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Paddled at School, Paddled at Home

high school girl school corporal punishment paddling

Having just chosen to be paddled, she considers hoe the paddle will feel over her yoga pants.

As a cheerleader and a very visible face for her school, Mable had always worked hard to stay out of trouble.  She had only ever been sent to the office a single time in her entire high school career, and on that day, she was given a warning.  Unfortunately for her, today, she was sent to the office for the exact same reason as before.  It was very clear to the vice principal that the warning that he gave her before served no purpose, so this was not a mistake that he was going to make again.  She was given the option of a two-week suspension from school or a ten-swat paddling.  The last thing she ever wanted was to be paddled, but a suspension would mean not being able to cheer at any event for that time period and homecoming was next week.  Another motivation for not being paddled was the fact that her dad had always made it very clear that if she was ever paddled at school, that she could expect the very same thing at home, but worse. It was not an easy decision, as she knew she was probably committing to being paddled twice on that day, but homecoming was too important to miss. Reluctantly, she made the decision to be paddled and as her day progressed, it was a decision that she would soon regret.

high school girl paddling

Presenting her bottom and waiting for her 10 swat school paddling.

She was immediately asked to stand up, place her hands on the dry erase board in the conference room where all school paddlings took place.  Instead of grabbing one of the evil looking paddles on the wall and getting right to work on her bottom, he sat back down and began filling out the required documents that accompany all applications of school corporal punishment.  She spent the next couple of minutes, her bottom on display, and properly presented to be paddled, to consider exactly what was about to happen.  She was quickly regretting getting in trouble during cheer practice, as she was wearing her workout leggings, and they were paper thin.  She could only imagine how bad each swat was going to feel, from those giant and evil looking paddles on the wall, with so little protection for her teen bottom.  After what felt like an eternity, but was actually closer to three minutes, he finally stood up and grabbed a paddle from the wall.

school corporal punishment paddling

She is just moments away from some very real learning as a result of school corporal punishment and the paddle.

Her heart began to race as he approached her.  It had been years since she had been spanked at home, but just like at school, her dad had always used a wooden paddle.  The paddle he used was much smaller, but always left her bruised and crying, so she could not even imagine how bad this was going to hurt with the giant paddle he now held in his hand.  He explained to her that for her safety, it was very important that she hold her position for the duration of her paddling.  He had learned a long time ago that he was doing no one any favors by applying a gentle paddling, and that only severe paddlings had any effect on someone’s behavior.  It did not matter to him that there was a petite, 18-year-old cheerleader presenting her bottom to him, she would get it just like any male would that was sent to his office.  He was an equal opportunity paddler, and everyone was paddled the same…as hard as he safely could apply the swats.

paddling school

The paddling begins and so does her lesson.

Once he warned her about holding still, she cringed as she felt the paddle touch her bottom.  Without another word being spoken, she felt the paddle lift from her bottom, and could see out of the corner of her eyes as the paddled was raised well above his head.  She tried to brace herself and prepare for the moment of impact, but nothing could prepare her for what she felt.  The paddle exploded against her bottom and the sound echoed throughout the conference room.  There was a brief second before the pain fully registered, but when it did, she was almost in shock.  Her eyes instantly filled with tears, and just as she was gasping for a breath, the next swat landed in the exact same spot.  It was more pain than she could even comprehend as a result of a spanking, but he was just getting started.  The next two were applied in the exact same manner, each about 3 seconds apart.  Her dad had always worked her whole bottom when he had paddled her, but all of these swats were being applied right where her bottom met the top of her thighs.

school paddling over yoga pants

He knows that real learning only takes place as a result of a severe paddling. Each swat makes contact with the muscles of her bottom assuring a long lasting lesson.

After the first four there was a brief pause and all she could hear was her own heavy breathing and gentle sobbing.  She knew there was no way that she could take anymore and she was about to ask for the suspension instead.  Before those words could leave her mouth, the paddling resumed, and there was no break at all.  The next 6 swats were applied as hard and as fast as he could swing, and her bottom could barely take it.  Six swats, expertly applied in less than 3 seconds, were enough for her to totally break down.  Her bottom was on fire in a way that she had never felt before.  Once it was all done he politely asked her to take a seat so she could fill out her portion of the paperwork.  Her mind was in a bit of a fog as she did as she was told and took a seat.  That fog was quickly lifted when her bottom made contact with the chair and she quickly realized that this punishment was nowhere close to being over.  She struggled in the chair as she signed the paperwork, and just like that, she was dismissed.  The only thing left for him to do, was to make that phone call, the one required by school policy, anytime corporal punishment is administered.  He had a quick chat with Mable’s dad, who was very supportive of the paddling being administered and made it very clear that it was not the last one she would be receiving that day.

school paddling on security camera

School policy now requires that all corporal punishment be administered in a room with security cameras to assure that all paddlings are applied per district rules.

Mable had a very rough day after that.  She had two more class periods, as well as a full-on cheer practice after school where they worked on their homecoming routines.  Sitting in class became more and more difficult as they day progressed, and she found every excuse possible to not be at her desk in class.  She had found a private moment to change before cheer practice, as she was quite sure that her bottom had to show the marks from her paddling.  Cheer practice was equally as painful as every movement seemed to add to the discomfort she was feeling.  With every step, kick, and jump, she was reminded of her behavior.  As hard as she tried, she also had the lingering thought in the back of her mind that this was not the only paddling she would receive that day.  She had been paddled maybe twice since the age of 14, it just was not as common in her teen years as it had been when she was younger.  Her dad had never been quick to spank her, but when he did, it was always an event to be remembered.  She kept trying to convince herself that it had been so long since her last spanking that he probably would not even give her one for this.

bruised butt from school paddling

Far too bruised to change in front of the rest of the cheer squad.

After practice, she did not even go to the locker room to change, as she was far too embarrassed for anyone to know she had actually been paddled at school.  She gingerly climbed into her car, and drove herself home with a very sore bottom, filled with dread as to what she would be facing when she got home.  She rubbed her bottom a little at the stop lights and found that it had actually become hard to the touch.  She had two raised areas at the bottom of each cheek that were stiff and sore.  She had not looked at it yet, but she could only guess that it was already probably bruised.  Her heart sank as she pulled up at the house and saw that her father’s car was already in the garage.  She slowly walked to the front door, her heart rate having doubled over the last 30 steps.


bare bottom paddling from dad for teen girl

Sent to get dad’s paddle that in just a moment will be used on her bare bottom.

She walked in and it was very clear within the first 10 seconds that he had been called and informed of the paddling at school.  He had very little to say except to reexplain his policy about “get it at school, then get it at home”.  With his voice slightly raised, which was never a good sign, he told her to go to his room and get the paddle, bend herself over the couch, and he would be with her shortly.  It had been quite some time since she had been sent to get the paddle, and she was a little surprised to see it in the same spot it had been kept for most of her life.  She thought that maybe he was done with using the paddle on her, but it seems it was always ready just in case.  Just holding it brought back some very real and painful memories.  She walked slowly to the living room, where all spankings were administered in their house, and bent over the arm of the couch.  She was very nervous, but thankful that her little brother did not seem to be home.  He always managed to find a way to be in the room when she was spanked, and he loved every minute of it.

bare bottom paddling for a teen girl

Waiting is often the worst part as she knows how that paddle is going to feel on her already bruised bottom.

She laid over the arm of the couch for a good five minutes.  Each time she heard his footsteps get closer to her, her heart sank, but he was taking his time.  It gave her a lot of time to contemplate how very bad this was going to be.  Just three hours before she was barely able to even sit down at the hard-wooden school desks, and now, here she was waiting to be paddled again.  Her dad’s paddle, one that he had constructed himself many years ago, was not as long or as thick as the school paddle.  His was more of an oval shape, and while the school paddle was large enough to cover most of her bottom with a single swat, dad’s paddle was perfectly sized to cover one cheek at a time.  It seemed like forever, but finally he finished what he was doing and approached her.

paddled on bruised bottom teen girl

Dad gets right to work with the paddle on her already sore bottom.

She knew why she was in trouble, and knew what was about to happen, so there were very few words spoken.  He grabbed the paddle, lifted her cheer skirt, lowered her panties, and went right to work.  He was quite surprised as to how bruised her bottom already was, but that did not influence the paddling she was about to get, she was going to get exactly what she had earned.  When he had paddled her in the past, he tended to cover every inch of her bottom, but on this day, he decided to take advantage of her already bruised bottom, and just work the sore spots.  Being that her right cheek seemed worse off than the left, he tried hard to balance them out.  The paddling started fast and very hard and she was kicking and crying from the very first swat.  He paddled the low spot on both her cheeks relentlessly and the bruises quickly turned darker.  She began to struggle and move out of position, which was quickly corrected with even harder paddle swats, and the warning “you better hold still or we will do this all night long”.  This was just enough motivation to keep her a little more still, but she still struggled.

bruising his teen daughters bottom with a paddle

He works hard to make sure her bottom is equally as sore on both sides.

The pain she was experiencing, being paddled on her bare bottom, just five hours after her previous paddling, was unbearable.  While she had received ten swats at school, which seemed like far more than that, but this paddling did not seem like it would ever end.  He would place a single swat on her right butt cheek and then several in a row on her left.  The bruises were quickly balancing out, and there would be no sitting position that was comfortable for her by the time he was done.  He had very similar feelings regarding corporal punishment that the vice principal did at the school.  If he was going to take the time to use spanking as a means of discipline, it needed to be an event to be remembered.  It did not matter how much she kicked, squirmed, or cried, the punishment would not end until the job was done.  It was her behavior that led them to this moment in time, it was simply his job to spank her in a manner that assured that this behavior never occurred again…ever.  From the current state of her bottom, as he continued to paddle her bare bottom, he was fairly confident that this behavior would be fully extinguished.  Towards the end, he slowed his pace with the paddle, and instead placed the hardest of swats, slowly and deliberately, very low on her bottom, making sure to include the top of her thighs.  This achieved the results that he was looking for, and just like that, the paddling was over.

rubbing sore bottom

Rubbing her sore bottom after her second paddling of the day.

She was instructed to return the paddle to exactly where she found it, as he was guessing that it might have been tucked away for a little too long and it might need to come out more often.  After he left she spent a minute drying her tears and rubbing her bottom.  It had hurt a lot, but now was almost a little numb.  She rubbed it for a good minute, feeling that it had grown even harder and more swollen.  She put the paddle back in her dad’s room and went up to hers to inspect her bottom.  She bared her bottom and looked in the mirror and could not believe the results.  Most of her bottom showed signs of bruising, but the lowest parts were a total mess.  She had a large bull’s eye looking bruise on her right cheek, and her left cheek was covered with smaller bruises from her dad’s paddle.  As every minute passed her bottom grew sorer.  She could feel a pulsating in her bottom with each beat of her heart and there was nothing pleasant at all about it.  That evening at dinner, she could barely hold still, but dad had made it clear that sitting at the table was the only option.  Her younger brother smiled his way through the entire meal knowing that his sister was sitting on a freshly paddled bottom, which dad had proudly announced before dinner.  She finished dinner and her chores and went to bed early, hoping that things would be much easier the next day.  When she woke up the next morning, she quickly realized that things were not better…they were far worse.

teen girl spanked

She will be a sore and sore girl for many days to come.

This two part video series is currently online in the member’s area of  Member’s are able to watch the 10 swat school paddling, and 50 swat bare bottom paddling, exactly as described in this post.  Exclusively at


High school paddling caught on security camera.

It was bound to happen.

camera catches a paddling in progress in high school

Security Camera Footage

High school girl paddling caught on security camera

Let’s be honest, if you are on this blog you are very interested in the whole concept of a teenage girl getting her bottom paddled at school.  You have probably read many true accounts from girls who were actually paddled in school growing up.  You are probably quite attentive when the news of a girl getting paddled makes the mainstream media.  Unless you are an educator in the South, or grew up in the South, there is a good chance that you have never actually seen a school paddling take place.  There are certainly those that grew up in the 50’s and 60’s that might have had the opportunity to hear, or possibly witness a girl getting paddled in high school, but today these things typically happen in private.

school paddling spy voyeur

Spying on a high school girl getting her bottom paddled hard.

There are some schools that allow teachers to paddle students, but never in front of other students, so it most common that a student is kept after class, or on occasion, taken out into the hallway.  This allows other students to hear the paddling take place, but not witness it.  The most common paddling clearly takes place behind the closed doors of the school office.  But what really goes on behind those closed doors? What does a real school paddling look like? If you were to hide in an adjacent room and watch, what would it look like? If the whole thing was captured on a school security camera, what would you see? Monday’s update on has made me happy, happy, happy as it shows us these exact views of the same paddling.  Sometimes I love the voyeur scenes more than the more professional scenes as it really adds a sense of reality.  Today’s animation are from these two scene and they are awesome!!!

school paddling caught on tape

Security camera showing a very real school paddling taking place.

Real high school corporal punishment paddling video

Right now, most likely in a Southern state in the US, a young lady is bending over and getting her bottom paddled with a heavy wooden board.  The statistics from the department of education show, that on the average, 1944 documented paddling take place every day in the United States.  This does not account for all of the paddlings that are administered by coaches, and often teachers that paddle a student in the hallway.  From just the documented paddlings, this is an average of 1 paddling every 12 seconds on the average school day in the US.  The ratio of male to females getting paddled vary nationwide, as some schools do not allow for the corporal punishment of females, but for the schools that do paddle both sexes, females account for close to 40% of the paddlings that take place.  So with a paddling every 12 seconds, that is around 290 paddlings per hour.  So if you are wondering if high school girls really get paddled, or if this is all fantasy, the statistics show that in the next 60 minutes, on this very day, 116 girls will bend over for their bottom to be paddled.

So what does a real high school corporal punishment paddling look like?  I believe the school paddling video below is a very good representation of what really goes on when a high school girl is paddled at school.  These three girls were all at trouble at some point during the day and chose a school paddling over a suspension.  To speed the process up, and so they did not have to miss any more class than necessary, they were told to come back at the end of the day for their paddling.  The girls all report at told and then wait a couple of minutes for the assistant principal to arrive.  He reviews their disciplinary forms and then calls them into his office to be paddled.  The entire process takes place with a female secretary present; to assure that school policy was followed during their paddling.  The swats the girls receive are hard enough to indeed teach a lesson, but are not administered at a level in which someone could claim abuse.  While the real school paddling video below only shows the first of the girls getting her bottom paddled, and she manages to barely maintain her composure, the other girls do indeed cry from their paddling.  With everything considered on how a high school girl is actually paddled, I believe the school paddling video below really nails it.  This school paddling video, and the other two that go with it, are available to watch in full HD in the member’s area of

Real high school corporal punishment paddling video

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

The sounds of a girl being paddled at school

On this blog we mostly explore the visual aspects of a school paddling though the use of images and animations.  have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall for a real high school paddling?  What does it really sound like when a young lady has to present her bottom to the school vice principal for some hard swats with a heavy school paddle?  Is it loud enough that other people in the office can hear it taking place?  Does he paddle her little bottom hard enough to produce tears?  If so, how many swats does it take for  the crying to begin?  Does she continue to cry after the paddling is over?  Does he paddle her with anger in his voice or is he professional and courteous in his approach?  Well, let’s stop trying to picture it all in our head and just have a listen to what sounds like a fairly serious school paddling in progress. Hit play below to listen to the school paddling audio file.

Real high school paddling video

Let’s take a look at the reality of two high school girls getting sent to the office for fighting at school.  If it is one of 1000’s of school in the South that allow paddling, then corporal punishment is a very real option.  Should the principal decide that a paddling is in order, there is generally a fairly strict set of guidelines that need to be followed:

– The student must be allowed a chance to give her side of the story.
– The must be a corporal punishment authorization form on file signed by one of her parents.
– If there is not a form on file, consent must be obtained over the phone.
– The reasons for corporal punishment being administered must be explained in detail to the student.
– If the person administering the paddling is of the opposite sex, a same sex witness must be present for the duration of the paddling.
– The paddling may not be administered in the presence of others students.
– The paddling must be administered with a district approved wooden paddle .
– The paddling must be applied with “reasonable force”.
– No more than 10 swats can be administered for any given offense.

You can decide for yourself if is spot on in their presentation of how a real school paddling takes place in the real world is accurate.  In this free preview you get to see the 1st girl get one of the most realistic school paddlings I have ever seen.

High school seniors paddled for fighting- very real video

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Hard school paddling videos…short shorts and yoga pants

When a young lady gets in trouble in high school, she is not really able to choose when she gets paddled or even what she

teen school paddling video

The effects of the paddle are clear.

is wearing.  There are many students who are sent to the office during gym class, cheer practice, or during any other school activity in which they have changed from their regular school clothes.

On this week’s update at  and they play off of this exact theme.  At we see a young lady caught smoking after cheer practice and she is sent to the principal wearing the tiny little practice uniforms that we often see cheerleaders wearing when they are not in the full uniforms.  She takes one hell of a paddling on her tiny teen butt and as a result of her short shorts, we can actually see the bruises forming low on her bottom.  He uses a giant paddle and you have to wonder how such a small girl can take such a hard paddling.  I kid you not, this is a very intense, hard hitting paddling video that is not to be missed.

teen paddling videos at school

Paddled hard on her short shorts and you can see the bruises forming on her bottom.

school paddling video

You can see the bruises on her teen bottom through her yoga pants.

On, I really loved this scene as well.  It mixes a couple of things we rarely see in school paddling videos.  The 1st is the fact that she is wearing skin tight, white, yoga pants that are so shear, you can actually see how bad the paddle is bruising her bottom through her pants.  Look closely at the picture and you can see big purple marks on her bottom, through her pants.  This scene is also quite unique in that she is paddled in the “lunge position”.  I have read of true accounts in which schools have utilized this position for a paddling, and here we get to see it actually take place.  As with the previous scene, this is a full force paddling, with a giant wooden paddle, that lifts her off of her feet with each swat of the paddle.

school paddling video

Getting her bottom paddled at school in the lunge position.

These are not playful little paddlings for those of you looking for fun spanking videos.  This is real, honest to goodness, hard hitting school corporal punishment.  These are not spankings designed to leave a bottom pink, these are severe paddling videos that leave a teen girl’s bottom black and blue.  These scenes are from this week’s updates to and and are exclusive to these sites.  Enjoy!

School paddling caught on security camera

With the increased security risks of today, all modern schools have very sophisticated surveillance systems, especially in the common areas of the school. This certainly makes school security easier when all areas can be watched by on person on multiple screens.  Something else that modern schools have is a very detailed corporal punishment policy.  With all of the lawsuits that sometimes stem from corporal punishment being used in a high school setting, teachers and administrators do their best to follow the policies in place.

real school paddling captured on camera

High school girl’s paddling caught on security camera.

For those schools that allow teachers to take discipline into their own hands, one policy is generally common throughout…students cannot be paddled in full view of other students.  This means the day of bringing a student up to the desk, in the front of the room, to be paddled for all to see, are pretty much long gone.  This does not however, stop a teacher from pulling an unruly student, or students, out into the hallway for their paddling.  Teachers have been known to take students into the hallway, a classroom that is not in use, an empty gym, or even the stairwell of the school building for their paddling.

real school paddling video

Taken out into the hall for a hard paddling, all captured on the school video cameras.

One would have to guess that with these policies in place, and school security cameras covering all of the common areas, that there are many more school paddlings captured on tape than we could imagine.  Somewhere, in a tiny room, a school security officer gets to see teen girl’s bottoms paddled on a regular basis.  He sees a young lady marched into the hall, as she is required to grab her ankles, or put her hands on the wall, and a very fed up teacher gets to work on her butt.  He probably gets to see many different styles of paddling.  Teachers that just give a swat or two, teachers who always give the maximum number of swats allowed, even those very strict teachers she swing the large paddle with two hands.

school security tape of girls being paddled

The lecture before their school paddling is watched by the school security.

Even is this security officer has no interest in such things, you would have to imagine that it gets his attention as he watches the paddlings administered.  Imagine him sitting at the desk, staring at a screen of mostly empty monitors.  He might see the occasional student walking to the bathroom, or late for class, or maybe the custodian mopping up.  But then on one of his monitors, he sees four girls being escorted out of a classroom.  They are lined up on a wall as a very animated teacher is clearly upset and lecturing the girls.  He cannot help but notice that she is lecturing these high school girls with a large wooden paddle in her hand.

school paddling video

The security camera in the hallway captures her grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling from a teacher.

She finally grabs a girl by the arm and walks through a door that leads to the stairwell.  He can’t help but switch his attention to the camera that he know they will be appearing on in any moment.  Sure enough, the teacher and the student appear in the frame as the young lady is made to grab her ankles.  He knows from seeing this enough times that this girl is really in for it.  This is a hard hitting teacher and she always gives the 6 swat maximum.  Sure enough, the paddle is raised high in the air and brought down hard on the pretty teen’s young bottom.  With just a moment’s pause the paddle is raised again and brought down full force.  He is secretly impressed that a high school girl can stay in position for such a hard paddling.  After all six swats, the teacher grabs the girl’s arm and marches her back down the stairs.

school paddling video real

The other girls listen through the door to their friend being paddled, they know their little butts will be the next ones to feel the paddle.

Back on the other camera he sees them enter the hallway again as the teacher grabs another girl by the arm and marches her upstairs.  He sees the teen girl rubbing her bruised and sore bottom and the other girls asking her how it was.  He also sees that she is wiping away tears.  As the paddling begins on the other camera, this girl also grabbing her ankles, he sees the girls waiting to be paddled, gathered at the door, listening to every swat.  They all seemed stressed as they know their little butts are next. He wonders what these four girls must have done to be getting corporal punishment.  From the looks of the paddling they are each receiving, he guesses they will not be doing it again anytime soon.

school paddling video

Grabbing her ankles and assuming the position for a school paddling in the stairwell.

When the second girl’s paddling is complete, the third girl is marched up the stairs to her fate.  She grabs her ankles, presenting her teen bottom perfectly for her paddling, and then is begins.  It is clear this one is struggling as she can barely keep her position.  He sees some added lecturing; he guesses that it’s about her inability to hold still. It takes a little longer for this one, but she receives the full amount of paddle swats and leaves holding her bruised bottom.

school paddling captured on video

A very hard paddling at school, while she is grabbing her ankles, all caught on a security camera.

The last girl is brought up and it seems clear to him that she must be the ring leader of whatever trouble they are in.  He thought the previous three girls got their butts blistered. But she really lays into this girl.  Each swat knocks her up onto her toes.  He is not even sure he could hold still for such a brutal school paddling…this teacher really swings for the fences.  It is clear that she is learning a lesson, how could she not be?  That large wooden board hits her tiny butt, time and time again.  He questions how these girls will be able to sit through their classes for the rest of the day, this is only 1st period, they have seven to go.  When this paddling is complete, he sees her wiping away the tears.

paddled at school by a teacher

With sore bottoms and tears in their eyes they are marched right back into class.

Just as quickly as it began it is over.  The last girl is walked down the stairs and back into the hall with the other three.  There are a few final words from the teacher and then they are all marched back into the classroom still rubbing their sore bottoms and wiping away the tears.  He wonders how embarrassing that part must be for these girls.  Walking back into a classroom, everyone knowing that they just got their teen butts paddled at school with tears still in their eyes to prove it.

Assuming the position for corporal punishment at school

school corporal punishment

Being made to lay over the desk for her school paddling

When a girl gets spanked at home by her mom or dad, there can be a variety of positions used for her punishment. Different parents have different styles and preferences as to how they spank their daughters.  The choice of implement can also be a deciding factor for a young lady’s spanking.  While a hand or a hairbrush may be effective for an OTK spanking, a belt does not serve its true purpose in this position.

In a school setting, when a young lady’s bottom needs to be paddled, there are also many choices of positions for her to assume for her paddling.  Unlike a spanking from mom and dad, when a paddle is used for a spanking, great care has to be given with considering a position.  The main reason for this is that with some hard woods, the wood can actually be harder than bone, so she needs to be positioned in a way that her tailbone is out of the way of the paddle.  When a student is in a lot of trouble and a severe paddling is required, this cannot be more important.  The goal is to bruise her bottom and teach her a lesson, but not to create an actual injury.

school paddling discipline

Hands and elbows on the desk for a hard paddling at school.

The position for a paddling is about more than just bending her over so her butt is available for discipline.  The position she is made to assume can add to the overall dynamic of the punishment itself.  Yes, just having her lay over a desk is quick and convenient and an easy way to get the job done, but some of the other positions add discomfort and embarrassment to the process.  When a young lady is told to just lay over a desk, all she really has to do is sit there and take her paddling.  When she is made to assume a different position, she becomes an active participant.

hand on knees for school corporal punishment

Hands on her knees makes her an active participant in her school paddling

Take for instance the position of having to bend over, in the middle of a room, or a hallway, with her hands on her knees.  There is nothing for her to grab onto during her paddling.  She has to actively cooperate during her paddling and work hard to maintain this position.  When a severe swat is placed onto her bottom, it tends to want to knock her forward.  This is her punishment, she earned it, it is fair that she have to help out with is and work hard to help see it to completion.

Another effective position is when she is bent fully at the waist with her arms outstretched and placed on a wall or the edge of a desk.  This position is not very comfortable and it is not a position anyone really assumes for any reason in life other than corporal punishment.

school paddling punishment

Bending over at school for a severe paddling.

It really reminds her of what is about to happen and why she is there.  With her body stretched out and her legs spread wide, it really creates a sense of vulnerability.  Another benefit of this position is that it requires her hands to stay in place.  Her balance is off and a single hand moved causes her to fall forward.  This position creates great stability as her arms and hands are in direct line with her bottom.  Very hard swats can be applied to her teen butt and she will not move at all.  This is an ideal position when the occasion calls for severe corporal punishment.

bending over for a paddling at school

Taken outside the classroom, into the hall, to have her teen bottom paddled severely, in such a way that she will never forget.

Probably the most effective, as it combines all of the above aspects is when a high school girl is made to bend over and grab her ankles for her school paddling.  This is the most embarrassing position for any girl who is getting paddled.  She is presenting her butt to be paddled

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

The worst of all of the positions to be paddled in at school…grabbing her ankles.

in just about the most intimate way.  When she bends over and grabs her ankles, just about every part of her body disappears except her bottom.  This really puts a focus on what is about to happen and what part of her body it is going to happen to.  She is very focused not only on the pain she is about to feel, but the fact that her bottom is on display.  For the person administering the paddling and the person who is witnessing it this is also their entire focus.  It is generally not appropriate as an adult male administrator to stare at the bottom of a 17 year old girl, but this is a situation in which is it basically a requirement.  This position is also more effective is she is made to assume it for some time before and after her paddling.  It is very effective to tell a young lady that she is going to be paddled, have her stand up, move to the middle of the office, and grab her ankles.  Then the appropriate paperwork is completed, the office door is opened as her goes to find a witness.  She becomes very aware of the students and staff members that pass by the office door, while she is there with her bottom in the air.  She has a lot of time to consider what brought her here and the paddling that is about to be administered.  With her bottom stretched that tight, she knows it is going to be a bad one.

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The scientific study of girls receiving a hard school paddling

I write a lot on this blog about how painful a school paddling can be and how bruised it can leave a teen girl’s bottom.  How realistic is all of this?  There are many questions:

Does a paddling applied to the bottom of a teen girl really hurt all that much?

girl paddled at school

Trying to rub away the sting of her 10 swat school paddling

Does 6-10 swats applied full force over a girl’s jeans really leave her bottom bruised?

school paddling bruises

Her bottom is very bruised and sore from her school paddling.

If  her bottom is bruised as a result of her paddling, is it really sore for several days?

bruised butt school paddling

How long do you think that school paddling is going to be with her?


Does it really hurt that much that sitting is a problem?

sore bottom from a school paddling

When you see the video of this school paddling, it is clear and she is not faking it, she can barely sit down and she never even touches her right butt cheek to the chair.  Now imagine the next class period in a hard wooden desk.

Is a hard paddling effective enough to really change a high school girl’s behavior?

Do girls who are paddled at school really get it at home from mom and dad?

Luckily there is an answer to all of these questions is a very real study done on the whole concept of school corporal punishment.  What makes this “study” so unique?  It is not some online questionnaire that fake “teen girls” take and we read the results.  It is a comprehensive analysis on the effectiveness of school paddling, done the only way we get real answers…by paddling girls and asking them if it works.  I am talking about the “School Swats” series by

teen school girl paddled

A very bruised bottom from her 10 swat school paddling.

In this video series, which currently consists of 53 different girls participating, we get all of the questions answered.  Girls who ages range from 18-22 are sat down and interviewed about their thoughts and experiences with school paddling.  Most of the girls were not paddled at school, but there are many who were. For those that were, we get to hear 1st hand what the experience was like for them.  Who paddled them, what position, how many swats etc. We also get to hear from one girl who goes into great detail about being paddled in school and then receiving more than 100 swats with a wooden dowel rod from her mom. All of the girls discuss their thoughts on school corporal punishment and whether they think it would have been effective on them.  They then lower their pants, show us their bottoms before, then pull their pants and panties back up and bend over.

school paddling in progress real

She will be feeling that paddling for more than just a couple of hours.

Each girl is then subjected to a very real 10 swat school paddling over her jeans.  The candid and fun nature of the video ends here and it all becomes quite serious.  They are required to stay in position and endure 10 very hard swats with a school paddle.  These swats are applied in a very realistic manner, just as a school paddling is applied in high schools throughout the US.  Each girl deals with the paddling in her own way, and we get to see how a hard paddling affects different girls.  Some scream their way through it, others grunt their way through, and many cry from the very 1st swatThere is nothing playful about these paddling, they are real punishments.  When the paddling is complete, each girl shows us her bare butt so we can see the results.  When this happens, a couple of our questions above are answered as they display very bruised and swollen bottoms.  I am not talking about tiny little pepper bruises, I am talking about black and blue on the entire lower portions of their teen butts.

school paddling video real

What does a teen bottom look like after a hard school paddling? Take a look.

The next question is answered when you see them try to sit down, there is no doubt that their little butts are very sore.  The rest of the questions are answered in the post interview.  They are asked how much it hurt, and more importantly, would a paddling like they just received change their behavior in high school.  Nowhere on the Internet can you see more realistic school paddling videos, and there is nowhere in the world were a young lady receives a real school paddling and is then interviewed about her experience.  Real teen girls, real school paddling, real bruised bottoms…for me it does not get any better.  The “School Swats” series has been going since 2003 with the most recent scene being added to the member’s area in March of 2013.  Did I mention their other series, “Bare School Swats”?

teen school paddling video

Yep, that seemed to have left a mark on her bottom.

Every animation used in this post comes from a video in the “School Swats” series.  You can see for yourself that bottoms do indeed get bruised from a very real high school type paddling.  See all 53 school swats videos in the member’s area of

real school paddling

Does it look like she learned a real lesson? I think a real school paddling might be a pretty good deterrent.