How Hard of a School Paddling is Required to Teach a Real Lesson?

Her face show the pain of her paddling

Her face show the pain of her paddling.

When a young lady is sent to the school office, or possible taken out into the hallway, for discipline which utilizes corporal punishment, how hard of a paddling is required to teach her a good lesson?

paddled in her school uniform

She winces in pain from the very 1st swat.

The punishment should certainly fit the crime, but the principal needs to be sure that students do not take a paddling for granted.  They never want it to be something that a young lady finds to be tolerable.  The goal should not just be to

two handed paddling required

This offense calls for a two handed paddling.

punish them for the undesirable behavior, but to do what is required to eliminate the bad behavior altogether.  Certainly different amounts of severity are required for different girls. Six moderate swats might do the trick for a girl with a low pain tolerance and assure that she will never return to the office, but the exact same paddling for a girl with a high pain tolerance might not have the same reaction.

a hard school paddling to tears

A severe swat causes her to cry out in pain.

Consider an 18 year old girl, who still gets hard, bare bottom strappings at home.  She is quite use to her bottom feeling strict discipline and has grown to tolerate the harder punishments.  A young lady such as this is going to require a paddling that involves full force swings of the paddle.  A moderate paddling will just not do the trick and until tears are running down her face, we should assume that a lesson has not been learned.

Tears from a paddling

Tears streaming down her face show a lesson was learned.

Tears demonstrate that the paddling has been effective.  Sometimes sounds of discomfort and gentle cries during the paddling are not enough.  All girls will play it up a little in hoping to end the paddling sooner, but tears are hard to fake.

crying out as she receives a hard lick to her bottom

She cries out

An effective school disciplinarian will stop after a few swats and check the young ladies’ face for evidence of real tears. Sometimes just the presence of tears is not enough, especially if she is being punished for the repeat of a previous offense.  Second offenses should always involve a much more severe punishment as it is clear the 1st paddling was not effective, or she would not be in the office again.  In these situations tears in the eyes are not enough.  The principal should make sure that the paddling leads to full out crying.  Experience will teach the disciplinarian when the job is done.  Different girls react different ways, but as as disciplinarian gains experience, the look on her face will speak loudly.

Paddled in her school uniform

Her face shows that the paddling is begin to have an effect.

The scenes above are from the paddling videos that are all included with the Realspankings Pass

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