Four girl school paddling

They all should have known, everyone had heard the rumors.  But it was the first day of their senior year and that day is supposed to be fun, with no real work.  It took less than ten minutes of their giggling and swapping notes before she invited them outside the class. Everyone knew her as the paddling teacher.   It was said that she would paddle for any offense.  She was one of the female teachers who had no problem paddling both girls and boys.  It was said (although they had not believed it) that she paddled hard enough that even the boys came back into the room with tears in their eyes. As a result of all they had heard, their hearts started beating rapidly when they were called out.

They all walked out into the hall and were joined a moment later by the teacher.  As expected, she had her paddle in her hand.  She was quick and to the point.  She told them that this kind of crap will never be allowed in her class.  She informed them that this

school paddling picture

Knowing they are about to get a school paddling

actually worked out well for everyone involved.  They would each be paddled for their improper behavior in her class and the word would quickly spread, so she doubted she would have to give any additional paddlings that day.

Her classroom was right next to the stairwell to the second floor, so she grabbed the first girl and marched her halfway up the stairs to the first landing. This allowed for a little privacy, but it still made it possible for the girls waiting to be paddled to hear the proceedings.  Her policy was always the same for both boys and girls.  The young lady was instructed to spread her feet far apart and then bend over and

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling

grab her ankles.  This position served a couple of purposes.  The first was that it pulled oll of the muscles in their bottoms closer to the surface.  This allowed each swat to hit with maximum effectiveness. Even young ladies with bigger bottoms felt the full pain of each swat in this position.  The second purpose was that a wide stance allowed them some support, so the force of each swat would not knock them forward.

For this teacher it did not really matter the offense that was committed.  She felt that any issue in her classroom needed to be dealt with immediately and forcefully.  She knew that she had gained a bit of a reputation as a

listening to the paddling

Listening to their friend getting paddled, knowing they are next

paddling teacher, but that suited her fine.  She wanted her students to be focused on learning and nothing else. As a result, she took the job of school paddling very seriously.  Her goal was for the paddling she applied to any student, was for it to be the last one they ever received.  The only way to be sure of that was to do her very best job.  She never announced the amount of licks a student was to receive.  While it may seem unfair for the same girls being paddled for the same offense, she knew that different girls had different pain tolerances.  She paddled until she could tell they were sorry.  She would often stop during a paddling, and look into the girl’s eyes to see of she seemed sorry.  For this teacher, tears meant sorry.

So with the first girl she began the paddling.  It did not matter if she was paddling a big tough football player, or a petite cheerleader, she paddled as hard as she could.  She thought it better to get it done in as few as swats as possible.  She found that the job was

school paddling corporal punishment

Getting her bottom bruised with the paddle

often complete after six licks with the paddle, but sometimes more were required. She tended to always hit the same spot on the bottom, nice and low, right where the bottom meets the thighs.  This spot provided a maximum amount of pain, but was also safe, being far from the tailbone.  It had taken her a few years, but she was finally used to the cries that she created with her large wooden school paddle.  She knew she was not doing anyone any favors by going easy on them.  A soft paddling increased the chanced of a repeat performance of the behavior, and she did not want that. She wanted what was best for her students and felt that eliminating undesirable behavior to be part of her job.

With this sense of duty driving her, she paddled hard. After the first swat the girl cried out a little, enough that it could be heard by the other girls waiting their turn.  The cries fell on

school spanking

Paddled to tears at school

deaf ears as she raised the paddle and applied the next swat, just as hard.  Not letting the girl gain her composure, she laid another swat on, landing on the same spot.  The sounds of discomfort turned into more of a whimper as she gave her another one.  This was the one that started to make a difference and the sounds of gentle sobbing began.  She took a moment to let that one really sink in and waited close to ten seconds.  The young lady must have thought it was over, but it was not.  The teacher knew the girl was close to breaking and applied three more swats, with all she had, and with no pause in between.  After the last one landed, it happen.  The young lady’s sobs turned into all out crying. It did not matter that she was 18 and a legal adult.  Her spanking hurt and she could not hold back her emotions.  The teacher told her to stand up, and she just continued to cry.  She grabbed her bottom and rubbed, but it made no difference.  This was not some gentle stinging pain, this hurt down to the muscles.  She rubbed her bottom as she walked down the stairs, tears still flowing.

The girls had heard the paddling and it startled them as to how loud it was.  They heard the crying which freaked them out even more.  But the look on their friend’s face as she walked out the door just about put them all in tears.  It was clear that it had been bad. How

after her school paddling

After her paddling, coming for the next girl

would they each react? How much did it really hurt?  Their questions were about to be answered and they were now really scared.  The next girl was escorted into the stairwell, as the first remained in the hallway with her friend, still trying to fight back the tears.  The pain had not dissipated and her bottom was really beginning to ache.  The process was the same for each of the three remaining girls.  They all were paddled hard.  They all cried hard.  They all were quickly regretting their behavior in class.  It had been a minor offense, but they were learning not to commit any offense in that class. One of the four was still spanked at home, but it was nothing like this.  Her mom gave her a few smacks with a belt now and then, but it was never to tears.  For the other three girls, this

school corporal punishment paddling

Getting her petite teen bottom paddled hard

was their first real spanking in many years, and they had forgotten how bad it could be.

When it was all over,. the four of them were marched back into the room, some with tears still in their eyes. They would rather of not sat at that point, but they did not have any choice. The hardwood of the desks pressing up against their bottoms helped reinforce their lesson.  The worst part was that this was the first of 6 desks they would be sitting in throughout the day.  They did not know it at the time, but they would be regretting their behavior every time that sat for the next three days.  They would all discover when they got home that afternoon that their bottoms were a lovely mix of black and blue.  It was the color of a lesson learned.

This is not just an illustrated story, this is the description of a full video in which all four girls get a very real school type paddling.  In the hallway, grabbing their ankles, until a real lesson is learned.  No where else can you see four real 18 year old girls get paddled just as it actually happens in school.  This video comes from the members area of

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