Hard School Paddling to Tears

school punishment paddling

Paddled hard by teacher at school

For school corporal punishment to be effective, especially when dealing with the older teens in high school, the paddle must be swung with maximum force.  The student should be properly bent over to assure that the tailbone is never in a place where it can be damaged.  Once the safety of the student being paddled is assured, full force swats with a large wooden school paddle should be applied to lower part of the student’s bottom.  After several swats her bottom will begin to go numb, but rest assured, the final swats will serve as a reminder for the next several days, every time she sits down.  If the paddling is applied properly, regardless of her age, tears should be visible in her eyes.  We want to teach a very real lesson that will not be forgotten anytime soon, therefore reducing any future transgressions.

This picture of from a video of Brandi being paddled to tears in the member’s area of SpankingTeenBrandi.

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