The real results of high school corporal punishment

The only people who really know for sure how badly a bottom can be bruised, as a result of corporal punishment at school, are those who have experienced a severe school paddlingfirst hand.

school paddling corporal punishment

Bending her teen ass over for a severe school paddling

Certainly there are those hard hitting teachers and principals who must assume the result of their work is a very sore and marked bottom, but they have no way to see the results.  In a few of the Southern states, in which a teacher is able to take a naughty student out into the hall and paddle her bottom, he can pay attention the next day and might be able to see a little bit of how effective the paddling was.  A teen girl with a bruised bottom is certainly going to be struggling to sit, she will never be able to find that comfortable position, and the pain she feels in her bottom might even be visible on her face.  For a principal who applies a hard paddling, they may never know how well the punishment lasted, as once the young lady leaves

school paddling girl

Feeling the sting from her severe paddling, but was it effective?

their office, there might not be a follow up until the next time she is in his office.  Yes, he can sentence her to the maximum number of swats allowed by school policy.  Yes, he can choose the largest of the wooden paddles and even further maximize the paddling by making her grab her ankles for her paddling.  With her bottom stretched as tight as it can be, and all of the muscles in her bottom pushed to the surface, he lays on each swat of the paddle as hard as he can swing.  From the first swat he may even be able to achieve tears.  She earned the punishment, he is trying to teach her a lesson that will last for days, but once again, he does not know how effective the punishment is once she leaves his office.

What the real results of the paddling are to be are yet to be determined.  Yes, the paddling hurt very much and made her cry like a little kid, even as an older teen.  Many girls might even run off to the bathroom and take a peek at their bottom in the mirror, but most probably wait until they are home in the privacy of their own rooms.

bruised bottom from a school paddling

Pants down after ten swats show the real results of a severe school paddling...A LESSON LEARNED!

Immediately after the paddling they probably feel a little numb and think that they got lucky regarding long term pain.  As the day progresses, they probably realize they were mistaken.  With each hour, the soreness of their bottoms become unbearable.  By the time they actually get home, they are barely able to sit.  When that young lady is finally able to look at her bare bottom in private, she must be a little shocked at what she sees.  It is not pink, it is not even red, it is black and blueNot only is she bruised, her bottom is hard to the touch.  She knows that tight jeans will be out of the question the next day as there is no way her swollen bottom is going to squeeze into anything but sweatpants.  Unless she has been paddled this hard at school before, the thing she does not realize is…the real lesson begins the next morning and it will be worse than the paddling itself.

The pictures are from a paddling that took place in the member’s area of this week.  The bruised bare bottom picture you see is the very real results of a severe 10 swat paddling applied over skin tight jeans of a legal aged teen girl.  There is no faking it here, this is the bottom of a real teen looks like after some very serious school corporal punishment.  You can watch the high def video on their site

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