Presenting her teen bottom for a school paddling

It is not a mystery, teen girls know that boys and men and attracted to their pretty little

perfect teen ass in jeans for a school paddling

Perfect teen bottom, in moments she will find out she is going to get a school paddling

bottoms.  Most high school girls take advantage of this fact and wear jeans and pants that really highlight all of their curves.  They tend to think that tighter is better and there is no doubt that they know, when they walk down the halls at school, that all the boys are looking.  They spend many hours shopping for the perfect pair of pants that shows off their ass.  They might spend 5 minutes in the morning trying to pull on that way too tight pair of jeans that will drive the boys crazy.

The one thing that these girls probably do not consider as they slide into the best pair of pants to show off their asses, is the fact that if they get in trouble that day at school,

dressing for school

Getting dressed for school (and a paddling later in the day)

they may be showing off their bottom to someone they did not intend to.  Consider the high school senior, with a smoking hot body and the most amazing bottom in the school.  She knows that the boys pretty much will follow her down the hall as she walks by, just for a peek at her perfect teen bottom.  She gets up that morning and dresses exactly for this type of moment.  She puts on a tiny little g-string that shows above the waistband of her tightest white pants.  Or maybe today she decided to wear the low cut jeans that tend to show a little bit

school paddling picture

Wrong choice of pants for today's school paddling

of butt cleavage when she sits at her desk.  Some girls today or squeezing their tight bottoms into thin cotton pants and going without panties. Regardless of her choice, her intention is to show off her butt to all of the boys in the school.

She did not think about the fact that she might be late to school that day, or get into an argument in the hallway with some girl that is always making rude comments to her.  It might even be that the pants that she chose are a violation of the school dress code policy. Maybe showing her thong is against the rules, or low cut pants

school paddling tight pants

About to be paddled at school, wishing she had worn panties.

that show the top of her ass are forbidden.  Regardless of the offense, she finds herself in the school principal’s office, with a pink slip in hand.  The problem is, is that this is a Southern school and corporal punishment is utilized on a very regular basis.  It does not matter that she is 18, her parents signed the corporal punishment consent form, and getting paddled is a very real possibility for her, and many girls just like throughout the South.

For young ladies such as her, there are many aspects of a school paddling that can be quite unpleasant.  The most obvious concern for these teen girls is how much it hurts.  It may be a teacher, a coach, the principal, or even a school administrator.  It might be a male or a female, but it really does

waiting for a school paddling

Presenting her tight bottom, in tight jeans for a school paddling

not matter.  These educators have been paddling teen bottoms, with heavy wooden paddles for years, and they know how to get results.  Very rarely do these girls leave without a sore bottom and tears in their eyes.  But a factor that is not always considered when looking at school paddlings, is the young lady having to present her bottom. Here we have a teen girl, who may have been comfortable showing off her ass in the halls to the boys she likes, but is certainly not so comfortable doing the same with an adult authority figure.  She choose her pants based on how her bottom would look walking down the hall, having not considered how it will look when bent over the principal’s desk, or with her hands on the wall in the coaches office, or even worse, while grabbing her ankles in the school hallway.

texas high school paddling picture

Tight jeans and a thong, presenting her bottom to be paddled

She might also find herself regretting her choice of panties.  The cute g-string showing just above her pants seemed like a good idea at the time, but not so much now.  As she looks at the big paddle that is sitting on the desk, about to be used on her upturned bottom, she is thinking she wishes she had more padding.  Full cotton panties are exactly what she wishes she was wearing at the moment, but no such luck.  That little string, running down her butt crack is going to do absolutely nothing in regards to protecting her poor bottom cheeks. With her thin cotton pants and her tiny little thong undies, she might as well be getting a bare bottom paddling.  She is going to feel every single bit of the paddle and it is going to hurt.

Besides the pain, the hardest part is really going to be the humiliation and the sense of helplessness.  Here she is, an 18 year old woman, and a man she barely knows is going to tell her exactly what to do, and she has to listen.  Not only that, what he tells her is so very embarrassing.  There are many variations of this throughout the country, and the are all

school paddling high school

Bent over, hands on her knees, legs wide. Perfectly presenting her bottom to be paddled at school.

equally as uncomfortable for the young lady about to be paddled.  He may instruct her to stand in the middle of his office and to place her hands on her knees.  He takes the time to fine tune her stance and tells her to widen her legs a little bit and to bend her knees slightly.  He has not even gotten up from his desk and has somehow assumed control of her body.  School regulations allow this, and she is humiliated as he has her adjust her body in just the right way to present her ass perfectly.  Unfortunately for her, he is having her adjust it in a way that presents it perfectly, for a hard school paddling.  He might not be in any hurry as he fills out the required forms to administer school corporal punishment. Now here she is, in her tight jeans, with the tiny panties, showing off her perfect teen bottom, to some strange man that is about to paddle it until she cries.

school padding

Waiting to be paddled, ass on display for all to see

As a high school senior, she should be able to accept the fact that it was her actions that led her to this very moment.  Even if this was true, it does not help how she feels right now…arms outstretched, legs spread wide, bent fully at the waist, with her bottom on display.  She knows the office door is open and that anyone that walks by can see her cute bottom ready to be paddled.  Or maybe it is in the hallway, with her hands on the wall, as students that are running late to class pass by her.  Just ten minutes ago, she liked the attention that her ass got in school…not at the moment.  Here she is spread, exposed, presenting her bottom, just waiting for the first swat to land.  But being paddled is about more than just having her teen butt bruised.  It is about submitting to the punishment.  It is about accepting responsibility for her actions.  It is about feeling ownership for life and the consequences of her actions.  Bending over and presenting her bottom to be paddled is part of this process.  She is not child anymore and no one is going to pull her over their knee, or hold her down for a spanking.  She is a grown woman, so

school principal paddles

The final moment before her school paddling begins

accepting her fate, doing as she is told, and bending over to present her bottom as a perfect target for the paddle is what is required.

She has been bent this way in his office for more than a minute and is horrified.  She knows the top of her bottom, including her butt crack are visible.  Her legs are spread wide and her jeans are pulled so tight against her butt.  For a moment she thinks that this could not possible get any worse, but then she feels the first swat of the paddle…

All of these pictures come from actual paddling videos from the various sites presented to you by  The only site in which real 18 year old girls, get very real paddlings, administered exactly as they are in the school districts throughout the South.

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