Another School Paddling

For many teens it is just a part of life to get a school paddling.  There are just those kids who get in trouble at school quite often.  We all knew them in high school.  They just could not get to class on time, did not turn in their home work, were always talking in class, chewing gum, forgot to turn off their cells phones, etc. Whatever their issues were that got them in trouble, they seemed to be constant.  But somehow their infractions were not quite large enough to get them suspended or kicked out of school.  As a result, they just found themselves in the school office, 3-4 times a month.

In many school across the US, this means that those students ended up getting their butts paddled several times a month.  It is not that these paddling do not hurt these teen girls,

school paddling picture

Waiting for her school paddling

because they certainly do.  It may be that these young ladies have grown up with corporal punishment and that it is just not the deterrent that it used to be for them.  If you are not used to being spanked or paddled, bending over the principal’s desk and presenting your bottom to be paddled can be quite the overwhelming experience.  But for the high school senior, who still bares her butt at home for a good strapping from dad, being paddled over her tight jeans at school is not as big of a deal.

She sees it as an easy out for being in trouble.  She sits and waits for a few minutes in his office.  She knows the results are always going to be the same.  She stresses a little because she knows how much it is going

school corporal punishment picture

Getting her teen bottom paddled at school

to hurt.  He always handles it the same way.  He comes in the room and has her stand up and place her hands on her knees.  He fills out the required forms while she waits in this position.  For her, he always chooses the larger of the two wooden paddles.  He walks behind her, tells her how many swats she has coming, and then he paddles her.  He swings hard and fast and gets them all over with in just a few seconds. As many times as she has been paddled at school, it still takes her breath away.  She is always able to keep quiet, but he always gets a few tears out of her.  He has her sign the form with her bottom still throbbing.  He never offers much in the way of a lecture, he knows she will be back.  Instead he just chooses to give her the hardest paddling with the most swats that school policy will allow.

These pictures are from Teen Jennifer’s school paddling videos at

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