Real high school paddling video

Let’s take a look at the reality of two high school girls getting sent to the office for fighting at school.  If it is one of 1000’s of school in the South that allow paddling, then corporal punishment is a very real option.  Should the principal decide that a paddling is in order, there is generally a fairly strict set of guidelines that need to be followed:

– The student must be allowed a chance to give her side of the story.
– The must be a corporal punishment authorization form on file signed by one of her parents.
– If there is not a form on file, consent must be obtained over the phone.
– The reasons for corporal punishment being administered must be explained in detail to the student.
– If the person administering the paddling is of the opposite sex, a same sex witness must be present for the duration of the paddling.
– The paddling may not be administered in the presence of others students.
– The paddling must be administered with a district approved wooden paddle .
– The paddling must be applied with “reasonable force”.
– No more than 10 swats can be administered for any given offense.

You can decide for yourself if is spot on in their presentation of how a real school paddling takes place in the real world is accurate.  In this free preview you get to see the 1st girl get one of the most realistic school paddlings I have ever seen.

High school seniors paddled for fighting- very real video

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