Sent from class to the office for the school paddling of their lives

It is a daily occurrence in schools throughout the South, and it tends to be the solution to many disciplinary problems.  In general, corporal punishment has been taken out of the classrooms and only takes place within the school’s office, by the vice principal or a designated administrator.  This does not affect the control the teacher has over their classroom as the pen is just as mighty as the paddle.

sent to the office to be paddled

The teacher presents them both with disciplinary referrals and sends them straight to the office.

As we can see here, two girls, constantly getting in trouble for being distractions in class, are asked to stay after class for a talk.  The teacher is more than fed up with their behavior and decides to write up disciplinary referrals for both of them.  While the punishment will ultimately be up to the VP, there is a box on the form labeled “recommended course of action”.  Both of these young lady’s hearts drop as they are handed the form and see that box filled in with “corporal punishment, maximum licks allowed”.  This allows the teacher to convey to the school VP that this is not an isolated incident and that it is a problem that needs to be addressed in a very serious manner.

high school girl sent to the principal to be paddled

Knowing that “corporal punishment is recommended”, the walk to the office becomes quite difficult.

With the referrals in hand, knowing exactly what they both say and what is recommended, they begin the long walk to the school office.  Being no stranger to corporal punishment at home, they both walk filled with dread and anticipation.  They check in with the school secretary and are told to have a seat.  After what feels like an eternity, the male VP finally comes and looks at the referrals.  While it is clear from what is written on the forms, that both girls are in a considerable amount of trouble, he brings them into his office one at a time, to hear their version of the events.  For this VP, anything that interferes with the learning process, especially within the classroom, is a very big problem for him.  Being that it seems that this is an ongoing issue, with multiple warnings and discipline at the classroom level, he decides that the teacher is right and that corporal punishment will be utilized.

Both of the girls are informed of the sentence are sent back into the lobby while he fills out the proper corporal punishment report forms and makes the phone calls to notify the parents that corporal punishment will be used on their daughters.  The policy requires that a parent be notified, but he finds it to be very helpful in the process because it encourages parents to be part of the overall process.  In general, here in the rural South, “parents being part of the process”, generally means that both girls will get their bottoms whooped when they get home.  There is nothing like dad’s heavy belt, applied to a recently paddled bottom, to make sure that actual change takes place in the classroom.

After many minutes of that dreaded feeling, knowing they are going to be paddled at any moment, The VP returns to the lobby with the paddle in his hand.  This adds a big element of embarrassment as every student and staff member’s eyes go right to the young ladies waiting.  There is no longer a question as to why they are there and what is about to happen, it is now clear to everyone in the room that these your ladies are about to have their bottoms spanked, in a very effective way, at school.  He invites the 1st girl to stand up and to follow him to his office.

paddled by the high school principal

Now that the lecture and paperwork are complete, is it time for their bottoms to be paddled.

There is no more lecture required, no further conversation as to what they did wrong, all that is left is to punish their bottoms in a manner that will effect a permanent change in behavior.  The moment she walks into the office, and as soon as the door closes, she is told to bend over his desk and to present her bottom to be paddled.  He gives her detailed instructions as to the position she is to assume, and more importantly, that she is required to hold still throughout.  The paddle to be used was made in the school’s woodshop, to the VP and school board’s exact specifications.  It is long and wide enough to cover both bottom cheeks nicely, and thick enough that the panties and jeans they are wearing will provide very little protection from the thud of such a heavy paddle.

With the naughty young lady in position, he lines up the paddle for her 1st swat.  Different administrators, at different schools, have various methods for administering corporal punishment, but he has always found one method to be most effective.  His goal is not to spread the swats around, trying to cover as much of the bottom as possible.  Instead, he chooses to place every single swat in the exact same place, the lowest part of her bottom.  The target area is always the part of her bottom that feels the most pressure when she spends her day at the hard school desks.  His experience is that in general, corporal punishment should be utilized in a manner that creates a very sore bottom.  He does not want the punishment to be over the moment the last swat lands.  He finds that if the young ladies spend the next couple of days squirming in their seats because of how much their bottoms hurt, that there is a greater chance of a change in behavior.  With all of this as a solid game plan, it is time to get to work.

high school girl getting paddled by the principal

It does not matter that she is a teen girl, a paddling is meant to teach a lesson and he does not go easy.

The paddle is lifted high in the air and is brought down full force on her poor teen bottom.  The crack of the paddle can be heard throughout the main office, even through the closed door.  The first person to react to the sound is the young lady waiting her turn for the paddle.  Any questions she had in her mind about how hard they were going to be paddled were just answered with what sounded like a gunshot from down the hall.  The young lady that just received the swat is greeted with a sensation of pain that she has rarely experienced in her life.  There is a second of shock, as her breath is taken away, and the full pain sinks in.  She is not sure how she can take another one, much less another nine, but before she can finish processing that thought the next swat lands.

teen girl school paddling

It is clear that the message being applied to her bottom is making it to her brain.

He has always been an equal opportunity paddler and treats all of the high school aged students the same.  For him, very little consideration is given to age, sex, or body type of the person in trouble.  He always found the concept of paddling the girls lighter than the guys to be unfair.  A behavior that requires a paddling, is exactly that, so if a paddling has been earned, it needs to be one that tries to change that behavior.  For him, it has always been simple, paddle each and every bottom as hard as it can accurately and safely be done.  It does not matter if it is a petite cheerleader or a linebacker, he is going to do his very best with both of them.  He is also not influenced by tears, which are certainly more common when paddling a female.  She gets exactly what she earned and at no point does the intensity of the paddling change as a result of her emotional response.  He actually sees tears as a very good sign as it means he is doing his job effectively and that real learning is taking place.  Over his years of applying corporal punishment, he has found that the harder a student cries during their paddling, the lower the chances of her ever coming back to his office.

This one is already fighting back the tears as the next swat is applied.  The school board only allows a maximum of 10 swats, which they will both be receiving, but he has found that with his style and severity, 10 in generally enough to get the job done.  She struggles to stay in position, and her knees begin to buckle after each swat, but a firm reminder from him helps her stay in position.  He continues, paddling the exact same spot on the lowest part of her bottom, until he finally reaches ten.  While she tries to remain tough and is not audibly crying, her eyes are filled with tears and her face is streaked.  With no time to compose herself, she is told to stand back up, and is marched out of his office, down the hallway filled with students and staff members, and sat back down in the lobby.  He finds this to be a powerful warning to anyone that is watching.  If you get in trouble in school, there is a very good chance you will be spanked, and you will indeed cry, is the message he wants to send to everyone.

schoolgirl paddling

Having just listened to her friend getting the school paddling of her life, it is now her turn to present her bottom for some much-needed discipline.

The waiting girl, with her heart going 100 mph after hearing the whole thing, and now seeing her best friend gently crying in front of everyone, is asked to stand up as she makes the walk to his office.  She finds herself holding back tears before she even gets to her office.  Sure, she gets her butt whooped at home on occasion, and it certainly is not pleasant, but it sounds nothing like what she just heard.  As soon as the door closes, she is told to bend over the desk.  He adjusts her position slightly so he has more room for a big swing.  She is given the same directions as the previous girl, feels the paddle touch her bottom, and then it begins.  Unlike her partner in crime, she is unable to remain as stoic and from the very 1st swat she creams out at the top of her lungs.  The tears fill her eyes instantly and she finds herself wanting to flee.  Before that idea can be fully processed, the next swat lands, exactly on top of the 1st one, and she screams even louder.  Tears pour from her eyes, as she feels a tiny little tap on her bottom, and then the next swat.

school paddling corporal punishment

He does not go easy on her and makes sure her cute little bottom feels the full effect of the paddle.

While it was hard to endure her own paddling, now sitting in the lobby listening to the loud screams of her best friend, she is really beginning to regret their behavior.  The teacher had warned them on numerous occasions, but they never really thought it would lead to this.  As she hears the next swat land from down the hall, and the screams that accompany it, she knows that they will both act differently in that class.  Swat after swat hits her bottom, again all in the same place, and it is clear to everyone in the entire office that real learning is taking place.  She tries her best to hold still as they get closer to the last swat, but it is not easy.  Her bottom is on fire, as swollen as it can be, and the pain is just too much to take.  Unfortunately for her, it is not up to her as to when it ends.  She will take exactly what she has earned and not a single swat less.  After what felt likes days, but was actually less than a minute, the paddling is complete.

teen girl cries from school paddling

There is no doubt that the heavy paddle being applied to her little bottom is having the desired effect.

Just as with her friend, without any time to compose herself, she is walked down the hall into the lobby, where all eyes are now on both of them.  For any student that was in the office when this took place, that has never been paddled before, they find themselves quietly making self-promises to never get in any amount of trouble that leads to that.  While a pretty large school for a rural area, there were enough students present that the word of this paddling, and who was paddled, will spread like wildfire and everyone will know by lunchtime.  He returns to his office, finishes filling out the forms, and writes passes to get them both into their next classes which have already started.  He tells them that they each have five minutes in the restroom to compose themselves but they need to get right to class.

school paddling high school girl

Two properly paddled bottoms that will be sore for days.

As they walk down the hall in silence, both trying to wipe away the tears, there is no doubt that a real lesson was learned.  Words do not have to be spoken, they both know that their classroom behavior, especially in that class, will change permanently.  There is no way that either of them will consciously engage in a behavior that will ever lead to that punishment being repeated.  They both go straight to the restroom and grab tissues to clean up their faces.  They take a quick second with their makeup to try and hide the evidence that they just cried like babies.  A quick rub reveals bottoms that they are swollen and hard to the touch.  They can both feel the pulsating of their hearts in their bottom cheeks, and as every minute passes, it seems to hurt even more.  The only question left to be answered is what will happen when they each get home and what will daddy’s belt feel like over their bruised and swollen bottoms.

This two-part scene, that begins in the classroom and ends with both girls getting the paddling of their lives, is now online at

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