Paddled at School Together

Paddled at school with a friend

Most schools have very detailed corporal punishment policies that spell out exactly how a school paddling is to take place.  Often is requires a same sex teacher or administrator to administer the paddling.  Some policies require a witness to be present, and other policies state that a student shall not be paddled in front of another student.

waiting for the first swat

They exchange a look knowing how much this 1st swat is going to hurt.

There are however, situation that call for the discipline of a student in front of others.  Sometimes it is required when a large group has not been on their best behavior and an example needs to be set.  Nothing serves as a better deterrent than to see a young lady brought up to the front of the classroom for a hard paddling to tears. This makes it very easy for other students to wonder exactly how bad it hurts, and at the very least make them pledge to themselves that they never want to find out.

Butts in the air waiting to be paddled

Bent and waiting for their school paddling

One of the biggest reasons to apply a school paddling in the presence of other students is if they are all being paddled. It has often been said that girls who play together must pay together and this stands true in the school environment. If three girls all decide to skip school together and have a day of fun instead of learning, then it makes sense that they should all have to line up, place their hands on their knees, and have their little bottoms paddled as a group.  There is no reason to give them the courtesy of a private paddling in the Principal’s office.  Being paddled in front of your friends is more

They take turns getting a school paddling

embarrassing.  Each girl wants to act tough, but as the searing pain of each severe swats burns into her bottom, it becomes hard to hold back the tears. One by one, they each scream out as the principal moves down the line.  Just when they think it’s over they realize that she has moved to the end of the line and is giving them each another round with the paddle.  As they leave the office, each with a very bruised bottoms they share that look that says that they will not be skipping school anymore.  With tears still in their eyes, they walk back to class, a very real lesson having been learned as a result of a school paddling.

These group school paddling scenes come from the videos in the member’s areas of:
Spanking Teen Jessica
Spanking Teen Brandi

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