The results from a real school paddling

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

How her bottom looks after being paddled at school

It happens every single day in the US.  A high school student is sent to the office, or pulled out into the hallway, or invited into the coaches office.  The purpose is quite specific, it is because she is in trouble.  This is no ordinary trip to the office.  There will not be any detention, nor will she be suspended.  This will not result in simply a stern lecture or just a warning.  This offense, this time, is going to be something completely different. She is going to get a school paddling.

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

The school paddle leaves very clear marks

Other methods have been used and they have all failed, she just can’t seem to keep out of trouble.  Today she is going to bend over the desk, or maybe place her hands on the lockers, or worse, she might be required to bend over and grab her ankles.  A piece of wood, specially constructed for this occasions is going to be used.  Chances are it was made in the wood shop, by the shop teacher.  Constructed in a manner that is guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression on her bottom.  It will be long and wide, big enough that with each swat it covers her entire bottom.  It will be thick enough to hit with a thud that she feels deep into her muscles.

bruised bottoms from a school paddling

Rubbing her bottom after being paddled at school

The coach, teacher, or school administrator is going to make sure that the paddling is administered to the very best of their ability.  There is no point in having to spank her bottom with the paddle again.  They try there very best to make sure that this is the last paddling she ever receives.  This is accomplished by taking this special piece of wood and putting it to work. She must be paddled hard and she must receives as many swats as this occasion calls for.  She is going to cry, that is much of the point.  School corporal punishment is all about her bottom receiving the maximum amount of pain required.

Checking her bruised bottom at home

Being that all school paddling takes place over clothing, what state is her bottom in when it is over?  If the job was done well, her bottom will be bruised.  When she returns to class after her paddling, when she tries to sit down, it should be clear to every student that she was just paddled. She should wince as her bruised bottom makes contact with the hard desk.  If it was the kind of paddling she should have received, she will be feeling that same discomfort in every class for the next couple of days.

Two girls compare bottoms after being paddled at school

When she gets home that day from school and looks at her bottom in the mirror, she will once again be reminded or her transgressions.  Her bottom should now be a dark purple, showing the effects of every stroke of the paddle.  That color is the color of a successful lesson having been learned. But unfortunately for her, the school is required to call home every time a young lady bends over for the paddle. So on this occasion, the lesson is only half over.

Paddled at school, soon to be paddled by dad.

She stares at her bruised bottom and knows that in less than an hour that dad will be home.  He parents policy has always been “paddled at school, paddled at home”.  Her dad always paddles longer, and certainly paddles harder than what she gets at school.  Add in the fact that it will be on her already bruised butt…she is already fighting off the tears. Thirty minutes later she hears his car pull into the driveway.  She can hear a muffled exchange between her parents through her door, and then she hears his footsteps coming down the hall.  Her door opens, he has the paddle in his hand, and she knows exactly what is about to happen.

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