Cheerleader school corporal punishment

cheerleader paddled

She knows that one of those paddled is about to be used on her tiny little bottom.

Cheerleaders are the very visible faces of a school and represent them at most school events and activities.  As a result, within all cheer squads, there is a set of rules that they are to abide by, beyond those presented for the rest of the school population.  Generally, it is based on a demerit system, with a certain number of demerits leading to disciplinary action.  In schools throughout the South, this disciplinary action can indeed include corporal punishment.

cheerleader school corporal punishment

This young cheerleader knows exactly what is about to happen with that paddle and she is not very happy about it.

Beyond the additional rules as a result of being on the cheer squad, all cheerleaders must also follow the same rules set forth for other students.  Being that they are so very visible in the entire eyes of the school, the school administrators charged with discipline, often hold cheerleaders to a higher standard.  Cheerleaders are supposed to set a good example for other students, so when their behavior is less than ideal, they often face harsher consequences than the average student.

cheerleader high school corporal punishment

Presenting her little bottom for a hard paddling…the skirt will come up soon.

Being young and cute does not get them any special favors when it comes to the disciplinary process and they are certainly not exempt from corporal punishment for their actions.  Just like any other student in the school, if their behavior calls for it, they may find themselves in the vice principal’s office, bending over his desk, or grabbing their ankles, for a hard session with the paddle.

high school cheerleader paddled at school

He chooses his largest paddle to make sure that a real lesson is learned.

As illustrated in the ongoing cheerleader paddling series at, the part of the uniform worn under a cheer skirt are called spankies.  This is a designated piece of clothing that is worn to cover their panties.  It is very common during stunts, flips, and kicks for what is under the cheer skirt to become visible to the audience.  It is very common to see this article of clothing and it is not considered to be their panties, instead, it is a separate piece of their uniform.  Being that this is not their underwear, more so considered cheer shorts, exposing it for a paddling is not considered to be inappropriate.  It is basically the same as being sent to see the principal while wearing gym shorts and getting paddled.

cheerleader bruised bottom from school paddling

Half into her paddling, it is clear from looking at her bottom that this is a lesson she will remember.

As the pictures and videos demonstrate, when a naughty cheerleader finds herself bent over, with her skirt lifted, there is a lot of bare skin visible, below and to the sides of her spankies.  When a properly sized school paddle is applied to her bottom, there is definitely direct contact with the skin.  Trying to apply a paddling over a pleated cheer skirt would provide far too much padding for a proper lesson to be learned, so if some of the paddle hits her bare bottom, all the better.

cheerleader paddling at school

The pain of each swat causes her legs to tremble.

cheer paddle swats

The look of a young cheerleader regretting her behavior.

In the cheerleader discipline section in the member’s area of, there are currently 48 separate scenes.  All of the scenes filmed in the last couple of years seem to feature the exclusive use of a heavy wooden school paddle.  The scenarios are very realistic, and there is no doubt that the paddlings are as severe as you will see online when it comes to the use of a school paddle.  The pictures and animations from this post are from the last two cheerleader paddlings in their member’s area.  If you are a fan of traditional and realistic school corporal punishment, this is as good as it gets.

paddled at school

The results of a well-paddled bottom.

A lesson learned.

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