teen paddled in high school

The paddle is clearly visible and she knows it will be used on her tiny teen butt in a matter of moments.

There is no real clear reason why some principals paddle harder than others.  Some take discipline very seriously, some may just be having a hard day, and there are some who grew up receiving that type of discipline themselves and know that sometimes this is what is required to keep an older teen in line.  There are those that look back at the good old days when teen girls were more respectful, much more modest, and had better manners in general.  They see it is as their job to make girls a little more grounded and better behaved in general.

This type of principal is every high school girl’s worst nightmare and

school corporal punishment

Being told to bend over for her school paddling, this one is going to be bad.

what makes it even worse for them, is when it is a school that allows corporal punishment.  Now you have an angry female administrator who takes personal offense to the transgressions of the young ladies in the school.  She is not one of those principals who distances herself from the process and paddles young bottoms free of emotion.  It is her mission to change the hearts and the minds of these young ladies, one bottom at a time.

She is able to look back at her own childhood and remember long sessions over mom’s lap with her grandmother’s antique wooden hairbrush, the same one that was used on her mom growing up.  She remembers her bare bottom being spanked for what seemed like hours at a time.  She remembers the spanking being applied until she quit squirming and quit crying altogether.  She also remembers her bottom being black and blue for days and literally not being able to sit.  She remembers the occasional follow up hairbrush spanking the next morning, on her bruised bottom, just to be sure the point had been made.  Most of all she remembers that after such a spanking, she was on her best behavior for months.  As brutal as it seemed at the time, she survived each and every one of them, and it taught her to be the women that she is today.  In retrospect, she felt it did her some good.

school paddling punishment

She prepares to be paddled, with the principal’s large maple paddle.

Now she is not just in charge of her own kids, but has been given the task of raising a whole school of young women and handling their discipline.  She cannot spank them like she does her own daughters; school policy has limits as to how she can administer a paddling.  If

school discipline girls

She is about to receive the school paddling of her life.

she had it her way, every one that found herself in her office would certainly be baring their bottoms and she would not be limited to 10 swats with the paddle.  But she has to work within the rules of the school, though she sure as hell is going to make sure that a real impression is made on the bottoms and attitudes of the girls she sees on a daily basis.

She has found many ways to make a trip to her office as uncomfortable as possible, while still following the school guidelines.  There is no policy that states what type of paddle she can use.  She had a nice and long conversation with the shop teacher and had him make her a very large, and very heavy maple paddle.  She was very specific that the handle needed to be long enough that she could swing it with two hands.  She figures that if she is limited to ten swats, she will make them

teen bottom paddling

That two handed paddle swing leaves will leave a long lasting impression on her tiny teen bottom.

each count.  As a woman who played softball in college, she has a swing that has a way of sticking with a girl for many days.  She takes advantage of the presence of her large paddle and leaves it hanging on the wall next to her desk.  This is the 1st thing each and every girl sees when they enter her office.

During the lecture with a student, she references the paddle frequently.  Over what is at least a 10 minute conversation, they have been told close to 10 times about the padding they are going to get.  She loves to drop comments like “we will be fixing that problem in just a few minutes with that board on the wall”, or “don’t worry, I am pretty sure this can be corrected with ten hard

young student paddled at school

She paddled young butts to achieve results.

swats to your bottom”, and comments like “once you’ve been paddled long and hard, I am sure you will see it differently” and “you will be amazed at how your behavior will change after a few days of trying sit on a bruised bottom”.  She has no problem with, and is very good at, bringing them to tears before it ever starts.

Eventually the lecture ends and the actual paddling must begin.  She breaks her down as far as she can mentally and then it is time for the physical part of the punishment.  She has her stand up, and then makes a big production over pulling the paddle from the wall.  She will sometimes hold it with both hands and do a few practice swings, before she bends over, so she can see what she are really in for.  She holds it with two hands, just

crying from a school paddling

The tears from her school paddling start immediately.

like a bat, and swings it the same way.  The young lady is then told to bend over and place her hands on the bricks on the wall.  She is made to bend fully at the waist with her arms extended way out.

This is where it gets serious as she knows she only has 10 swats to make her point.  It does not matter the size or age of the girl, she is going to swing for the fences with each one.  Before every paddling she administers, she thinks back to the severity of the hairbrush spankings she endured.  She thinks of the extreme pain she experienced, she thinks about how it seemed like it would never end, but mostly she thinks about how much she learned from those trips over her mother’s knee.  She raises the paddle high above her head, with both hands, and thinks about providing that same experience for the girl bent over before her.

tiny teen school paddling

The giant paddle is very effective on this tiny teen bottom.

With every ounce of energy in her body, she swings that paddle with bad intentions.  When that giant paddle hits the tiny teen bottom before her, it achieves results from the very 1st swat.  The young lady experiences pain like she has never felt before.  She is knocked up onto her toes and in an instant her teen bottom sends a signal to her brain. This swat alone would be enough to teach any teen girl a real lesson, but she has nine to go.  The tears start to flow, her butt begins to throb, and then

bruised butt paddling

A severely bruised bottom from a severe school paddling.

the next swat is applied in the exact same manner, on the exact same spot. This principal learned long ago to ignore the crying and pleading, this is being done for this student’s own good.  If anything, the tears and blubbering motivate her to keep up the good work.  She knows that she is making the most of each swat.  She knows that while she only gets ten, that she is getting the job done.  She knows that this sassy, unruly, and impolite teen girl is going to have a change in her attitude.  She knows that as long as this young lady attends this school, that she will never be back in this office again.  This school paddling is not just a punishment for an infraction of the school rules, it is a life changing event.  This 18 year old high school girl is bruised, sobbing, sore, and sorry…just 8 more swats to go.

school paddling high school

A hard, 10 swat, two handed paddling for a high school girl.

The above visual come from a two handed paddling Jessica received in the member’s area of Spankingteenjessica.com when she was only 18 years old. A real teen who was really paddled in high school and discusses it on her site. A membership to her site buys a four pack to all of the teen sites on the network. All of these teen sites include very real school paddling videos.

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