Assuming the position for corporal punishment at school

school corporal punishment

Being made to lay over the desk for her school paddling

When a girl gets spanked at home by her mom or dad, there can be a variety of positions used for her punishment. Different parents have different styles and preferences as to how they spank their daughters.  The choice of implement can also be a deciding factor for a young lady’s spanking.  While a hand or a hairbrush may be effective for an OTK spanking, a belt does not serve its true purpose in this position.

In a school setting, when a young lady’s bottom needs to be paddled, there are also many choices of positions for her to assume for her paddling.  Unlike a spanking from mom and dad, when a paddle is used for a spanking, great care has to be given with considering a position.  The main reason for this is that with some hard woods, the wood can actually be harder than bone, so she needs to be positioned in a way that her tailbone is out of the way of the paddle.  When a student is in a lot of trouble and a severe paddling is required, this cannot be more important.  The goal is to bruise her bottom and teach her a lesson, but not to create an actual injury.

school paddling discipline

Hands and elbows on the desk for a hard paddling at school.

The position for a paddling is about more than just bending her over so her butt is available for discipline.  The position she is made to assume can add to the overall dynamic of the punishment itself.  Yes, just having her lay over a desk is quick and convenient and an easy way to get the job done, but some of the other positions add discomfort and embarrassment to the process.  When a young lady is told to just lay over a desk, all she really has to do is sit there and take her paddling.  When she is made to assume a different position, she becomes an active participant.

hand on knees for school corporal punishment

Hands on her knees makes her an active participant in her school paddling

Take for instance the position of having to bend over, in the middle of a room, or a hallway, with her hands on her knees.  There is nothing for her to grab onto during her paddling.  She has to actively cooperate during her paddling and work hard to maintain this position.  When a severe swat is placed onto her bottom, it tends to want to knock her forward.  This is her punishment, she earned it, it is fair that she have to help out with is and work hard to help see it to completion.

Another effective position is when she is bent fully at the waist with her arms outstretched and placed on a wall or the edge of a desk.  This position is not very comfortable and it is not a position anyone really assumes for any reason in life other than corporal punishment.

school paddling punishment

Bending over at school for a severe paddling.

It really reminds her of what is about to happen and why she is there.  With her body stretched out and her legs spread wide, it really creates a sense of vulnerability.  Another benefit of this position is that it requires her hands to stay in place.  Her balance is off and a single hand moved causes her to fall forward.  This position creates great stability as her arms and hands are in direct line with her bottom.  Very hard swats can be applied to her teen butt and she will not move at all.  This is an ideal position when the occasion calls for severe corporal punishment.

bending over for a paddling at school

Taken outside the classroom, into the hall, to have her teen bottom paddled severely, in such a way that she will never forget.

Probably the most effective, as it combines all of the above aspects is when a high school girl is made to bend over and grab her ankles for her school paddling.  This is the most embarrassing position for any girl who is getting paddled.  She is presenting her butt to be paddled

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

The worst of all of the positions to be paddled in at school…grabbing her ankles.

in just about the most intimate way.  When she bends over and grabs her ankles, just about every part of her body disappears except her bottom.  This really puts a focus on what is about to happen and what part of her body it is going to happen to.  She is very focused not only on the pain she is about to feel, but the fact that her bottom is on display.  For the person administering the paddling and the person who is witnessing it this is also their entire focus.  It is generally not appropriate as an adult male administrator to stare at the bottom of a 17 year old girl, but this is a situation in which is it basically a requirement.  This position is also more effective is she is made to assume it for some time before and after her paddling.  It is very effective to tell a young lady that she is going to be paddled, have her stand up, move to the middle of the office, and grab her ankles.  Then the appropriate paperwork is completed, the office door is opened as her goes to find a witness.  She becomes very aware of the students and staff members that pass by the office door, while she is there with her bottom in the air.  She has a lot of time to consider what brought her here and the paddling that is about to be administered.  With her bottom stretched that tight, she knows it is going to be a bad one.

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