Get out in the hall, you are going to be paddled.

In the deep South and in a few states scattered in between, school paddling is not so official.

school spanking

Waiting to be paddled at school

There are not corporal punishment guidelines published in the school policies.  There is not an official form to be filled out.  A school paddling does not need to take place in a certain office, administered by a certain administrator, with a special witness.  There is not a same sex paddling policy, or an “out of view of other students” contingency.  A warning is not required, all other forms of discipline do not have to have been exhausted or tried.  A parental consent for school paddling is not needed.

The “official” policy is “follow the rules or I will grab my paddle and paddle your bottom black and blue”.  The students are in high school, the option to be paddled has existed since they were in grade school, so they should know better by now.  It is quick, and when applied hard enough, it is very effective.  The teacher notices that a young lady in class is constantly being a distraction in the classroom.  The learning process is being effected and the teacher will no longer tolerate it.  She opens her desk drawer, pulls out a large wooden paddle with holes in it, specially designed for her by the woodshop teacher.  She stands up and politely says, “Tracy, would you please join me in the hallway”. Tracy’s heart starts racing, but she has no choice.

school paddling in progress

Grabbing her ankles for a real school paddling

They both enter the empty hallway and very few words need to be said.  Tracy knows why she is out there and she knows what is about to happen.  The teacher has her step into the middle of the hall and grab her ankles.  There is no lecture, no paperwork, no need to disturb another teacher to watch the process.  This teacher handles her own classroom discipline and she does a great job at it.  Tracy has not been paddled by this teacher before, but has heard her give a paddling many times.  Tracy has sat at her desk and listened in the past as other girls found themselves in this very position. The swats are always very loud and the girls always cry out.

Out of the corner of her eye she can see the paddle being lifted. She holds her breath and then she feels it.

school paddling spanking

Teen girl paddled in the hallway by a teacher

A burning pain that seems to cover her entire bottom.  She was going to try hard to be the one who doesn’t scream out, but it is simply not possible. She lets out a little shriek and closes her eyes tights.  Just as she is fully processing the first lick, another is applied.  It hits the same spot, and produces the same results.  Tracy cries out and tears begin to form in her eyes.  She cannot believe what is happening to her.  She is 18, three months from graduation, has had a job for two full years, and yet here she is, being spanked like she is a little girl.  Although this is no little girl punishment, these swats are clearly intended for a grown woman.  Grown woman or not, she is starting to cry like a little girl.  Before it is over, she is given a total of 6 swats.

She is told to stand up and head to the rest room to get herself cleaned up.  She is warned

Bent way over to be paddled at school

Getting her teen bottom paddled at school

that she has three minutes to get back to class.  She rushes to the bathroom, tears still in her eyes, with her bottom on fire.  She takes a little tissue and cleans the tears from her eyes and the streaked makeup from her cheeks.  She gives her bottom a little rub and hurries back to class.  She opens the door and sees every eye in the class looking directly at her.  Her face turns bright red as she hurries to her desk.  As she sits, the pain once again burns deep.  She buries her face in her arms and fights back the tears once again.  One thing is absolutely certain though, she will never be a distraction to others in the class again.

This is not a rare event, in fact it is a common occurrence.  High school aged girls have their teen bottoms paddled every day in this country.  Both male and female teachers bend them over and teach them a lesson by applying pain to their cute teen bottoms.  The swats hurt, it leaves them in tears, and with a bruised bottom.  It is a school paddling and it works.

The pictures that illustrate this account come from  A network of sites that features more realistic school paddling videos than all other sites combined.  If you want to see a real 18 year old girl bend over and grab her ankles, take full force licks with a wooden school paddle, and end up in tears, then these are the sites for you.  All pictures above come from an actual paddling video on their sites.

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