Real High School Corporal Punishment Paddling Video

real school paddling

A very real look at school corporal punishment videos.

So when I post all of these pictures and videos regarding school corporal punishment, it leaves us wondering what is fantasy and what is reality.  I try my best to focus on content that features realistic school corporal punishment.  As a result there is not much here in the way of bare bottom school paddlings, I have only included a few pictures and animations that feature a bare bottom school paddling so we can see the results of a hard paddle swat on the bare.

I often write about severe swats, bruised butts, and young ladies being spanked to tears.  I blog about school paddlings consisting of up to 10 swats, which in itself might not be the norm.  So

real corporal punishment on film

Bent over the desk waiting for a very real school paddling to be administered.

let’s break down all of the barriers here and look at absolute realism in school corporal punishment.  In exploring reality, we need to look at the most common occurrences of school corporal punishment, where it is administered, by who, how many swats, and the results of an actual school paddling.  In addressing all of these I offer you the scene below, showed from both angles.  As we explore this, we have to ask ourselves is this reality as far as modern day school corporal punishment is concerned?

This video features the well-known spanking model Brandi in a school corporal punishment recreation.  This was early in her spanking career and she was indeed 18 at the time this video was filmed.  So to start, we have a girl that is the age of most high school seniors.

real school paddling video

Reality in spanking videos as we see what a real school paddling is like.

She is sent to the school principal for a dress code violation.  It turns out that this is for wearing a shirt that shows midriff, this is quite common for teen girls today, but many schools do indeed have a policy against it.  So for realism as far as the offense, we are right on track.  She seems nervous in the video, which based on the situation seems accurate.  The principal is even mannered, he is not mad, and he gets right to the business at hand.  He checks her file, which I think is common and realistic, and sees that this is her second offense of the year for dress code violations.  He states that she received 3 swats with the paddle for her 1st offense.  I find this to be realistic in a paddling school.  I think a warning, or the least amount of swats given would be an appropriate punishment for a 1st time offense.  Based on her previous offense, he sentences her to 6 swats for this second infraction.  I think double the amount of swats for a second offense would not be that out of the ordinary and once again falls well within the scope of realism.

Now we need to look at the most important part, the actual paddling.  He has her

high school paddling video

Getting a very real school paddling from the principal.

stand up and bend over the desk, clearly the most common position for a teen high school girl to be paddled in.  He does not give a long lecture, he does not raise his voice, he is all business.  He grabs a wooden paddle, it appears to be oak.  It is not a giant paddle; it is typical in size of most school paddles in use today.  There is not a big drawn out process prior to her paddling.  She is not left in place grabbing her ankles, there is no one watching, the door is closed and it is done in private.  He does not tell her how much it is going to hurt when he paddled her teen bottom; he simply steps in behind her and gets started.

paddling to tears in high school

She is not acting like her bottom hurts, this is the real thing as she is paddle to tears.

It is not a huge swing, he does not use two hands, he simply lifts the paddle and swats her bottom hard enough to get a reaction.  With each swat her reaction grows a little.  With every swat applied in the exact same spot, her discomfort grows.  We do not see tears on the 1st swat, but you can tell we are building to that moment.  After the 6th swat, she does indeed break down.  When you watch this paddling from the camera that shows her face, you can tell this is not acting.  After that 6th swat, she starts to cry and there is literally 2-3 seconds that she is breathless.  You can see that her bottom is burning and there is no acting involved.  The tears begin to stream down her face and there is no doubt that this is real.  She is required to sign the discipline form and then told to get a ride home so she can change her shirt.

For me this is the most realistic school paddling video I have ever seen.  I suspect that this is typical for how real school corporal punishment is administered throughout the South.  It is real, it is hard enough to achieve tears, and to teach a lesson.  I do not think any parent who consented to having their daughter paddled at school would have an issue with it.  It is exactly what corporal punishment is supposed to be in a school setting.  Luckily through the family of sites, we have 100’s of such videos to enjoy.  Very real school corporal punishment videos at their very finest.  So when you look at the pictures and animations that I post and wonder if the videos they come from are bullshit, now you have a frame of reference as to what a real school paddling video is like.


Real high school corporal punishment paddling video 1

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Real high school corporal punishment paddling video 2

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