A School Paddling is about to be Administered

Waiting to be paddled

Waiting to be paddled at school

Earlier in the day, they both ended up at the Principal’s office, at different times and for different offenses.  The principal took the time to hear each of them defend what they did wrong.  He was very thorough in his approach, and weighed everything that they had to say, against what was written on the disciplinary referral form.  He also checked the file on each girl to see what sort of trouble they had been in before.  After considering all factors involved, he decided that the most effective punishment for each girl today would be a hard school paddling.

Bending over for a school paddling

Assuming the position for a school paddling

Each had received detention in the past, and while both offenses were small in the grand scope of things, they both had accumulated many small offenses in the past.  He decided that for today’s small infractions, he would try something a little more effective.  He never paddled on the spot, as he generally had all students that needed to be paddled return either at lunch, or at the end of the day.  This gave them plenty of time to consider what they did and also had the added effect of leaving them filled with dread throughout the day. Sometimes the anticipation of a paddling was as hard as the actual school paddling itself.
In both cases, he wrote them a hall pass that allowed them to be dismissed from their final class of the day, 15 minutes early.  To add just a little to the overall impact of the punishment, he wrote very clearly on the pass they were to give to their teachers “Please excuse this student 15 minutes early from class today, she is to receive a HARD paddling in my office”.  That last class of the day was certainly filled with much dread and anxiety for both of the girls.  There is no doubt that their cheeks were red as they handed that note to their teachers and had to excuse themselves from class.

school paddling

She listens to the paddling and waits for her turn

They arrived in the principal’s office within a few minutes of each other and were made to wait.  They said nothing, but the look on their faces said it all.  One at a time they were called into the office.  He required them to bend over and wait, as he filled out the proper paperwork.  A couple of minutes of grabbing their ankles before the paddling, really left them nervous, exposed, and embarrassed.  Once the paperwork was complete, he grabbed a large, wooden, school paddle and stepped into position.  With as much energy as he could provide, he swatted the first girl’s bottom with great force.  The sound echo throughout the offices.  While school policy did not allow for the girl’s to be paddled in front of each other, he purposely left the office door open so the

school paddling punishment

Now it is her turn for a school paddling

waiting girl could hear each and every swat. Sitting outside his office she could hear every little detail of the punishment, knowing that her bottom was next.  Hard and deliberate he applied swat after swat on her bottom.  Her tight jeans did very little to protect her bottom from the thick oak paddle.  With every lick, she could not help letting out a little cry.  She tried to be brave, but there was no hiding from the pain her bottom was experience.  Once her paddling was complete, he left her in position for another minute while he signed the punishment form.  He finally let he stand and then she was also required to sign the form.

She was placed once again outside of his office and the next girl was led in.  The routine was the same for her.  She was left in position for a couple of minutes before her paddling began.  Once the swats started she could not believe how intense the paddling was.  This was a far cry from detention.  With every ounce of her being she swore that she would not get in trouble at school again.  Other girls had talked about getting paddled at school, but she always thought they were exaggerating…it was not clear that they were not.  Her bottom was throbbing, she questioned how she would get through all ten.  It was only the fear of additional swats that managed to get her through the whole

school paddling discipline

With a sore bottom she listens to the other school paddling being administered

punishment.  Having to grab her ankles left her butt so tight, each swat really seemed to bruise her bottom.  She fought through the pain and finally it ended.  He left her in place for close to a minute and then had her sign the disciplinary form.  And just like that, it was over.  They were both sent from his office and were done with school for the day.  The only part they were not aware of was the fact that at this very moment, he was sitting down at his desk to call their parents to let them know that both girls had been paddled at school.  They also did not know that he would be recommending that the parents reinforce the process by administering a spanking to each girl when they got home.

This very hard, two part paddling, in which each girl gets 10 full force swats on her tight jeans is from this week’s exclusive video update at Realspankings.com

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