School corporal punishment in Japan

While a hard school paddling is fairly common for high school girls in the Southern United States, it is not quite as common in other countries.  In Japan however, while unusual, it still takes place.  There it tends to be a very private experience between a teacher and a student.  It is usually done off the record and with permission given by the parents to the individual teacher.  The typical Japanese high school girl finds herself most often being punished by a female teacher in the privacy of her classroom, after school, when all of the other students have left.  The very best representation of Japanese school corporal punishment comes from Cutie Spankee.

Here are some examples of their very fine videos:

Japanese school corporal punishment

Japanese girl paddled in the classroom

Asian school discipline

In the privacy of the classroom, sometimes a bottom is bared for a school paddling.

Japanese corporal punishment

In just moments her Japanese teen bottom is going to be paddled hard.

Paddling at Japanese school.

Getting her tight bottom paddled in her gym uniform.

School paddling Japan

Getting her bottom bruised with the paddle in a Japanese classroom.



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