School paddling caught on security camera

With the increased security risks of today, all modern schools have very sophisticated surveillance systems, especially in the common areas of the school. This certainly makes school security easier when all areas can be watched by on person on multiple screens.  Something else that modern schools have is a very detailed corporal punishment policy.  With all of the lawsuits that sometimes stem from corporal punishment being used in a high school setting, teachers and administrators do their best to follow the policies in place.

real school paddling captured on camera

High school girl’s paddling caught on security camera.

For those schools that allow teachers to take discipline into their own hands, one policy is generally common throughout…students cannot be paddled in full view of other students.  This means the day of bringing a student up to the desk, in the front of the room, to be paddled for all to see, are pretty much long gone.  This does not however, stop a teacher from pulling an unruly student, or students, out into the hallway for their paddling.  Teachers have been known to take students into the hallway, a classroom that is not in use, an empty gym, or even the stairwell of the school building for their paddling.

real school paddling video

Taken out into the hall for a hard paddling, all captured on the school video cameras.

One would have to guess that with these policies in place, and school security cameras covering all of the common areas, that there are many more school paddlings captured on tape than we could imagine.  Somewhere, in a tiny room, a school security officer gets to see teen girl’s bottoms paddled on a regular basis.  He sees a young lady marched into the hall, as she is required to grab her ankles, or put her hands on the wall, and a very fed up teacher gets to work on her butt.  He probably gets to see many different styles of paddling.  Teachers that just give a swat or two, teachers who always give the maximum number of swats allowed, even those very strict teachers she swing the large paddle with two hands.

school security tape of girls being paddled

The lecture before their school paddling is watched by the school security.

Even is this security officer has no interest in such things, you would have to imagine that it gets his attention as he watches the paddlings administered.  Imagine him sitting at the desk, staring at a screen of mostly empty monitors.  He might see the occasional student walking to the bathroom, or late for class, or maybe the custodian mopping up.  But then on one of his monitors, he sees four girls being escorted out of a classroom.  They are lined up on a wall as a very animated teacher is clearly upset and lecturing the girls.  He cannot help but notice that she is lecturing these high school girls with a large wooden paddle in her hand.

school paddling video

The security camera in the hallway captures her grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling from a teacher.

She finally grabs a girl by the arm and walks through a door that leads to the stairwell.  He can’t help but switch his attention to the camera that he know they will be appearing on in any moment.  Sure enough, the teacher and the student appear in the frame as the young lady is made to grab her ankles.  He knows from seeing this enough times that this girl is really in for it.  This is a hard hitting teacher and she always gives the 6 swat maximum.  Sure enough, the paddle is raised high in the air and brought down hard on the pretty teen’s young bottom.  With just a moment’s pause the paddle is raised again and brought down full force.  He is secretly impressed that a high school girl can stay in position for such a hard paddling.  After all six swats, the teacher grabs the girl’s arm and marches her back down the stairs.

school paddling video real

The other girls listen through the door to their friend being paddled, they know their little butts will be the next ones to feel the paddle.

Back on the other camera he sees them enter the hallway again as the teacher grabs another girl by the arm and marches her upstairs.  He sees the teen girl rubbing her bruised and sore bottom and the other girls asking her how it was.  He also sees that she is wiping away tears.  As the paddling begins on the other camera, this girl also grabbing her ankles, he sees the girls waiting to be paddled, gathered at the door, listening to every swat.  They all seemed stressed as they know their little butts are next. He wonders what these four girls must have done to be getting corporal punishment.  From the looks of the paddling they are each receiving, he guesses they will not be doing it again anytime soon.

school paddling video

Grabbing her ankles and assuming the position for a school paddling in the stairwell.

When the second girl’s paddling is complete, the third girl is marched up the stairs to her fate.  She grabs her ankles, presenting her teen bottom perfectly for her paddling, and then is begins.  It is clear this one is struggling as she can barely keep her position.  He sees some added lecturing; he guesses that it’s about her inability to hold still. It takes a little longer for this one, but she receives the full amount of paddle swats and leaves holding her bruised bottom.

school paddling captured on video

A very hard paddling at school, while she is grabbing her ankles, all caught on a security camera.

The last girl is brought up and it seems clear to him that she must be the ring leader of whatever trouble they are in.  He thought the previous three girls got their butts blistered. But she really lays into this girl.  Each swat knocks her up onto her toes.  He is not even sure he could hold still for such a brutal school paddling…this teacher really swings for the fences.  It is clear that she is learning a lesson, how could she not be?  That large wooden board hits her tiny butt, time and time again.  He questions how these girls will be able to sit through their classes for the rest of the day, this is only 1st period, they have seven to go.  When this paddling is complete, he sees her wiping away the tears.

paddled at school by a teacher

With sore bottoms and tears in their eyes they are marched right back into class.

Just as quickly as it began it is over.  The last girl is walked down the stairs and back into the hall with the other three.  There are a few final words from the teacher and then they are all marched back into the classroom still rubbing their sore bottoms and wiping away the tears.  He wonders how embarrassing that part must be for these girls.  Walking back into a classroom, everyone knowing that they just got their teen butts paddled at school with tears still in their eyes to prove it.

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