What does a real school paddling video look like?

What really goes on behind the closed office doors when a girl is paddled at school? Unless you have actually been paddled at school, you have no way to know.  What we do have are very real recreations of teen girls getting paddled in a school office environment.  Ask any girl who was actually paddled at school what it is like and she will describe something similar to below.  A stern administrator  being bent over a desk, and having her teen bottom paddled hard with a large wooden paddle.  The real teen below is actually paddled hard enough that the 1st paddle breaks on her tight bottom.

This very real school paddling video is from a recent update from the member’s area of Realspankings.com. 19 year old Roxie is fast becoming one of my favorites and her “School Swats” scene from last week’s update is amazing.  This is a full video of one of these two girls getting her bottom paddled at school.  Celebrating teens bottoms receiving real corporal punishment on video, it does not get better than Realspankings.com. This is as close as we get to a real school paddling being recorded.

Real school corporal punishment paddling video

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