Two girls receive a real school corporal punishment paddling…caught on video.

It is still a very real reality for high school girls in the South, when faced with disciplinary action at school, to have to bend over and receive corporal punishment.  By no means is this form of discipline gentle.  In fact, it has proven to be most effective when applied full force to the seat of a teen girl’s tight jeans.  A school paddling applied in this manner, with a wooden school paddle, is likely to leave her teen bottom bruised and sore.  This assures a real lesson is learned and that she will feel the effects for many days afterwards.  As it is still quite common for a teen girl to also still be spanked at home, if the school chooses to call her parents and inform them that a school paddling was administered, there is a good chance of her getting it again at home.  Many parents in the South enforce a “spanked at school, spanked at home” policy.  Imagine how sore her bottom will end up after getting spanked, strapped, or paddled again at home after her school paddling.  For those girls who still receive a spanking from their parents on their bare bottoms, it is that much worse.

In the school corporal punishment video below we get to see exactly what a real school paddling is like when administered in the real world.  These young ladies are both called up tot the office at the end of the day to receive corporal punishment.  They already know what they have done that earned them a school paddling.  They are made to wait together as they anticipate how much the paddle is going to sting their teen butts.  One at a time they are brought into the principal’s office, made to bend over the desk, and then punished.  He does not bother with a lecture, he simply lifts the paddle high in the air and gets to work punishing their bottoms.  School policy only allows a maximum of 6 licks with the paddle, so he is sure to make everyone of them count.  He uses the largest paddle, the one with holes in it, to make sure a lesson is learned.  He paddles very hard, placing each swat in the same spot, assuring that every time they sit down for a few days, they will remember that their bottoms were paddled.  His job is to administer the discipline at this school and he is good at his job.  When the paddling is complete, their bottoms are bruised and swollen.  He does his best to make sure that the lesson is reinforced at home, so he always calls the girl’s parents after a school paddling has been administered.  He knows at least one of these girls is going to go home and get a long session with her dad’s belt.

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Two girl school corporal punishment paddling video real

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