A Real School corporal punishment paddling video

In many schools, all of the corporal punishment is administered at the end of the day.  A teen girl is sent to the office for her infraction and she meets with the principal.  He decides that she is to receive a school paddling and tells her to come back either during the lunch break or after school. She may be the only one getting paddled that day, or there may actually be a line of girls waiting for their school paddling.

It is probably harder for the young lady who is not going first.  She has to sit outside the office and hear the paddling take place.  Even with the door closed, the sound of the licks being applied to her teen bottom can be heard throughout the school office.  The poor girl waiting has to listen and cannot help but imagine what it will feel like on her bottom.  She sees the door open as the previous girl walks by with her tear stained face.  She is then called in for her own paddling.  She knows she earned this paddling, and she knows it is going to hurt.  Ten hard swats on her teen bottom are sure to do the trick.  School corporal punishment is indeed effective when applied to a teen girl’s bottom.

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School corporal punishment paddling video

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