Grabbing her ankles for a School Paddling

When it comes to the application of corporal punishment at the high school level, there are many positions utilized by administrators, coaches, and teachers.  Within the school office the most widely used position is to have a student bend over the desk for her paddling.  It offers a position of comfort and stability and allows a student to more easily receive her licks.  When teachers pull a student out into the hallway, they are typically required to put their hands on their knees and to bend with their hands against the locker.

high school girl paddling

Grabbing her ankles in her short shorts for a school paddling she will never forget.

The most effective position when it comes to a school paddling is to require the naughty young lady to widen her stance and grab her ankles.  This position accomplishes so very many things all at once.  The 1st, and primary reason for utilizing this position is severity.

teen girl school paddling

Making sure the skin of her bottom is pulled tight so she will feel every bit of her school paddling.

When simply bent at the waist, her bottom still presents much of the padding that naturally exists.  For the bigger bottom girl who finds herself on the receiving end of a paddling, this can involve quite a bit of padding.  This is not to say that a paddling still does not hurt, but the paddle is still only making contact with the fleshy parts.

girl licks at school

School policy requires a female administrator to paddle the girls.

But when a young lady is required to grab her ankles, it pulls on the fleshy parts very tight and brings the muscles closer to the surface.  This part is key, as direct contact with the underlying muscles from a paddling is what leads to long term soreness.  With all of it pulled tight, each swat of the paddle lands in a manner that leaves her bottom sore to the touch.

cheerleader paddling in high school

Cheerleaders are not exempt from school corporal punishment, nor are they exempt from grabbing their ankles to make sure a real lesson is learned.

A real lesson is not learned if she walks from the office with a bottom that only has a bit of a warm glow once the paddling is complete.  Paddle swats on a young lady that is grabbing her ankles have a way of teaching a very long term lesson, far more so than when bent 90 degrees at the waist.  A high school girl who is paddled while grabbing her ankles will be reminded of her paddling every time she sits for at least 48 hours.

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

Her partner in crime also receives her licks while grabbing her ankles.

The other reasons why a school paddling with a student grabbing her ankles is more effective has to do with ownership of her transgressions and to a certain degree…submission.  When bent over a desk, there is a certain sense of just holding on and suffering through it until the paddling is complete.  When a student is required to grab her ankles she becomes an active participant in her own paddling.  She does not just get to hold on and suck it up, instead, she has to actively work to keep her balance and stay in position.  She has to actually put in effort to see to it that her paddling is effective.

tiny teen paddled at school

In those tight jeans, while grabbing her ankles, that tiny bottom is going to be sore for days from her school paddling.

Having her grab her ankles also demonstrates control, power, and authority. There are very few situations in this world in which a man can demand that a woman grab her ankles…for any reason (maybe prison and workouts as an exception).  But in this situation, as a result of her actions and breaking of the rules, he now has the authority to require her to grab her ankles.  She is not only going to be punished for her misdeeds, but he is going to decide how it takes place.

school girl paddling

Grabbing her ankles with her nice round bottom assures that the paddle will land in a manner that will change her attitude.

He has no authority to randomly tell any student to grab her ankles.  But when she misbehaves, as a result of her behavior, she can indeed be told to do exactly that.  He is not going to grab her and bend her over, he is simply going to inform her of the position that she needs to assume.  It is now her responsibility to step into the middle of the room, widen her stance, and to present her own bottom to be paddled in the manner that her behavior requires.

teen girl cry from paddling

Grabbing her ankles and presenting her bottom for a hard school paddling.

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