School Paddling…as hard as it gets.

At every school in which corporal punishment is allowed, and is administered by more than one member of the staff, there is always that teacher/administrator that has the reputation for being a very hard paddler.  In different schools there are different reasons for being the hardest paddling teacher in the school.

Some teachers simply have zero tolerance for any misbehavior in their classrooms.  They know that by making a big impression, on every single student that is disobedient, that they are more likely to have a well behaved class.  In the schools that allow teachers to

Paddled in the school hallway by the teacher

Bent over in the hallway for a hard paddling that every student can hear.

paddle in the hallway, a single hard paddling of one student goes a very long way in keeping everyone on the straight and narrow.  Consider the girl who gets in trouble for being chatty with the girl in the desk next to her.  If she was sent to the office, regardless of the punishment she receives there, it does not serve as an example to other students.  But if this hard paddling teacher takes her into the hallway, has her bend over and place her hands on the wall, and then gives her of the hardest swats that he can provide, everyone will take notice.  The students in his class will hear how hard the paddling was.  The students in all of the neighboring classrooms will hear the paddling.  If he always paddles in such a way that it brings the girl to tears, other students will take notice.  The students in the other classes that heard the paddling will certainly ask students from the class why she was paddled.  It will not take long for the word to spread that a girl received six of “the loudest swats I have ever heard” and “she was crying hard” and all she did was whisper a little during class.  You can be sure that for many weeks, not a whisper is to be heard from anyone in his class.  By being strict and by having the reputation as a hard hitting paddler, he may end up paddling less than any other teacher in the school.

We have to be honest in considering that some staff members are just a little mean and have no problem in making sure that any punishment they give is as bad as they can make

school paddling in progress real

Alone with her thoughts and the paddle that is going to spank her teen bottom

it.  Clearly the easiest way to accomplish this is to swing a very hard paddle.  But there are other methods they utilize that give them the reputation for being a staff member that you never want to get in trouble with.  Consider the assistant principal who works directly with the shop teacher to make sure that his paddle is one that is feared by every girl in the school. His paddle is made of oak, is several inches longer than any teachers paddle, and is drilled with holes.  He also goes the extra mile in making each girl soak in every single moment prior to and during her paddling.  He not only uses the most uncomfortable and exposed positions, but he requires the girls to assume them well before the paddling actually takes place.  He also likes to emphasize that this time the paddling is going to have to be extra hard.  He is a master of finding every way possible to make her really think about what is about to happen, and how bad it is going to feel, and leave that in her head for several minutes before it actually takes place.

Consider how much more this administrator is feared than one who simply bends a girl over the desk and gives her a few swats with a paddle.  This administrator brings the girl into the office and spends some time reading her disciplinary referral.  While reading her referral, he pulls his large oak paddle out of his drawer and places it on top of the desk.  He might even get up

a real school paddling corporal punishment

He always uses the largest paddle for her school paddling.

and leave for a minute or two, still having not spoken with her, leaving her alone with this giant paddle and her thoughts.  He knows the effect this is having in her and he is more than happy to make this experience as unpleasant as possible for her.  He returns to his office with her file and spends some time reading it, as he does so he holds the paddle and gently taps it on the desk.  This leaves her consumed with how it is going to feel on her poor teen bottom.  He finally speaks and lets her know that it seems that other measures have been attempted with her in the past, and they seem to have not made a difference.  He tells her that she is going to have to be paddled, but since he has seen this sort of behavior from her before, he will not be able to give her a standard paddling.  Instead, he will be giving her double the amount of swats that he would typically for a 1st time paddling.  He informs her that for this offense he is afraid that he will have to paddle very hard, and will treat her like she “is one of the boys”.  He is very effective at all of this and she is shaking in her chair before she is even put into position.

But this administrator is nowhere close to be done in regards to maximizing the discomfort that he likes to add to a school paddling.  He has her stand up and move to the center of his office.  He tells he to assume a very wide stance and then to bend over and grab her ankles. Once she is in this position, from the comfort of his desk, he may fine tune it, just to further demonstrate control.  He punctuates it all with little comments like “no, all

grabbing her ankles for a spanking with a school paddle

Made to grab her ankles and wait for her school paddling.

the way to your ankles”, “OK, widen your stance just a bit”, or he makes her stand back up and move forward a couple of feet and then assume the position again and comments “yes, much better, this will give me more room to get a good full swing in”.  Once she is in position, he is in no hurry to get started.  Only at this point does print a corporal punishment form.  He sends it to the laser printer in the other room so he has to go and retrieve it.  He tells her to stay put and opens his door to go and the form.  He leaves his office door wide open so all of the staff, student aids, and any student that is in the office can see her.  Every student coming and going in the busy school office is able to clearly see her, hands on her ankles, legs wide, bottom in the air, presenting her teen bottom to be punished.  When he returns with the form, he may even decide to leave the door open while he fills out the corporal punishment report.  She is more than horrified as she is more than aware that every eye in the office is on her.  She just closes her eyes and hopes it ends soon.

After taking his time with the form he finally stands up, closes the door, and grabs the paddle.  He could just paddle her now, but he feels now is the time to start to lecture her.  While standing behind her with the paddle in the ready position he explains why what she did is wrong.  He discusses his philosophy on school discipline and explains why he gets good results.  He details why it is that he is doing her a favor by not going easy on her.  He lets her know that by “paddling your bottom as hard as I can” that it will assure that she will never be in his office ever

paddled teen school girl corporal punishment

The wait is over and she about to feel he severe pain from his heavy school paddle.

again. He tells her that she needs to try to stay as still as possible because with as hard as he is going to be applying the corporal punishment, that it could be dangerous for her to move out of position.  He has taken a 5 minute process of seeing what a girl has done wrong, sentencing her to a paddling, and then bending her over and spanking her ass and turned it into a 40 minute ordeal, with every single second designed to have her focus on how bad it is really going to be.  This AP has managed to make the moments leading up to a school paddling as difficult as the paddling itself.  At least it feels that way to the girl for the thirty minutes leading up to the first swat.  But once she feels the first swat, nothing in the world

grabbing her ankles for a paddling at school

Ten licks on her bottom bring tears to her eyes

feels like it could have been worse.  He is not all bark and no bite.  He really does paddle harder than anyone in the school.  The heaviness of the oak paddle really does hit with such a thud that is takes her breath away.  He really is a little mean when it comes to discipline and he is doing his very best to leave a long lasting impression.  He worked very hard to make sure that the moments leading up to her paddling were difficult, but he knows that the real learning will come in the days to follow.  He paddles very hard in the exact same spot on her teen bottom.  The paddle is large enough to cover quite a large area, but he makes sure to focus on the places on her bottom that touch when she sits down.  He wants her sore and he wants her to remember this school paddling for as long as she attends this school.  He knows that a bruised bottom leads to a better behaved student, so he always sends them away bruised. When he is done, he makes them sit right down on the hard wooden chair in front of his desk.  He wants to see that sitting is close to impossible. Thus knowing his job is finished.

He works hard enough at providing a disciplinary experience that they will never forget, that he likes to see the results.  Obviously, there is no way that he can actually view the physical results from the paddling he applies, but he knows that every girl goes home black and blue.  Instead, what he does that allows him to view the results of his hard work, is

sitting on her bruised ass after being paddled at school

He chooses the hardest chair for her to sit on the day after her paddling

that he assigns any girl that was paddled a lunch time detention the next day.  The girl is not allowed to go to lunch the following day and instead is made to spend her lunch period at the little table outside his office.  He has made sure that the only seat for these young ladies is the hardest of wooden chairs.  Through his open door he is able to view any female student sitting at this table.  This allows him to see 1st hand the results of his paddling.  He watches as the girls sit and it is always clear that they would rather be standing. He sees as they go through the hour trying desperately to find a way to sit that does not produce pain, but it is not possible, he made sure of that.  On more than one occasion he has watched girls wipe away a tear or two as they suffered through a painful hour on those wooden chairs.  On many occasions he has watched a girl place a coat underneath her bottom as she attempted to sit down.  He simply walked out of his office and quietly informed her that unless she would like to repeat the previous day’s paddling, that she better sit her bottom down properly on the seat of the chair.

He might be one hell of a mean assistant principal that likes to make every school paddling a lengthy, embarrassing, and very painful ordeal. He might even gain a sense of satisfaction or enjoyment from the paddlings he applied to naughty teen girl’s bottoms.  But the one constant with his discipline, is that he rarely ever saw the same girl in his office twice.

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