A School Paddling for Dress Code Violations

The rules were not a mystery to her.  Every year on the 1st day of school, all student are required to read the student code of conduct and sign a form that states they understand it.  She was a senior, so this was her 4th year in a row to read those very same rules.  Included in those rules was the dress code policy.  Within that policy it was stated very clearly that no shorts were to be worn, and that all shirts would fully cover the midriff on both boys and girls.

She was 18 now, and it was not lost on her how much power she had over the boys as a result of her body.  She was tall, thin, and had an ass that the boys drooled over.  She also had a flat little belly that she was always dying to show off, and today was the day she choose to do so.  After all, how often did anyone really get in trouble for dress code violations anymore?  Shorts would obviously be noticed, but she figured she could get away with showing a little midriff. She chose a shirt that was not too short and also a light jacket that she could wear in class, so the teachers wouldn’t see.

She started her day, walking through the hall, getting exactly the kind of looks she desired. The boys were indeed taking notice and she could not have been happier.  She stopped at her locker, put her backpack away, and then as soon as she turned around, there was a female teacher standing before her.  She had very few words to say, “interesting choice of outfits…come with me”.  The teacher took her into her still empty classroom and filled out a disciplinary referral form, and then told her to take it to the office. She could not believe she was caught, within five minutes of entering the school.  She zipped up her jacket and headed to the office.

a school paddling for dresscode violations 1

Waiting for her punishment

She turned in her referral to the office lady and had a seat.  She had never really been in enough trouble that she ended up in the office before.  She wondered what exactly would happen for such a minor offense.  She guessed she would receive a warning and have to change her shirt.  She figured worst case scenario was to stay after school for detention. After at least a twenty minute wait, the male Vice Principal called her into his office.  He read the referral carefully without saying anything to her.  He took a moment to look up her file and discovered that this was her first trip to his office.  He asked

The dress code violation

her to stand and to unzip her jacket so he could see the shirt that was causing the controversy.  Even though she wore the shirt for attention, she was a little embarrassed to be showing her cute little belly to this man she did not really even know.  She unzipped her jacket and showed him the shirt.

He handled it all in a very casual way.  He had her sit back down and informed her that her shirt was against school policy and that she must have known this was the case.  She admitted that she did, not wanting to come across as dishonest as well.  He told her that she made a decision to violate school rules, that it was an informed decision, so she would have to be punished as is the school policy.  She was disappointing, as she really hoped that it would have just been a warning.  She hated that she would have to stay after school and would not get to leave with her friends.  Just as she was mentally contemplating how she would get a ride home, she heard him say, “I think six swats with the paddle should take care of this little problem”.  She was sure that she heard him wrong.  “What do you mean” was all she could come up with.  He politely told her that she had knowingly broken the dress code policy and as a result, her bottom would be paddled to make sure it did not happen again.  Her mind became jumbled, her heart began racing, her cheeks went red, and she was overwhelmed with emotion.  She had no words and could not believe what was happening.  As she was still grasping to understand it all, he told her to stand up, step around to the side of his desk, and to bend over placing her elbows flat on his desk.

a school paddling for dresscode violations 3

Waiting to be paddled

She was confused, almost on auto-pilot, as she stood up and did exactly as he told her. Things were a bit of a blur for her, she barely knew what was going on.  She felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest.  She watched him open a drawer and pull out a paddle.  What caught her eye was not the size of it, but the thickness.  The paddle must have weighed four pounds.  She could barely believe that he was going to use that on her bottom.  He walked casually around the desk, like this was no big deal and just a normal occurrence.  He once again informed her that she was to get six swats for dress code violation.

The first swat

Feeling the first swat with the school paddle

She briefly felt the paddle touch her lightly on her bottom.  There was a moment of pause, time seemed to stand still, and then there was a loud bang in the room.  It was so loud that it surprised her.  Less than a second later, her brain correctly interpreted the sound, as the pain that accompanied it set in.  She was overwhelmed with pain as her bottom began to burn.  She could not believe the sensations, she had never felt this much pain before.  She wondered how she could ever take another one, much less five more.  As she considered this, the next one landed, in the very same spot.  She began to squeal in pain, trying to fight back the tears.  The swats just kept coming and there was

a school paddling for dresscode violations 3

A six swat school paddling in progress

no way she could hold back anymore.  As the sixth swat seared into her tight teen bottom, she burst out in tears, crying uncontrollably.  Her emotions had no effect on him, he simply asked her to have a seat.  A young lady crying in his office was nothing new, it just meant that he was doing his job well.  She committed an offense, he punished her appropriately, and there is no doubt that she learned her lesson.

a school paddling for dresscode violations 3

A very bruised bottom

She struggled to sit, her bottom was obviously very bruised.  It burned like it was still being paddled, the pain was no where close to going away.  She was far from composed and was still sobbing uncontrollably.  He filled out the corporal punishment form as was the district policy and handed it to her for her to sign.  With tears still in her eyes, she was told to get to class.  Still not fully sure what had happened, she stood up and left his office.  Class had already begun and she

School Paddling

After her school paddling

found herself wandering the hall, rubbing her tears and her bottom.  Wearing that shirt was the mistake of her life, a mistake she would never make again.  A hard school paddling had taught her the lesson that she needed.

While the background story for this paddling may be fiction, the paddling that was described is 100% real.  On her site, Brandi takes this exact paddling, with the same paddle described.  What happens from the 1st swat on in this story, is exactly what Brandi experienced.  Six swats with a heavy oak paddle, holding back the tears until the last swat, bursting into tears after the last swat, and unable to control her sobbing. Barely able to sit down and bruised for a week.  This video is one of the most popular videos of all time in her member’s area.  Watch it today at SpankingTeenBrandi.com

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