, that is has just begun.  If it was a good paddling, she will never forget struggling through every class for the next several days as her bruised bottom made it impossible to sit comfortably.  Now that is a good paddling.

Sometimes a harder paddling is required for the high school girl

It was her second time in the office, for the same offense, in a single month.  For her 1st offense, the female VP gave her a hard paddling consisting of six swats with a medium sized school paddle.  It was clear, if she was going to commit the same offense, less than a month later, that the initial paddling had not had the desired effect.  The VP considered suspending Jessica, but finals were a couple of days away and she really hated for someone to fail their classes as a result of a suspension and missing the tests that made up such a large portion of the student’s grades.  She decided that a ten swat paddling would be awarded to Jessica this time; however, the VP would not be the one to administer the paddling.  She told Jessica what was going to happen but that she needed to find someone who could achieve better results with the paddle.  She excused herself and left Jessica alone with her thoughts of being paddled even harder than the previous time.  That paddling had been no joke and Jessica’s tiny little bottom remained bruised for a few days after.  She really could not picture having to endure something longer and even harder than the one before.

severe high school paddling

She knows that this will be the hardest paddling of her life…all she can do now is wait for it.

The VP knew exactly who she was going to get to administer the paddling.  There was a coach on campus that had a reputation as the hardest hitting paddler.  The boys on his football team often spoke of the legendary paddlings that took place in his office.  He was known to paddle for any little offense, and regardless of the offense, he paddled hard.  She had had a few complaints over the years, as to the severity of his paddlings, but severity was what she needed at the moment.  She returned to her office with the hard hitting coach and calmly explained the situation, as if Jessica was not even in the room.  She explained that she had a student that was in her office for a repeat offense that required immediate action.  She stated that the student had been previously paddled, but it was clear that it was not effective.  She told him that a suspension was probably the right move, but that finals were approaching.  She asked if he was able to provide a paddling, similar to that that his players received, as she wanted this to be a paddling that she would never forget.  He was not one to disguise his emotions and he smiled and happily replied that he would gladly provide her with the paddling of her life.  The truth was, he enjoyed administering paddlings, especially well-deserved ones.  He had no issues with paddling a male player to tears, which was often the outcome, and just because it was a cute teen girl whose bottom was about to be presented to him, he saw no reason to go easy.  He was going to paddle her just as he paddled the boys and was quite looking forward to it.

severe school paddling teen girl high school

The coach prides himself on the severity of the paddling he administers. Just because she is a female with a tiny little bottom does not mean he will go easy on her. He lays the paddle on full force, bruising her bottom with every swat.

The VP instructed Jessica to grab the largest paddle off of the wall and to hand it to the coach.  She stated that the previous time she had obviously chosen the wrong paddle and the wrong paddler, a mistake that she would not be making again.  Jessica was told to bend over the desk and waited for her paddling.  The VP reemphasized to the coach that this needed to be a very hard paddling as it was a second offense.  The coach responded that that would certainly not be a problem.  He touched the long maple paddle against Jessica’s tiny teen bottom and went right to work.  The crack of the 1st swat was almost deafening in the small office and Jessica was lifted up onto her toes.  Her legs buckled a little and she cried out in pain.  The VP was quite impressed and told him that he was doing a good job and asked for nine more, just like the first one.  The coach was enjoying himself, as he usually had a 220 lb. linebacker bent over his desk, but now he had a perfect little 18 year old bottom before him and he found swatting her teen bottom to be quite satisfying.  He raised the paddle again and gave her an equally hard swat.  He was immune to the cries and pain at this point in his career, and he viewed tears and crying as a sign that he was doing a good job.  It made no difference to him that it was a girl that was not crying before him, he knew she deserved every swat she was gettingHe continued paddling her teen butt until all ten swats had been administered.  When it was all said and done, she was crying and hyperventilating like he had never seen before.  It was clear in his mind that this young lady learned the lesson she needed and he suspected that she would not be back in that office any time soon.

teen girl swats at school

With each swat a whole new level of learning takes place.

What does a real school paddling video look like?

What really goes on behind the closed office doors when a girl is paddled at school? Unless you have actually been paddled at school, you have no way to know.  What we do have are very real recreations of teen girls getting paddled in a school office environment.  Ask any girl who was actually paddled at school what it is like and she will describe something similar to below.  A stern administrator  being bent over a desk, and having her teen bottom paddled hard with a large wooden paddle.  The real teen below is actually paddled hard enough that the 1st paddle breaks on her tight bottom.

This very real school paddling video is from a recent update from the member’s area of 19 year old Roxie is fast becoming one of my favorites and her “School Swats” scene from last week’s update is amazing.  This is a full video of one of these two girls getting her bottom paddled at school.  Celebrating teens bottoms receiving real corporal punishment on video, it does not get better than This is as close as we get to a real school paddling being recorded.

Real school corporal punishment paddling video

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High school teacher gives severe paddlings to his students

teacher paddles student

Being taken into the hall to be paddled at school by a teacher.

His classroom is one of the quietest in the school with very well behaved students.  Passing notes, chatting with their other classmates and just zoning out during class is very rare.  The reason for such exemplary behavior by students in his class is simple…corporal punishment.  This is schools in which teachers that choose to can handle discipline issues on the spot.  His paddle is kept out on his desk as a visible reminder to what happens to students that do not follow the rules.  He does not offer warnings for misbehavior; the warning is clear and visible to all.

It really does not matter the infraction the student

teen high school girl school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a very severe paddling in the hallway.

committed, they are all handled with a hard paddling.  He sees all discipline matters as serious, it could be a simple as passing a note, or severe as cheating, regardless of the offense, he paddles hard and always gives the maximum amount of swats allowed by school policy.  The moment that he sees a transgression taking place, he stands up and invites the student out into the hallway.  School policy requires a witness for any paddlings administered by a teacher.  He never gets a witness himself, he sends the student to a neighboring classroom and makes her get a teacher to witness the paddling.  School paddlings have to be administered out of the view of other students, but that does not mean others are not aware it is happening.  Everyone in his class knows who is getting paddled, and every classroom in that hallway is going to hear it.  There is a lot of embarrassment involved when the young lady has to go into another classroom and ask the teacher if she can come and witness her paddling.  Now another 30 students know exactly who is being paddled.

school corporal punishment paddling

With a female teacher present to witness, he bottom is paddled long and hard.

After the young lady finds a teacher to witness the paddling it is all business.  He has her stand in the middle of the hallway and bend over and grab her ankles.  He does not announce how many she is getting as he always gives the ten swat maximum.  He touches the paddle to her bottom, asks her if she is ready, and then gets to work.  He is known throughout the school as the hardest paddler there is, and he never disappoints.  He believes that for every paddling he administers as hard as he can, that he probably prevents at least a dozen from having to take place.  Everything stops in every classroom within ear shot the moment the first lick is applied to her teen butt.  The sound echoes throughout the hallway and so does the sound that she makes when it hits.  Every students cringes as they listen to the paddling take place.  There is no doubt that whoever is getting paddled is really being punished.  Lick after lick is applied full force to her bottom and the tears are immediate.  It does not matter to him if he is paddling a straight A female student, or a football player, he makes every swat count.  He lays every swat on the exact same spot, assuring a bruised and sore bottom that will stay that way for days.  When her paddling is complete, he thanks the teacher that witnessed, and then walks the crying girl right back into class.  He does not send her to the rest room and let her get herself cleaned up and composed.  He feels it is important for the rest of his class to see the full results of what they just listened to.

teen bottom paddled at school

Feeling the sting on her teen bottom as she is paddled by a teacher.

This post is illustrated by a hard bottom bruising paddling, administered to Brandi.  She is a real teen who is subjected to very real school corporal punishment at her site

Made to grab her ankles for a paddling at school

grabbing her ankles for her school paddling

Taken to the stairwell and told to grab her ankles for hew school paddling.

It is clear that the pain that is applied to the bottom of a teen girl, in high school, during her school paddling, is the primary deterrent. A three foot long, wooden paddle, swung full force by an older male principal, leaves quite an impression on a teen butt. Even over her tight jeans, it compresses the skin, makes impact with the muscles of her bottom, and leaves her bruised and sore. But the physical application of pain is not the only deterrent for the teen girl.

There are many positions to place a young lady in for her paddling,

severe high school paddling for the teen girl

Grabbing her ankles, presenting her bottom, about to receive the paddling of her life.

and they all basically accomplish the same thing. The primary objective is for her to be in a position that presents her bottom in a way that makes it easy to paddle. Another purpose is to place her in a position of stability so a hard paddle swat does not knock her off balance. An additional reason is that when a young lady is bent over, her tailbone moves to a higher place on her bottom. When smacking a tight teen butt with a heavy oak paddle, the principal needs to be careful that he is only swatting skin and muscle and never wants to involves the tailbone.

teen school paddling girl

Wide stance, grabbing ankles, she is about to receive a hard paddling at school.

But there are other good reasons to bend a young lady for her school paddling, and those are submission, cooperation, and embarrassment. In our normal daily lives, grown men are not in the position to be able to tell a 17-18 year old girl to bend over and present her butt, it just does not happen. But in the school environment, when corporal punishment needs to be applied, this is a common occurrence. It is required for any school paddling, it quickly helps her realize that she is not in charge, and it puts her in

teen schoolgirl paddling

A schoolgirl preparing for her paddling

the position of having to assist in her punishment. No principal is going to force a young lady into place, she has to submit to her punishment and do it herself. While she may those skin tight jeans to show off her teen ass to the boys in the school, she certainly never planned on showing it off to a male principal.

While there are many positions, one of the most effective positions is to have the young lady grab her ankles. This position is effective for many reasons. First, is the fact that there really is no position that is more embarrassing to be paddled in. Here she is, 17-18 years old, wearing those perfect jeans, that show off her perfect bottom. She is told she is going to be paddled, told to stand up, turn around, widen her legs, and to bend over and grab her ankles. This is not a position most girls are

high school corporal punishment

All she can think about is her tight bottom in the air and the paddle that is about to be used on it.

used to assuming, especially not on command. She is left feeling so very vulnerable and exposed. The dynamic in the room has changed completely. The focus is no longer conversation between a student and an administrator, it is no longer about her behavior, when she grabs her ankles there is only one focus in the room…her bottom. At that moment she is faceless and nameless, the only thing that matters at that very moment is her teen bottom, in the air, on display, and it is clear in her head why that is. The paddling she is about to receive just got very real. Those tight jeans she chose to wear are so much tighter now and she knows that they will offer very little protection from the paddle.

This position serves more than just the purpose of making her feel exposed, vulnerable, and on display, it also pulls her bottom tighter than any other position. The fat

paddled at school

She chose the wrong day to wear a skirt, that will offer no protection for her school paddling.

in a young lady’s bottom, even a small teen bottom, does serve to take a little bit of the pain and bruising away from a hard school paddling. A hard swat to the fleshiest areas of a young lady’s butt just tends to leave a tremendous sting. But when a hard swat is applied to the muscles in her bottom, she experiences the sting as well as the thud of her muscles being compressed. This is what leads to long term bruising and long term learning. When she is grabbing her ankles, the skin has already been basically compressed out of the way, and the full force of the paddle swat is applied directly to the muscle tissue. Even just a single swat when she is grabbing her ankles can leave her bottom sore for several days.

When she is bent in this position, there is an added element of cooperation. Yes, in all school paddlings the young lady is required to cooperate to a certain degree,

school corporal punishment

Grabbing her ankles, skin pulled tight, this school paddling is going to leave her bottom very bruised.

but when grabbing her ankles, it is not all that easy to stay in position. The wide stance she is made to assume does help her with balance, but a proper school paddling involves extremely hard licks. A 3-4 ft long wooden paddle, lifted high above the principal’s head, and swung hard, provides a lot of force. She has to really work hard to keep herself in that position while her bottom is paddled. This puts her in the unique situation of assisting with her punishment. If she put no effort into it, she would be knocked forward with every swat. Unlike a paddling in which she is simply bent over a desk and can basically just lay there for the duration, she is an active part of helping this paddling be administered. The reality is, this is how it should be. It is her behavior and actions that have brought about this paddling in the 1st place. She should not be allowed to just sit back while she is paddled, she needs to be a full participant and take ownership of the entire process. She needs to grab her ankles, present her bottom, and do everything in her power to hold still for the duration. She needs to make it as easy as possible for him to administer the most effective paddling that he can. He puts a lot of

school corporal punishment paddling

School formal day, in trouble, still required to grab her ankles for a hard paddling.

effort into paddling her teen bottom and expects that she will put in just as much effort. Yes it hurts, yes she is in tears, yes she will be bruised for a week, but after all, it is being done for her own good.

All of these pictures come from actual paddling videos in which a teen girl is made to grab her ankles for a hard school paddling.  These are not light paddlings administered for sexy pictures, these are videos filmed for the purpose of recreating hard school corporal punishment as it is applied to the bottoms of teen girls, everyday, throughout the US.  These come from the family of sites avaiable with the All of their sites combined have more than 200 traditional school paddling videos, plus several hundred more scenes that show hard paddling applied to a young lady’s bare bottom

A very sore and bruised bottom from her school paddling.

Her friends thought it was funny that she had been paddled at school.  She is 18, two months from graduation, has had a job for two years, drives a car, and is the president of more than one school club.  But yet, even as a legal adult, she is still a senior in high school and subject to the rules, and discipline of that school.  Her friends think it’s funny because they have never been paddled at school.  Since she received her paddling, two days before, all she hears is, “Lori got a spanking”.  In between each class someone asks her how her bottom feels.  It has been said loud enough and often enough that pretty much everyone knows.  It is a running joke to watch her sit in class and see her squirm.  She tries to laugh it off, but it is not all that funny to her.

severe school paddling bruised bottom

Her bottom is severely bruised from her school paddling two days before.

She was sent to the office for her 3rd tardy to a single class, and this was her 3rd time this year to be sent to the office for tardies.  She had received a warning, then detention, but this time it was the paddle.  He gave her 8 swats with a heavy wooden paddle and it left her in great pain.  It has been almost 48 hours since her paddling and her bottom has not gotten any better…if anything it is worse.  She has not shown any of her friends, but if she did, they might stop making fun of her.  She is not a petite girl and her big bottom is completely black and blue all over.  He really laid that paddle on hard and she is feeling the results.  She has yet to sit down to pee, it is far too painful, she chooses to squat over the toilet.  She has not had a decent night’s sleep since her school paddling; her butt wakes her up throughout the night, throbbing unbearably.  They think it is funny when she winces when she sits, but it is everything she can do to not cry, it hurts that bad.  She swears she will never be tardy again.

strict school punishment teen girl

Two days after she was paddled she can barely sit down.

This very severe paddling can be found in the member’s area of

Bending over for her paddling

There are many ways that young ladies are paddled in schools throughout the country.  The one thing that never changes, regardless of the school, the age of the girl, or the setting…she has to bend over.  A hard paddling is not safe with a young lady standing up, so at some point she will be bending over.  This also has a very submissive aspect, as she is not only going to be paddled, she basically has to present her bottom.  She might be bending over a desk, putting her hands on her knees, or even grabbing her ankles.  This is quite embarrassing for the teen girl to have not only put her bottom on display, but in the position that she is told to by the person that is about to paddle it.  Many principals like to leave the young lady, holding her ankles, bottom in the air, so she can think about what is about to happen.  And what is about to happen, as a large wooden board, lifted high in the air and brought down full force on her teen bottom.

school girl paddling

Bending over the desk to have her bottom paddled at school.

high school principal paddling

She places her hands on her knees and presents her teen bottom for a hard paddling.

school paddling Texas

Grabbing her ankles for a paddling from the principal, he will leave her here for a couple of minutes to think about her actions.

Gifs made from real hard school paddling videos in the member’s area of

A hard paddling at school

Neither of these young ladies has ever been spanked at home or paddled at school.  They were in for quite a shock on the very 1st visit to the principal’s office.  They were good students and never got in trouble, so they did not suspect that a paddling was an option when they got in trouble.  Juts as every other student in the school, they knew the paddle existed and had heard horror stories, which they both thought were greatly exaggerated, about how big the paddle was and how much it hurt.  While they felt they would get off with a warning, they could not help but to notice the giant wooden paddle on the wall…it was even bigger than they had heard.  The principal gave them a long lecture, they both stated how sorry they were, and they thought their 1st visit to the principal’s office was just about over.  She told them that there was no reason to give them detention, or any other penalty that would distract from their school work.  Instead, she preferred to get it over with on the spot.  Their mouths dropped as she stood up and grabbed the paddle off of the wall.  She told them that she felt six hard swats to their bottoms should solve the problem.  They could not believe what they were hearing, until the next words came out of her mouth…”stand up, bend over my desk, and hold very still…this is going to hurt, ALOT“.  Photo series from the member’s area of

Four girls paddled at school for smoking pot

Four young ladies are sent to the principal for smoking pot on the school grounds.  He thinks about calling the police, but chooses to paddle their teen bottoms instead.  In the full videos for this school paddling in the member’s area of these young ladies all take a severe paddling consisting of three swats over their jeans, three on their panties, and three on the bare.  Very realistic and hard school paddling video of real 18-19 year old teens.

Her 1st spanking ever, a hard school paddling

teen girl paddled at school

Her swat with the paddle leaves this girl quite surprised at the pain

There are so many young ladies in the US who are not spanked at home.  Corporal punishment is becoming less frequent in the homes of America, so it might come as a shock to the young lady who ends up transferring to a school in the South, for her high school years.  Imagine the 18 year old, high school senior, who is new at a school and finds herself in the office for discipline issues.  This is a fully grown young woman, who has never once felt even the slightest smack to her ass for being in trouble.  Now she finds herself sitting in front of a male principal or administrator and is being told that her behavior had led to the point in which she needs to be paddled.

For someone who has never even had a handspanking, the shock must really set in.  At 1st, she

paddled on tight jeans at school

Those tight jeans offer very little protection from a school paddling

may not even fully know what he is talking about.  Many principals call it “licks”, or “swats”, but there is no doubt that she quickly figures out what he means when he opens the drawer and pulls out a very large, wooden, school paddleShock turns to horror as she realizes that this paddle is about to be applied very forcefully to her bottom.  She soon realizes that she has no choice in the matter and finds herself following his instructions:

“Please stand young lady and move to the center of my office.  I want you to grab that chair against the wall, pull it to the center of the room, and then bend over the back of it. That’s it, now widen your stance, lift your bottom a little higher in the air.  I want you to keep that position until I have finished paddling your bottom.  It is going to hurt a lot, but it is very important that you do not move.  Do you understand young lady?”

a hard school paddling to tears

Receiving a hard paddling from the school principal

Just two months before she attended a school in which the worst case scenario was getting detention when she got in trouble.  She is about to learn that things work differently in the Southern states.  While detention was not much of a deterrent, this certainly is.  She is now bent over, her teen bottom in the air, presented nicely in her skin tight jeans, to a man that she just met 5 minutes ago.  She tries to convince herself that it will not be so bad, maybe he is just making a big production about it.  In the corner of her eye she sees the paddle lifted high in the air and then is scared as she hears what sounds like a gun shot.  Less than a second later, her brain processes the noise andshe realizes that it was the sound of the paddle hitting her tight little bottom.  Within that same

getting school corporal punishment

He raises the paddle high in the air to teach her a very real lesson

second, her brain communicates with her butt and she experiences just about the worst pain she has ever felt.  As the sting sets in, her eyes fill with tears.  She sees the paddle lift again….just 9 more to go.

This post is illustrated with pictures that come from actual paddling videos presented by Firmhand Spanking.  If you like real paddling videos, applied to the bottoms of actual 18-19 year old girls, then visit their site and check out the samples.  You can visit their site HERE.

A very embarrassing school paddling from a teacher

In most schools that allow corporal punishment, it takes place in the school office, or behind closed doors.  There are many schools that allow a teacher to paddle a student, but it is very rare for that to take place in front of other students.  Instead, the teacher is allowed to take the student out into the hall for a paddling.  While out of site of the rest of the class, this can be one of the most embarrassing, and as a result, effective means to administer corporal punishment.

When a student is sent to the office, other students on the class so not know the outcome of that

grabbing her ankles for a school paddling

Taken out into the hall, made to assume the position and prepare for her school paddling.

office trip.  Even if the student finds herself getting paddled, she will have several minutes after to compose herself before returning to class.  It is unlikely that anyone else in her class would know if she received a warning, detention, or had her pretty teen butt paddled.  When a young lady is informed that she is to be paddled by a teacher, there are no secrets.  Whatever her behavior is, the teacher finally grows tired of it and invites her out into the hall.  That teacher then opens up a desk drawer and pulls out a large wooden paddle and follows the naughty girl out into the hall.  There is no mystery, ever student in the class knows what is about to happen and will get to hear every moment of it.

Most school require a witness, so that teacher will have to go to another classroom to get another teacher, alerting even more students to what is about to happen.  I have heard of more than one instance in which the teacher sends the student to be paddled to another classroom, to get the witness.  Imagine the naughty young lady, knowing her bottom is about to be paddled, knowing that everyone in her class is about to listen to it, and she is then sent to another class.  She has to open the door and ask a teacher, in front of the entire class “excuse me Sir, I am about to be paddled and we need a witness”.  Now this whole class knows what is about to happen and who it is about to happen to.

hands on the wall to be paddled at school by a teacher

She presents her bottom to be paddled by a teacher at school

She is then required to step back out into the hall and assume the position.  Typically a paddling that takes place in the school hallway, involves the student placing her hands on the wall or lockers, bending over in the middle of the hall with her hands on her knees, or even worse…grabbing her ankles.  Even between classes a school hallway is not the most private place in the school.  Students are often lingering in the hallways or are tardy to class.  There are students with school jobs and responsibilities that allow them access to the hallway during classes.  There are janitors, administrators, and other support staff that move around freely during classes.  This young lady, not only has at least two full classes on the edge of their seats waiting to hear her get paddled, she has the paddling teacher and the witnessing teacher present.  But on top of all of this, here she is, in the middle of the hallway, grabbing her ankles, presenting her teen butt to be spanked in the middle of the school with a large board, and anyone walking down the hall is able to watch this event.  This brings an element to the punishment beyond pain, which can be quite a deterrent, and help prevent similar bad behavior in the future.

But when it is all said and done, what is really going to bring this lesson home is the pain.  With

bent over and paddled at school

He has had enough of her behavior and marches her out into the hall for a paddling she will never forget.

her hands on the wall, and her ass properly presented for the punishment, it begins.  A teacher that is giving a semi-public paddling such as this is under additional pressure.  This teacher cannot have other students believing that he is a gentle paddler, so he must paddle with maximum effort so all of the students listening will fear the same punishment.  He wants every student, in every classroom within ear shot to hear the paddling and vow to never receive the same.  He must lift the paddle high in the air and swat her bottom full force with every swat.  Each swat must echo throughout the building for everyone to hear.  As the paddling takes place every student in every class on that hallway stops what they are doing.  No one can ignore the sounds of a hard paddling and every ear is listening intently.  If the teacher does his job properly, they will not only hear the swats echoing throughout the building, but they will hear the sounds of a well paddled girl starting to sob.  A hard paddling at school should result in tears and if the crying can be heard by others, then all the better A proper paddling will include the maximum number of strokes to fit the offense, with all of the them applied in a hard and effective manner, and will indeed end with tears.

paddled at school

Hands on the wall, bottom out, for a very hard and loud paddling that will leave her in tears.

But a paddling administered in the hallway by a teacher is not done here.  Yes, she is a well spanked girl, with a very sore bottom, and tears in her eyes.  But what makes this type of school paddling so very effective is the nest few minutes, and the rest of the day…if not week.  After he bruises her bottom with the paddle, he has her stand right up and marches her right back into the classroom.  With tears still in her eyes and the burning still on her bottom she is forced to face her class.  No one is paying attention to their studies, they are all looking right into her eyes.  She is still sobbing, but she has no choice to hurry back to her seat.  Everyone looks at her bottom as she walks past and they all watch her sit so very gingerly.  No one is making fun of her, most feel sorry for her, but the one thing that is for absolute certain, every girl in that class is promising themselves that they will never, EVER, misbehave in that classroom and have to suffer through the same event.

Unfortunately for this very beautiful and popular high school senior, the humiliation of her semi-

school paddling corporal punishment

He paddles her long enough and hard enough that the whole school will be talking about it

public school paddling is not over, it is about to become very public.  When the bell rings and the students file into the halls, the word begins to spread.  All ten classes on that hall heard it and people want to know who got paddled.  They heard how bad it was, they heard the crying, they knew it was a girl, but who was it.  It only takes around five minutes for the news to spread.  She can see it in the way everyone is looking at her as she walks down the hall.  All of the boys are staring at her perfect little ass and wondering if it is black and blue.  As she sits, in every class throughout the day, people watch and giggle a little.  She tries to sit like it is no big deal, but it is.  Her bottom is bruised and sore and she cannot find a position that does not hurt.  She vows to be a very good girl in the future and to never get a school paddling again…a lesson learned.

All of these photos come from the videos of actual paddling being administered in a very realistic manner in the member’s area of  Real teens presenting their bottoms for hard paddling just as they are administered every day in the schools of the United States.

The real results of high school corporal punishment

The only people who really know for sure how badly a bottom can be bruised, as a result of corporal punishment at school, are those who have experienced a severe school paddlingfirst hand.

school paddling corporal punishment

Bending her teen ass over for a severe school paddling

Certainly there are those hard hitting teachers and principals who must assume the result of their work is a very sore and marked bottom, but they have no way to see the results.  In a few of the Southern states, in which a teacher is able to take a naughty student out into the hall and paddle her bottom, he can pay attention the next day and might be able to see a little bit of how effective the paddling was.  A teen girl with a bruised bottom is certainly going to be struggling to sit, she will never be able to find that comfortable position, and the pain she feels in her bottom might even be visible on her face.  For a principal who applies a hard paddling, they may never know how well the punishment lasted, as once the young lady leaves

school paddling girl

Feeling the sting from her severe paddling, but was it effective?

their office, there might not be a follow up until the next time she is in his office.  Yes, he can sentence her to the maximum number of swats allowed by school policy.  Yes, he can choose the largest of the wooden paddles and even further maximize the paddling by making her grab her ankles for her paddling.  With her bottom stretched as tight as it can be, and all of the muscles in her bottom pushed to the surface, he lays on each swat of the paddle as hard as he can swing.  From the first swat he may even be able to achieve tears.  She earned the punishment, he is trying to teach her a lesson that will last for days, but once again, he does not know how effective the punishment is once she leaves his office.

What the real results of the paddling are to be are yet to be determined.  Yes, the paddling hurt very much and made her cry like a little kid, even as an older teen.  Many girls might even run off to the bathroom and take a peek at their bottom in the mirror, but most probably wait until they are home in the privacy of their own rooms.

bruised bottom from a school paddling

Pants down after ten swats show the real results of a severe school paddling...A LESSON LEARNED!

Immediately after the paddling they probably feel a little numb and think that they got lucky regarding long term pain.  As the day progresses, they probably realize they were mistaken.  With each hour, the soreness of their bottoms become unbearable.  By the time they actually get home, they are barely able to sit.  When that young lady is finally able to look at her bare bottom in private, she must be a little shocked at what she sees.  It is not pink, it is not even red, it is black and blueNot only is she bruised, her bottom is hard to the touch.  She knows that tight jeans will be out of the question the next day as there is no way her swollen bottom is going to squeeze into anything but sweatpants.  Unless she has been paddled this hard at school before, the thing she does not realize is…the real lesson begins the next morning and it will be worse than the paddling itself.

The pictures are from a paddling that took place in the member’s area of this week.  The bruised bare bottom picture you see is the very real results of a severe 10 swat paddling applied over skin tight jeans of a legal aged teen girl.  There is no faking it here, this is the bottom of a real teen looks like after some very serious school corporal punishment.  You can watch the high def video on their site

Two girls receive a real school corporal punishment paddling…caught on video.

It is still a very real reality for high school girls in the South, when faced with disciplinary action at school, to have to bend over and receive corporal punishment.  By no means is this form of discipline gentle.  In fact, it has proven to be most effective when applied full force to the seat of a teen girl’s tight jeans.  A school paddling applied in this manner, with a wooden school paddle, is likely to leave her teen bottom bruised and sore.  This assures a real lesson is learned and that she will feel the effects for many days afterwards.  As it is still quite common for a teen girl to also still be spanked at home, if the school chooses to call her parents and inform them that a school paddling was administered, there is a good chance of her getting it again at home.  Many parents in the South enforce a “spanked at school, spanked at home” policy.  Imagine how sore her bottom will end up after getting spanked, strapped, or paddled again at home after her school paddling.  For those girls who still receive a spanking from their parents on their bare bottoms, it is that much worse.

In the school corporal punishment video below we get to see exactly what a real school paddling is like when administered in the real world.  These young ladies are both called up tot the office at the end of the day to receive corporal punishment.  They already know what they have done that earned them a school paddling.  They are made to wait together as they anticipate how much the paddle is going to sting their teen butts.  One at a time they are brought into the principal’s office, made to bend over the desk, and then punished.  He does not bother with a lecture, he simply lifts the paddle high in the air and gets to work punishing their bottoms.  School policy only allows a maximum of 6 licks with the paddle, so he is sure to make everyone of them count.  He uses the largest paddle, the one with holes in it, to make sure a lesson is learned.  He paddles very hard, placing each swat in the same spot, assuring that every time they sit down for a few days, they will remember that their bottoms were paddled.  His job is to administer the discipline at this school and he is good at his job.  When the paddling is complete, their bottoms are bruised and swollen.  He does his best to make sure that the lesson is reinforced at home, so he always calls the girl’s parents after a school paddling has been administered.  He knows at least one of these girls is going to go home and get a long session with her dad’s belt.

This very real school corporal punishment paddling video comes from the member’s area of, a site with more real school paddling videos than all other sites combined.

Two girl school corporal punishment paddling video real

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Teen Beauty gets a SCHOOL PADDLING

school paddling

About to receive a school paddling

Being tall and beautiful might help her get her way with most of the guys, but when she gets in trouble at school for fighting, she is treated like all of the other female students.  The male principal has her turn around, bend over the chair, and present her pretty bottom properly for a hard school paddling. It does not matter that she has not been paddled at school before; fighting is an offense that is taken really seriously.  He uses the same large wooden paddle that the boys are paddled with and he plan to use it to the best of his

school paddling picture

Her teen bottom gets a school paddling

ability.  This offense calls for 12 swats with the paddle, and he lays them on hard. She fights back the tears as one swat after another land on her tight teen bottom.  She manages to get through it, but her first school

school paddling picture teen

Feeling the sting of the school paddling

paddling certainly taught her a lesson.

The girl is Adrienne Black and the site is FirmhandSpanking.  In their member’s area you can see this 6ft. beauty spanked, strapped, and paddled in a variety of situations…including fully nude.

A Real School corporal punishment paddling video

In many schools, all of the corporal punishment is administered at the end of the day.  A teen girl is sent to the office for her infraction and she meets with the principal.  He decides that she is to receive a school paddling and tells her to come back either during the lunch break or after school. She may be the only one getting paddled that day, or there may actually be a line of girls waiting for their school paddling.

It is probably harder for the young lady who is not going first.  She has to sit outside the office and hear the paddling take place.  Even with the door closed, the sound of the licks being applied to her teen bottom can be heard throughout the school office.  The poor girl waiting has to listen and cannot help but imagine what it will feel like on her bottom.  She sees the door open as the previous girl walks by with her tear stained face.  She is then called in for her own paddling.  She knows she earned this paddling, and she knows it is going to hurt.  Ten hard swats on her teen bottom are sure to do the trick.  School corporal punishment is indeed effective when applied to a teen girl’s bottom.

This school paddling video is from the member’s area of, a site that has more real school corporal punishment paddling videos than all other sites combined.

School corporal punishment paddling video

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School Paddling, School Swats, and a Bruised Bottom for the Teen Girl

There is a reason that a paddle is used in the United States, for the application of corporal

a real school paddling

A school paddling and a bruised bottom

punishment in a school setting.  School corporal punishment does not take place on a bare bottom, so an implement that can still be effective, regardless of the state of dress, is required.  A large wooden paddle, at least ½” thick, is generally used and it works very well.  One of the primary reasons that it is so effective is that it bruises a young lady’s bottom with every swat.  This is an essential part of the learning process, as it teaches a long lasting lesson.  If the same punishment was applied, with a leather strap, over a teen girl’s jeans and panties, yes it would hurt.  However, once the actual strapping is over, so is the pain.  There may be a general soreness for a few minutes, but for the most part, a strapping over clothes is a very short lived punishment.  A punishment such as this, quickly fades from a teen girl’s mind, and therefore does not serve the purpose of reducing the chances of repeat

school paddling marks

Showing her bottom after a 10 swat school paddling

school paddling picture

Showing the paddle that she was disciplined with

behavior in the future.

Now with the school paddle, with as few as six swats to a teen girl’s bottom, a very real lesson can be taught.  Just as with the strapping, for the duration of the punishment, she will feel a great amount of discomfort.  If applied correctly, after just a couple of swats, tears will start to fall.  By the end of the paddling, her tears will have turned to full on sobbing.  The key to this punishment is that when she leaves the office and returns to class, the punishment is not over.  A hard paddling creates a somewhat unique experience for the high school girl who receives it.  While she is bent over in the office, getting her pretty little bottom paddled, the pain is intense.

a school paddling teen girl

Showing the marks from a hard school paddling over her jeans

teen girl corporal punishment

Looking at the paddle that just broke on her teen bottom during her paddling

Immediately after the paddling (or possibly during if it was a long paddling) her body begins to combat the pain by producing endorphins.  When walking back to class, she might even feel like her butt is not all that sore.  She will feel a little something when she sits at her desk, but she still might feel like she will be ok.

The real punishment for her will begin a few hours later.  Her body will decrease the production of endorphins and the adrenaline will no longer be pumping through her system.  A couple of classes after the paddling, she will begin to experience very real discomfort.  By the end of the day, she will hardly be able to believe how much her bottom hurts.  Now here is what makes corporal punishment with a paddle

high school girl paddled at school

Her school paddling left her entire bottom bruised

teen girl school paddling

Smiling at the moment, but not for long, she is about to be paddled

so very effective…the next day.  The morning after a fully clothed strapping, might not even register to a young lady that she had even been punished.  She would go about her day in a normal manner, and maybe even find herself committing the same offenses that got her spanked in the first place.  But the morning after a paddling, this would never be the case.  She would find that the moment she stood up out of bed, that the pain is quite intense.  It is not even just a matter of hurting to sit, she will feel discomfort by simply walking.  When she goes to the bathroom, she might not even be able to fully sit on the toilet seat.  If she looks at her bottom in the mirror, she will see the source of the problem.  She will have two large bulls’ eye looking bruises on her bottom.

school paddling teen girl bruised bottom

Sitting will not be an option after her school paddling

paddled school girl

Singing the school paddle

The bruises on her bottom will be why she will be unlikely to repeat the behavior that resulted in her getting a school paddling.  When she sits for breakfast that morning, she will remember what she did to get paddled.  When she rides to school that morning, she will be focused on why her bottom received 10 licks from the principal.  You can be 100% sure that as she goes through her day at school, sitting on hard wooden desks for 7+ hours, that she will be making promises to herself to never get in trouble at school again.   When a paddling is administered hard enough, with enough swats, this lesson does not end after just the next day.  While it will become more bearable as time progresses, she may indeed experience discomfort for 3-4 days.  This is why paddles are used, they get results.

school girl paddled

You can see where the pockets of her jeans added a little protection

children paddled at school

About to take part in the "School Swats" study and have her bottom paddled severely

The real effectiveness of a school paddling has been explored over the last ten years at  They have a series called “school swats” in which they interview girls, age 18-23, about their thoughts and experiences with school paddling.  Some have been paddled at school; others have no clue that school can even paddle students.  After their interview, they show their bare bottoms as a sort of “before” look.  They then pull up their pants and panties and prepare to receive a very realistic school paddling.  They are required to bend over and place their hands on a chair, assuming a very common position utilized in schools today.  At this point the whole process becomes quite strict and they are told to remain in position.  A large wooden paddle is used, and applied on the seat of their pants, most often tight jeans.  All girls that

severely bruised bottom

The Bull's eye bruises will make sitting almost impossible in the morning

school corporal punishment paddling

Adding her name to the "School Swats" paddle

participate in this school corporal punishment study, receive ten swats.  The swats they receive can only be described as severe.  While ten licks with the paddle might be a little more than the typical teen gets in school, the whole process is as authentic as any school paddling.  When it is over, they are asked to drop their pants and panties again, and bend over to show the results.  Just as described above, you get to see firsthand the bruises that a real school paddling produces.  Even just moments after, their bottoms are often black and blue.  They are asked to sit back down and we get to get some real insight as to the effectiveness of a real school paddling.  The effectiveness is often quite clear, as when the young lady sits, tears are running down

teenage girl paddled at school

Three girls, three bottom, ten swats each. The bruises from three very real school paddlings.

teen girl corporal punishment

Three girls sign the paddle after getting paddled together

her face.  They did not just receive a playful little paddling and tears are common.  What I like the most is they are then asked if a paddling like that would have kept them out of trouble in high school.  Most girls promise that they would be on the straight and narrow if they knew that would happen if they were in trouble at school.  When it is all over, each girl gets to sign the official paddle. Making things even more realistic is that at least a dozen of the girls that take part in this school corporal punishment study, are less than 6 months out of high school.  More than 40 girls have gone through a “School Swats” experiment, with a new one added often.

All of the pictures above are from the real school paddling these girls took on video, in the member’s area of

A Properly Paddled Bottom will be Bruised

school paddling corporal punishment 1

A hard school paddling

Let’s be realistic when we look at the application of corporal punishment in a school setting.  If we are dealing with an 18 year old, high school senior, and her actions have led her to a point in her life where she needs a school paddling, it should not be a gentle affair.  She is now a legal age adult and should be held fully accountable for her actions.  If she is in a school system in which school paddling is still an option, that means she grew up in the South.

school paddling corporal punishment 2

Grabbing her bruised bottom after her school paddling

Southern girls grew up getting their pretty bottoms spanked at home by both mom and dad.  They are not only used to getting spanked, paddled, and strapped at home, but there is a good chance that they got it on the bare.  To really make an impression with the school paddle over jeans and panties, we cannot go light with our swing.  This is school corporal punishment and it needs to be a very memorable event.  If done properly, she will remember it for months to come.

A hard school paddling to be remembered

A hard school paddling to be remembered

There are many aspects that make it effective…the lecture, the build up to the punishment itself, a great sense of anticipation, fear, dread, and even embarrassment.  Being an almost grown woman and having to present your bottom to a school administrator can indeed be an embarrassing event. But the most important element of an effective punishment, the one that will prevent this young lady from ever exhibiting this type of behavior again is pain.

school paddling corporal punishment 4

Her friend was just paddled at school, next it is her turn.

There is no need to pretend otherwise or to sugar coat the whole process.  The entire purpose of a school paddling is to provide pain to a young ladies’ bottom.  We want to provide enough pain that they not only learn a lesson, but to ensure we eliminate the undesirable behavior completely.  We do not provide a warm-up, there are no gentle swats at the beginning, we want a burning bottom and tears from the very 1st swat with the school paddle.  Tears alone are not enough to teach a lesson.  The bottom must be left very, and I mean, VERY sore.

school paddling corporal punishment

Her bottom was just paddled at school

A bruised bottom always heals, but a trouble maker who is not punished the right way, may grow up to get into further trouble, and even end up in jail.  Keep this in mind as you raise that paddle high in the air.  This is for her own good.  A hard paddling prevents bad behavior in the future.  Difficulty sitting down as a result of a bruised bottom, from a very real school paddling, sends a message to the brain that says “BE GOOD”.

You are not doing her any favors be going easy on her. Grab the paddle, pick the heavy one, the one with maximum impact.  Make her bend over in a manner that gets her tailbone out of the way (we may paddle hard, but we never injure).  Pick the minimum amount of licks required to do the job, then add three.  Remind her to stay in position and then do your job, and do it to the best of your ability.  Swing that paddle hard and make it count.  Focus on making her behind burn like it never has before. Make even that 1st swat enough to teach her a lesson.  You hear her cry out, you see the tears start, but you do not let these thing slow you down.  You give her another 5, administered in exactly the same manner.  You know that we are bruising her bottom, we know that she will not sit down for a few days, we know that we are making an impression. It is our job to teach her and guide her through life…the sore bottom and tears are going to help.

The pictures from this post come from real school paddling scenes filmed by the leader in school corporal punishment paddling videos.  They currently have 269 exclusive videos in their member’s area that feature corporal punishment with a large wooden school paddle.  Most of these scenes feature realistic school paddling, but many others involves the use of a wooden paddle over panties, and dozens upon dozens of a young lady receiving a bare bottom paddling.  Like this post, a good portion of their paddling videos involve real tears and bruised bottoms.  For the very best in paddling videos, visit them today at

Hard School Paddling to Tears

school punishment paddling

Paddled hard by teacher at school

For school corporal punishment to be effective, especially when dealing with the older teens in high school, the paddle must be swung with maximum force.  The student should be properly bent over to assure that the tailbone is never in a place where it can be damaged.  Once the safety of the student being paddled is assured, full force swats with a large wooden school paddle should be applied to lower part of the student’s bottom.  After several swats her bottom will begin to go numb, but rest assured, the final swats will serve as a reminder for the next several days, every time she sits down.  If the paddling is applied properly, regardless of her age, tears should be visible in her eyes.  We want to teach a very real lesson that will not be forgotten anytime soon, therefore reducing any future transgressions.

This picture of from a video of Brandi being paddled to tears in the member’s area of SpankingTeenBrandi.