Bending over for her paddling

There are many ways that young ladies are paddled in schools throughout the country.  The one thing that never changes, regardless of the school, the age of the girl, or the setting…she has to bend over.  A hard paddling is not safe with a young lady standing up, so at some point she will be bending over.  This also has a very submissive aspect, as she is not only going to be paddled, she basically has to present her bottom.  She might be bending over a desk, putting her hands on her knees, or even grabbing her ankles.  This is quite embarrassing for the teen girl to have not only put her bottom on display, but in the position that she is told to by the person that is about to paddle it.  Many principals like to leave the young lady, holding her ankles, bottom in the air, so she can think about what is about to happen.  And what is about to happen, as a large wooden board, lifted high in the air and brought down full force on her teen bottom.

school girl paddling

Bending over the desk to have her bottom paddled at school.

high school principal paddling

She places her hands on her knees and presents her teen bottom for a hard paddling.

school paddling Texas

Grabbing her ankles for a paddling from the principal, he will leave her here for a couple of minutes to think about her actions.

Gifs made from real hard school paddling videos in the member’s area of

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