The Wait

Just the thought of receiving a hard school paddling can create much anxiety for a high school girl.  This concept alone adds a lot to the effectiveness of a school paddling and quite often administrators, teachers, and coaches use this to their advantage.  It is a simple concept that I like to call “the wait”.

school corporal punishment

Just giving the news that she is to be paddled, she begins to tremble, her heart rate increases, and the heavy breathing begins.

Every school paddling is going to involve some aspect of the wait and some are more deliberate than others.  The most basic version is a young lady being sent to the office, checking in with the secretary, and then having to wait quite some time before she is seen by the principal.  This is not

school corporal punishment

Waiting and wondering if her bottom will be paddled or not.

deliberate; he may just be busy at the moment or have another student in his office.  There is no set time that she will be waiting; he will simply see her when he is able to.  A lot can go on in her head during this period of time.  She has time to think about what she did, if her parents are going to be notified, the fact that she is missing class, but most of all her thoughts are on the school’s corporal punishment policy.  The thought that she cannot escape is whether or not her butt is about to be paddled.  She knows her school paddles, she knows girls can be paddled, and she knows the principal’s reputation for paddling hard.

The next step in the chain as far as the wait, is when a young lady has met with the principal and has been told she will indeed be paddled.  There are many variations on this form of the wait.  It might be as simple as him filling out the paperwork, getting someone to witness it, and grabbing

school paddling

She hears the verdict…her bottom will be paddled in just a moment.

the paddle.  At the very least, she has 2-3 minutes before her paddling is to take place. This is the shortest variation of the wait, but a lot can go through her head in those few minutes.  She thinks about the last spanking she received, she thinks about everything she has heard about the school paddling, she wonders what position she will have to assume, how many swats she will get, and mostly…how much will it hurt.

For those tasked with the job of paddling a young lady’s bottom at school, they may be more creative with the wait and take full advantage of the effectiveness of making a student wait some time before her paddling.  Often a young lady is told to return to his office later in the day, during lunch, or after school   Her day becomes so much longer as all she can think about is that paddle she saw on his desk hitting her little butt.  Classwork, lectures, time with friends, they are all wasted…all she can think about is that she will be spanked at school, with a wooden board, from a man with a reputation for bruising bottoms.

cheerleader paddled texas

Amber, paddled at school when she was 17.

There is a famous case from a decade ago at Grand Prairie high school where the cheerleader captain, 17 year old Amber Page, was sentenced to a paddling for smoking on campus.  She was told that she would be paddled and would also be kicked off of the cheer squad.  For the moment, it was left at that and she was sent back to class.  The following Monday, the day she was sure she would be paddled, she detailed in a newspaper article that she wore heavy shorts, with overalls over the shorts, to pad her butt for a paddling that she was quite nervous about receiving.  She went to the

amber page paddled at school

Picture from the newspaper article that described her paddling at school.

office that morning, but was not paddled, he did not have the time at that moment.  In fact it would be several days before she was actually paddled and the wait had to be something terrible for her.  Every moment of every school day, she was consumed with the thought that she could be called to the office for a paddling at any time.  As the whole story unfolded and was reported on the news, she waited close to a week for her paddling and he chose a day that he saw her walking down the hall in a short and thin mini-skirt.  So much for her padded bottom, she got a very hard and embarrassing paddling in her tiny little skirt.

While the wait can be difficult when she has to go hours or even days before being paddled, one of the very hardest parts is when she has reported for her paddling and is sitting outside the office.  This is it, this is the moment that all of the stress

school corporal punishment

Waiting outside the office to have their butts paddled at school

and apprehension she has been feeling has been building up to.  She has been nervous about her paddling for a few hours to a few days, but this is the worst part.  She has tried to picture in her head how it is going to go, she has imagined the position, who might witness it in the office, but now all she can think about is the pain.  She has been able to talk to a couple of friends who have been paddled and they did not seem to be exaggerating when they described to her how bad it is.

One of the worst case scenarios for the last minute wait is when she is not the only girl being paddled that day.  She sits down with another girl who is also about to be paddled.  They share a nervous look, no words are spoken, they are both there for the same thing.  Who knows, she may have even gotten in trouble with this girl, or in a fight with this girl, but all of that is behind them at least for a moment.  Their thoughts are focused solely on the paddling they are about to receive.  The wait gets harder for the girl who is not 1st.  Now a

school paddling

Which girl will be paddled first?

few of her questions are about to be answered as she consider her paddling, as she is able to actually hear it take place.  The door opens and the 1st girl is invited in and he asks the secretary to come in and join them.  She now at least knows who is going to watch.  The door may be closed for some privacy, or left open and she is able to hear every word.

But the very worst part of this part of the wait is listening to the other girl getting paddled.  She has pictured it, imagined it, talked to her friends about it, but nothing fully prepared her for the sound.  This is not a spanking like she received when she was a little girl, it sounds like firecrackers going off in that office.  The 1st loud explosion startles her, it takes her a second to full process what the sound was, but it becomes clear when she hears the girl’s reaction.  A second later the next shot goes off and she just buried her head in hands, she knows that in 2 minutes, that sound will be that paddle, landing on her butt…there is no need to wait, the tears are already starting.

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