High school girls who bully deserve a severe paddling and a bruised bottom

school paddling bruised butt for a teen girl

A very bruised bottom from a very real school paddling.

Let’s be honest, we all know or have known that girl who honestly needs a good butt beating.  She is rude in the way she deals with people and she has little regard for anyone’s feelings.  She is selfish in her action, she sees herself above everyone else, and if it has nothing to do with her, or her needs, she could care less.

In the high school setting, this girl is often very snobby.  This is also the type of girl who ends up being a bully.  She takes joy in the misfortune of others and is often the cause of it.  She preys on the weak and loves a good laugh at someone else’s expense.  She makes fun of the unpopular girls and gains attention and satisfaction from doing so.

We have all known this girl and in most cases disliked her very much.  Chances are she was

teen butt paddling bruises

Sometimes a high school girl needs a severe paddling that leads to a bottom as bruised as much as this one.

popular, as this is the reality of the world.  She was probably very beautiful and strutted around the school like she owned the place.  Her hair and makeup were always perfect and she wore expensive clothes that her rich daddy provided her.  She walked down the hall in her designer jeans, fitted way too tight, that showed off her perfect teen bottom.

The good news is, is that the teachers and administrators were also aware of her actions and behaviors.  He tried to act like a perfect little angle with the school staff, but they too could hear the condemnation in her voice.  She felt she was better than them as well.  And then, the day finally comes that she gets hers.  She is finally caught bullying another student, or picking on that shy girl whose life she makes a living hell on a daily basis.

She is sent to the office and tries to turn on the charm to the male principal.  She is a little flirty and

bruised bottom

The real results of a severe paddling for a teen girl.

knows that daddy’s little girl will get off with a warning.  After all, her dad is a powerful man in this town and everyone knows who he is, she is going to get the special treatment she expects in all aspects of her life.  But the truth is, the principal is quite aware of her behavior, it has been brought to his attention by several staff members.  He has little tolerance for bullies, but until a student was willing to come forward, or her actions were fully witnessed, there was not much he could do, but that all changes today.

He listens to her side of the story, which she tells and is all smiles at the time.  You would think she was just chatting it up with friends, she seems very happy and confident, not at all nervous.  She knows that in a matter of minutes she will be back at lunch with her friends, laughing about how she got off with a warning.  When the principal checks her student file, he actually has to try and contain his happiness.  Yes, there is a corporal punishment release on file and

severe school paddling

This picture is the real results of a severe ten swat paddling applied over jeans.

yes, both parents have signed it fully authorizing her bottom to be paddled.  He is guessing she is completely unaware that this is the case.  It was signed two years ago when she was a sophomore, but it is applicable for her entire high school career unless amended by her parents.

He knows that this is the type of girl that will not only benefit from school corporal punishment but that deserves it.  He does his best at his job to be very professional and discipline as required, while being far removed from the process.  But on occasion he has a deserving young lady sitting across from him that he knows not only needs to be paddled, but she needs her bottom bruised like no other before her.  He is guessing it has been a very long time since her butt has been spanked, if ever, and he is going to change that trend today.

severe high school paddling teen girl

This is what happens when a high school girl gets a severe paddling.

He can’t help but play along a little with her flirty actions and almost forward behavior.  She is used to getting what she wants from guys with a just a smile, a flip of her hair, and those skin tight jeans and she sees no reason why today will be any different.  He chats with her and listens to her talk about what a great student she is.  He smiles through the whole process, not even really lecturing her for the behavior that brought her to his office.  He knows how this situation is going to be handled one way only and he gets ready to drop the bomb.  He generally does not gain much satisfaction from telling a student that he is going to paddle their bottom, but today is different.  This girl is a bully, a predator, the kind of student that makes other student’s life in high school a living hell, he is about to turn the tables.

Just as casually as the conversation she was having with him, he finally drops the bomb, “Well, I

bully paddled in high school

This is what happens to a bully who gets paddled in high school, a bruised bottom that will be sore for days.

see no reason to keep you here any longer, I want you to have time to get some lunch before class, let’s go ahead and get your bottom paddled and this will all be behind us”.  She thanks him and starts to stand and leave the room, but a second later the words fully process in her brain, and she quickly stops…”wait..what”?  Then the real lecture begins as he lets her know that she is lucky that she is not being kicked out of school.  He tells her he has little tolerance for bullies like her and he is going to make sure that it never happens from her in this school again.  She is dumbfounded and speechless as she tried to explain that her dad would never let this happen.  He simply slides the authorization form across her desk for her to read.

He tells her he is tired of her behavior, tired of her attitude, and mostly just tired of her and that it is time to see how he deals with these sorts of action in his school.  He tells her to stand up and to bend over his desk….NOW!  She is not used to being talked to this way by a man, but finds herself powerless and now doing what

bruised butt school corporal punishment

Her teen bottom is not only bruised, she deserved every swat of the paddle.

she is told.  He pulls out that one paddle that he only uses on special occasions, the one that will hurt the most and leave anyone’s bottom purple after one swat.  But she is not just getting one swat, she is going to get ten.  He is going to make sure that anytime she thinks about picking on anyone ever again that she thinks about this day.  He is going to make sure that those jeans she wears every day, that it looks like she pours herself into each morning, will not fit her bruised and swollen bottom.  He is going to paddle her perfect little bottom so hard that he will not just punish her for her bullying behavior, he will eliminate it permanently.  It has been a long time since he has grabbed his paddle with such a determination.  He steps behind her, has her adjust her stance, touches the paddle to her perfect teen bottom, in those way too tight and expensive jeans, and gets to work.

All of these pictures come from severe paddling videos in the member’s area of Realspankings.com

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